East Bay Football Poll — 11/7

Team Record Points Last week
1. De La Salle (6) 8-1 90 1
2. James Logan 9-0 84 2
3. San Ramon Valley 7-2 78 3
4. Encinal 8-1 72 5
5. California 7-2 63 4
6. Campolindo 10-0 60 6
7. Salesian 9-0 53 7
8. Pittsburg 6-3 50 8
9. Freedom 8-1 44 9
10. Miramonte 8-1 31 12
11. Berkeley 6-3 30 14
12. Las Lomas 7-2 19 13
13. Bishop O’Dowd 7-2 15 NR
14. El Cerrito 7-1-1 12 NR
15. Monte Vista 5-4 9 15

Also receiving votes: College Park (5-4, 8 points), Concord (6-3, 1), San Leandro (6-3, 1). The East Bay Football Poll is voted on by the prep sports staff of Bay Area News Group-East Bay.

Ben Enos

  • th3ryza

    agreed that logan does have to prove themselves in the playoffs. good luck to all your respective teams as well! should be an interesting NCS playoff this year.

  • FB Guru

    This is kind of a funny discussion, but if losing in the playoffs means you are not an elite program then for the past 19 years there has only been one elite program in DIV-I. Logan is no exception, they lose in the playoffs every year just like Pitt, Cal, MV, Berkeley etc. LOL

  • norcalfball

    nobody said winning in the playoffs meant winning the entire championship. i think that goes without saying DLS has that. The point is winning a game or 2. Logan has won 1 playoff game in the last 5 or 6 years. that is not an elite program.

    I agree with the scheduling. They played a solid schedule, the arroyo game being the exception. EBAL fans are always going to tear apart everyone else’s non league schedule so they can continue to claim strength of schedule everytime. But going 10-0 regardless of the schedule you have to win in the playoffs. i think that is the point everyone is trying to make.

    Logan needs to be a consistent force in the playoffs every year before they become an elite program again. They were in the 90’s an elite program.

    i dont think any program i dont care where you are from is an elite program unless u win in the playoffs. nobody cares about great teams that can’t get to the super bowl. Good teams win games, great teams win when it counts the most.

  • shinguard

    Logan is unable to produce 4 qtrs of ball.

  • FNL680

    repost from an old page:
    Stat analysis as BANG writers are overloaded. Since it may be a while for three Junior commits at QB in one league, here are top four EBAL QB’s, feel free to add other pos as it takes a calculator and multiple sources- Max preps and BANG print editions. In order of standings. Pre-season NOT included as there was so much disparity in SOS there. Full season QB rating in parentheses if you’re interested.

    DLS-Houston:44-71-988, 2 INT, 12 TD
    rate= 134 (110)
    Rating per week: 135-84-119-29-154-163

    SRV-Kline: 86-122-1491, 1 INT, 15 TD
    rate= 148 (130)
    Rate/week: 146-126-163-125-77

    Cal-Farley: 64-101-1142, 2 INT, 13 TD
    rate= 133 (135)
    Rate/week: 136-112-122-127-111-164

    MV-Lockie: 96-151-1463, 5 INT, 16 TD
    rate= 117 (110)
    Rate/week: 145-76-150-89-107-98

    Kline’s rate is highest and even though he laid an egg vs DLS, probably the best of the four. Had to have the game of his career to beat Cal-Farley 42-38.

    Houston- tough preseason, but the above EBAL-only numbers are telling. Performances vs. MV (29) and FHS(84) are not indicative of a three year starter/Elite status. Would’ve thought with all the RB injuries, WR’s would have more impact, but coaches stuck with the run. Williams may end up on a par with Shapiro though by year end. Skunked SRV so that counts for something.

    Farley proved the most consistent/efficient after Kline. Without Cal’s ground and pound, would have eclipsed Kline’s/Lockie’s numbers with 20 and 50 more throws respectively. His bio states he turned 17 in August. Impressive year for the Senior having mop up duties in ’10 and who spent HS summers juggling baseball and football.

    Lockie was first team last year and had 1746 yds in EBAL before rivalry week. Loss of McGovern and Turner shows. Yards are always there due to spread and 25-30 throws/game. Could’ve backed up his ’10 showing but 5 ints hurt. Farley led the electric 1:10 5-7-78 yard drive + two pointer to upstage him.

    The wet weather forecast tomorrow night may skew the final stats. With Kline and Lockie running spread shotgun 80% + of the time, the slick ball may be a factor. What a fantastic EBAL season.

  • mvalfan

    FB guru – since rashad evans(5 years ago) logan hasnt won one game against ebal or bval till this year. even then that year they only won one game in playoffs. pitt, MV and cal make deep runs in the playoffs every year. the point is logan cant win at all in the playoffs. and hasent for a long time. thats why they are not an elite team yet tell they prove something for a few years.

