Live blog: East Bay prep football playoff updates, 7 p.m.

Jon Becker

  • Blbfan

    Odowd or campolindo?

  • hsfootball

    heritage tried to hang with monte vista, and could’ve won. the run was working, but for some reason there were a lot of passing plays. heritage was down in the beginning of the 4th qtr 42-14. in the 4th, heritage started to run the ball successfully, and score a few times in less than 3 min making it 42-36. they moved the ball successfully running it. if heritage would have ran the ball from the start, and keep monte vista’s offense off the field. they would have won. every team monte vista played ran heavily on them. monte vista cannot stop the run. heritage receiver’s were dropping balls all night, and yet they kept on trying to pass. when they did run, they got good yardage. but once they ran for a little or no gain, they get pass happy. outcome was mostly 3 and outs. everytime heritage tried to be a passing team, it blows up in their faces. this was the same way in the pitt and freedom games. and yet in the 4th qtr it was the running game that moved the ball. their run game is their bread and butter. stick with what works. most of the games heritage won was because of their run game. one and done in the playoffs. good luck next year. it appears heritage will try (their hardest) to be a passing team. go patriots!!!

  • BVAL Expert

    I think Freedom just proved and broke the Barrier that anyone in the BVAL and give some EBAL teams a fight.

    Pretty soon they might be a equal conference

  • Prep Fan

    They proved they were the better team at home on Friday night in a dog fight against the 4th place EBAL team who played about 5 other teams just that close and were very fortunate to come out with a W. If you were at the game, you had to have had your doubts when Cal got to the 10 yard line with 30 seconds left just needing a FG. Its not like it was a blowout as they won by 1 point and Freedom was behind the whole game. The BVAL is gaining ground on the EBAL and 10-1 Freedom is an excellent team, worthy of way better than the #8 seed, but I don’t think any barriers were broken. Now if they beat DLS this week, that would break some barriers.

  • Prep Fan

    Freedom isn’t “anyone in the BVAL”, they are the 9-1 BVAL co-champions. And yes they certainly gave a good Cal team a fight. They scored more points Friday night on Cal than DLS did a week earlier.