East Bay Football Poll — 10/31

Team Record Points Last week
1. De La Salle (7) 7-1 105 1
2. James Logan 8-0 98 2
3. San Ramon Valley 6-2 89 3
4. Encinal 7-1 86 5
5. California 6-2 74 4
6. Campolindo 9-0 69 6
7. Salesian 8-0 62 7
8. Pittsburg 5-3 58 8
9. Freedom 7-1 50 9
10. Concord 6-2 37 11
11. Deer Valley 4-4 34 10
12. Miramonte 8-1 25 12
13. Las Lomas 7-1 18 13
14. Berkeley 5-3 17 14
15. Monte Vista 4-4 11 15

Also receiving votes: Bishop O’Dowd (6-2, 6 points), El Cerrito (6-1-1, 1. The East Bay Football Poll is voted on by the prep sports staff of Bay Area News Group-East Bay.

Jimmy Durkin

Jimmy Durkin is a sports writer for the Bay Area News Group.

  • BVAL Expert

    Heritages defense Did not show up at all Pierre Carter got tooken out of the game.

  • El Cid slayed Granada tonite 42-00, running clock 2 minutes till half, entire second half.

  • Old Former Meddling Coach.

    Killer D Came close. 55 to 22 Over a Up and coming Kennedy Program. As a Former Kennedy Coach I can say I really Like what Coach Mack is doing over there. That Having Been Said. Moreau Next week and as always. Jet Pride!

  • pirate football

    big joe
    not sure what brand of crack ur smoking, no way they beat b high then and now, i seen all 3 var years of javid best they had some good teams and he was a great player. i also seen them get crushed by b high at cal camp 1 summer with j best, maybe with the big line and a javid best type player then maybe they have a chance, b high this season has a young line that has really grown up but they do have size, salesian dont have the skill guys that b high have, prev years b high line was very big and had really good skill guys that are currently playing college ball and ding very well, what skill guys do salesian have that play college ball right now, lets get real, and you say encinal well lets not forget the last year they was in the accal they lost to b high, so dont forget that, yes 2 years ago mv beat them in the 2nd round but get ur facts right the score was 48-19, u seem to have a thing against b high, thats ok ur doing ur job, haters are supposed to hate. like i said salesian is a good program but really dont believe they could year in and year out beat the big schools

    hey jimmy or ben i thought salesian was staying in the bfl for football

  • Oh Boy

    I heard Salesian had a few ex-players making a little noise in college ball. Devon Montgomery at Sac City…Adam Jinparn at CCSF…Aaron Prier at Idaho State. Nobody on Rickey Galvin’s level but a few at least…

  • Warrior Jacket

    @ Big Joe
    You are out of your mind. Although those teams were good, they were not strong enough at the line of scrimmage. Last year I saw a good Salesian Team lose to MACK at home. The BHS 08 and 09 teams were very good. I just don’t see Salesian beating Berkeley, Monte Vista or Pitt for that matter. Stick to Div 4 and stop fooling yourself.

  • pirate football

    lucas king cal berkeley
    morris norrise sac state
    ashton collins sac state
    keir abrams humbolt state
    jacai deneveu humbolt state
    faraji wright boise state
    just to name a few

  • pirate football

    oh boy
    ur right nobody on ricky level, not even on morris level, lets not name the juco players that are gettin ready for d1 ball

  • I saw some of those Div 4 teams, don’t see them losing 50-00 like BHS did against De La several years back in the playoffs.

  • Nothing against BHS, no hating, I am from Berkeley. They are not what they used to be, as a team they are not impressive the last 10 years. Didn’t say they didn’t have talent, I beleive I mentioned that. Bye the way, not on crack, that’s for ghetto boys.

  • Eagle Eye

    Berkeley High did have Ricky Galvin, who’s killin it at Washington State.

  • jacketfan

    Big joe: bhigh has had 3 head coachs in the last 10 years. That takes a toll on a program… If you are a berkeley guy get ready, lets give our coach the time he needs to build. Hope you come out opening day of tne new home of the yellowjackets. Calling all jackets this is EC week, come out to support the team at EC thur.

