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    Cv beat Tennyson so next weeks BOD vs SL game is for all the marbles league championship? Or is it some kind of Co-League championship if SL wins & BOD is still considered a league champ & gets to host through out against all other non league champion?

  • http://www.twitter.com/Jimmy_Durkin Jimmy Durkin

    The game will be for the automatic berth. BOD is already at least a co-league champion, even if it loses, but a San Leandro win would give San Leandro the auto berth and playoff hosting rights with the head-to-head victory. Both would still be co-champs in that case in terms of hanging a banner, but SL would be the designated champ.


    does anyone know how to throw the so called back shoulder fade
    the proper technique or were the ball is to be placed

  • Dan


    What a great catch, way to keep your eye on ball…


    Uncle Dan