NCS Division I football championship set for O.co Coliseum

Straight from tomorrow’s paper, here’s the lowdown on this year’s North Coast Section football championships.

Two NCS championship games will again be held at the O.co Coliseum this season, associate commissioner Karen Smith said Tuesday. The Division I game will definitely be held in Oakland, but whether Division II or III is the other game depends on what teams advance. Both games will be played on Dec. 10, and game times will be 3:30 p.m. and 7 p.m. Which game will be played at which time has yet to be decided.

Whichever game ends up not being played in Oakland will likely be played in the Redwood Empire, probably at Santa Rosa Junior College. Other possible championship sites include Alhambra High and Humboldt State University.

Ben Enos

  • CampoMan

    Watch out 617lemon, Moyer might get the last laugh this year. He might send film to all of the DIV 3 contenders this year showing them how to hang 41 on your Jets.

  • chalktalk

    i c u speak my dialect
    when BOD beats SL
    the jokes will be plentiful

  • chalktalk

    what part of the game is it when a 28 year old man see an older man having inter course with a 10 year old boy an he walks away – doesnt stop the act doesnt intervene in any fashion and still has his job

    the slow dudes are teaching integrity
    the slow dudes are teaching morals

    is it better to b RICH OR RIGHT?????

  • chalktalk

    google it
    grand jury report sandusky

    graphic details of what they all knew

  • Prep Fan

    Does it say that the 28 year old is a “slow dude”?

  • chalktalk

    yes the 28 year old is the wr coach a penn ST and the plot thickens
    sandusky was now pimping out kids
    2 rich donors sending kids 2 do yard work at other RICH child molesters houses SICK!!!

  • Prep Fan

    A slow dude is the WR coach?

  • BraveHeart

    Re: #48


    Alameda Banquet is Tues Dec 13. I would love to see you question Kemp to his face. I’ll even pay for your ticket.

    It will be entertaining to hear your excuse for not making it.

  • chalktalk

    prep fan ur the sloooooooooooow dude

  • Prep Fan

    Thanks buddy.

  • 617lemon

    braveheart is that ticket none refundable cause you know how kemper be canceling the kids paid for a 2 day camp at marin kemper ended up tucking his tail and pulling a no show with no refund the kids were charged for 2 days.

  • BraveHeart

    Do you want to go or are you just are tough talking internet coward?

  • 617lemon

    tough enough, with a name like braveheart you cant be from alameda theres nothing brave about kempers hornets or why would he ask to play in the jv league?

  • BraveHeart

    So I guess the answer is no, that was predictable.

    BTW isn’t encinal in alameda?

    But I guess with open enrollment most of the football team is doesn’t live in alameda.

  • armstrongJets


    Encinal is not a secret to the top team in DIII. There is plenty of film on the Jets. However most will find that hanging 41 on the Jets is easier said than done.

    Tonight going for their 4th BSAL championship without loss. Tomorrow they go for their 4th trip to DIII Championship. I’ll 2 out 4.

    Jet Pride!!

  • yes encinal is in alameda very good but there is an obvious difference between the squads from what i can tell one coaches there asses off the other stabs his ex boss in the back & does worse the next year. coach arnerich doesnt have a problem with the demographics why does kemper? braveheart whats the definition of competitive equity? braveheart whats your thoughts on kemper wanting to play in the b league & not the a?

  • alameda sucks! last time they won a playoff game disco was in!

  • Old Former Meddling Coach.

    I was wondering When the Haters would get started. Jet Pride!

  • BraveHeart

    Everybody knows alameda is a baseball town which is the reason encinal looks elsewhere for lots of its talent.

  • armstrongJets


    Pardon my digestion but I think St. Joe (current CA State Champions) would offer some argument. Opinion are OK but facts speak volumes. You may want to google St. Joes and state champs and see how many years you get.

  • Old Former Meddling Coach.

    Braveheart has Encinal confused with De La salle. Alameda Unified does not have open Enrollment. Encinal is Just a Talented well Coached team. Stop hating. Jet Pride!

  • BraveHeart

    Old Coach,

    Wake and check the roster.

  • Old Former Meddling Coach.

    I know the Program and know what I’m talking about. Stop Hating. Encinal is just a good Football team. Jet Pride!

  • BraveHeart

    No hate, but but let’s get the facts straight. There is open enrollment and a good % of the football team does not live in alameda.

  • concrete17

    BraveHeart is correct according to the AUSD Website a student athlete does not have to be a resident of Alameda:
    “Students living outside the AUSD city limits who wish to attend our schools must apply for an interdistrict permit from their home district, then bring it to the AUSD office of Student Services for approval. Applications may be denied, or the permit revoked for poor behavior, attendance or grades. Interdistrict permits must be renewed each year. Employees of the AUSD do not have to renew the permit each year.”

    Am sure that rule applies to the entire Island which says more about the difference in coaching/programs of the the two schools rather than the home addresses of the student athletes.

  • Same ol’ Williams

    Brave Heart or cowardly lion. B.V. And 5th street. Expos and Poggi. Crolls Village. Marina and Ballena Bay fool. Eagle village and Para village. The Towers sucka. west side football. No bay farm boys here.

  • scoop

    Post 76 hahah thats funny but true