NCS Division I bracket

Some stunners in this division. First off, Irvington didn’t apply so they aren’t in the field. And then San Leandro gets the third seed, with Berkeley fourth. Obviously, that became a result of San Leandro’s win over Berkeley, who in turn beat Pittsburg. They used simple head to head matchups.

No. 1 De La Salle (9-1), bye

No. 9 California (7-3) at No. 8 Freedom (9-1), Friday, 7 p.m.

No. 4 Berkeley (7-3), bye

No. 12 Antioch (6-4) at No. 5 Pittsburg (7-3), Saturday, 7 p.m.

No. 2 James Logan (10-0), bye

No. 10 Castro Valley (6-4) at No. 7 San Ramon Valley (7-3), Friday, 7 p.m.

No. 3 San Leandro (6-4), bye

No. 11 Heritage (5-5) at No. 6 Monte Vista (6-4), Saturday, 7 p.m.

Jimmy Durkin

Jimmy Durkin is a sports writer for the Bay Area News Group.

  • Prep Fan

    Well, the BVAL has an opportunity to make some noise against some EBAL playoff teams now. BVAL co-champ Freedom gets EBAL 4th place Cal at home, and BVAL 3rd place Heritage has a date with EBAL co-2nd place MV, a team that Pitt already. Should the BVAL prevail in both of those games, that would be making a nice statement. Pitt has more of an uphill battle as they would need to win 2 games against teams they have already played this year to get to DLS. If they win that one, they will have made the biggest statement of the year in NorCal football.

  • apirate 925

    R u ready for playoff football!

    Go Pitt !

  • Bhsjackets

    how do you see the first team all league?? i know i heard there was 2 sophmores from berkeley high that made the all league linebackers

  • UC Rancher

    Sarpar, that was a hot topic two weeks ago. Logan got the #2 seed. End of discussion. No use of bringing it up again. It’s playoff time and that’s what Logan fans r focused on.

  • Prep Fan

    1st Round D1 Predictions?

    I have to go with #7 SRV over #10 Castro Valley as Kline impresses. I’m taking #9 Cal over #8 Freedom on the road. I like #6 MV over #11 Heritage in a game that Heritage keeps close for a half. #5 Pittsburg is too much for #12 Antich as they look forward to their rematch with Berkeley.

  • bvalfan

    Those of you who have seen Monte Vista, does Heritage have any chance??

  • Pitt Grunt


    Having seen both Monte Vista and Heritage play, I don’t think this one will be close. Heritage’s glaring weakness is their secondary. Their is a reason Lockie was offered by Oregon. I want Heritage to represent the BVAL well but I just don’t this happening, especially with the confidence they have after that incredible win over San Ramon.

  • Pitt Grunt

    Just to be clear, I was referring to the confidence Monte Vista has after their win over San Ramon. I hope Freedom can surprise Cal, but the loss of Mayes is huge.

  • s1lverngreen

    Monte Vista behind Lockie can light up the scoreboard, quick! Defense for the Stangs is suspect this year..If Heritage can contain Lockie they stay in the game. Pitt is right, Huge confidence builder for MV after the big win over SRV.

  • BVAL Expert

    Prep Fan- its not looking good for Freedom Mayes wont be playing from what i hear. I know deep down inside Hartwig and BVAL EBAL coaches and company arent happy with the seeding.. so far they played it off well accepting it.

  • Falcon Fan

    Prep Fan- MV s Defense has always been suspect, but what happened to SRVs? They have been solid in the past. Klein and their RB should carry the O but dont see them stopping good teams in the playoffs.

  • dj falong

    prep fan, thanks for info watched srv play dls, no one stepped up for srv.I know they played dls but one can always shine even in a losing effort.Dls beat srv with a lot of pressure on kline.He had no time to make any reads If I coached @ logan I would prepare to run a dick lebau type defense against kline and pressure alot to his throwing side,also keep a linebacker home you know he can run.That,s what I would do at least the first half to see if he can adjust.

  • dj falong

    Pirate football, well said but I watched logan,s game too and it seems that they need some consistency at the passing attack.I think its a little late in the year to still be looking for a team identity.Hopefully Logan can come out and be highly aggressive not in the play calling but in the tackling.Years ago when I played at this level the team with the biggest hits usually won the game, but thats the coaches job hope their up to it.Should be good playoffs. p.s. somebody give Dls a run pls. same ol same ol time for a change!!!

  • FNL680

    @309- If you contain Lockie’s passing game, like Cal did, you win. Lockie had his worst night of the year against the Grizz, but he did get 40% of his total season rushing yards that night to make it close. He’s thrown five picks in EBAL, the most of the top four QB’s. He’s 3-2 when his QB rating is below 110. He lit up SRV for 363 yards! The two Danville schools have weak D; but you’ve got to score against it ’cause there WILL be 35+ throws by both of them.

