MSJ’s VanDeusen fired as football coach

Rob VanDeusen was fired as Mission San Jose High football coach on Tuesday, vice principal Zack Larsen and athletic director Tom Thomsen confirmed.
Neither person would speak of the reasons for the firing. VanDeusen declined to comment when he was reached by phone.
Jason Cain, one of the team’s varsity assistants, will take over as interim head coach for the remainder of the season, beginning with Friday’s game at Newark Memorial at 7 p.m.
VanDeusen is still a teacher at the school, Larsen said.
“Today we met with all of the students to introduce their new head coach,” Larsen said. “The kids are looking forward to having as strong a finish as possible.”
The Warriors are 2-5 overall and 0-3 in the Mission Valley Athletic League. They’ve lost 37 straight MVAL games since their last league win in 2005.

Jimmy Durkin

Jimmy Durkin is a sports writer for the Bay Area News Group.

  • Mval stud

    Their last win was against Newark who was 0-10.

  • Anteater

    I was pretty disappointed that they couldn’t even beat Kennedy for Homecoming. =|

  • Michaletos Fan

    Why was he fired?

  • Dudleydawson

    Wow! That’s profound! Guess were not screening the posts…

  • Billjohnson

    Ncs approved 2 automatic bids 4 playoffs to da new leagues 4 next season well wat i want 2 know is how r da divison gonna b made. I dont believe u can have 1 strong 1 weak divison they say dey want competitive equity but wats good bout putting garbage teams n a weak league n giving dem an automatic so they host n probably take a spot from a more deserving team. If ncs wants 2 go n that direction then it should get rid of league champs hosting n go wit higher seed host cuz if ur n a loaded divison dont win league n have 2 travel 2 eurkea cuz dey pretty much league champs everyear would suck. Wat would da 2 super leagues look like if they do it by enrollment for da knew haal n accal?

  • BVAL Expert

    What happened?

  • Asadplaya

    OMG seriously, cummon he didnt need to be fired D: WTF this sucks

  • HS Football Fan

    Billjohnson, did they decide anything about football next year for that northern league? They only have 11 teams – will they let a 5 team league get an automatic bid?

    As far as your concern about a bad team getting an autobid, I don’t think it’s going to be that big of a deal. Let’s say next year the HAAL’s “A” league has Alameda, Berkeley, Castro Valley, Encinal, O’Dowd and San Leandro, and the “B” league has Arroyo, Hayward, Mt. Eden, Piedmont, San Lorenzo and Tennyson. Presumably if they played this year, Tennyson would have won it, and they’re already going to the playoffs anyway. Is it that big of a deal if they host instead of going on the road?


    HS FOOBALL FAN, yes i think so. home field advantage is home field advantage. Just ask the guys in Vegas. Plus, there would be no gaurantee that Tennyson would of played San Leandro.

  • Panther4

    With 16 teams allowed in the playoffs, there are always going to be bad teams in the playoffs so who cares about the auto bids. The bigger concern is if these auto bids are seen as league champs and get to host playoff games. I hate seeing this happen where a higher seed has to play on the road because of a team that won a bad league.

  • EBfootball

    What is the definition of competitive equity? How will this new league rate which team is “better” than the next? NCS does that for football and it’s pretty complicated and contreversial when seeding for the playoffs.

  • jacketfan

    It’s a good thing that MSJ fired their head coach. Look at their record. They are horrible. They are the worst team in the NCS. The need a new head coach next year, they need to turn their program around.

  • jacketfan

    Jacketfan, your information was left up. I won’t reveal your name, just be careful.

  • Teehee

    Why would Alameda be in HAAL’s “A” league? lol

  • MVALFremont

    Mission may continue to struggle when they do hire a new coach next year. Mission’s issues on the field started before Van Duesen was hired years ago

  • MVAL Coach

    Firing Van Deusen won’t help MSJ win a game. They don’t have the athletes to win. They have the Mathletes but not the Athletes. MSJ’s homecoming should be centered around the debate team.

  • Mr. Han

    The New Super league should be:

    A) BOD, Tennyson, San Lorenzo, Mt. Eden, Piedmont, Encinal,

    B) Berkeley, San Leandro, Alameda, Castro Valley, Hayward, Arroyo.

    Each league is very similar in size. I dont see any other way.

  • jacketfan

    Msj coach not on my watch list. #12 comment is not from me!!!!

  • S1lverngreen

    Same thing happened to me, i somehow ended up with Dudley’s handle and email. Ben, Jimmy, the site was doing some wonky things earlier this week, what’s going on?

  • S1lverngreen

    This is MoreauFan but it gives me S1lverngreen’s name and email in the name and email box for the leave a reply section. What’s wrong with the website?


  • C/O98

    Same here – FB Guru

  • brandonbeard

    Some Big Games tonight! Anyone.have any upset predictions?