NCS football playoffs live chat today at 2 p.m.

Get the details on which teams made the NCS playoffs and which ones didn’t, and get analysis on the matchups and brackets from Ben Enos and Jimmy Durkin in a live chat Sunday at 2 p.m.

Jon Becker

  • Serra will not move up to the Open Division instead will compete at Div 1. Bad move CCS Div 1 will never get to state all the best Div 1 teams play Open. Its why Piedmont Hills won it last year. They were a better then avereage team.


  • LoggerAxe

    Div. 4 bracket is up.

  • Oh Boy

    As of today, everybody’s record is 0-0. A loss means you’re done so it’s time to put up or shut up. JUST WIN, BABY!

  • NCS D1 – Monte Vista or Logan with #2 seed after DLS? And any teams with .500 or losing records?

  • seems like brackets are not right for D1, why doesn’t Pitt get a bye weak, they win BVAL. need to switch with S.L. seems more fair to me.

  • MoreauFan

    Lovin’ all the upset picks for Moreau over Berean. I have no idea how they are so maybe if a BFAL person could give me a scouting report I’d love it.
    HOWEVER, the Mariners have a lot of injuries to overcome. What’s the status of our QB Kinast? Will we leave Baca in there at QB or put him back to TE to give us a better passing threat over the middle? Sagapolu is one of our toughest players who really help the line, but he had to get taken off in an ambulance because of a broken leg, so who’s our backups at both positions?
    I’ll be interested to see how we respond to the whipping we got from the Jets (unfortunately, it was expected) and the first Mariner playoff appearance in NCS in 15 years.
    The advancement in this program show how great of a job that Cotter and the coaching staff has established here in Hayward. There are great athletes at the JV level too and the establishing of a freshman team mean the future is bright and moving into the MVAL for closer to home matchups will hopefully attract more kids from Fremont up to Moreau and keep growing.

    Ride the Wave!

  • VC Fan

    Berean has about 20 player that go both way.. Tough athletic kids that play hard… They can throw the ball well and run when needed..They will hit you

  • nfl

    moreaufan cotter had you guys come in 3rd in a 1 team league. he stepped up his non league you see what happen let me know when cotter beats a good team!

  • HS Football Fan

    Geez, nfl, did somebody pee in your cereal? You ripped Miramonte and Novato in the D-III thread, dismissed Pittsburg and Berkeley in the D-I thread and you’re dismissing Moreau here. From where that program was when Cotter took over, you can’t argue that he’s starting to turn things around. It seems silly to have expected them to be winning league titles when, according to MoreauFan they haven’t been to the playoffs in 15 years. Gotta walk before you can run. Looks like they’ve improved from last place the year before Cotter arrived to 5th place in 2009, 4th place in 2010 and 3rd place in 2011. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to know that that’s an improvement every year. Lighten up, Frances.

  • KillerD

    Berean Christian should beat Moreau, they have had a better season overall and Moreau sounds like they are really hurting.

    Moreau had some hiccup losses this year, and as mentioned, while their program is on the rise there are years where it does not show up on the win loss record.

    Moreau will do well in the MVAL next year and beyond and serve notice to everybody except Logan

  • nfl

    hs football fan all im saying is cotter hasnt beat a team with a winning record his best win is over a 6-6 gaileo team last year. berean is 7-3 will see what happens this week.

  • HS Football Fan

    I don’t think anybody has suggested that Cotter is the second coming of Ladouceur, but put things in perspective. According to Calpreps, Moreau went 10-79-1 in the 8 years before Cotter started coaching, and they’ve gone 16-13-1 in his 3 years so far. It seems silly to me to be complaining that they aren’t beating good teams when they haven’t even been able to beat BAD teams until recently. They had their first winning season in a decade last year and, to their credit they went out and beefed up their schedule. In fact, I think it’s a stretch to say they had “some hiccup losses” this year. They lost to Encinal (something every team in the BSAL has done since the Jets joined), Campolindo (something every team the Cougars played did), Dublin (the 5 seed in D-II, and they lost in overtime) and St. Mary’s by 4 points. Seems to me the only loss you can say they maybe “should” have won was St. Mary’s.

