East Bay prep football recap: Campolindo perfect; Logan, Salesian next?

Campolindo High, the East Bay’s No. 6-ranked team, wraps up its regular season in perfect form, finishing 10-0, thanks to Friday night’s 31-22 win over No. 13 Las Lomas.

Meanwhile, top-ranked De La Salle was too much for Granada, handing the Matadors a 42-0 loss as the Spartans starters held Granada to nine yards in the first half.

Elsewhere, No. 2 James Logan and No. 7 Salesian are both now 9-0 and remain the East Bay’s other unbeaten teams. Logan and Salesian both wrap up regular season play next Saturday.

Here’s the link to our weekly prep football recap, where you’ll find links to stories on each game played on Friday night, plus a slideshow of photos from the games.

Jon Becker

  • FB Guru


    I didn’t see your post about coaches rankings until today. UR right, they use to be a big part, not sure if they are any more with the closed door sessions. One thing UR wrong about is thinking “every coach has Encinal as #4”. No coach in the top 9 is going to seat Encinal in front of their own team at #4. No way Nickerson beats SL and then decides to put EHS at 4 and himself at 5, especially with a better margin of victory against Hayward. Kahn, same thing based on Alameda. Brackett and Schram won’t even seat them in the top 7 because they won’t want to have to travel to EHS as non-league champs. Hercules might seed themselves high than EHS based on Alameda. Tennyson definitely has at least one win (SL) better than any wins EHS has this year.

    Better hope the committee doesn’t use the only totally bias metric out there or Calpreps might be the only one with EHS in the top eight.

  • Patrick

    Last year Newman did just fine with the number two seed. If that’s where they end up again, I think history may repeat itself. It will be very exciting to watch how these games all turn out, though. It’s been a year since I got to see Miramonte, Encinal, and Bishop O’Dowd. As a North Bay guy, I’m pumped to see how we will stack up against the best that the East Bay has to offer.

  • nfl

    fb guru do you think if there was a still a open meeting coaches would do that ? no encinal looks as tough as they have the last 3 years should have beat serra . any coach ranking encinal that low has no intgrity cause no coach would go on the board and write a 9 seed please. bod got handled by st.ignatius pretty sure serra would do the same. kahn please check the record on that! brackett & schram dont want no part of encinal. if they ranked encinal below them it’s only cause its done behind closed doors now both know who the better team is. espnrise has them ranked ahead of those teams i guess you know more fbguru!

  • pitt01

    scoop i will not argue with the fact that expert is a idiot..i have gotten into it with him before..but as far as the bval not winning anything..come on…the whole bval is d 1..who has beaten dls the last 20 years..pitt has been to 2 of the last 3 championship d1 games..so thats what teams in our league has done..like i said i have no problem you ripping on expert he does talk alot of non sense..but dont kidd yourself pitt has done something in this league..and i think pitt encinal would be a good game..but please dont stop ripping on that guy

  • NFL,

    I don’t talk smack about CN or MC because I feel they are the two elite teams in D3. MC is a team I just don’t know much about. CN is a team I saw slice up a very talented Miramonte team last year…and they have their playmakers back! From what I have seen, they play at a whole different level than every other NCS D3 team. Given the Vacaville win, maybe MC can keep up with them. Campo has such a good QB, maybe. Encinal? Fougedaboudit!

    Encinal and Miramonte are next. Encinal made the finals last year and has been strong for years. But remember, Miramonte has been a NCS semi-finalist for the last three seasons. That puts us in a pretty elite crowd.

    Campo, O’Dowd, Novato and El Cerrito all deserve mention and all three could be good for years to come.

    For Miramonte, we have to focus on beating Alhambra, which I think will be harder than the ratings would indicate. Then I think our sucess depends on the brackets with some scenarios favoring us better than others. I would like to see another semifinal appearance, but even that will take beating at least one very good team (Campo, O’Dowd, Encinal…).

    It will be an epic tournament!

  • bayareaboy2

    DIII PLAYOFF RELEASE…..I am only talking about half of the brackets: 1,4,5,8,9,12,13,16………When its all said and done just for this half of the bracket.
    final 4 …Encinal vs Miramonte and Marin Catholic vs Bishop O dowd.. All the Miramonte fans will finally get to see who has the better team, ENCINAL
    or Miramonte, not sure who will win between O’Dowd and Marin.The other half of the brackets 2,3,6,7,10,11,14,15 will be CN,CAMPO,EUREKA and whoever.Of course all this is based on my assumptions of what will take place this week AND WHAT I THINK
    NCS will actually do in regards to Rankings. What does all this mean ? Nothing really
    just my thoughts on an exciting DIII playoff.

