Jimmy Durkin

Jimmy Durkin is a sports writer for the Bay Area News Group.

  • Ben and Jimmy,

    If you read this, I wanted to mention that Miramonte only had two people voted to the all DFAL first team (Anderson and WR Pietrikowski). As a 10-1 team I find that pretty insulting – not a single defensive player!

    When we beat Encinal convincingly and sack their QB half a dozen times, I hope you will spend some time focusing on other aspects of Miramonte’s team in addition to the QB play.


  • Nfl

    Miraman how would the mats do in that league? How about playing some those teams you mentioned in non league miraman? Please dont say you guys got liberty & analy. I heard parents complained about playing inner city teams miraman thats weak!

  • NFL,

    What do you mean? DFAL is better than the league I just mentioned!! Check your Calpreps ratings, bro! Year-in, year-out, I think DFAL is about equal to the one I just mentioned.

  • DRob16

    If that’s the case(the DFAL is soooooo tough), then you gave yourself a nice easy diving board of a preseason by “challenging” yourself with the tough lineup of Analy, Kennedy, Fremont and Liberty. Wouldn’t want to over extend yourself and schedule a decent team for the games that you actually have a choice with, right? Why don’t you play Kennedy or Fremont on the road? Haha, that will never happen!

  • DRob16,

    This is an old conversation. Encinal has one tough out of league game (which they lose) ane two very weak out of league games followed by 7 very weak league games. Miramonte has two respectable non league games (Analy and Liberty) and two weak non league games followed by a tough 6-game league schedule. Miramonte easily wins that comparison.

    I wouldn’t want you to get facts in the way of your logic or anything, but you may want to educate yourself. Maxpreps prints out their strenght of schedule rating. If you check it, you would find that DFAL teams rank #1, #3 and #8 (Miramonte is #8), etc. in strength of schedule our of 25 teams. If you want to find Encinal you will need to go way down to the bottom of the page to #23 out of 25 teams. And that includes the one really tough Serra game and the Tam game. Calpreps rate each league against all leagues in the state of california and out of all NCS leagues, DFAL is the thrid best in NCS behind EBAL and BVAL (both D1 leagues). BSAL is pretty close to the bottom.

    Encinal fans focus on out of league games as they should because BSAL has been so weak. DFAL teams don’t have that problem. Once we have realignment and Encinal has a tougher league schedule, and presumably keeps their “tough” non league schedule, then I will respect the critisism. Unil then, the critisism is just lame.

  • DRob16

    We can focus on anything you want, and view it through whatever lenses you want. I can see you are one of those guys that is never wrong. But the fact remains, Encinal has been in the Championship game of the most competitive division in the NCS for the last 3 years. Maybe they did get blown in the last 2, but I’m sure you would have loved your Mats to have got there. So I guess you can choose to judge a tough non league schedule, or a “tough” league schedule, but you cannot discount what the Jets have done when it counts, the last 3 years. They have taken down everyone put in front of them except MC and CN on different years. Neither Miramonte or Campolindo has been in that conversation the past 3 years??? So yes, this is a different year, but until now, that’s what we have to go by.

    BTW, did you guys have home and home agreements with Kennedy and Fremont? I didn’t think so. No where to park, I guess, right?

    I definitely expect a great game on Friday, and yes, I hope that the Jets win. And I know you expect your Mats to win. Unfortunately we have no part in determining the outcome. These blogs are our only form of competition, and its fun! But Friday we’ll see what happens?

  • Hey it’s high school football, I don’t take any of it too seriously. It is fun to agitate the Encinal base.

    Encinal has had a great run and it’s our job to bring it to an end. See you Friday!

    Go Mats!

  • Old Former Meddling Coach

    MiraMan, I’m glad we have entertained you. I got much love and respect for Coach Schram (Coached against him 91,93,95)and may the best team win but as i said all along, The student will surpass the master and i believe the Jets will win. Nuff’Said, Jet Pride!

  • ncs bro

    you guys worry way too much about schedules, all that matters is who will win friday. I dont doubt the jets have some gifted atheletes but dont write off the mats recievers, they arent too shabby themselves. will be shootout and it is tough to say who will win

  • lol

    does anyone remember why Schram left Encinal? We used to kick their butts in the Island bowl back in my day (01-05). Was he fired or did he leave?

