2011 All-BSAL football

The 2011 All-Bay Shore Athletic League football team, as selected by the league’s coaches.

MVP Offense: WR Bo Banks (Encinal), Sr.

First team offense

QB Andrew Ve’e (Encinal), Sr.; RB Jon Trodder (Encinal), Sr.; OL Aaron Ve’e (Encinal), Jr.; OL Brendan Collins-Bride (Encinal), Sr.; UTL Alex Lararidis (John Swett), Jr.; UTL Kenny Walker (Kennedy), Sr.; RB Jordan Jabson (Moreau Catholic), Sr.; WR Chris Baca (Moreau Catholic), Sr.; Adam Sagapolo (Moreau Catholic), Sr.; OL Zach Curliano (Piedmont), Sr.; RB Aiden Shockley (St. Mary’s), Jr.; OL Nick Callendar (St. Mary’s), Sr.

Second team offense

RB Nahim Paschal (Encinal), Sr.; OL Jakari Wilson (John Swett), So.; RB Jonathan Whitley (Kennedy), Sr.; OL David Fonua (Kennedy), Sr.; OL Sean Godfrey (Moreau Catholic), Sr.; RB Brian Inch (Piedmont), Sr.; WR Max Elliott (Piedmont), Sr.; UTL Nate Muaymac (Piedmont), Sr.; QB Kevin Flemer (St. Mary’s), Jr.; UTL Caleb Coleman (St. Mary’s), Jr.; OL Brian Levey (St. Mary’s), Sr.; OL Nick Abrams (St. Mary’s), Jr.

MVP Defense: DB Bo Banks (Encinal), Sr.

First team defense

LB Tim Kondo (Moreau Catholic), Sr.; DL Eric Penrose (Encinal), Sr.; LB Trent Rojas (St. Patrick-St. Vincent), Sr.; DL Nick Callendar (St. Mary’s), Sr.; DL Nick Abrams (St. Mary’s), Jr.; DL Ethan Weinstein (St. Mary’s), Sr.; DL Caleb Coleman (St. Mary’s), Jr.; LB George Fullerton (Piedmont), Sr.; LB Jonathan Whitley (Kennedy), Sr.; DB Kenny Walker (Kennedy), Sr.

Second team defense

DB Vern Bussey (John Swett), Jr.; DL James Mendoza (Moreau Catholic), Sr.; LB Amex Amiri (Encinal), Sr.; LB Austin Ve’e (Encinal), So.; LB Andrew Ve’e (Encinal), Sr.; DL Corey Sails (Encinal), Jr.; LB Brian Levey (St. Mary’s), Sr.; LB Storm Bradenburg (Piedmont), Sr.; DL Razi Javaherian (Piedmont), Sr.; LB Takkarist McKinley (Kennedy), Jr.; DL Eric Mims (Kennedy), Sr.

Honorable mention

Encinal: DL Isaiah Hunter, So.; LB Kaniela Kauhuanui, Sr.; John Swett: LB Alex Lazaridis, Jr.; LB Eddie Lopez, Sr.; DL Jakari Wilson, So.; Kennedy: OL Sonny Fonua, So; Moreau Catholic: LB Arthur Chitpedakorm, Sr.; LB Francis Delfino, Sr.; DB Jeremy Imlach, Sr.; QB Nick Kinast, Jr.; OL Zach Martin, Sr.; WR Shahin Marzband, Sr.; DB Dominic Montorrosso, Jr.; LB Sean Regner, Sr.; OL Gabriel Schrog, Jr.; LB Malcolm Solomon, Jr.; RB Michael Truiong, Sr.; DB Matt Wong, Jr.; Piedmont: LB Sean Cooper, Sr.; LB Aaron Fahey, Jr.; LB Kevin Garrett, Jr.; K Zach Henrikson, Sr.; QB Eric Huppert, Sr.; St. Mary’s: RB Andrew Abrams, Jr.; LB David Brostrom, Jr.; DL Robert Clinton, Sr.; DB Liam Godfrey, So.; OL Ryan Jessie, Jr.; LB John Rach, Sr.; DL Andrew Robinson, Jr.; LB Aiden Shockley, Jr.; St. Patrick-St. Vincent: OL Josh Barretto, Jr.; UTL Christian Bustamante, Jr.; OL Adrian Cabiles, So.; LB A.J. Chiabaotti, Sr.; WR Robert Espejo, Sr.; DB Erik Lewellyn, Sr.; OL JJ McCarty, Sr.; K Mike Milani, Sr.; DL Marcus Villalobos, So.; RB Eddie Williams, Sr.

