East Bay Boys Soccer: Pre-Season Rankings

The message board has been warming up and people have been asking about the rankings. So, with about a week before the season starts, and without any further delay, here they are.


How do you not go with the Spartans at No. 1? After winning an unlikely third Division I title in a row, they return many players from that team. That was an easy choice as the top team in the East Bay.
Look for San Ramon Valley, and California, to be right there, and don’t count Livermore out despite losing several kids to academy.
Acalanes returns nearly everybody, and not only is the favorite in Division II, but could easily be the best team in the entire East Bay as well. Clayton Valley and Albany are also teams that return many key players, and are worthy of a top five ranking.
DFAL contenders Dublin and Campolindo are also in the top ten, and could easily be top five teams by the end.
A pair of HAAL teams, Mt. Eden and Hayward, are right around the top 10 as they both return several key players while Newark and Berkeley lose several key players, but could have enough to hang around in the rankings and prove to be top teams in Division I.
Two very talented teams in Richmond (No. 7) and Pittsburg (No. 15) were young and talented last year and could be very dangerous this season.

1. De La Salle
2. San Ramon Valley
3. Acalanes
4. Clayton Valley
5. Albany
6. California
7. Richmond
8. Dublin
9. Mt. Eden
10. Campolindo
11. Hayward
12. Livermore
13. Newark Memorial
14. Berkeley
15. Pittsburg

Others considered: Logan, Deer Valley, Bishop O’Dowd, Ygnacio Valley, San Lorenzo, Antioch, College Park, Pinole Valley, Arroyo, St. Mary’s.

Matt Smith

  • cokito

    Acalanes 0 – Richmond 2 (srimmage @ Acalanes)

  • Waterboy

    Correction Berkeley vs Kennedy of Fremont

  • Matt Smith

    I’m glad Waterboy is back! Let us know how that game goes.

  • meathead

    look for duke driggs this year to carry that cal high team. Their goalie Derek Wilcox will be out for a while so look for the defenders to take a much bigger role. The last two years CAL’s defense has easily been the top defense in the league but now they lost 3 all league seniors and i dont know if this back line will hold up to the cal high defenses of the past. They will be a fast competitive team so the EBAL should look out for the grizzlies this year once again.

  • Waterboy

    Berkeley wins 2 to 0 over Kennedy of Fremont

  • cokito

    Waterboy, u ever played center back in the CPSA?

  • Venatiano

    Helllo, I’ve been a fan of Slz for a couple years, reading the opinions above about Slz yes it is true their Soccer team has lost Several of their starters from last year. They had a scrimmage this Monday against Logan Highschool lost 2-0, lets not forget that they had players that have never played with each other. Also I’ve heard that 4 of their key players are on academic probation.. But they’ll be the youngest team on the pitch foreshure, & also they have a new coach this year. But these guys still have that talent and spirit of a champion. I believe they still got it this year. These guys are hungrier of defending their championship!- Thank you

  • Waterboy

    Us old guys did not play soccer in Berkeley, ran track.

  • Nick

    Northgate will win the weak DVAL and contend for an NCS title. Ten years after their first and only soccer NCS crown in school history.

  • Matt Smith

    Hey Waterboy, so the Kennedy win was an actual match, right?

  • DFAL#1

    There is NO way Northgate will be a contender this year.. Just no way absolutely no chance.

  • Tack

    Thank god soccer is finally starting!

    Dublin 2 – 0 Misson San Jose

    Dublin missing 6 starters but 5 come back on Monday @ Liberty. Should be the first real test.

  • Matt Smith

    Tack! Love that guy.

  • Tack

    Haha thanks Matt.
    And I don’t know what happened when I said Mission San Jose. It’s was supposed to be Washington High 0 – 2 Dublin

  • Waterboy

    Kennedy with was the first official game of the season, today is a scrimmage at Berkeley High, 2 o’clock with Kennedy of Richmond.
    Thanksgiving Weekend on Sat we play Newark Memorial.

  • Old Hayward High GK

    Hayward 2 Alameda 3.. Hayward high has very good potential. The goal is a huge issue pretty much the reason they lost. Needs to build up that team chemistry if they want to go somewhere this season.

