2011 All-EBAL football

The 2011 All-East Bay Athletic League football team, as selected by the league’s coaches.

MVP: QB Jeff Lockie (Monte Vista), Sr.

First team offense

QB: Zach Kline (San Ramon Valley), Sr.
TE: Sean Miller (San Ramon Valley), Sr.
RB: Jerrell Dunn (Cal), Sr.; Damariay Drew (Livermore), Sr.
WR: Dan Scritchfield (Monte Vista), Sr.; Anthony Williams (De La Salle), Sr.
OL: Justin Taylor (Foothill), Sr.; Matt Fisher (San Ramon Valley), Sr.; Jake Simonich (San Ramon Valley), Sr.; Luc Hamilton (De La Salle), Sr.; Justin Walker (De La Salle), Sr.
Specialist: Armani Washington (Cal), Sr.
Kicker: Brandon Brown (Cal), Sr.

Second team offense

QB: Bart Houston (De La Salle), Sr.
TE: Mason Melin (Monte Vista), Jr.
RB: Jacob Kearney (Granada), Sr.; Jordan Weiss (San Ramon Valley), Sr.
WR: Raymond Hudson (Foothill), Jr.; Matt Turner (San Ramon Valley), Jr.
OL: Joe Xavier (Granada), Sr.; Andrew Stanton (Monte Vista), Sr.; Will Fernando (De La Salle), Sr.; Izaiah Ortego (Cal), Sr.; Jarrod Graves (Amador Valley), Sr.
Specialist: Michael Tagliaferri (San Ramon Valley), Sr.
Kicker: Jeremy Mata (Granada), Sr.

Honorable mention offense

QB: Jeremy Mata (Granada), Sr.; Kevin Farley (Cal), Sr.; Kyle Moreno (Amador Valley), Jr.
TE: Jack Finney (Foothill), Jr.; Victor Egu (De La Salle), Jr.; Shane Haley (Cal), Jr.; Tyler Kissling (Livermore), Sr.
RB: Zach Chang (Monte Vista), Jr.; Ryan Texeira (Livermore), Sr.; Carter Ridgeway (Amador Valley), Sr.
WR: Kevin Kutchera (Granada), Sr.; Patrick Worstell (San Ramon Valley), Sr.; Troy Johnson (Monte Vista), Sr.; Armani Washington (Cal), Sr.; Gerald Seals (Amador Valley), Sr.; Mitch Worsey (Amador Valley), Sr.
OL: Preston Hedrick (Foothill), Sr.; Collin Dal Porto (Foothill), Jr.; Nick Pletschette (Granada), Jr.; Alex Kim (Sam Ramon Valley), Jr.; Jack Chabolla (Monte Vista), Jr.; Jeff Houd (De La Salle), Sr.; Brian Watkin (Cal), Sr.; Rajan Kumar (Livermore), Sr.; Dom Arotzarena (San Ramon Valley), So.
K: Zach Argiros (San Ramon Valley), Jr.; Jack McFarland (Monte Vista), Sr.

First team defense

DL: Griffith Gates (Foothill), Jr.; Kyle Haggard (San Ramon Valley), Sr.; Chris Olinger (De La Salle), Sr.; Austin Hooper (De La Salle), Sr.
LB: Michael Barton (De La Salle), Sr.; Michael Hutchings (De La Salle), Jr.; David Moffitt (De La Salle), Jr.; Damariay Drew (Livermore), Sr.
DB: Jamirr Holland (Foothill), So.; Colin Nelson (San Ramon Valley), Sr.; Joshua Jenkins (De La Salle), Sr.

Second team defense

DL: Greg White (Granada), Sr.; Andrew Stanton (Monte Vista), Sr.; Izaiah Ortega (Cal), Sr.; Blake Clark (Amador Valley), Sr.
LB: Cody Shields (Foothill), Jr.; Jacob Kearney (Granada), Sr.; Carter Ridgeway (Amador Valley), Sr.; Nick Shirreffs (Monte Vista), Sr.
DB: Alex Bruckley (De La Salle), Sr.; Tim Mertes (Cal), Sr.; Anders Turner (Monte Vista), Jr.