  • FB Guru

    Maybe this is the year??? Time will tell.

  • Prep Fan

    FNL, I saw this on another blog by EPCthree and thought I’d copy & paste it here as it relates to your previous post:

    Just a fun topic for debate…

    Last season there was some debate over the ultimate QB picks for All-League in the EBAL. To remind folks; 1st team – Lockie (MV); 2nd team – Houston (DLS); HM – Reil (CHS)/Kline (SR). Their stats are as follows:

    Name Comp Att Pct Yards TD Int Rating

    Reil, D. 110 171 .643 1888 28 9 200.58
    Houston, B. 102 153 .667 1922 20 4 210.10
    Kline, Z. 164 278 .590 1978 10 8 124.87
    Lockie, J. 167 275 .607 2449 26 9 160.19

    I think it was argued that CHS QB Reil getting HM was somewhat unfair. I know that my voting would have been Reil, Houston, Lockie, Kline.

    So this year, here are the current numbers:

    Name Comp Att Pct Yards TD Int Rating

    Farley, K. 86 129 .667 1476 22 3 214.41
    Lockie, J. 157 254 .618 2265 22 6 160.57
    Houston, B. 59 110 .536 1225 13 6 175.27
    Kline, Z. 128 190 .674 2011 21 4 188.54
    Mata, J. 91 147 .619 1165 8 2 143.71

    If I had to vote this year, my choices would be Kline, Farley, Lockie, Houston – in that order. I have a distinct feeling though that Farley is going to get demoted to an HM pick again. So my question is this – Does going in unknown hurt kids for post-season honors? I mean, you could even argue for Farley as 1st Team based solely on the numbers. I think more goes into it then just raw stats, so Kline gets the nod, but was Farley behind the 8-ball from the start?

  • panther4

    Farley fits nicely into Cal’s scheme just like Reil did. Mostly play action one man routs. His efficiency rating can’t be compared to the Kline and Lockie. Farley throws primarily play action passes, primarily the PA post to Washington. Very few reads involved, fake the hand off and throw it deep. Kline and Lockie are in offenses where there are many different reads and more complex passing routs. Just my thoughts.

  • Outsider

    For some reason, no one talks about the Grizzly quarterbacks. Maybe it is because Cal is not known for their passing game, even though it has been a strong part of their game for the past couple of years. Maybe if you are not recognized as an up-and-coming quarterback in your sophomore or junior year and have not gone to all the camps and combines you cannot get the hype. The Grizzlies showed last year that you can be one of the top teams in the state and not have any highly recognized players.

  • junior

    Pre season hype does not help if you don’t follow through and consistently make plays. Noone should be surprised that Farley is down the list if they have watched the Big 3 play-he is not in their league.

    Farley has had a solid year- he just has bad luck- 2011 was the wrong time to be a QB in the EBAL

    I’d vote this way:

    Lockie has not won enough to get first and Klines numbers are enough to beat out Houston. Houstons running has been overlooked-he has improved running the veer and is an automatic 1-2 yds on the QB sneak (not as easy it looks).

  • UC Rancher

    @Shinguard- What , huh? Please elaborate.

  • Stuck in Spokane


    Logan is 3-10 in the playoffs since 2001. That’s not elite, and that was my point.

  • Stuck in Spokane

    I agree with everything #53 says except for the part about playing a solid schedule. I don’t think they played a solid schedule, but they played the toughest schedule they could given the league they’re in. Playoffs is where they get to prove their worth.

  • FNL680

    Those are interesting stats Prep from EPC; they bolster some of the post comparing the EBAL numbers. @59, but because Cal’s O only uses only an X and no Z primarily, fewer reads but many more double teams. BTW, Farley’s leading receiver is Guardino at X, not Washington. Lockie and Kline have the luxury of single coverage on most reads. Farley’s bombs to Washington have been on the money, AND mostly double teamed. Unlike Reil, Farley has a totally new OL. Reil had four returning starters there. ’10 Grizz had a three year starter X (Sarmenta, who BTW is going to play college fball after a gap year) a two year starter 3 back (Alvarez) AND a stud athlete TE (Taft now at Reno) who caught 30 balls at legit TE, not split out like SRV/MV lists their TE’s. Farley has only Washington as a returning starter. Not giving the credit only to the QB though. Cal has outperformed based on experience up and down the roster.

    I don’t think Farley’s behind the 8-ball at all. There was oodles of hype for the other three. Elite 11, Tri-Valley Sports Stars Glossy, etc. If you’re going to get hyped, you’d better blow away a lowly first year starter, who’s primarily a baseball player, right? The voting- although it’s been termed negotiations!- should be based on performance, not hype. Farley would have gotten the hype if he wasn’t playing another sport-spending summer camp/football showcases with the other three, simple as that. Look it this way. Kessler has to give him props as he almost beat Kline. Bergman saw him at the apex. 1:20, 78 yards, shotgun- which Cal NEVER does-, then pick apart a prevent D, with even a dropped TD as one of the two incs on 5-7. His final throw for the win vs Granada was knocked out of Washington’s hands by a teammate.

