2011 All-BVAL football

The 2011 All-Bay Valley Athletic League football team, as selected by the league’s coaches.

MVP: WR/LB Darrell Daniels (Freedom), Jr.

Outstanding Offensive Player: RB Fe’ao Vunipola (Pittsburg), Sr.

Outstanding Defensive Player: LB D’hari Curtis-Webster (Pittsburg), Sr.

First team offense

QB: Malik Watson (Pittsburg), Sr.*; Dante Mayes (Freedom), Jr.
RB: Fe’ao Vunipola (Pittsburg), Sr.*; Shane Pooler (Deer Valley), Jr; Jorel Avila (Heritage), Sr.
WR: Terrance Barnes (Pittsburg), Sr.*; Josh Oseguera (Antioch), Sr.*; Ke Jahn Clayton (Heritage), Sr.
TE: Elijah Iakopo (Deer Valley), Jr.*
OL: Lewis Huddleston (Pittsburg), Sr.*; Troy Ramirez (Antioch), Sr.*; Ryan Finn (Liberty), Sr.; Cody Lanning (Heritage), Sr.; Garrett Louis (Deer Valley), Sr.
UTL: Hunter Karnthong (Antioch), Jr.*
K: Kyle Rainsford (Liberty), Sr.*

Second team offense

QB: Troy Amate (Antioch), Sr.; Anthony Carter (Heritage), Jr.
RB: Mister Cotton (Pittsburg), Sr.; Joe Mixon (Freedom), So.; Tyler Saude (Freedom), Jr.
WR: Nick West (Liberty), Jr.; Darrell Daniels (Freedom), Jr.; Stephen Rodriguez (Freedom), Sr.
TE: Dalton Barnes (Heritage), Sr.
OL: Jacob Catala (Heritage), Sr.; Moteklai Maile (Pittsburg), Jr.; Alex Hanes (Deer Valley), Sr.; Siosifa Malolo (Deer Valley), Sr.; Nic Reyes (Antioch), Sr.
UTL: Jordan Sheppard (Freedom), Sr.; Carson Cleverly (Heritage), Jr.
K: Jordan Fovel (Heritage), Sr.

First team defense

DL: Javonte Brooks-Brown (Pittsburg), Sr.*; Moteklai Maile (Pittsburg), Jr.*; Flenoid McCleary (Deer Valley), Jr.; Troy Ramirez (Antioch), Jr.; Chris Gutierrez (Liberty), Sr.
LB: D’hari Curtis-Webster (Pittsburg), Sr.*; Darrell Daniels (Freedom), Jr.*; Jacob Catala (Heritage), Sr.; Markie Beltram (Antioch), Jr.; Frank Cisneros (Freedom), Sr.
DB: Jordan Sheppard (Freedom), Sr.*; Stephen Rodriguez (Freedom), Sr.; Kyle Fisher (Liberty), Jr.; Jeremy Bittle (Antioch), Sr.

Second team defense

DL: Logan Guadagni (Heritage), Sr.; Nick Rovira (Heritage), Sr.; Antonio Huey (Pittsburg), Jr.; Tavita Taito (Deer Valley), Sr.; Justin Lee (Freedom), Sr.; Mitchell Silva (Freedom), Sr.
LB: Nic Friedman (Liberty), Sr.; Ryan Vail (Liberty), Sr.; Fe’ao Vunipola (Pittsburg), Sr.; Kenneth Nelson (Pittsburg), Sr.; Eddie Garcia (Deer Valley), Sr.; Alani Tangitau (Deer Valley), Sr.
DB: Miles Walker (Pittsburg), Sr.; Korey Alexander (Pittsburg), Jr.; Nenwon Gbilia (Freedom), Jr.; Nzuzi Webster (Deer Valley), So.

Jimmy Durkin

Jimmy Durkin is a sports writer for the Bay Area News Group.

  • BVAL Expert

    Tyler Suade (Freedom)- has not had a carry all this season, and he doesn’t play running back hes a slot WR. They just try to make it fair that each team has a number of players on each team. This doesn’t really mean anything because theres a number of players that weren’t impressive and they are on their just on here because it makes it fair to all teams.

    Some people that shouldnt be on the list:
    Carson Cleverly
    Dalton Barnes
    Ryan Finn
    Both Tight Ends

    -Im surprised Kyree Oliver wasnt on the list. He was better then Cody Lanning

    – Freedoms DE’s were really good and they only made 2nd team?