Honorable mention defense

DL: Trent Morgan (Foothill), Jr.; Brendan Landman (Monte Vista), So.; Anthony Mazzotti (Livermore), Sr.; David Montgomery (LIvermore), Sr.
LB: Perry Cheney (Foothill), So.; Brendan Clancy (San Ramon Valley), Sr.; Carson Milner (Monte Vista), Jr.; Nick Griffen (Amador Valley), Sr.; Robert Lewis (Amador Valley), Sr.
DB: Kyle Farnady (Granada), Sr.; Marco Zamora (Monte Vista), Sr.; Nico Mendieta (Cal), Jr.; David Pray (Cal), Sr.; John Lozano (Livermore), Sr.

Jimmy Durkin

Jimmy Durkin is a sports writer for the Bay Area News Group.

  • S1lverngreen

    Looks like the EBAL coaches got it right…
    Ben, Jimmy,
    Your thoughts on E Bay POY offense & Defense?

  • Very interesting that Lockie got the slight nod over Z. Kline, as Kline looked a bit better yet Lockie won the head to head. All is fair.


    a) I want to see a lot more “stepping up” of Cal RB Jerrell Dunn in the playoff games, he is first team team EBAL, he needs to be huge v. Freedom and if they winm, next week rematch against DLS. Must carry them on his shoulders.

    b)Austin Hooper and Michael Barton seem like the swing players that could hold the 3-Peat hopes for DLS if they return Carson for the CIF Open Division title game.

    c) Troy Johnson the WR/RB/DB at Monte Vista (#3), looked unbelievable in some action that I saw, reminded me of Lucas Dunne from last year, want to see a lot of him in the playoff run beginning Saturday night.

  • max preps stats

    @2- it’s the body of work and not head to head, this isn’t NCS committee! Bergman had some favors returned. Kline should be MVP.
    Lockie 2010- 108 rate overall, 2011 rate= 109
    Kline overall rate 2011= 147

    EBAL QB’s- League only since preseason very diff schedules:
    Lockie- 117 EBAL rating, 16 TDs, 5 int*****
    Kline- 147, 19 TDs, 1 int*****
    Houston- 137, 13 TDs, 2 int*****
    Farley- 125, 13 TDs, 3 int*****

    Mata – 89 rating, 9 TD, 5 int and Moreno- played half season, not in the discussion.

    Again EBAL only, Lockie had four games rated under 110 (Cal, DLS,FHS, AV), Kline one (DLS), Houston two (FHS,MV) and Farley one (DLS)

    Lockie and Kline get the big yardage numbers throwing twice as many balls as DLS and Cal, Kline threw 60 balls less than Lockie, but matched him almost exactly in yards.
    Lockie is good, and passed for lots of yards, but comparing apples to apples via QB rating he’s not at the top.

  • renegades10

    Congrats to Lockie and the rest of EBAL All-league. Never thought I’d see the day where not a single DLS RB makes all-league.

  • S1lverngreen

    I have to say, i saw both Lockie and Kline play, and in my book, Lockie was the more multi-dimensional player. Moves the pocket well, scrambles for yards very well and throws a nice ball. Kline tends to be more of stay in the pocket guy. I think both of these kids will be terrific at the next level, this call on the MVP could have gone either way….

  • Prep Fan

    If the EBAL made selections like the BVAL, all 3 of the D1 QBs could have been 1st team all league. They have 2 QBs on both 1st and 2nd team and there are only 6 teams in the league as compared to 8 in the EBAL. With Lockie the POY, both Kline & Houston could have been 1st team and Farley could have been 2nd team. The BVAL also has 3 RBs as well as 3 WRs on both 1st & 2nd teams while the EBAL goes with the traditional 2 at each of those spots. They also select more LBs and DBs for 1st & 2nd teams. That makes it that much more of an accomplishment to be all league in the EBAL as not everyone gets selected.

