Jimmy Durkin

Jimmy Durkin is a sports writer for the Bay Area News Group.

  • Jordan Johnson

    Shout outs to all the 2011-2012 Skyline Titans. You guys have done such a great job this season, by staying faithful to one another and believing in your destiny to be championships. I’m proud of all of you guys, way to be positive. God Bless

    -Jordan Johnson
    Skyline Alumni:Class of 2011

  • d

    Way to go skyline you seemed to cry your way to the silver bowl to bad the two best teams in the oal won’t be playing to find out who is the best. It’s a shame that you had to beat fremont on paper becouse you couldn’t beat them on the field, Yall was out played out hussled and surly out coached and your poor sports about it . I feel sorry for your players that have to play for a crooked school that has no integraty I guessed when coach Beam left he took it with him because you coaches are triffleing better luck next year skyline , yea next year because you could barley beat tech what makes you think you can beat mack by the way fremont blew tech out 28-7 you have no bisness being on the field wih mack or fremont for that matter and your coaches know this so keep on crying to your buddy micheal Moore but watch out cause carma is a b….. It’s a shame I’m embarassed to have graduated from skyline. And your players are good but they will never amount to anything playing for those coaches.