    -theres no honorable mention?

    15 receptions 201 yards receiving no touchdowns.

    In some ways this isnt a realibe source to determine who was good or not.

  • Bob

    It’s all crap cuz my son plays D-tackle and put up good numbers, better than some on the 1st team and he is a big key to the defense line. Coach will b hearing from me after all our playoffs r done. I’m sure ppl think I’m bias but I’m also sure ppl will agree with me if they knew who I was talkin bout. He is not even on 2nd team thts !?€¥# up

  • Prep Fan

    BVAL Expert that is pretty harsh to be naming kids who you feel should not be on the list. It is one thing to saying that a certain kid should have been selected or was worthy, but I don’t think it is a good idea to be calling out kids by name on a blog like this.

  • Jason Saude

    Bval Expert you must have a kid on the team that does not place much u call kids out by name anytime you you want to talk face to face let me know the kids on the list our deserving and you need to publize your stupidity joe Mixon rushed for 1040 yards by running hard and getting great blocks from his fullback and the rest of the other 9 kids doing there job how you call your self an expert is a very assaniing thing you probably never played a down a football your whole entire life

  • bvalfan

    BVAL Expert…get some class!

  • Hsfootball

    Bval expert is a joke. How can u call yourself bval expert when u don’t know crap about that league and their players. All u do is assume things. U should be banned from posting on this blog. If u watched all bval games u would know why the kids made the list. Coaches from bval agreed on this.

    @ Jason Saude – he won’t come up and talk to you. Bval expert is a clown. Don’t pay any attention to him. His kid probably starts left bench.

  • pirate football

    daniels is the truth

    hey jimmy hit me on the email

  • BVAL Expert

    Im not going to argue…

    Notice that a 10-1 Freedom team, has no one from the offensive line that is on first or 2nd team. How can a 10-1 team not have someone on 1st or 2nd team from the o-line. Proves my point that these things arent accurate and its done by the coaches. number 62 from freedom was a pretty good lineman and he didnt get anything.

  • dj falong

    jimmy, are there any other divisions with stand out players ? If so maybe we can take a look.I know its a lot of manpower/hours to do that. soon pls.stand outs help me pick games. thnx.

  • OSU


    Coaches can only nominate their players, these teams are picked by opposing coaches impressions. The coach is not allowed to vote for their teams players, just nominate them

  • Reality Check

    for the typical whiny @$$ parent #2:

    Let me give you some advice. Who gives a sht if you’re kid is 2nd team, 1st team or any team. It ain’t about your kid. You cryin to your kid’s coach about what award he got a gonna change how the other coaches voted. You were probably the kid in school who ran to the teacher and cried when you didn’t get a turn to play with a ball. You’re a disgrace as a role model for your kid. You don’t get what you want so you cry. A typical idiot parent who thinks their lil boy is the greatest. Numbers don’t mean everything. Hell, what good is a tackle by a D-lineman if it ain’t at or behind the line of scrimmage.

    Advice #2 – Just shut the F up b/c a coach has seen your type every year & guess what. The words that come out of your mouth won’t put your kid on the 1st team. Now STFU and go cry to your co-workers in the break room on Monday.

  • Reality Check

    At #2 “idiot” parent,

    The next time you open your mouth about some coach who dedicates his time, energy, & tolerance for dumb uneducated parents. Know the process before you speak on the inadequacies of a coach. You are the poster boy for what’s wrong with parents. They don’t know sht. But yet they say a lot about things that are not in their expertise.

  • wow- so much hate from the BVALers on selections etc. Take it easy on yourselfs- it’ll over be over for ya pretty soon.

  • FBDad234

    Jason, BVAL Fan, Hs Football

    First of all let me say that BVAL Expert has the right to say what he wants as well as anyone on here. He shouldn’t have to responded to you guys, because you are so quick to point out the mistakes he is saying and not really focusing on his actual argument, Jason had a good point, I do believe if they made a FB position Saude would be first team, yes definitely eligible for that, but putting him in the HB category will cause some conflict on opinions. Which proves your ignorance of thinking because your not paying attention to what hes actually saying, and so quick to jump on the negative side. He makes a really good argument of why he thinks some things pan out the way they do. Yea he shouldn’t of named the players, But its true theres some players on here that have no business being on this list. Some players are more fit to be in honorable mention, but they dont have that which is causing this to be a little corrupt. and Bval Expert is right coaches make sure that its even amount of players from each teams.

