Live East Bay prep football updates here tonight

Jon Becker

  • BVAL Expert

    I know I have been a stink butt lately… but I want to take to the opportunity as its some teams last games next week.. to say thank you for every High School team for putting on a show. Every team had their own moments of success despite their records. Its a honor to watch those athletes grow and develop over time and have them be the faces and leaders of their own program. I’m thankful for another great season of High School Football. The fans keep coming and coming for another year of tremendous success for their own local program which some communities rally around high school sports. Thank You NCS teams it was another successful year.
    I love watching the teams that play with passion and tradition.

  • 617lemon

    Kemper 3-7 wow what happen? You owe us an explaination the talent is there mr.gardner brought you 7 studs. Any truth to the hornets being against doing the new leagues by enrollment? If so why? Losing to hercules is grounds for termination i dont care you got more talent. A team football now what? You still believe? cause i heard kemper dont!

  • Teehee

    Word is Kemp pushed hard to put Alameda into the HAAL B League like a chump too lol

  • pirate football

    hae they already made up who will be in what div

  • 617lemon

    Teehee why do you think we call kemper the slithery one. Whats he gonna tell his team i dont believe in you thats why ask to be put in the b league or just lie we all know he has no problem doing that. A team football what are your thoughts on your leader asking to be in the jv league?

  • 617lemon

    Pirate football how you gonna slow down odowd?

  • scoop

    Wait heres an intresting debate, I Read that hercules coach montgomery state that hercules should be in the play offs, But Those are easily the 7 cheapest wins on gods green earth, You got tennyson, San marin, fighting for that last spot? who gets it?

  • FB Guru

    Acalanes hasn’t qualified yet so it might open up one more spot. Other than Tennyson’s upset of San Leandro their wins are looking a lot like Hercules’. Encinal’s wins aren’t much better, but they’ve dominated and been there before. But if I was Hercules I would play-up the angle that we just beat Alameda by a similar margin as Encinal (2 pts vs 4 pts).

  • Teehee

    617.. I dont think its the kids he doesnt believe it.. I think he doesnt believe in himself. I think he understands his limitations as a coach.

  • 617lemon

    Teehee your probably right ever since 07 kempers been in charge they’ve steadily declined everyear. Kemper you gonna apply for playoffs?3-7 aint bad kemper better than your playing days 0-10 right!? The rock never lost to hercules last year you threw him under the bus for going 4-6 you couldnt even do that kemper what a chump!

  • pirate football

    thats for the SL coaches to come up with how to beat bod, havent seen bod in person this season

  • FB Guru once again points aren’t part of the criteria. Maybe Hercules could say that if they were presenting in front of the board but that is not the situation any more. This isn’t college. No teams drop in any rankings for winning close games. You won by 1 or 50 its the same to the board.

  • djgaucho

    just wondering how did kemp throw the other head coach under the bus? havent heard that story