    I will say Kline and Lockie fit very well into their systems as well.

  • Prep Fan

    Just looking at the numbers brought forth by EPCthree, Lockie’s stats are almost exactly on track with what he did last season, wile Kline’s stats have shown far and away the most improvement of the big 3 who played both seasons. Houston’s stats have gone downhill since last season, and Farley actually has superior stats to that of Reil in 2010. Mata is clearly an also ran (also pass?).

  • Outsider

    I think many Grizzly fans anticipated Cal to be less successful this year than they have been. Much of their success has been due to Farley stepping up and the consistency of his play.

  • Prep Fan

    Farley, Washington, the o-line and the entire offense has stepped up to the challenge this season. The defense has seen a drop off from last season, but comparing any team to the best season in school history is going to be difficult to live up to.

  • panther4

    FNL, lets say you coach at Granada high, and get to pick a qb from another team to come onto your team. Would you want Farley or Kline?

  • Prep Fan

    Panther, that should not be how the all league teams are selected. They should be selected by how a player performs on the field in a given system for that season. How they performed in previous years or how they project to colleges should not be a factor.

    However, that doesn’t mean those things aren’t taken into consideration, and the coaches do have hard decisions to make when they try to narrow down these all league teams. We all know there is some bartering & horse trading going on as the coaches all try to get thier most deserving players on the top teams.

    All 4 of those QBs have had outstanding years, so no matter which of them get selected as 1st or 2nd team QBs, they will be deserving picks. But that also means some deserving kids will be left out.

  • FNL680

    Prep fan is sage. Many of the top players are warriors so there’s no quibble here. One would hope integrity- over horse trading loyalty, is evident. ESPN is locked in on that right now.

  • FNL680

    @61- Sounds like you were at both the SRV-MV vs Cal games based on the “Down the list” opinion. Not. He beat Lockie with a clutch performance, Lockie could have responded, but did not. “Not in their league”? Kline had to have his BEST game of his career to pull out a win…by 4 points. And there were no fluke/special teams/one play TDs in that (although Washington had an 88 yarder called back.) And then his stats back up his inclusion in the top 4. One yard sneaks are “not as easy as it looks.” Sounds soft.

  • th3ryza

    Logan isn’t an elite team, but who exactly do we put above AND along the same category. That’s not the point we’re trying to make. I’ll even admit, Logan hasn’t been a dominate team in a long time. Only has been a top seed (top 4 or top 8 now in this case) once.

    The point is that Logan’s season is only determined by the playoffs. And in my opinion, more than other teams. The saying has always been “logan automatically gets in because they win MVAL every year.” And the fact that we play in a league where teams that don’t give us a feel for playoff competition. I was on the team that almost upset Foothill in the playoffs who went all the way to the finals in 2006. My junior year we faced DLS and got blasted as an 8th seed. I don’t thing some people are asking for ‘fairness’ or ‘credibility’ as an elite team. That’s not what we’re trying to ask for.

  • chalktalk

    here is my 2 cents on LOGAN
    THE coaches r really book smart
    they make great half time adjustments
    but if u do something they didnt cover in the film or in practice they r lost…

  • junior

    easy FNL- sorry I struck a nerve.no disrespect meant towards him. As I posted- he is a solid player.

    Honestly tho- he is clearly a FULL step below the Big 3. Farley has performed well, but he aint any better than 4th this year. The Big 3 throw the ball with much better spin and accuracy.

    I thought Reil should have been first team last year- Farley has not played up to that level and more imoortantly, the Big 3 have played better.

    QB sneak-soft? now you are just showing your petty side.

  • S1lverngreen

    MV takes down SRV!! Wow! Anyone at the game tonight?

  • Oregon State

    Prep Fan

    Foothill was d2 or ds back then, this would have been 20 years straight but they came up short against Cal, Logan, Pitt and MV.

    SRV and DLS handled them easily.

  • EBfootball

    Your poll as well as every writer’s poll of respected journalists I’ve seen all season has had EncInal ranked above Campo. Why is that?

  • D Miller

    @ Oh Boy, No. 4 — like I said….seven straight and counting….not going to get any better next year…

  • D Miller

    @ Oh Boy, No. 4 — it was probably the easiest game of the season to pick…..seven straight…

  • Scl alum

    Anybody have any predictions on the top 5 seeds in the D IV NCS? Arguably, Salesian is a lock on No. 1, though seems like you could make different arguments (Maxpreps, etc.) for Fortuna, Healdsburg, Ferndale, and St Helena (10-0)..