East Bay Girls Volleyball Notes: Northgate Tourney, League Races, Rankings, Standings

The Northgate Tournament, which is a perfect tuneup for the North Coast Section playoffs, always helps line up the top teams heading into the post-season.

This year, a little Division IV team, Salesian, beat many of the big boys to get to the finals, making the biggest impression. The Pride beat Foothill and San Ramon Valley, among others, to make the finals in the gold bracket.

Right now, the top East Bay seeds in each Division are likely:
Division I: Foothill, California, San Ramon Valley
Division II: Northgate, Carondelet, Las Lomas
Division III: Bishop O’Dowd, Campolindo, Albany (O’Dowd over Campo is a close call, but I think the head-to-head is the tie-breaker in the end)
Division IV: Salesian, Moreau Catholic, Berean Christian
Division V: St. Joseph Notre Dame, College Prep, Head-Royce

League Races

There is still some league stuff to settle up. Here’s how the picture looks.

ACCAL: Berkeley and Alameda square off on Thursday for the league title. An Alameda win equals a co-title, and then a one-game playoff for the NCS automatic bid.

BCL-E: College Prep and Head-Royce share the regular season title with a possible matchup in the league tournament final for the automatic playoff berth.

BSAL: Albany has won the regular season crown and will look to hold off Salesian or St. Joseph Notre Dame in the BSAL Tournament.

BVAL: Lots of scenarios here. Heritage could win out and claim the title. A pair of losses for Heritage and two wins for Deer Valley or Liberty could equal a title for them. There are also a lot of scenarios for a tie for two,or three of those teams.

DFAL: The winner of the final Campolindo v. Miramonte match on Thursday is the league champion.

DVAL: Berean Christian and Northgate square off in the final week with the league title on the line.

EBAL: For Foothill to win it, it needs to win twice, or win once and hope Cal loses once. For Cal to win, it needs to go 2-0, hope Foothill goes 1-1, or go 1-1 and hope Foothill goes 0-2 and San Ramon Valley goes 1-1. For the Wolves to win it, they need Foothill to lose twice and Cal to lose at least once. There are many tie-breaker scenarios as well.

HAAL: Moreau Catholic and Bishop O’Dowd share the regular season title and could square off in the league tournament finals.

MVAL: Looks like Logan and Irvington could finish tied and would need a one-game playoff for the automatic berth.


To me the hardest part was dropping Moreau Catholic out, but even though it was tournament play, a loss to College Prep, and CP losing to Heritage, means I had to line them up in that order. Moreau Catholic will be back very soon, I’m sure of it.
Salesian, after an incredible run at the Northgate Tournament, in which they reached the finals, jump all the way back up to No. 6 thanks to wins over Foothill and San Ramon Valley.

1. Foothill (27-6)
2. Campolindo (17-10)
3. California (18-5)
4. Bishop O’Dowd (22-11)
5. Albany (28-6)
6. Salesian (24-8)
7. San Ramon Valley (29-8)
8. Miramonte (15-3)
9. Northgate (22-8)
10. Granada (15-12)
11. Monte Vista (19-13)
12. Carondelet (18-14)
13. St. Joseph Notre Dame (28-4)
14. Heritage (19-13)
15. College Prep (21-8)


Team W-L GB

Berkeley (22-6, 11-0) –
Alameda (16-7, 9-1) 1.5
El Cerrito (6-4) 4.5
Pinole Valley (6-6, 5-5) 5.5
Hercules (3-8) 8
De Anza (2-8) 8.5
Richmond (0-10) 10.5

Team W-L GB

Contra Costa Chr. (10-8, 6-2) –
Chinese Chr. (15-10, 7-3) –
Fremont Chr. (10-13, 7-3) –
CSD (12-10, 6-3) .5
OMI (1-12, 1-7) 5
Emery (1-17, 0-9) 6.5

Team W-L GB

College Prep (21-8, 11-1) –
Head-Royce (17-6, 11-1) –
Athenian (15-8, 7-5) 4
Valley Chr. (17-8, 7-5) 4
St. Elizabeth (7-13, 4-8) 7
Bentley (5-18, 1-11) 10
Redwood Chr. (4-21, 1-11) 10

Team W-L GB

Albany (28-6, 13-0) –
St. Joseph (28-4, 11-2) 2
Salesian (24-8, 10-3) 3
St. Pat’s (26-5, 9-4) 4
St. Mary’s (9-18, 6-7) 7
Piedmont (8-14, 5-8) 8
Encinal (2-11) 11
Holy Names (1-12) 12
Kennedy (1-12) 12
Swett (1-12) 12

Team W-L GB

Antioch (3-14, 3-5)
Deer Valley (12-21, 6-2)
Freedom (5-17, 2-6)
Heritage (19-13, 7-1)
Liberty (12-17, 6-2)
Pittsburg (0-8)

Team W-L GB

Campolindo (17-10, 10-0) –
Miramonte (15-3, 9-1) 1
Las Lomas (18-16, 7-4) 3.5
Acalanes (11-15, 4-6) 6
Dougherty Valley (15-12, 4-6) 6
Dublin (7-12, 2-8) 8
Alhambra (2-15, 0-11) 10.5