    Athletes go through hatred everyday from different fans from different teams. If you as an uncle relative dad or sibling cant handle what people say on here.Then maybe your son/daughter shouldnt be playing hs or college sports. Simple as that. This happens everyday in the sports world. I dont understand why people are getting worked up about it, its an exercise of the first amendment if you dont like it… its not his problem . Once you step onto that field your exposing your self to these “Sports politicians” giving them the right to talk about your son or daughter by throwing their names around. Thats how things work, its a dose of reality.

  • Pitt Grunt

    @Yo Mama,

    It is not ALL of the BVALers, rather its fans from Freedom and Heritage. If you recall after Pitt beat Freedom, Freedom fans were posting a lot of garbage about Pitt and its players.

    Different chapter, same character.

  • Bob

    Reality check if u only knew who I am but if u ever would like to meet we would c who would run like a bitch

  • hsfootball

    my point is putting kids names out there is very tactless move. expert is entitled to his opinion,and so am i. the argument is that he doesn’t know why these players are put there. again, coaches from each team nominate the kids and they vote on it. are u a coach in the meeting, if not, then you don’t know yourself. all these hatred is because they expected some other kid to be on the list. you’re right let’s get over this, cuz the list is not going to change.

  • kathy


  • Fred

    Reality Check–Every parent should think their child is the best at whatever they do! it called parenting in case you didn’t know. and to say a D tackle only counts behind the line of scrimmage is like saying a DE only counts if no sweeps get on the outside or a MLB only counts if a TE don’t catch a ball over the middle– Really and you talk about not knowing shit. but everyone is entitle to the own comments and opinion as well as you and I. who’s to say your”idiot” wasn’t going to talk to a coach about bettering his son for next year ? just saying I don”t know what he”s referring to in which manner but that’s on him. Perhaps some ppl on here need to vent.

  • Pitt grunt, I see some of the comments from freedom last nite on the blog. didn’t know about heritage. guess dis-respecting DLS is the only thing they can comment on- it’s ok- Spartans used to it.

  • hsfootball

    yo mama,
    i didn’t know about heritage posting stuff too. it’s mostly one freedom fan complaining. oh well…

  • Heritage came up short. MV defense terrible.

  • Pitt Grunt, ok it’s Pitt vs. BHS for all the marbles in the second round- where are they playin ?
    How can Pitt get that big time Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade band in that sheeet-hole facility at BHS?
    Pitt likes to bring a couple thousand fans- they should take over the facility- fan advantage Pettsssssssssssssburg!

  • Hsfootball

    heritage tried to hang with monte vista, and could’ve won. the run was working, but for some reason there were a lot of passing plays. heritage was down in the beginning of the 4th qtr 42-14. in the 4th, heritage started to run the ball successfully, and score a few times in less than 3 min making it 42-36. they moved the ball successfully running it. if heritage would have ran the ball from the start, and keep monte vista’s offense off the field. they would have won. every team monte vista played ran heavily on them. monte vista cannot stop the run. heritage receiver’s were dropping balls all night, and yet they kept on trying to pass. when they did run, they got good yardage. but once they ran for a little or no gain, they get pass happy. outcome was mostly 3 and outs. everytime heritage tried to be a passing team, it blows up in their faces. this was the same way in the pitt and freedom games. and yet in the 4th qtr it was the running game that moved the ball. their run game is their bread and butter. stick with what works. most of the games heritage won was because of their run game. one and done in the playoffs. good luck next year. it appears heritage will try (their hardest) to be a passing team. go patriots!!!

  • Pitt Grunt

    @ Hsfootball & Yo Mama,

    It is the one Freedom fan who is well know. I should have been clearer regarding Heritage. When Freedom and Heritage played, their was a bit of a ruckus on this blog between that one Freedom fan and a couple of Heritage fans. Think of it as a Brentwood Civil War.

    A large Pitt showing at Berkeley? There are number of factors that may prevent a large crowd from Pitt. First, no one really knows where that game will be played. Is the band coming? I hope so. The weather, holiday weekend, and the cost will all erode the number of fans in stands. That was an expensive night last night for a family of four.

  • Pitt Grunt

    Congrats to Heritage on a great showing last night. I know that no gave Heritage a shot at Monte Vista and they almost pull off another dramatic comeback.