  • cokito

    Newark 3 – San Lorenzo 2

  • Bench Warmer

    more scores

    Cal 3 at Liberty 1
    Mission SJ 1 at Livermore 3
    American 2 at Foothill 8
    Kennedy 0 at Granada 1
    Dougherty Valley 2 at Granada 2, interesting…
    Mt Eden 5 at Concord 2
    San Lorenzo 2 at Newark 3
    Berkeley 2 at Kennedy 0
    College Park 1 at Logan 1

  • natural righty

    Granada had Dougherty Valley 2-1 with 6 seconds left. Foul just outside of the box and DV connects. Very hard fought game. Equal opponents

  • PKTBobby

    Way to light a fire under Newark Memorial’s soccer team early in the year…..just what the rest of the High School soccer teams needed. I am a first time writer to your blog, but have been reading it since last season.
    Newark Memorial #13 ?????…… This is the same Newark Memorial team that was in the NCS championship last year against DLS. They had 12 seniors graduate, but only 3 were starters. Their Senior GK (Logan Lombana) has not allowed a goal in league play in 3 years on varsity (played all 800 minutes in league last year)…and all their best field players are back. 2 of the seniors that graduated were important players, but the rest of the team is back. They possibly have the best midfield in high school soccer….. They swept their way through the EBAL last year, only losing to Amador Valley during the Xmas break when they were missing some key guys. And if DLS doesn’t score first in the NCS ship and drop 7 guys back on defense (kudos to DLS and their strategy), NM wins that game. I’m sure NM would love to see DLS again at the end of the year…I hope it happens. Watching NM play soccer the way it should be played is fun. They have a great coaching staff. I was sitting next to the CSUEB and the CSUMB soccer coaches last year when NM played at SRV and they both commented that NM was the best high school soccer team they had ever seen play (last year). Last years NM team was good….but this year’s NM team might play more as a team. Only time will tell…hopefully they stay injury free so real high school soccer fans can enjoy watching them play! I’m sure they will be motivated by Matt’s top 15 list.

  • Mt. Eden Grad.

    This are pre season Mt Eden scores. Some are scrimmage game but I do not know exactly which ones.

    Newark Memorial vs Mt. Eden 2-2
    Concord vs Mt. Eden 2-5
    Mt. Eden vs Kennedy (fremont)0-0
    Mt. Eden vs Mission San Jose 3-2

    So far Mt. Eden has a good squad. With a #10 that can destroy any Midfield or Defence, a decent defence, plenty of young players with a mixture or a couple experienced player, unfortunatly likt #30 mention their golies have serious issues,which they will have to adjust throughout the season.

    Honestly I believe Mt. Eden will have a solid season in the HAAL, and could be dangerous if they make it to NCS. The only serious problem I see with Mt. Eden is that they have plenty of young payers who are more likely to get injuries throughout the season, and ofcourse the yearly problem for Mt. Eden; GRADES!!!

    Well, Today Mt. Eden faces Alameda @ Mt. Eden, ab=nd I will be there to see My old school play the beautifull game of soccer.

  • futbol101

    Hello Matt,

    Great to know your back on the pitch…. What league will you be concentrating on the most? Do you have any standout squads that will be your underdog favorite ?


  • Matt Smith

    Hey Bobby,

    I certainly don’t mean to disrespect Newark. I really like that program and Ricky Villa is a great coach, and an even better guy. With Navarro and Ramirez gone, they lost two of the best players in the East Bay. Hard to replace those guys. Maybe my rankings will fire them up. I expect them to be in the running all year.

    Futbol, I have a few teams in mind. I think Pittsburg could be a force and climb up the rankings quickly. I am also intrigued by College Park. I have a feeling they’ll be a surprise team.
    As far as leagues go, the EBAL will be interesting as always, but I think the HAAL will be a great race. San Lorenzo, Hayward, Mt. Eden, Bishop O’Dowd and Arroyo should all be in the mix.

  • bambam


    You rank them how you see them. Nobody can be a complete expert until some games are played. I’ll bet that NM will be in the top 6 by x-mas. I give Kudos to RCH for always scheduling tough EBAL oponents. Your 1-2 picks are most likely to stay that way and of course there will be some dark horses that arise along the way.

