East Bay Girls Volleyball Notes: Playoffs, Rankings, Standings

The playoff pairings have been announced. Let’s see where teams landed, and break down the brackets.

Division I

Foothill holds on to the top seed after a rough final week. It was always going to be the Falcons, San Ramon Valley and California as the top three seeds, but the order was up in the air. EBAL teams grab the top five seeds, and it is deservedly so. All five of them have the ability to reach the finals.

Favorite: Gotta say San Ramon Valley. The Wolves are the most potent team.

Sleeper: Heritage. Pats are dangerous.

Best First Round Game: Deer Valley v. Irvington

Division II

The head-to-head win kept Northgate a spot ahead of Carondelet, but both teams have tough teams to go throw. To reach the finals, they have to beat the top Redwood teams in Maria Carrillo and Redwood, respectively.

Favorite: Redwood. They are always there.

Sleeper: Carondelet. The Cougars play such a good schedule and have beat several top teams.

Best First Round Game: Dougherty Valley v. Washington

Division III

Three very good teams in Bishop O’Dowd, Campolindo and Albany. The Dragons earn the top seed, and beating Campolindo early in the year had to help. The semi-finals of this bracket should be a lot of fun.

Favorite: Can’t pick just one. Going Campo and O’Dowd as co-favorites.

Sleeper: Miramonte. Don’t sleep on ’em.

Best First Round Game: Drake v. Acalanes.

Division IV

Salesian grabs the top seed, and why not? The Pride have proven their mettle by beating many top teams throughout the East Bay, regardless of Division.

Favorite: Definitely Salesian.

Sleeper: Moreau Catholic. The Mariners are seeded too low as a No. 6 seed.

Best First Round Game: Moreau Catholic v. Arcata. Arcata is a league champ, so Moreau has to travel far. Should be pretty close.

Division V

Six East Bay teams make the bracket with St. Joseph Notre Dame leading the way as a three seed. The Pilots could find themselves in the final, but have a tough side of the bracket.

Favorite: Every body knows the team to beat is Branson. One of the best teams in the NCS, period.

Sleeper: Head-Royce, as a six seed, could make a run to the finals, but would have to go through University and St. Joseph Notre Dame.

Best First Round Game: Valley Christian v. Athenian.


The Cougars claim the No. 1 spot by just winning week in and week out. While the EBAL teams are beating each other up each week, Campolindo and Bishop O’Dowd keep winning for the most part and find themselves as the top two teams.
The Wolves jump to No 3, as Foothill and California each drop three spots. There weren’t a whole lot of other major shits, other than Logan joining the top 15 for the first time.
The playoffs are now all that matters as this stuff will now sort itself out.

1. Campolindo (19-10)
2. Bishop O’Dowd (25-11)
3. San Ramon Valley (31-8)
4. Foothill (27-8)
5. Albany (30-6)
6. California (18-7)
7. Salesian (25-9)
8. Northgate (24-8)
9. Carondelet (20-14)
10. Granada (16-13)
11. Monte Vista (20-14)
12. Miramonte (15-5)
13. Heritage (21-13)
14. St. Joseph Notre Dame (28-5)
15. Logan (22-13)

Team   W-L   GB

Berkeley (23-6, 12-0) –
Alameda (17-8, 10-2) 2
El Cerrito (7-5) 5
Pinole Valley (8-6, 7-5) 5
De Anza (3-9) 9
Hercules (3-9) 9
Richmond (0-12) 12

Team W-L GB

Chinese Chr. (15-11, 7-3) –
CSD (13-10, 7-3) –
Fremont Chr. (10-13, 7-3) –
Contra Costa Chr. (12-9, 7-3) –
OMI (2-12, 2-8) 5
Emery (1-18, 0-10) 7

Team   W-L   GB

College Prep (22-9, 11-1) –
Head-Royce (19-6, 11-1) –
Athenian (15-9, 7-5) 4
Valley Chr. (17-9, 7-5) 4
St. Elizabeth (7-13, 4-8) 7
Bentley (5-18, 1-11) 10
Redwood Chr. (4-21, 1-11) 10

Team   W-L   GB

Albany (30-6, 13-0) –
St. Joseph (28-5, 11-2) 2
Salesian (25-8, 10-3) 3
St. Pat’s (26-6, 9-4) 4
St. Mary’s (9-18, 6-7) 7
Piedmont (8-14, 5-8) 8
Encinal (2-11) 11
Holy Names (1-12) 12
Kennedy (1-12) 12
Swett (1-12) 12

Team   W-L   GB

Heritage (22-13, 9-1) –
Deer Valley (14-21, 8-2) 1
Liberty (14-19, 7-3) 2
Antioch (3-20, 3-7) 6
Freedom (6-18, 3-7) 6
Pittsburg (0-10) 9

Team   W-L   GB

Campolindo (19-10, 12-0) –
Miramonte (15-5, 9-3) 3
Las Lomas (19-16, 8-4) 4
Acalanes (14-15, 6-6) 6
Dougherty Valley (16-13, 5-7) 7
Dublin (7-14, 2-10) 10
Alhambra (2-16, 0-12) 12

Team   W-L   GB

Northgate (24-8, 12-0) –
Berean Chr. (23-10, 10-2) 2
Concord (13-20, 8-4) 4
Clayton Valley (13-21, 6-6) 6
College Park (10-25, 4-8) 8
Ygnacio Valley (2-10) 10
Mt. Diablo (0-12) 12