  • Falcon Fan

    Never thought Id see the day Where SRV and Foothill combined could not get a 1st Team LB. SRV usually has 2!

  • Nice to see De La with 8 1st teamers.

  • Outsider

    #2 Coach Billeci does not like one player to stand out, so in practice limits the number of times a player gets the ball. Not always the best strategy if a player is on fire, but a good philosophy for a well-balanced team.

  • EBAL FAN #2

    Houston 13 rushing TD’s 198 yards
    Lockie 6 rushing TD’s 161 yards
    Kline 5 rushing TD’s 85 yards

    Lockie does a good job keeping plays alive but a lot of his running is backwards.

    MVP = Michael Barton DLS by a long shot.

  • Paydirt

    Probably should have had co-MVPs if it was too close to call. But then again, Danville is probably not big enough for co-MVPs. I hope to see that town’s QBs in a rematch, but first there are other playoff games to be played and won.

    Who is your EBAL coach of the year?

  • s1lverngreen

    I know who I would vote for most improved coach/program:
    (Unfortunately, their record does not reflect it)

    Livermore – HC Greg Haubner – I think that he is taking that program in the right direction similar to coach B at Cal high.

    EBAL coach of the year:

    Being the Homer that I am, I will go with coach Lad as he pursues his 20th, 21st? straight NCS title.

  • thedude

    Hey Jimmy or Ben have they released the all ACCAL yet?

  • Nope, haven’t received ACCAL yet.

  • junior

    I second you EBAL fan- Barton for MVP. The QB’s did not win enough nor did they distinguish themselves consistently (especially vs DLS). Barton was a consistent, playmaking leader of the best defense in the state.

    Coach of the year: not even close: Haubner.

  • DRob16

    Couldn’t argue either way on the MVP. But I have one question. What makes all the QB talent manifest itself on 580? Why are most of the talented QBs from the same league in the same area, year after year? Is it the coaches, the offenses, the off season camps or the youth programs? Just wondering?

  • Prep Fan

    I third the nomination of Haubner for coach of the year. It was great to see the cowboys competitive in so many games this season.

    Armani Washington of Cal had a fantastic season and deserves to be in the discussion for POY. In addition to the amazing stats he racked up, he had TD runs of 88 yards called back in both the San Ramon and Granada games. Cal lost both of these games by less than 6 points in epic battles that came right down to the finish. Had Armani’s 2 huge runs not been called back, the Grizz may very well have finished the regular season at 9-1. It didn’t happen, but that doesn’t diminish the explosiveness that Washington exhibited in both of those plays and all season long. I’m not saying that he should be THE choice, but that he needed to be in the conversation in a season when there was no clear cut obvious choice and plenty of deserving candidates. Congrats to Lockie for a fine season.

  • Paydirt

    Prep Fan, I agree that Armani Washington belongs in the conversation. He is dynamic and fun to watch.

    On EBAL coach of the year, Haubner is clearly gaining respect for his program’s progress witnessed by the repeated nominations on this blog. I hope that they can continue the trend.

  • Buckley Fan Club

    Great recognition for Alex BUCKLEY who sat out with a concussion for several weeks before making a great comeback. Auntie Marge

  • OSU

    How about bergman, mv played better and better defensively as the year went on, or Sweeney, foothill had no offense and won three games and played Logan, Cal and MV to games within a score. Or Lad, lost 4 running backs to injury and didn’t skip a beat. Haubner is doing a good job but they won one game and had the best player in the league.

  • S1lverngreen

    All good points OSU

  • junior

    bergman?? oh man- not even in the discussion. His teams dont play enough defense (at times ZERO defense) to be taken seriously.

    The improvement LHS made this year is why Haubner gets it. These are pretty much the same players LHS has had for the last 10 years. the 2011 Cowboys line play improved alot- that is great coaching. The Cowboys hung with the EBAL elite and with a break or two would have had a couple more wins and a playoff appearance.