  • shinguard

    De La Salle Showcase Dec 16 & 17.. for a good peak at some very good teams.
    Friday Dec 16th
    1pm Clayton V. vs Berkeley
    3pm Deer V. vs Bullard
    5pm SRV vs Santa Margarita
    7pm DLS vs Alisal
    Saturday Dec 17th
    12pm Richmond vs Bullard
    2pm SRV vs St. Francis
    4pm Campolindo vs Clayton V.
    6pm DLS vs Santa Margarita

  • AnyGivenDay

    Heritage ties Call at home 0-0 on Saturday. Supposedly, both teams missing players that day because of club soccer.

  • AnyGivenDay

    Heritage ties Cal at home 0-0 on Saturday. Supposedly, both teams missing players that day because of club soccer.

  • Mt. Eden Grad.

    Mt. Eden win over Alameda today, 5-1. it was an interesting first half, and second half got a little sloppy.

  • Tack

    Dublin 3 – 0 Liberty

    Solid game by both teams but a little hetic at points. Liberty’s 4-5-1 doesn’t seem to be working as they recorded zero shots on Dublin’s goal.

  • OldMatsFan


    Was wondering if I could get a DFAL prediction out of you? Also do you know whats going on at Miramonte?


  • Matt Smith

    So as far as Miramonte is concerned, I wish I knew. I don’t know who the coach is or who the contact is, so any help would be great!

    As far as the DFAL concerned, it will be a great race. Acalanes, Dublin and Campolindo will all be very good, and Dougherty Valley and Alhambra both have a good amount of talent coming back. I am not sure what to expect from Las Lomas or Miramonte, but this league might be the most compelling.
    Look for a lot of close, 1-0, 2-1 type games in January to determine the league title.

  • Waterboy

    I have been told that Newark is leading Richmond at half 1 to 0, game had been moved to Richmond

  • Matt Smith

    3-1 Richmond. Final.

  • tiktak

    Richmond dominated the whole game.

  • cokito

    It’s not that the game was moved to Richmond, it’s that B cannot read a schedule to save his life 😉

  • Matt Smith

    Hayward 7, MSJ 0

  • Matt Smith

    Logan 0, Monte Vista 0

  • cokito

    El Cerrito 4 – Albany 1 (@Albany)

  • The Sweeper

    Glad to read that Cokito is providing insights. His updates and comments are always welcome. Keep ’em coming.

    I’ve got to get Richmond on my calendar. Is that talented forward from last year (#14? can’t remember) leading the charge? I would be curious about the players that the Oilers have returning. They were quite young last year.

    Happy Thanksgiving to all, bring the cheers, and see you at the pitch.

  • The Sweeper

    And oh yeah, Tack. Good to see you are back on the post. I have not seen a match yet, but my sweeper instincts are kicking in…

    See you at the pitch.

  • cokito

    Thanks, sweeper for your very kind words.

    Richmond lost 3 seniors compared to last season, none of them was a starter. Also it seems that the first quarter grades were very good this year, so several valuable players who sat last year are playing. Hopefully they did learn a good lesson.

    I think a good soul just put the Richmond schedule on maxpreps. Let me know when you plan on going!

  • The Sweeper


    While enjoying family time today and enduring mediocre NFL match-ups, I have finally caught up reading “THE ONE AND ONLY MATT SMITH BLOG.”

    BTW, while watching the last mediocre NFL game, I channel surfed to find Barcelona v. ACMilan, and Messi’s brilliance was magnifico!

    I have to agree with you that the DFAL will be competitive top to bottom.

    And away we go…See you at the pitch.

  • The Sweeper


    Thanks for the roster info and the schedule posting, very timely. I hope to see the Foothill and Monte Vista matches in Richmond. The old bones prefer the Saturday ‘day’ matches.

    I will also check the DLS Showcase schedule, but I have a weekday conflict otherwise known as work.

    See YOU at the pitch.

  • Tack

    Thanks, Sweeper. Can’t wait to see you at a game.

  • marking back

    Newark 4- Berkeley 1
    Hat trick for Joel Sandoval of Newark.