Jimmy Durkin

Jimmy Durkin is a sports writer for the Bay Area News Group.

  • Old Former Meddling Coach

    Great work guys and keep it up All of you. Jet Pride!

  • thedude

    I can’t understand how the Quarterback from Kennedy High School is know where on this list. I guess their coach didn’t nominate him. What a loser coach! He did a terrible job with the talent he had……

  • EBfootball

    BSAL Coach of The Year couldn’t get past the first round in the DIV playoffs at home? Re-count.

  • brandonbeard

    Thedude, why should he be on the list, there were other Qb’s better than him, yeah he threw some nice balls but alot of the time he just threw it up and luckily for him had some nice athletes out wide like Kenny Walker, and Number 1, and 15. But the QB from Encinal, St Mary’s and Piedmont are all better than he is. But he could have been on the Honorable mention list at least s i do agree with that! But really over there, there issue was there O and D Line play! Biggest in the league and could not run the ball effectively!

  • V, Evans-Robinson

    Do you mean Nicholas (Nick) Callender from St. Mary’s High school for BSAL 1st Offensive Team and 1st Defensive Team not Nate Callendar?
    Congratulations to Nick and all of the players listed here!

    Why not list the BSAL Lineman of the year as you did last year?

    What does comment awaiting moderation mean?

  • I changed it to Nick. The list sent over by the league commissioner had him listed as Nate.

    The league apparently did not name a lineman of the year this year. The list they sent us only named a defensive and offensive MVP, along with the rest of the regular all league selections.

    As for the moderation, any first time commenters must first wait for one of the admins to personally review and approve their comment. Once you’ve been approved once, your comments go straight up after going through the automated filter.

  • M. Evans

    Hello Jimmy Durkin, I’m sorry to have to reply to your incorrect response to V. Evans-Robinson, but the league did select a lineman of the year for 2011. They selected Nick Callender from Saint Mary’s as the Lineman of the Year. Shame on the commissioner for not providing an accurate list.

    The young man worked hard for this honor and I am very disappointed he was not recognized by his own league due to a typing error and inaccuracies. This is a very sad performance by the BSAL and the commissioner to take away the opportunity for a lineman to receive his recognition as deserved.

  • M. Evans,
    I’ll check in with the commissioner.

  • doclew028

    @EB Football concerning your “recount” comment:

    SMCHS did it this year with sometimes players numbering in the high teens and a bunch of sophomores and at the end a frosh on the D-Line. A senior was playing football for the first time starting on the varsity level. That was one helluva coaching job if you ask me. Especially in a year where they weren’t even supposed to even compete in the league. And scheduling D2 and D3 teams on a regular basis.

    To only have one loss in the league was a nice accomplishment. He has two out of 7 seniors with offers already. One D1 and one D1AA. And three more will almost certainly be playing college ball next year as well.

    We got these guys going and we will be younger and maybe better next year. Don’t hate. The patents of these kids who are getting “coached up” appreciate. Especially when someone else will be footing the bill for college because of the work that is done at SMCHS. And with 2010 grad Najee Lovett just committing to Idaho, 2011 grad Chris Carnegie currently at Army, look for Nick Callender to be the next in a string of grads playing D1 football out of the program. That is what really counts.

    You can re-count whatever else you want after that.

  • noname

    brandonbeard.Yea kennedy did have the biggest O line but what you didnt know was that they had a lot of young guys on the line.Like right tackle 71 was a sophmore and his second year playing.Right guard sophmore second year playing.Left guard 64 sophmore first year playing.Only seniors kennedy had on the o line was center 73 second year of playing and left tackle 76.