  • falconfb

    heritage defense is also suspect, specially their secondary. as i seen in a game and read from previous posts, the secondary has been the problem all year. against freedom, heritage could not defend the pass at all. the patriots had a hard time containing mayes. i dont know how they’ll be able to contain lockie. if heritage can stay strong with their run game, they can have a chance. in the freedom game, the run was working, but heritage got away from it and tried to pass. baffling, but it worked out for freedom. good luck to teams that made the playoffs. GO FALCONS!!!

  • Black&Red

    Lockie was missing one of his main weapons in the Cal game Senior receiver Troy Johnson did not play that game and that contributed big time to Lockies struggles. Against SRV Johnson had 10 catches for 151 yds.

  • BVAL Expert

    Heritage will lose

  • hsfootball

    there’s the bval expert we all know. good luck to freedom. can’t believe you took the time just to post that #317. let’s go freedom…

  • BVAL Expert

    Monta Vista is good. I dont suger coat things

  • Prep Fan

    If Mayes is unable to go tonight, that would be a big loss for Freedom, but at least their backup Rodriguez was the starter last season and not some kid that would be faced with his first varsity starting assignment. And he has BVAL player of the year Daniels to throw the ball to so the Cal defense will be tested big time even without Mayes. Playing at home doesn’t hurt either. Should be a good game with 2 quality teams.

  • Oregon State

    101, poor argument, Novato lost to Foothill who didnt even make it in the tourney

  • suckafree415

    OSU, that was the first game of the year for Novato 3 months ago, things change homie, not like you would know cuz you havent seen a Novato game this year or their marked improvement

  • OSU

    I saw the game, just a reminder that you should keep the d3 vs d1 in your fantasies, not realistic, every team gets better, not just Novato

  • BVAL Expert

    Freedom just shocked the NCS upset over CAL. Alot of people eaten their words

  • Junior

    Impressive win by freedom over a solid cal team. What is e over/under on tequila shots by prep fan and fnl680 tonight? I’m worried about them boyz

  • Hsfootball

    Good job freedom. Bval represent.

  • s1lverngreen

    Leave those two alone, their good peeps along with the likes of Grunt and some other good folk in this blog. By the way, like a retard in the live blog, I kept referencing Lakewood, you were right, the whole time i kept thinking they were westlake…duh!

  • BVAL Expert

    I respect Cal they played Freedom tough and not dirty

  • pirate football

    bval expert i will eat my words i 1st said freedom would win but changed win i heard that mayes was out, but not totally surprised that freedom won, u never heard me say they not good just got punked by pitt lmao. might not be laughing next year when most of that team will b back. whats the update on mayes for next week

    junior that was kinda funny

    im so glad the playoffs have gotten started, going to b good

  • BVAL Expert

    Thanks pirate football, I have no clue yet if Mayes will be playing next week.. Time will tell.. once i get info i will share it to the rest of everyone.

  • Prep Fan

    The Cal-Freedom game was a good one right down to the end. Cal took advantage of 2 1st quarter turnovers, an early fumble and an INT and went out to a 14-0 lead. Both teams scored again before half to make it 21-7. Freedom scored first in the 3rd quarter to make it 21-13 as the extra point was blocked. Freedom scored again at the end of the 3rd quarter, but the 2-point conversion run was stuffed and it was 21-19 going into the final stanza.

    For some reason Cal switched QBs and put in sophomore Cameron Owen. He led them on a drive and went down and scored to make it 28-19 and after the Grizzly defense stopped the Falcons and forced a punt it looked like Cal would win. But the punt was dropped and Freedom had new life. They went down and kicked a FG to get within 6. After moving the ball over midfield, Owen threw an ill-timed pick into double coverage and Freedom took full advantage with a quick air strike down to the Cal 15 yard line to a wide open receiver after the DB fell down. They then were able to punch it in and took the lead for the first time at 29-28.

    Owen then was sacked for what looked like a big loss with less than 2 minutes left and no timeouts, but somehow broke free to scramble for the first down and got OB to stop th clock. Cal then marched all the way down inside the Freedom 20. With time running down, Cal was able to get a first down at about the 12 yard line with less then 30 seconds left, and all they needed was a FG. Instead of spiking the ball, they ran one more play and ran up the middle. The clock was still running and at that time everyone thought Cal would spike the ball and set up the game winning FG. Instead the FG unit was summoned and they scrambled out onto the field as the offense ran off and they really did get set up and the ball was snapped with a second or 2 left and the kick was blocked. I don’t know if the snap was bad, the kick was low or if a defender got inside the line but it was clear that Cal had not set up properly for the game winner.

