De La Salle goes gray

I’ve heard of going green, but if your jersey is already green, you’ve got to do something else. First of all, the De La Salle football team is trying something new. The Spartans are teaming with Nike to raise money for charity by selling limited edition “Spartan Nation” t-shirts. The shirts are $15 and can be bought at the DLS bookstore.

But, by participating in this initiative, the Spartans are doing something else as well. When they hit the field tomorrow night against Cal High, they’ll be sporting brand new alternate jerseys provided by Nike. DLS is one of only three high schools and 17 colleges across the country to participate.

Check it out!

Ben Enos

  • Prep Fan

    Must be nice to have brand new alternate jerseys provided by Nike. They do look pretty cool.

  • spiffy

    Next will be Phil Knight’s insistence the Green become highlighter fluourescent a la O Ducks. That means Cal wears home orange. Somewhat pricier version of a tee-shirt but amusing timing nonetheless.

    Senator Leo appealed for the deal,
    “Grant them a new swoosh to quicken thy heel.
    Ready fresh armor for the battle,
    Repel the Orange, whence prior a kneel.
    March southward* behind our new shield,
    Upon hence grounds, we gather new steel.”

    *Beware the Mingoes and four legged beasts.

  • Nice to raise money for charity. The uniforms look ugly- get rid of them and go back to the green and silver- flashly and classy.