NCS Division I football championship set for O.co Coliseum

Straight from tomorrow’s paper, here’s the lowdown on this year’s North Coast Section football championships.

Two NCS championship games will again be held at the O.co Coliseum this season, associate commissioner Karen Smith said Tuesday. The Division I game will definitely be held in Oakland, but whether Division II or III is the other game depends on what teams advance. Both games will be played on Dec. 10, and game times will be 3:30 p.m. and 7 p.m. Which game will be played at which time has yet to be decided.

Whichever game ends up not being played in Oakland will likely be played in the Redwood Empire, probably at Santa Rosa Junior College. Other possible championship sites include Alhambra High and Humboldt State University.

Ben Enos

  • Patrick

    I hope that it’s D2 at the Coliseum. I loathe games in the Coliseum. It’s expensive and eerie to have so little of it filled. It’s far better to have a packed high school stadium with barbecues being run by the Dads Club selling hotdogs that don’t cost eight dollars. If my beloved Cardinal Newman Cardinals make it to the championship, put them at Ernie Nevers Field. Let De La Salle and Windsor have the Coliseum.

  • jonathan

    Hey Ben, If the higher seed is from the North Bay, will the game be played up north? Like if its, No1 Windsor vs No3 Las Lomas for DII?

  • Ben Enos

    Depends on who’s in the D-III game. If there are two North Bay teams in the other game, then maybe a Windsor-LL game stays down here. Tough to say. It’s all pretty fluid until the games are actually set.

  • jonathan

    Gotcha, thanks for the follow up man!

  • Guys….I prefer that all three D-1…D-2…D-3 be played at the coliseum…..It is a very big deal for the kids to make to the coliseum..BUT I hear Patrick..a packed house at the High School fields seems to inspire the kids and the fans…there is that certain atmosphere that is created that never happens in the coliseum….

  • Same ol’ Williams

    Every kid wants to play at the coliseum.

  • Same ol’ Williams

    Let me guess D2 like the last 4 years

  • jonathan

    Wait, look at this: http://cifncs.org/media/files/FBmediainformation2011.pdf

    The media program for this year says that parking will be $25!!!! AHHHH!

  • MoreauFan

    Just park at the BART station across the street! It’s free and there is a ramp directly to the Colosseum. That’s what I did for the Giants v. A’s game.


  • Prep Fan

    $25 to park is bad enough and they would not allow anyone to tailgate (or at least tried not to allow it :)) last year.

  • $25.00 at the entrance then you may get robbed in the lot or mugged….And no B-B-Q..what a sad state…oh yes $10.00 or $12.00 per person to enter the field..Bring lots of money….But as Moreau Fan said …use the Bart parking lot and not all will be lost…

  • Patrick

    Believe me. Every kid wants to play for an NCS championship. I was one of them that got the opportunity. When it comes down to that, the location matters very little. Better to have a local stadium bursting at the seams where you can hardly get standing room, let alone hear anything than a mostly empty and quiet behemoth of a coliseum. But maybe I’m old fashioned.

  • Same ol’ Williams

    Patrick, your points are better then mine. But believe me. But to step on the field that Bo Jackson, Tim Brown, Ken Stabler, Jim Otto, Art Shell, and Mr Davis built. Man no better feeling

  • norcalfball

    i disagree with the decision to keep using the coliseum..Not only is it expensive and not fan friendly. It is the worst stadium in the NFL, not like we are playing in dallas stadium. If the weather is bad it becomes a slosh bowl (not the way the game is played anymore) same reason super bowls are in domes and warm weather stadiums. if the staduim actually got 30% filled might be ok, but when the entire stadium is really empty for the game it takes the luster out…feels like you are playing in a park with no fans, because they can’t be loud enough to even be a factor…fill the stadium, standing room only, some BBQ, and the atmosphere of what high school football is about. Texas plays in big stadiums, why? because they fill them. We don’t or even come close. I still think Cal is the best venue. (although would have to pay to park)As it offers plenty of seating, but it is more intimate atmosphere where the fans can get into the game. at the coliseum you are so far removed.

    problem is most high school stadiums aren’t even seating on both sides to accomodate these games. But i still think you would get a better turn out, if they were say at DVC then the coliseum. (especially for D1)

  • I would like it better in a High School stadium. I agree that the small crowd in a large facility just feels creepy!

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  • ManDown

    D-3 championship game should be the one that is definitely in the coliseum. That will be the best game of all three divisons.

  • chalktalk

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  • Matt Rempel

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  • The DIII game should be played in the area of the highest seeded team.

  • pirate football

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    i think we all know the reason u say that is due t mst people figure mc and cn will be the 1 and 2 seed adn u want that game close to home for u, cant blame u, but u know that if both are not in the champ game it will b vs a eastbay school and bcuz its been so much hype abut the div 3 backet they will have that game at the coliseum to make more money i think the whole bracket will b very good though

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  • S1lverngreen

    Jimmy, Ben,
    Thanks for the article on the kids signing letters of intent today. Nice crop of student athletes moving on to the next level. Any surprises on decommiments? I heard the kid from Serra (Wilson) changed his mind and decided to head to Washington in lieu of Colorado? Aware of any others?

  • Ben Enos

    S1lver, no real surprises because today wasn’t a football signing day. That comes in February. Ton of local baseballers signing though. Gonna be a good year for high school baseball.