  • S1lverngreen

    Galvin is legit, WSU did great on picking him up…Cal – Wilkerson (MV) Ward, Wynn (DLS) Mannion (Foothill) at OSU, all young guys making a difference in big time programs. Lots of talent in the Bay Area, many more that I’ve missed I am sure…I am sure Knottingham (MV) is likely to take over at the farm once Luck moves on…good stuff!

  • Lonewolf

    Sparty must have been studying film all week. They executed and exploited Granada defense for a classic buzz-kill..game over and done / checkmate at half.
    Wonder what Sparty has planned for next Friday with Cal.?

  • BHS vs. EC – 1970 both teams started out 5-0! BHS finished at 5-4 and EC 6-3. Both teams had lots of talent, BHS QT- Laughlin, LB Paul Brown( Cal wrestling champ), Stevie Odoms at WR(NFL Packers), RB Paul Arnt, QB- Wilson. EC had Sammy Burns RB, Greg Williams FB( the guy who bolted 60 plus yds in 4th quarter against Alameda to end the Hornets 29 game win streak, at that time Alameda was # 1 in EB for a couple of yrs, and a couple of EB linemen.
    Know what, after St. Mary’s upset Pinole Valley with Eddie Ayers and finished 7-2, the Panthers out polled both BHS and EC. They also put more players on all-gazete than both teams. Common opponents saw SM beating both schools. So, proof is a small school( SM only 500 at the time) can be better than schools twice as large(EC) and BHS 4 times as large. Many of the players from all 3 schools knew each other and got along, especially the football/track athletes.

  • Pirate Football, I can tell you a couple of things about San Leandro back then too, always a good QB, HOWEVER Pacific High ran that town with the Baker Bros. and the triple option. All played college ball. Also Marina High was a force with a big time running back who lead the EastBay in rushing one year.
    Just wanted to qualify my knowledge and opinions.

  • pirate football

    not saying that a small school team are not good i coached at 1, saw some teams with some good talent also, just dont believe year in and year out that salesian would dominate like they do, and really dont think they beat b high the past 5 seasons [carter 3 sims 2] just my opinion. im very aware that sm was a powerhouse small school. they were good in the 70’s 80’s and 90’s, they where all boys then like dls still is and b4 they went coed they how ever u want to put they got many of good youth football players good cyo hoopers and track kids and thats what made them sucessful. yes i am also aware of SL past and the schools that closed down, most people dont know SL was even in the oal in the past

    so big joe u have this oppinion about b high and its not very positive in the past 5 seasons what games have u attended, i would like to know if u saw them in person what teams have u seen them play against, u say that are individuals ur wrong, u would have to be arund those kids and u would know thats not true

  • pirate football

    yes cal has past up lots of good bay area players wynn is a good d line kid seen him as a soph in the state game and was impressed back then, the lb for san jose state from clayton valley is the real deal, i understand some of the kids dont have the grade to get in cal its not an easy school to get into, but i can tell you ricky galvin and t. ward was qualified and t. ward 1st choice was cal.

  • Pirate, not saying the kids. That’s evident because they are going foward to future success. The team concept instilled by coaching and the program itself, wight training, off season conditioning, no major conflicts(which has hurt the program last several yrs according to many parents on this blog(Coaches not showing up to league/east bay selection meetings), that’s what I am talking about. BHS needs a Long Beach Poly attitude with the attendance there, can it be done , a Lad type coach could do it?

  • Pirate, one more thing- EVERY SINGLE PLAYER has too have that attitude like the stars- willing to go the extra mile and sacrifice, if you’re a bench warmer you work just as hard and take advantage of what the game gives you, you pratice like you play. Perfect pratice makes perfect play. They should be fielding a team of over 60 on varsity.

  • BVAL Expert

    Heritage vs Freedom game..