    In other words, Rome wasn’t built in a day. Why not just simply say they’re moving forward instead of pissing and moaning about the fact that they’re not Salesian, Encinal or De La Salle. There are a lot of other teams that have done a lot less with a lot more.


    Good job to Coach Cotter and the Moreau staff. Most turn around jobs are not accomplished overnight or even over a few years. The Moreau improvements remind this high school football fan of the building job that Coach Perenon and his staff did at Bishop O’Dowd. They took a program at BOD that was 20-30 in the five years before they arrived and turned it into 34-17 in their first five years. Most people who follow high school football are aware of what the next decade or so was like at BOD: four undefeated 10-0 seasons (‘93,96,97 & 99), three NCS titles (97,98 and 04), league titles in 89,90,91, 96,97,98,99, multiple D-1 signees, a handful of BOD alums making it to the NFL, and a twelve year (1993-2004) over all record of 112 wins, 29 losses and 1 tie. Not “Spartan-like”, but I bet a whole bunch of HS coaches and programs would love to have that ratio of success. Here’s hoping that Moreau can keep it up and follow in the footsteps of Coach P’s long run of success at BOD! DRAGON PRIDE! GO MOREAU!

  • Pawn Star

    Just to piggyback on HS Football Fan’s comments. My son played for Moreau prior to Cotter becoming Head Coach. His senior year they went 2-8 beating Albany and San Lorenzo. There were 22 players on the roster but with injuries they ended the season with about 17 in uniform. There was about 20 players on JV. There were more chearleaders than football players. I have seen them lose to San Leandro 75-0 and Hayward 65-0. There were rumors of disbanding the program. Today they have 42 on Varsity, 28 on JV (all sophmores), and a Frosh team. All with winning records. They have had two solid winning seasons under Cotter and now they made NCS. As HSFF point out there losses were to the #4 and #6 teams in the east bay, there other two loses were to NCS playoff teams.

  • MoreauFan

    I’ve already dealt with your questions before the Campo game and my opinion hasn’t changed. This program is building and has upward momentum at a surprising pace.

    Yeah, the injury problems are troubling and unfortunate for this game, but I’ll be interested to see how we respond. Our back-up is Boos, but does the coaching staff trust him? I’d guess not because they brought in Baca for the Encinal game. So maybe a week of Boos as the starter in practice will give him the spot. Maybe we call up the JV QB? I haven’t been able to watch much JV this year so I can’t comment on his abilities. Kondo, our LB, played some QB at the JV level, maybe he gets the nod.
    Its unfortunate that the first playoff game in the Cotter regime has to deal with the injuries that could maybe throw off our ability to upset Berean, but it should be a good game. You are true that we let the St. Mary’s game get away and I believe that we really could have won the Dublin game.

    This is why I like the BOD v Moreau relationship. We compete for kids in the middle grounds between Hayward and Oakland and play each other competitively in many sports, but because all the kids know each other and the families have interacted with the other crowd so much, it’s a healthy rivalry that I hope is renewed when Moreau has improved enough to be able to compete with the dragons year in and year out in football.

    HS FB fan and Pawn Star,
    My thoughts exactly. It takes a while to build a team and if everyone on this blog thinks it’s so easy, why are we posting on a silly little blog about it and not doing it.

    Ride the Wave!

  • Old Former Meddling Coach

    MoreauFan, From What i’ve seen these last Few Years Moreau Is steadily Improving. Win or lose i’m sure that they will Play hard and make a good showing for themselves. Where did that Good D-Lineman you guys had two years ago go? He gave our guys trouble that year. Jet Pride State wide!

  • MoreauFan

    I’m going to assume you mean Joe Coleman? He’s at Cal Poly SLO right now and working on the O-Line. He took a year to redshirt but then he hurt himself so he hasn’t been playing this year. The coach there is a former Mariner, so it makes us all proud.
    And yes, to the hard work comment, we always try and come out and play to the best of our abilities. I love the blue-collar attitude that Cotter has instituted into these boys and the toughness can now be seen.
    Good luck to the Jets in the playoffs!