  • pirate football

    very very good point, somebody gets it

    pitt grunt
    i checked the ncs website and it has the game at ccc, hope the pitt band does a good job at the parade even though im a SL pirate im just proud of that band program and those kids, that will be wonderful for them, when it all comes down to it its all bout these kids they are the future

  • Kriart

    I don’t know if Pitt will bring its full band at the BHigh game at Contra Costa College. Maybbe just tge pep band but if Pitt wins in this game im sure the full band will go to Owen-owens field for the semifinal round. The Pitt Marching Band is going to Jacksonville, Florida to play at the Gator Bowl on Dec.17 i believe. Last year they flew to NY for the Macy’s thanksgiving day parade.

  • Reality Check


    If you’re anything like your NON-All-leaguer son. I’m sure I’ll have no problem with you. LMAO! Tell your son to get ready to go ride the bench at Diablo Valley College and get your whiny complaints about why your son ain’t playing ready for the coach. You & your genetic material are not all-league material.

  • Jason Saude

    Bval expert please fill me on your credentials as the BVAL expert. I played many years of football and have coached for many years (both baseball and football) I have never once claimed to be an expert..What do you think about Freedoms football as a whole. Experts have a well rounded knowledge of what they talk about hopefuly you can justifying it with experiance and knowledge.To the rest that had a comment it was never about my son if you read my comments I included all the offensive kids.
    I am very confident that my son will be playing on Saturdays in 2 year weather he is ALL League or not.

  • BVAL Expert

    First of all let me address that what i say might offend people but its not hard feelings I dont wish bad with players, I understand how hard players work, I tend to say whats on my mind without filtering it, some people dont listen to me because I dont sound smart,but i just try to make it easy to understand. Some things are actually are true about some players. I do believe in being a realist and stating this as they are stated on here, with being a realist people will tend to be against you. Your son is a good player dont get me wrong its just i dont agree that he got put in the right category. I believe that he has potential playing saturdays yes. I think he is the best receiving Fullback in the BVAL yes.

    I become well rounded in the off season because you see other teams scrimmage and play each other. So you get exposed to the teams in the NCS that way. Its hard following teams during the season because most of them dont always play in town for out of league schedule. for example its hard to fully examine Heritage when they traveled to san jose to play Independence.

    I will admit that I know more about the game then I do with players and teams (outside of the BVAL), but for the BVAL I know a good amount of info. I know the relationships between the teams. sometimes it changes
    throughout. I know alot about offense schemes, I know each possible defense formations out there. I know alot of things but its not relevant to what people say on here. so i dont talk much about the little things

  • BVAL Expert

    Im more of a offense person then defensive. I understand why teams do the things they do in certain situations. I can tell what coverage teams are in based on just looking at the alignments of the defense. But i never discuss them on here, because no one cares about offensive or defense schemes all that much. So I do know alot about the little things but I never talk about them. Only if they are brought up.

  • Jason Saude

    BVAL Thank you for replying back I respect you and by reading you last comment think that you are probablyy a real good stratagist of the game I also respect the fact that you do not talk about certain thing because you are right some people might not understand. I apologize for any comments that might have offende you also please lets talk about certain things because I think it would make for an intresting conversation

  • Logic

    Its pretty crazy that not one freedom lineman got first or atleast second team how many 9-1 teams have not one good lineman this list is crazy # 58 #72 and#62 were pretty good physical kids on freedom line.

  • BVAL

    Freedom talks so much S**t and can get away with it because they were good on the other hand Heritage can’t because they don’t have anything to show for it except a lucky win over dv , they shouldn’t of been in playoffs

  • BVAL Expert

    BVAL alot of teams talk mess from different teams.. no one from the BVAL is perfect on here.. Freedom i agree with you.. I do support freedom but some people need to do their homework on de la salle

  • BVAL Expert

    I only support Freedom because No one really supports them on here completely on here. But I appreciate some people that arent fans but talk good about them. Like pitt grunt. I respect that.

  • Freedomalldaay

    So who do yall thinnk will when the battle between freedoms MVP Darrell Daniels and DlS Micheal hutchings?

  • hs school football

    Both are good players. Both played for deervalley youth programs . Enjoy seeing them play at another level. Can’t wait!!