    The fans for their money’s worth tonight. I credit Freedom for playing a great game and not giving up, just as the Cal players did not give up and moved the ball right dwn to the end to lose a heartbreaker. #5 Darrell Daniels is a stud. It is no wonder he was BVAL player of the year. With Mayes out they had him in the Wildcat much of the game and he really seemed to be the difference in the game.

    A lot of questions on the Cal side. Farley was playing well and was a proven leader all season, but got pulled with the team ahead in his final HS game. Backup Owen played well and actually had them in position to win at the end. But the decision not to spike the ball was one that no one in the stands could figure out as young and old alike were scratching heir heads. I see where even HSfootball said in another post that he could not believe they didn’t spike the ball. There would have been plenty of time to spike the ball prior to waiving the kicking team onto the field. That is one the coaching staff have to accept the blame on.

    It was a tough way for the kids to have the season end, as they played their hearts out, but in the end it was a great game and both teams should be proud. There were not many penalties nor bad calls and it was a clean game. The turnover battle evened out as Cal took advantage of the 2 first quarter TOs, and Freedom took advantage of the 2 4th quarter TOs to take the late lead. Cal had the ball in position to win at the end but the decision not to spike theball will haiunt them into the offseason and for the seniors it was a real tough way to go out.

    Congrats to Freedom and good luck next week vs. DLS.

  • Prep Fan

    And the over/under is not done yet on the shots Junior. Take the over, whatever it is.

  • S1lverngreen

    I got to admit i was rooting for Freedom simply because i thought they were a huge underdog. Boy, did Freedom prove me wrong! You guys will be back next year, coach b seems to pull the most out of his kids. I’ll be moving on to some other blogs (-:
    Always appreciate your objective posts and good insight…good luck!

  • BVAL Expert

    Coach B is respected I respect every team in that league you guys are the best of the East Bay. The success for the EBAL will not stop. I hope this type of competition will remain constant.

  • OSU


    Have to wonder if your a senior playing at Cal, if the coach will go with the flavor of the month. How do you take out your senior leader in the playoffs?

    Also, so many of us are quick to credit this coach or that coach with how great they are because they suddenly get some good player classes and they start winning and winning big. Yet, the truly great ones compete every year at these public schools regardless of what the “player class gods” happen to send them.

    This end of game was managed like a pop Warner game.

    The really good coaches win the winnable games, Cal blew this one. Hats off to Freedom for winning this game w a their backs to wall at half.

    Hope they can give Sparty a fight next week!

  • pirate football

    looks like antioch gave pitt a tough game

  • Pitt Grunt

    Antioch played tough and I really believe the Antioch program is back, as it should. But Pitt played terrible tonight. There is something to be said about the difficulty of beating a team twice in one season, especially when you played 8 days ago. Nonetheless, Pitt was not sharp. Where do I start; the penalties were back. Many of the penalties were on third and long. Antioch’s first score was sustain by penalties on 3rd and long. Pitt’s kicking game was horrible. The long snapper was snapping it high, wide and all over the place. Then the kickers started to miss. Terrible. Watson simply could not complete a pass. Most of his throws were one hopped to the wrs. If Pitt plays like this next week, they will get killed.

    The positives?? Pitt did win, despite themselves. Defense played well and Mister Cotton was back to bone jarring hits. He has not played much the past three week but he was on fire tonight.

    Pitt staff has a lot of work to do this week.

  • pirate football

    pitt grunt
    i dont understand why it seems like somebody in the bval is matched up with each other 1st roung, and it seems like its pitt as the usual suspect when do they ever pair up ebal teams

  • bvalfan

    Heritage down 35-7 in 4th…came back and made it 42-36! …..had an onside kick bounce off one of their players or they possibly could of won this.

  • BVAL Expert

    Good game down in Pitt, Antioch should be proud. As well as pitt. Its been a good week for the BVAL. At this point im rooting for the BVAL. I hope pitt plays De La again. But we will see.

    I think it just panned out that way. its really hard to say the committee just does its own thing

  • sarpar

    Have to love that vaunted MV defense.

  • Kriart

    Congrats too both Pitt and Antioch. I never thought Antioch could come back tougher in this 2nd encounter. Their program seems to be improving better this year. Their win over rival Deer Valley speaks a lot and this close fight at Playoffs with PITT is definetely making a statement. See you next season.

  • Kriart

    Next stop for Pittsburg is Berkeley High. NCS had announced the venue on Nov 26 Saturday at 7pm at Contra Costa Colleges. See you there………