    Patriots had a hard time stoping Mixon he literally ran circles around their defense. Freedom just proved they are no joke. Heritage had alot of missed tackles blow assignments bad judgements by the QB. They took out pierre carter because he got hurt.. and wasnt playing well. Heritage always ran the ball to kyree olivers side and would sometimes switch him to Right and Left tackle it was pretty obvious.. also reading where the guards pulled told you where the play was going. Kyree Oliver is not D1 material. He was getting worked by a smaller DEs Mitchell Silva and Justin Lee. Kyree Oliver also missed some of his blocks because of bad judgement where the linebackers were going to be. The Heritage coach was pretty mad at the QB he made some bad decisions and threw the ball when he should of ran it into the end zone. Mayes must of juked 5 patriots on a long scramble play. Heritage had some good possesions on offense and that was it But it was a great game.

  • Hsfootball

    Freedom looked good and heritage defense just plain sux. No pass rush, and db’s are horrible. Mayes was on point that night, looked real good. Top qb in the bval. As for mixon running circles on heritage, no. Mixon had some nice gains but he was not running wild on heritage. #21 from freedom looked better running the ball than mixon. #21 hits the hole faster. I believe Avila from heritage was the one who ran wild on freedom defense. Avila had about 17 touches for over 100 yards. It’s too bad heritage tried to pass more. Poti also was getting good gains on the ground. Freedom was the better team. Heritage had no answer to freedom’s passing game. Heritage should have stayed on the ground and control the clock. The run game was working, but decided to pass after gaining yards on the run. Too many 3 and outs. A few series all heritage wanted to do was pass. Congrats to freedom. Do or die for heritage and dv next week. Hope our bval teams represent in the playoffs.

  • bvalfan

    The Heritage QB had a concussion…that’s why he was removed. Mixon didn’t run circles around Heritage D…He got smashed most of the time! #21 quicker and more talent. Heritage DB’s looked slow …they were usually in the right place but could not get it done. Not very athletic. Way to many missed tackles…looked very young!

  • BVAL Expert

    Freedoms young.. too

  • BVAL Expert

    Their whole o-line are juniors except for 62

  • pirate football

    ur going off of hear say, not everything u hear are true or exactly what people say, yes sims missed the all league meeting, but ur going on hear say with what ur saying is no facts to it, i cant even say u have been to a game in the past few years, talk what u know, those kids play for each other, most of them played youth football with the berkeley cougars or now the junior bears and been in school together since elementary.

  • hsfootball

    also, heritage did not run on kyree oliver’s side the whole time. there were times kyree was benched and was not even in because of missed assignmet and blocks. i do agree that oliver is not d1 player (now), but you cant teach size. that is all what the college coaches see. oliver does get beat a lot on the line by much smaller dline man, and miss blocks, same story all year long. i dont know what game bval expert was watching, but obviously a different game. good luck to oliver after the season. i’m sure he will go to a college for a full ride. he should get better with better training. we shall see.

  • Pitt Grunt

    @ BVAL Expert & Hsfootball,

    I hate to jump in the middle of some Brentwood ruckus, but at this point in the season (week# 10) the argument that a team is young no longer applies. They have played a full season. Pitt has only one senior on the O-Line and D-Line. The rest are juniors. I don’t think Galli has used the “we are young” line to rationalize away bad play.

    Can anyone explain Antioch to me? How do they lose to Liberty and blowout DV? Both Freedom and Heritage have played Antioch. Are they that good (against DV) or that bad (against Liberty)?

  • hs school football

    Hey Pitt grunt that’s a ? Pitt will find out on Thursday this week. I ask the ? How did Pitt lose to Dv after beating down Freedom. Any given Friday I guess is the answer . Hey all BVAL games are Thursday nite this week due to holiday on Friday. Pitt and Antioch first Night game since the beginning of time? Hahaha.

  • just saying

    San Leandro Vs BOD thursday night … should be a good one

  • Is that BOD vs SL gonna be at Chabot Thursday night??

  • just saying

    yeah its at Chabot

  • Pitt Grunt

    @ hs school football,

    Yes, that is a ? and Pitt won’t find out on Thursday. The Pitt-Antioch game is on Friday night.

    Don’t know why.

    Regarding your ???? Don’t really thing I could come up with a specific reason other than a let down after Freedom, not taking DV seriously, or players heads up their backside…..maybe all of the above. Pitt will motivated. Outright league title is at stake.

    Should be fun.