  • football guy

    This blog about the all league selections is crazy. I know a little about this and thats all I will say.
    First each team is given so many selections based on its league wins and records it is not an equal amount. The coaches nominate the best position player for that spot at the running back there is no designation as to fullback or halfback its just a running back. the argument that Freedoms line was the best as stated by some may be true may not be true but this is a vote by the coaches of the opposing teams and honestly while freedoms line was good as a group there are better individual players and this is what the all league is a nomination for a individual player who is considered the best at his position as choosen by the coaches who’s team they played against.
    It really isnt a make it fair keep everyone happy type of situation a coach nominates his player and then makes a case for why he should be first team it is then up to the other coaches to vote the votes are counted and the unnanimous choice are first team that is what that little asterick is after the players names.
    I dont know why everyone gets upset. You may not agree with the coaches but all your individual coach does is nominate if your made go talk to the opposing coaches also remeber its not a deal where you have unlimited nominations as well so you put out your best at the positions many players are and were left off due to this constraint. Everyone needs to lighten up the coaches in this league are some tof the best around and its not a cozy club but one thing they do do is recognize talent and are fair.

  • Jimmy Durkin, looking for all ebal waterpolo teams, men and women. Have they been selected already?

  • BigJoe,
    I’ll have to check in with Stephanie Hammon. She’s our water polo writer.

  • Stephanie Hammon

    Here’s are the EBAL water polo selections, Big Joe. I believe they ran in the paper about a week ago. I’ll make a blog post later with all of the various all-league water polo teams we’ve received so they are all in one place for people looking.

    Justin Roberto (San Ramon Valley) Sr.
    First Team
    Sam Yorke (SRV) Jr., Eric Hildreth (California) Sr., Daniel Usedom (Foothill) Sr., Michael Hawkins (Livermore) Sr., Nick Candau (SRV) Sr., Tyler Martin (SRV) Jr., John Speros (SRV) Sr.
    Second Team
    Tim Sweeney (De La Salle) Sr., Alex Voloshko (Cal) Sr., Colin Chiapello (DLS) So., Tucker Angelo (DLS) Jr., John Keane (DLS) Sr., Andrew Shutt (Monte Vista) Jr., Eric Crispell (Foot) Jr.
    Honorable Mention
    Chris Iniquez (Amador Valley) Sr., Brandon Middlecamp (Granada) Sr., Justin Pasuale (AV) Jr., Jkae Hoyt (Cal) Sr., Brent Bochover (Foot) Sr., Like Shaffer (Gra) Sr., Aron Sherman (Liv) Sr., Blake Fahey (MV) Sr., Nick Pasich-ke (SRV) Jr.

    Megan Rodriguez (San Ramon Valley) Sr.
    First Team
    Rachel Mitchell (Monte Vista) Sr., Elle Surber (Amador Valley) Sr., Jenni Beadle (Foothill) So., Greta Kohlmoos (Granada) So., Meghan Harder (MV) Sr., Kat Klass (SRV) Fr., Casey Pond (SRV) Jr.
    Second Team
    Riley Shaw (Carondelet) So., Kayla Miller (AV) Sr., Zara Juskalian (California) Sr., Laura Klein (Foot) Jr., Malia Malin (MV) Sr., Erin Livingston (MV) So., Grace Cochran (SRV) Jr.
    Honorable Mention
    Arin Miller (Foot) Sr., Melissa Lager (Cal) Sr., Katie Marlin (AV) Jr., Maddie Bray (Car) Sr., Ariana Garcia (Gra) Sr., Michelle Hawkins (Livermore) So., Mikayla McNair (Liv) So., Courtney Fahey (MV) Fr.

  • Jon

    If you have opinion then that is fine but don’t come on here spouting out kids names that don’t deserve this or that. Remember that is someone’s kid and you would react the same way if it was your kid.

    The bottom line is 1st team or 2nd it doesnt matter, what matters is that the kids go to these camps in the off season and get better. A college coach recruiting a kid is not going to say shit you didn’t make 1st or 2nd team what he is going to say is what are your grades and how well do you compete when you are on the field.

    One thing that they did get right is Darrell Daniels getting MVP of the league, he is a flat out a beast and that is why he is going to the US Army Junior Combine in San Antonio this January for the top 500 Juniors in the country.

    I a get calls and emails all day long from parents saying my son in the next Barry Sanders or the Next John Elway. Parents stop putting your kids on a pedistal and come down to reality. Only a very small % make it to D1 football, Like I said before send them to camps and let them get better and get the exposure they need not from you telling them how great you think they are.