East Bay prep football playoffs recap: Freedom edges California

The first night of East Bay prep football playoffs certainly didn’t disappoint in Oakley, where Freedom topped Cal 29-28 in a highly entertaining game.

There weren’t many other surprises as teams such as San Ramon Valley, Las Lomas, College Park, Bishop O’Dowd, McClymonds and Campolindo notched expected victories.

Here’s the link to our weekly prep football recap, where you’ll find links to stories on each playoff game played Friday night.

Jon Becker

  • bob

    it wasn’t an upset they were seeded higher and MaxPreps had them favored to win, so how is that an upset?

  • Pitt Grunt

    EBAL bias…..

  • BVAL Expert

    Pitt Grunt I agree Ben would of written something better

  • Lonewolf

    Ben…be careful or the Pulitzer prize will be out of reach.

  • Freedom/California both played a good ball game…as for who was favored…I would say California…but really it was a toss-up….We had two wins in this round that took place in the last few minutes…And last week the same thing took place….This was a huge win for Freedom and now they face DLS….Freedom’s running and passing game is one of the best…but how they will deal with DLS which is going to be tough when you consider California’s 24-3 loss to DLS….

  • Pitt Grunt

    I was being somewhat facetious regarding the EBAL bias comment….Really, who cares? Freedom won a great game without their all league QB. Enjoy the moment.

  • BVAL Expert

    There is Varsity speed then theres Darrel Daniel’s Speed. Everytime he returns kicks it almost looks like he is going to get a Touchdown everytime. Because he runs hard.

    Win or Lose You know you had a good season if you played De La Salle.

  • junior

    BVAL deserves credit: they are 5-1 v the EBAL this year including a playoff win- that is impressive.

  • hsfootball

    actually bval is 5-1 against ebal this year. liberty lost to livermore in preseason. still impressive.

  • BVAL Expert

    Pitt Grunt- do recall that 5 years ago alot of pitt players were writing on the CC Times forums talking garbage, Predicting themselves a game with De La in the NCS finals, in the early season. I remember Adias Lane, and Hector Orrozco had a big mouth on them put their names on the forums. Thats alot worse having players get on here when they need to be focused on the game. Pitt is no better in that category

  • ebalfan#2

    Cal could have avoided the upset if they had spiked the ball with 30 seconds to go (they had no time-outs left) and then calmly set up for the game winning field goal (which was little more than a PAT). Instead, they run a QB sneak for some crazy reason and then it was a madhouse running the field goal team on the field to get the kick off with three seconds to go. Kicker had no time to set up, extremely low kick was blocked but doubtful it would have cleared the bar. Panic is never good. Exciting game though.

  • Prep Fan

    That is the big question right there ebalfan#2.

    Although I’m still not sure how it was considered Freedom pulling off the “Biggest Upset”. The #8 seed BVAL co-champ 9-1 Freedom beat the #9 seed EBAL 4th place 7-3 Cal. Perhaps the fact that Mayes went down, but Freedom was still at home with their band playing in familiar confines and having the best player on the field with Daniels? Freedom is a heck of a team and would have been a much more worthy #3 seed than SL. Cal should have been maybe a #6 or #7 seed, but Freedom showed they were the better team last night in a great game that went right down to the wire.

  • Pitt Grunt

    @ BVAL Expert,

    What is your point in digging up trash talking that occurred five years ago?? What validity does it carry this year??

    Also, what Pitt players this year are posting on this blog trash talking?

    Suggestion….let it go. Freedom won. Enjoy the moment.

  • FreedomFalcon19

    that game was great to watch though. sure at the half freedom was losing 7-21 and people were leaving but then freedom starting getting better and better. thats how they play. slow at first then dominates in the end. when they were leading with 5min left the cal qb kept throwing the ball which wasnt good because it was picked off by no other than daniels. dls will be a great game to watch, blow out or not. just with dante wasnt hurt, even though rod is a good qb.