Team W-L GB

Northgate (22-8, 10-0) –
Berean Chr. (22-9, 9-1) 1
Concord (10-17, 6-4) 4
Clayton Valley (11-18, 5-6) 5.5
College Park (10-21, 4-7) 6.5
Ygnacio Valley (2-8) 8
Mt. Diablo (0-10) 10

Team W-L GB

Foothill (27-6, 10-2) –
California (18-5, 9-3) 1
San Ramon Valley (29-8, 8-4) 2
Carondelet (18-14, 7-5) 3
Monte Vista (19-13, 6-6) 4
Granada (15-12, 5-7) 5
Amador Valley (11-16, 3-9) 7
Livermore (11-19, 0-12) 10

Team W-L GB

Bishop O’Dowd (22-11, 11-1) –
Moreau Catholic (20-10, 11-1) –
San Leandro (10-8, 9-3) 2
Castro Valley (14-16, 7-5) 4
Arroyo (9-12, 6-6) 5
San Lorenzo (4-8) 7
Mt. Eden (3-9) 8
Tennyson (2-10) 9
Hayward (0-12) 11

Team W-L GB

Irvington (21-5, 10-1) –
Logan (19-13, 9-1) .5
Washington (14-15, 7-3) 2.5
Mission San Jose (7-20, 4-6) 5.5
Newark (11-12, 4-6) 5.5
American (7-13, 2-9) 9
Kennedy (3-17, 0-10) 9.5

Matt Smith

  • Darryl Loo

    Who did win the Northgate tournament?

  • Matt Smith

    Vista Del Lago won it.

  • hs school football

    Hey Matt , why don’t they have an all East bay volleyball game vs. San Jose All stars? That would be interesting . What do you think ?

  • Matt Smith

    I like that idea a lot. That’s very cool. An East Bay All-Star for SJ Area All-Star. Would totally be fun.

  • Chris Markle

    Who gets the two studs from Palo Alto? Nobody?

  • Matt Smith

    Haha, great question Chris.
    Should we be logical or should I bust out a law school argument? 🙂

  • Chris Markle

    Matt – Keep that law school stuff in your desk 😉 I think this matchup would boil down to NCS/East Bay all-stars vs. CCS/San Jose/Peninsula all-stars so I guess Wade and Kuppe go to the CCS squad. With Sklar from Presentation and Howard from Mt. View on that hypothetical team, that’s quite a start for the CCS crew. Frankly I like their chances over an East Bay squad…

  • Jon Abramson

    How do girls become “All league” is this done through the papers and/or CIF?

  • Matt Smith

    Hey Jon,

    The All-League teams are picked by the coaches.

  • Chris Markle

    There is Matt’s All-East Bay team which he picks… But the “official” all-league teams are picked by the coaches of each league.

  • Prep Fan

    Normally each coach will nominate a certain number of kids, often predetermined by the teams’ finish in league play. The nominating coach cannot vote for their own players but, they lobby the other coaches to vote for their players. There is usually some horse trading that goes on to assure that kids that a coach feels is especially worthy get selected. This is probably the best way to choose the teams as the coaches have seen all the kids in the league and know the ones that played well against them.

  • hs school football

    Hey Matt when will the seeding come out for playoffs? Will u be posting a breakdown?

  • Matt Smith

    The seedings will be out on Sunday, and I will definitely post a breakdown.

  • ron

    Matt, how do you think Northgate and Carondelet will be seeded in Division 2? Northgate is a league winner at 12-0 AND beat Carondelet head-t0-head, but Carondelet plays in th etough EBAL

  • Darryl

    Northgate won in the first tourney of the year and since then they have had lesser competition.Corondelet has two wins this week alone against Foothill and Cal high this week alone. They should be ranked higher and could be number one.

  • Matt Smith

    Darryl makes a great point. I have seen these committees rely very heavily on head to head, so don’t be surprised if Northgate is ahead of Carondelet.
    I think Carondelet should be the top seed in Division II, but if they are going Northgate No. 2, they might flip flop them.

  • ron

    My guess is that Redwood is a lock at # 1 and Maria Corrillo will be a lock at #3. The committees like to spilt the seeds East Bay/North Bay. This measnNorthgate/Carondelet will be # 2 and # 4 seeds. In the end, I think it will come down to head-to-head and Northgate will get the #2 seed and Carondelet will be #4 seed. Daryll, sorry but you have to win the matches when they are played, September or November. Also, the EBAL is much weaker this year than in years past.

  • ron

    Also, Maria Corrilo and Northgate are the only league winners and will have home games, regardless of the seedings, unless they play eachother, then the highest seed will be home.

  • Matt Smith

    Great points, Ron.

  • Darryl

    Ebal may be weaker than years past, but the top 4 or 5 seeds in D1 will be from the EBAL. Northgates plays one quality team in their league.BC if playing in the Ebal might win 2 MAYBE 3 matches. Hopefully both teams make finals and they both go to NorCals.