  • junior

    auntie Marge- your nephew brings a great physical presence to the safety position that the Spartans needed. He has shown a good nose for the ball too.

    your other nephew aint bad either- tons of upside.

  • Prep Fan

    Actually Livermore finished with 4 wins and just needed one more to make the playoffs. They had the ball inside the 10 against Foothill in the final 10 seconds but threw an INT before they could kick the game winning FG which would have put them in the playoffs. It was similar to the Cal-Freedom game last night in that they just let a game slip away that they had if they just executed one more play. Haubner stepped up and took the blame for that one.

  • OSU

    This is an all league discussion, they won one game in league and had more talent then Amador, Granada, cal, and foothill. You could argue they under achieved

  • OSU

    Besides, not sure what you were watching junior, but mv did get much better defensively, if u r going rip their defense when its bad then you have to give them credit when it’s good. They came in second in the ebal bc their defense got better.

  • Prep Fan

    They tied for 2nd with SRV but won the head to head because they scored more points than SRV, not because of their defense. Livermore hung 40 points on them. It may have appeared the defense got better since they played both AV and Foothill in the second half of the year. Other than the defensive stalemate that Foothill played with every team, the only real defensive gem they had was to shut out 4-6 AV. Aside from those 2 games to non-playoff teams, they gave up at least 25 points in every game both in EBAL play and the preseason.

    I got your back Junior.

  • junior

    Stop the press- prep has my back- we must go to the middle east with the momentum that has just been started.

    osu- if you want to defend a defense that allowed 568 yards in their last game- go right ahead. they also surrendered over 30 points in 6 of their 10 games.

  • Paydirt

    I will add that MV won at SRV because of the SRV play calling, not the ‘stellar’ MV defense. Not passing to the end-zone inside the 10 an settling for a field goal with time on the clock was ill-advised. A rematch would confirm that neither team has a decent defense and there is no home field advantage in Danville.

  • Bill

    Jeff Lockie – MVP – Job well done!

  • spike

    Got to give a lot of credit to Foothill D for holding their hesds high and playing hard despite what could have been the worst O team,passing, in a very long time at Foothill. Not sure what the D vs O on the feild minutes were but it had to be very lop sided. With a lot of JRs returing, or maybe not if the school administration doesn’t stop the new harrassment policy, meaning them harrassing the students and the coachs playing the best players in the right positions next year they just might have a chance to repeat on D. 2nd in the league. O, well yikes.

  • spike

    prep fan in response
    6.Prep Fan Says:
    November 18th, 2011 at 3:06 pm
    If the EBAL made selections like the BVAL, all 3 of the D1 QBs could have been 1st team all league. They have 2 QBs on both 1st and 2nd team and there are only 6 teams in the league as compared to 8 in the EBAL. With Lockie the POY, both Kline & Houston could have been 1st team and Farley could have been 2nd team. The BVAL also has 3 RBs as well as 3 WRs on both 1st & 2nd teams while the EBAL goes with the traditional 2 at each of those spots. They also select more LBs and DBs for 1st & 2nd teams. That makes it that much more of an accomplishment to be all league in the EBAL as not everyone gets selected.

    BECAUSE THEY DIDN’T PLAY THEIR BEST LINEBACKER AT LINEBACKER. The JR. Morgan is thier best lineback but had him in the wrong spots all year. he was moved around like a hooker at a truckers convention.

  • Prep Fan

    Spike, are you talking about Morgan on Foothill? He’s a good player, and I really like both Hudson & Gates. Foothill should be much improved next year as these guys all become seniors. They will need to find an OL and QB to have an effective offense, but their defense should be stellar again.

  • Cmerch

    Is Armani Washington getting any college offers?

  • CowboyRoy

    who are the best running backs, wide receivers and quarterbacks in the ebal this year with kline, lockie and houston gone?

    which team will surprise ebal fans and which will hit the bottom?