Live East Bay prep football playoffs updates here tonight

Jon Becker

  • s1lverngreen

    Give us your objective take on the game tonight vs Freedom…I have to admit I was shocked that Cal could not hang on to the lead…Congrats to Cal and Freedom sounds as if it was a barn burner. Looking forward to great game next Friday Freedom fans!

  • Hsfootball

    I could not believe the cal coaches running out the clock. The field goal attempt was rushed. I don’t think cal line was even ready for the field goal. Should’ve spiked the ball and let the kicker get set for the kick. They were out of time out and everything was rushed. Good job to freedom for pulling out a win. Cal was 21-7 at half and could not hold to the lead. Freedom never gave up. Great win w/out their qb Mayes. Will Mayes play next week???

  • Prep Fan

    The Cal-Freedom game was a good one right down to the end. Cal took advantage of 2 1st quarter turnovers, an early fumble and an INT and went out to a 14-0 lead. Both teams scored again before half to make it 21-7. Freedom scored first in the 3rd quarter to make it 21-13 as the extra point was blocked. Freedom scored again at the end of the 3rd quarter, but the 2-point conversion run was stuffed and it was 21-19 going into the final stanza.

    For some reason Cal switched QBs and put in sophomore Cameron Owen. He led them on a drive and went down and scored to make it 28-19 and after the Grizzly defense stopped the Falcons and forced a punt it looked like Cal would win. But the punt was dropped and Freedom had new life. They went down and kicked a FG to get within 6. After moving the ball over midfield, Owen threw an ill-timed pick into double coverage and Freedom took full advantage with a quick air strike down to the Cal 15 yard line to a wide open receiver after the DB fell down. They then were able to punch it in and took the lead for the first time at 29-28.

    Owen then was sacked for what looked like a big loss with less than 2 minutes left and no timeouts, but somehow broke free to scramble for the first down and got OB to stop th clock. Cal then marched all the way down inside the Freedom 20. With time running down, Cal was able to get a first down at about the 12 yard line with less then 30 seconds left, and all they needed was a FG. Instead of spiking the ball, they ran one more play and ran up the middle. The clock was still running and at that time everyone thought Cal would spike the ball and set up the game winning FG. Instead the FG unit was summoned and they scrambled out onto the field as the offense ran off and they really did get set up and the ball was snapped with a second or 2 left and the kick was blocked. I don’t know if the snap was bad, the kick was low or if a defender got inside the line but it was clear that Cal had not set up properly for the game winner.

    The fans for their money’s worth tonight. I credit Freedom for playing a great game and not giving up, just as the Cal players did not give up and moved the ball right dwn to the end to lose a heartbreaker. #5 Darrell Daniels is a stud. It is no wonder he was BVAL player of the year. With Mayes out they had him in the Wildcat much of the game and he really seemed to be the difference in the game.

    A lot of questions on the Cal side. Farley was playing well and was a proven leader all season, but got pulled with the team ahead in his final HS game. Backup Owen played well and actually had them in position to win at the end. But the decision not to spike the ball was one that no one in the stands could figure out as young and old alike were scratching heir heads. I see where even HSfootball said in another post that he could not believe they didn’t spike the ball. There would have been plenty of time to spike the ball prior to waiving the kicking team onto the field. That is one the coaching staff have to accept the blame on.

    It was a tough way for the kids to have the season end, as they played their hearts out, but in the end it was a great game and both teams should be proud. There were not many penalties nor bad calls and it was a clean game. The turnover battle evened out as Cal took advantage of the 2 first quarter TOs, and Freedom took advantage of the 2 4th quarter TOs to take the late lead. Cal had the ball in position to win at the end but the decision not to spike theball will haiunt them into the offseason and for the seniors it was a real tough way to go out.

    Congrats to Freedom and good luck next week vs. DLS.

  • Prep Fan

    Well, it looks like there were no surprises tonight in any of the divisions. Every team that was favored by Calpreps won. I think the only home team that lost was El Cerrito, but Eureka was actually favored even though they had that long bus ride. That makes for a pretty merry ride back home though.


  • FNL680

    Very disappointing loss by Grizz. Freedom’s Daniels had a nice game but was not contained. Knowing Mayes was prob out since earlier this week, not sure how Grizzly HC, former DC at that, couldn’t gameplan the wildcat. Pulling your senior QB, with two TD throws in the first; up late after a fumbled punt gave Freedom life? After two bad throws? After he rallied a 1:00 drive against MV? Prep Fan nails it as usual. Dubious calls, poor game management repeat by Grizzly Head Coach= choke at end.

  • junior

    I am not surprised in one sense at the QB change for Cal HS. when Cal played DLS Coach B pulled Farley for the final drive before the first half- he inserted Farley back as they got closer to the endzone.

    I sort of understand why he did- Owen has a much stronger arm than Farley. Owen can make the throws outside the hash marks. Tough call for the coach to make- he deserves part of the blame when it does not work tho.

  • s1lverngreen

    Maybe this was part of their game plan all along? I know that when Cal played DLS they ran lots of misdirection plays and some plays that according to DLS folks they never saw during scout. Perhaps that had something to do with it? Something new to keep Freedom off balance? Some of my buds that attended the game were wondering if your QB was hurt, I got several text messages saying he was possibly hurt and out of the game. Very peculiar to pull your # 1 guy in the biggest game of the year.

  • Grizz donor

    You’d be surprised if you saw the QB play throughout the balance of the season. Farley’s QB rating NEVER dropped below 100 except versus dLS, that includes last night. NO other EBAL QB can claim that. The sub has a good arm, but not the field presence or smarts to go along with it (Billeci is quoted EARLY in the season about his QB smarts, “It’s like having another coach on the field”) so it was unfair to him to keep him (the jump ball int into triple coverage hurt badly) in a do or die situation on the last drive. The senior has that (recall the MV game?) and it was disrespected. No spike with 14 seconds to go?? The fans were screaming for it. Fact is, Billeci crapped his pants early the fourth, which he’s done each of the last three years in several games. The senior fans were incredulous, the youngers too afraid to critique. Kravitz’ one year absence was all too noticeable. He needs to step up.

  • Grizz donor

    “QB smarts” refers to the senior.

  • Prep Fan

    I don’t know that Owen has a stronger arm. Farley has a very strong arm so I don’t think that factored into the switch. The consensus is that Owen is more mobile as evidenced by that Houdini move to avoid the sack and get the first down and out of bounds on that last drive. Both are very good QBs, and Owen has the next 2 years to show what he can do with a lot of good athletes coming up from the Grizz’ JV & Frosh squads. Farley had the team in the lead on the road in the playoff against a very good 9-1 Freedom team in his senior season and had already thrown for 2 TDs. Farley is an experienced leader who is very efficient in game management and avoiding turnovers, and Owen threw that ball up for grabs that Daniels picked off late in the game. But Owen ultimately got his job done and put the Grizz in a position to win at the end of the game.

    The decision not to spike the ball made for a very stressful finish as the FG unit scrambled onto the field as the clock was running down and I was worried they wouldn’t even get the snap off. Had the kick been good it would have been a fortunate finish for the Grizz amidst the chaos. Freedom played a whale of a game and probably should have been a #3 or #4 seed with a bye rather than playing tough team like Cal in round 1. Both teams battled right down to the end and I’m sure Freedom feels very fortunate to have come away with the W, as they knew they were tested in typical Grizzly fashion to the final seconds.