  • FNL680

    SnG- who knows why the Cal senior was removed. He was not injured. It was not “a rotation.” Two TD throws in first half, 7-15-90, no ints (and one fumble all year, in the rain vs DLS.) He was clutch all season. He was taken out leading 21-19, with 1:00 to go in the third. The interception thrown by the soph with 5:00 left was a bad play call and a worse decision to throw into triple coverage. The debacle last 1:00, FG attempt at the end, described on the blogs pretty accurately by others, would’ve been handled by the proven calm, collected, focused (see MV game) senior. Cal fans were furious. Sorry Freedom, Cal’s coaches botched the game.

  • Grizz fan

    Could be he was pulled because he missed wide open receivers on at least 4 occasions in key times of the game. Funny how the QB gets all the credit in the MV comeback and the coaches get blamed in the ones that fail

  • Prep Fan

    I can only think of 1 time when Farley missed a wide open receiver, and I remember 2 balls that were on the money and dropped. There were a couple of balls that Farley threw to the outside shoulder of the receiver to keep it away from the defender that were almost caught, but that’s where he always put them and why he had so few INTs this year. Bottom line was Cal was ahead and he had 2 TD throws in the game when he was replaced in his last HS game. It was just a strange time to pull an experienced senior leader. Owen had come in on spot duty several times during the year usually just for a play or 2, just as he did in the DLS game last week, but never stayed in the game unless Cal was way ahead.

    And Coach B got plenty of credit in the MV win, including the huevos of going for the 2-point conversion and the win. A great call to be sure. But the decision not to spike the ball against Freedom to calmly set up the game winner was a poor one. I’m sure Coach B would agree with just about everyone else that he should have called for the ball to be spiked.

  • Grizz Donor

    Grizz Fan, sounds like you were at the game- Prep Fan is objective and correct. Since you were there, you saw the two minute drill executed to perfection at the end of the first half with Cal getting the ball at mid-field. With no timeouts, and 0:20 on the clock, Farley stepped up out of the pocket with a possbile sack coming, then threw his second TD to Dunn from the 20, a perfectly thrown ball to the corner, which put his team up 21-7, 0:14 left in the half. He didn’t miss those two receivers- for scores- in the red zone. Coming on here late and bashing the Senior when he was pulled with his team ahead is weak.

  • s1lverngreen

    thanks for the response..sorry, did not mean to start a mutiny here amongst the grizz faithful. I watched the game last night and I have to say that the some of the ownership falls on grizz Defense also. Best of luck next year! Kudos to Freedom for keeping the pedal to them metal and not giving up. Looking forward to Friday. happy turkey day!

  • Prep Fan

    Its tough on the defense when they get stops and the special teams turn the ball right back over on the punt and they have to stay out there, or the offense gives it right back on an INT. The D did get a huge stop on the last drive and the O took it down to the red zone only to miss the FG. The special teams is what really cost them with the muffed punt and 2 missed FGs in a 1 point loss. It is a team game and all aspects have to be clicking. Credit goes to Freedom though for coming from behind and not giving up.

  • Grizz Fan

    Prep Fan, I agree completely. I hate to see blame for a loss come down to one play. Whether it is blaming a player for a mistake or a coach for a bad decision. Games are won or lost over 4 quarters. While the focus in this loss was placed on a bad coaching decision at the end, let’s not forget everything that led up to it. Muffed punts, interceptions, missed receivers, missed field goals, blown coverages, and yes a bad coaching decision. In the end it’s high school football. Kids make mistakes and coaches make mistakes. Let’s not forget that and enjoy it for what it is, high school football

  • Prep Fan

    True GF. There were also a lot of positives out there such as caught punts, hit receivers, TD passes, great tackles, great blocks, broken up passes, fumble recoveries, and good coaching decisions throughout the game. But unfortunately the negatives outweiged the positives in this case on the only scale that counts, the scoreboard, 29-28. It was a fun year for the Grizz and a lot of close exciting games.