  • S1lverngreen

    Ha! Baseball guys can decommit too! (-: thanks

  • chalktalk

    Ben Enos
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  • ManDown

    Berkeley vs EC- If EC has a real shot at the D-3 crown they will beat Berkeley but if they lose it won’t do anything. I like the way Berkeley has been playing as of late and with a healthy team they should be able to match EC athletic ability and beat them.
    I like the Yellow Jackets in this one.
    Berkeley wins 42-28

    Heritage vs Deer Valley- These two teams are in tough spots right now and the season hasn’t gone as planned for either team but they both have the chance to head into the playoffs on a high note. I like DV
    DV wins 28-13

    Las Lomas vs Acalanes- LL hasn’t been able to beat the top teams in the division but I personally think they could have a chance in D-2 but it starts with a win over the Dons
    LL wins 28-14

    Miramonte vs Alhambra- The Mats should kill the Dogs but in this league you never know what’s possible. It could be a tough one as Miramonte has to win one on the road on Alhambra’s senior night.
    Mats win 28-18

    JFKRich vs Piedmont- The Eagles have some of the best athletes in the bay but can they stop Piedmont’s air attack? Eagles could be in better shape for playoffs if they pulls out should have been wins against St. Mary’s and Moreau Catholic but they didn’t. A lot riding on this game for the Eagles and I think they get it done.
    JFKRich wins 42-35

    San Leandro vs BOD- BOD can close the deal on a HAAL crown with a win and be in good shape for the playoffs but beating SL won’t be a easy task. If rumors are correct SL gets some players back for this game and it should be a good one folks.
    BOD wins

  • I see the same ManDown but I see SL winning. They’re playing for any chance of hope in the play-offs in getting a home game with a league championship. Also their senior night. They’ll play with a heavy heart I see them winning.

  • chalktalk

    if sl beats BOD ill stop posting

    sl has a far more talented team than BOD

    but sl players seem 2 b out of position alot so heres a tip

  • Dudleydawson

    How i see it: bod 27 sl 20 berkeley 41 ec 27 dls 49 cal 7 jets 41 moreau 14 berean ch. 35 Salesian 28 alhambra 34 miramonte 31

  • ManDown

    Berean vs Salesian- The Pride have a really good football team this year and they look primed to go undefeated this year and hanging another banner. But if any team can beat the Pride this year it will be Berean. Berean is tough and will give Salesian all they can handle on there senior night.
    Salesian wins 35-28

    DLS vs Cal High- It will be over by halftime. It won’t be anything like last years match.
    DLS wins 56-14

    Tennyson vs Arroyo- It will be tough for Tennyson to go on the road and beat the Dons but it is somthing they must do if they don’t want to go 1 and out in D-3. The Lancers must take care of business on the road and HC JB needs to end the season on a high note.
    Tennyson wins 21-14

    Hercules vs Pinole Valley- This is a interesting game for both teams. Its Pinole’s senior night but how good are they? Hercules is 7-2 but who have they beat? The Titans RB must have a big game for them to have a shot at beating PV but it won’t happen.
    PV wins 42-21

    Moreau Catholic vs Encinal- If all goes right Encinal will win this game easy but Moreau will play them tough. Its hard to get a win down on that muddy field Encinal has but it can be done. But I don’t see that happening this year for the Mariners. Encinal should expect the top D-3 teams in the house to watch this one.
    Encinal wins 56-21

  • XxDaddioxX

    Chalk Talk vs. All : Best Laugh of The Year. LMAO 4 15 min strait. Thnx

  • XxDaddioxX

    Chalk Talk vs. All : Best Laugh of The Year. LMAO 4 15 min straight. Thnx

  • Dudleydawson,

    Haven’t you been betting against Miramonte all year? It seems like you have picked Miramonte to be upset about half a dozen times. Guess one out of six isn’t too bad!

    In terms of Alhambra, I very much doubt they will run up the score against Miramonte. Their running game has potential (Poyadue will be a force next year), but their passing game sucks! Mirmamonte’s defense has been strong against the run (ask Liberty, Acalanes, Las Lomas and Dublin) and the teams that have been able to pass against Miramonte have had very good QBs (Analy/Zanutto, LL/Wood, Campo/Stephens). I really hope Alhambra puts the ball in the air; Campo got six picks, we should be able to manage at least four!

    Their best hope for a win is ball control/strong defense/low score win. I think if they win it would be 17-14 or something like that.

    My best guess is a competitive game in which Miramonte wins 28-21 or perhaps 35-14 if things get more out-of-hand. I just can’t see their run-only offense being able to generate many points with us likely loading the box. My biggest concern is their defense being able to shut down the run and pressure the QB, stalling drives, etc. In the end, Anderson WILL break a long run for a TD and one or two of our other playmakers (Booze, Pietrikowski, Honnens, Solit, Deutz, Bruen, Williams) WILL have big games. We WILL be able to put together 4 or 5 scores and take it home!

  • 617lemon

    Does anyone know when alameda will have there banquet would love to be there and hear kempers lies. He probably say he expects to be a winning team next year how injuries cost him but its not his fault but it was rochlins fault a year ago when guys got hurt. I wonder if he’ll say he asked to be in a league with retards that he doesnt believe he can be in the same league as the big boys or just lie. Kemper why dont you believe next year you can turn the corner not enough talent? A team football what are your thoughts on kemper begging to be in a trash divison?

  • Prep Fan

    Chalktalk says: “if sl beats BOD ill stop posting”. I imagine there will be a lot of people suddenly pulling for SL.

  • Go Pirates!