  • nfl

    miraman the one thing you got right is to make it this year you’ll have to beat a good team not like last year with your free ride playing analy & san marin. 1-mc 2-cn 3-campo 4-jets 5-bod 6-miramonte 7-el cerrito 8-novato flip el cerrito miramonte if gauchos beat berkeley if that happens your done you aint winning in santa rosa!

  • nfl

    fb guru you think marin campo cardinal newman will rank encinal anywhere between 6,7,8,9, your crazy they dont want to play encinal in the second round child please! you dont think seeing those coaches rankings will speak to the ncs committee more than brackett & scham ,kahn who are just trying to set themselves up more than keeping real.

  • I hope Encinal gets a 8 or 9 seed. That should do enough to fire that team up to make an impact. I hope they get EC or Miramonte the 2nd round.

    FB Guru points are not part of the criteria. How many times do you have to be told that. If they were then Miramonte would be out of the top 8. They were 15 in the Bay Area until they got crushed by Campo now they aren’t ranked.

  • Oh boy

    I like Encinal-O’Dowd. Nickerson will have to coach his a** off for that.

    Does Mira want a Campo rematch? They should want to avoid MC, CN, and Encinal as long as possible. “Better the devil you know than the devil you dont” is how I see it.

  • FB Guru

    I would think Miramonte would luv a 6th seed, gives them a path to state, beat an undefeated Campo and avenge their only loss, beat an undefeated (once tied) CN, win the championship against undefeated MC. Beat three consecutive undefeated teams and you should have the inside track to state.

  • what’s changed from last season to make you think they can beat cardinal newman now? wasnt the clock running in the 4th against campolindo?

  • FNL fan

    I wouldn’t judge Miramonte by one bad game. The Campo-Mira rivalry is a huge one. Campo showed up and played their best game of the year. This is one of the great things about football is the match ups and the preparation that goes into each week’s games. The CN and MC teams are probably loaded with lots of talent but they will have to play their best games in order to make it to the championship game. Las Lomas was able to play a very close game with Marin Catholic last season and LL was an average team, point being that any of the top Div. 3 teams can play a great game and beat a higher rated team.

  • Miramonte got beat bad by Campo and I’m not going to try to defend that. Campo painted a masterpiece and I just had to sit back and admire it. I think the big indicator to me was how Miramonte would come back after such a defeat.

    What no one is mentioning is that Miramonte destroyed Dublin worse than anyone else (OK, except Campo). 34-0 right after halftime. What better statement could they make against a respectable D2 team! Frankly, that was the best game Miramonte has played…including the Las Lomas game. Now you guys will tell me that Dublin isn’t any good…blah, blah blah. Same old stuff.

    Sometimes a loss is what you need to get you going. We’ll see if that’s the case here.

    By the way, Campo is for real and has the potential to suprise some of the elite teams like maybe CN and MC – not saying they will beat them, but I like the match-ups. I acutally think Encinal, O’Dowd and Novato are the teams that they match-up poorly with.

    The kids at Miramonte would love to play Campo again, but I don’t want the two DFAL teams playing each other in an early round. I’d prefer to see how each does against other elite teams.

  • djgaucho

    yowl I’m loving this D3 chatter lots of good teams in this bracket and everybody is making a lot of sense but does anybody see any upset specials of any of the top teams maybe losing in the first or second round?who are some teams under the radar that might surprise in the playoffs?……….also im not so much looking at a teams wins and loses as much as SOS in so far making a deep run in playoffs Berkeley for example has 3 loses but played a brutal schedule early and you see that paying off now late in the season,you wonder about the teams who played soft schedules now that its playoff time.

  • djgaucho

    Also my sleepers are Ec and Bod though ec is very young this year lot of sophmores and juniors but look the hell out for these 2 teams

  • gomats

    I gotta say that miramonte isnt near as good as you think. We won’t beat Marin Catholic Cardinal Newman Encinal and I frankly would only want to go back to campo to seriously hurt some of their players. I cant see a championship game other than Marin Catholic vs Cardinal Newman. Although I would like to point out the fact that these two schools are clearly recruting on some level as they are all-boys catholic schools….

  • Patrick

    Coming out with a few losses from preseason, but turning that into experience for playoffs can play dividends for teams. Cardinal Newman last year swept with two bad losses to powerhouses and a heartbreaker to Rancho Cotate. If Berkeley has had a similar go around, it could really do a lot for them. It’s not how you begin a season, it’s how you finish it.