Team   W-L   GB

Foothill (27-8, 10-4)
San Ramon Valley (31-8, 10-4)
Carondelet (21-14, 9-5)
California (18-7, 9-5)
Monte Vista (20-14, 7-7)
Granada (16-13, 6-8)
Amador Valley (13-16, 5-9)
Livermore (11-21, 0-14)

Team   W-L   GB

Bishop O’Dowd (25-11, 11-1) –
Moreau Catholic (22-11, 11-1) –
San Leandro (11-9, 9-3) 2
Castro Valley (15-17, 7-5) 4
Arroyo (9-13, 6-6) 5
San Lorenzo (4-8) 7
Mt. Eden (3-9) 8
Tennyson (2-10) 9
Hayward (0-12) 11

Team   W-L   GB

Irvington (22-6, 11-1) –
Logan (22-13, 11-1) –
Washington (16-17, 8-4) 3
Mission San Jose (8-22, 5-7) 6
Newark (13-17, 4-8) 7
American (8-13, 3-9) 8
Kennedy (3-19, 0-12) 11

Matt Smith

  • hs school football

    Do u have the schedule for the games and times?

  • Matt Smith

    You can check out full brackets here. Start times should be 7:00.


  • lasherya

    Hey Matt
    Why is Bishop O’Dowd back in div 3 ?
    NCS change the rules again?

  • Matt Smith

    For some reason, it’s just a one-year thing. I feel like if you win the division you are in, you should get a chance to win that one three years in a row, and maybe even move up again. It would be cool to see if O’Dowd could move up to Division I.

  • VBFan

    What’s Carondelet doing in 9th? They split with Foothill and swept both San Ramon Valley and Cal in league play, have a better record than Cal and finished tied for second in the EBAL (with a better overall record than Cal)? They were the only team to win more than a set from Cal-at-home all year.

  • Matt Smith

    Apparently you haven’t been tracking the rankings all year. I can’t go through the long winded explanation of how they work again.
    They have a better record than Cal? They have more overall wins, yes, better record, no. Look at winning percentage.

  • Anne S

    Looking at brackets: Why is Granada (4) playing at Berkeley (13)? Don’t they play at the home of the higher seed? And what does *Designated Champion mean? Thanks.

  • Chris Markle

    Anne S. – A league champion (ala Berkeley) hosts games up to the final, regardless of seed. The final goes strictly on seeding. If a matchup does not involve a league champion, then it goes strictly on seeding.

    I think “designated champion” just means the league champion for NCS purposes. For example, in EBAL Foothill and SRV were co-champions with 10-4 records and both will hang banners in their gyms to that effect. But for NCS they need to have only on be the champion and there’s a league tie-breaker that FHS won.

  • Prep Fan

    That is right Chris. Which is exactly why #2 SRV and #3 Cal stand to play on the road in round 2 despite having such high seeds. If Logan and Heritage win their 1st round games, they will host SRV and Cal. Theoretically, it is possible that neither team will get to host a game, while Foothill is assured of hosting in every round as long as they survive. That underscores the importance of not just gettng a high seed, but also winning your league, and why it is such a tough road in the rough and tumble EBAL.


  • Chris Markle

    Prep Fan – Didn’t notice that little twist that SRV and Cal could get away games in the quarterfinals, and it’s very likely that they might looking at the matchups for Logan and Heritage. Very happy here that the Falcons got that EBAL tie-breaker to be the “Designated Champion”. Foothill is undefeated at home this year…

  • cdm

    1st round predictions?

  • Matt Smith

    My predictions…

    Division I

    DV over Irvington in five
    Granada over Berkeley
    Monte Vista over Liberty
    Logan over San Leandro
    Heritage over Castro Valley

    Division II

    Washington over Dougherty in five
    Carondelet over Ukiah
    Las Lomas over Alameda
    Redwood over Pinole
    Casa Grande over Newark
    Northgate over Arroyo
    Concord over Montgomery in five

    Division III

    Drake over Acalanes

    Division IV

    Salesian, Berean, St. Pat’s and Moreau all win in three.

    Division V

    Athenian over Valley Chr. in five
    St. Joe’s in three
    College Park and Head-Royce win in four

  • Andrew

    Wow, Matt. You picked all the winners except one, don’t know many sports writers who can say that 😛

    Thanks for all the hard work you put into this!

  • Matt Smith

    Haha, and the Valley Christian game was the hardest for me to pick! I came close to going perfect.

  • Ivy

    Incredible game tonight Carondelet vs. Las Lomas. The Knights were down 2-0 in close play, pulled it together and simply dominated the last three matches. Carondelet had a big home crowd making a lot of noise, but Las Lomas was impressive with their focus and stunned the Cougars.

  • Matt Smith

    To come back from 0-2 down at a place like Carondelet is incredible.

  • ron

    Mtt, New rankings today?

  • Rick


    The lack of print space in the paper today for volleyball was atrocious. Not even a mention of the BOD game.


  • Matt Smith

    Hey Rick,

    I’m very sorry about that. I wish I had any control over that.

    And Ron, I will get the new rankings up soon!

  • Chris Markle

    Have to agree about getting some v-ball love into print… I mean it’s playoff time don’t cha know?