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Jon Becker

  • Prep Fan

    Ben & Jimmy, you guys are saying that only the winner of Heritage-DV gets in and that at max 14 teams will get in. But some bloggers have said that Heritage’s game vs. Independence of SJ counts as a D1 game which would make them eligible for the D1 playoffs regardless of whether they beat DV or not as they would be .500 vs. D1 teams. Does this mean the Independence game does not count as D1 even though they are the largest school in the enire CCS with over 3400 students. If Independence does count as a D1 game and DV beats them and AV also beats Foothill, then there could be a total of 15 teams that qualify for the D1 playoffs?

  • Yes, Prep Fan that is correct. I had forgot about that win. Heritage is eligible. D-1 can get up to 15 teams if Deer Valley beats Heritage.

  • hsfootball

    i thought heritage would have to win the deer valley game to qualify for playoffs. doesn’t heritage have to be over .500 in their league? or .500 overall? if heritage does qualify, how would they be seeded? can someone explain this more? would deer valley have to win the game to qualify? or are they already qualified also?