  • 2012

    hahahaha how can you call the DFAL A POWER leaugue!!! they play cup cakes and feel good abut them selfs!! and play each other the new super HAAL will dominate those foes..! THE DFAL WILL GET EXPOSED ON FRIDAY MIRA MAN, This pisses me off lol no lie. Your miramonte team only has ONE GOOD PLAYEr, Ross, Campo is well coached AGAIN ON GOOD PLAYer BRET… thats a two player leaugue… You need more ballers then that to win Ncs, Have a nice second round exit, Whens the last time THAT SUPER LEAGUE OF YOURS WON A CHAMPIONSHIP OR HAs EVEN GONE THERE??? I rest my case… MARIN COUNTY IS A GREAT SUPER LEAGUE IN DIVSION 3… Novato back in the mid decade?! you couldnt see them? when they kicked miramonte and las lamos a$$.. you guys can’t do ish.. this isnt NCS 2a no more buddy… only team thats one in the the last 7 years for the East bay has been encinal

  • Oh boy

    Voice of Reason….is wrong.

    I fact checked post #47 because it seemed ridiculous. He claimed DFAL is the only league with 4 teams still playing (excepting EBAL). How about the BFL? Valley Christian upset St mary’s, Berean is playing Fortuna, Salesian is #1 seed and defending champs, and CSD is battling in D5. Beware making comments unsupported by facts my fellow football fans!

  • BVAL Expert

    Man Down, That logic isnt very strong, referring to Miramonte being smart and exploiting encinals weakness. Cal is a smart team and they lost to Freedom. Freedoms not that discipline of a discipline team. It doesn’t matter if its different teams, its the same concept. But in some ways that is not true. It depends, Miramonte may be smart but can they actually execute their smartness and actually make plays in transition? I see teams that arent discipline and absolutely man handle “smart teams” because the “smart teams” cant execute their plays and arent as athletic.

    Thats how it goes ^^^ both good and bad.

  • Patrick

    Then again, I did the count. DFAL as it stands now has 15 combined NCS titles. BSAL has 4 including Encinal. St. Patrick/St.Vincent has one from 2006 in addition to Encinal’s 2008 title. Other than that, you have to go back to the 70’s to find another Encinal champion and a Piedmont champion. And it hasn’t been quite 7 years. Las Lomas won the 3A in 2005: six years ago. Also, you mention Marin County Athletic League. Well, actually, while Novato and Marin Catholic are two very good teams almost year in and year out, the rest of the league is pretty sub-par. I’d give DFAL advantage over MCAL any day. The combo of Las Lomas, Miramonte, and Campolindo is much superior to that of Novato and Marin Catholic. I’m a Newman guy as most people know, so I don’t have much of a vested interest. But the DFAL is definitely the best D2-D3 league in the NCS. Next year, with the addition of Casa Grande and Windsor, the NBL will be the deepest league. So however you come down on the Encinal-Miramonte game, give respect where it is due. While not a exactly a “super-league”, the champion and runners-up of the DFAL deserve a lot of respect. They play in playoff quality games for at least four weeks in league. That’s impressive. Encinal winning the BSAL, Marin winning MCAL, or Newman winning NBL? Still accomplishments, but isn’t to the same standard.

  • Patrick since your are a CN homer I will address this to you.

    Novato’s run defense is the best of the remaining playoff teams. CN is a running team first with Tomisin and the QB. From all acounts Rodriguez does not run nearly as well as Sullivian did.

    So I went back and watched the CN vs VC game on comcast and a good part of the CN option offence is the ablity of the QB to not only make the right choice to hand off or keep the ball but to get good yardage.

    In my opinion Novato is going to shut down the run game and force Rodriguez to put the ball in the air. Now I am not saying he cant do this but can he do it A. When CN is not moving the ball on the ground B. under pressure both from the defense and mentally. and C. After he has been rocked a couple of time.

    My common sense tell me CN wins but my gut is telling me Novato pulls the defensive upset and win 21-14

  • 2012,

    First of all, I wanted to wish you luck in your anger management classes. Just in the nick of time, I’d say.

    Second, DFAL is no “power league” in my opinion. It’s just a very solid league with 7 teams that all have good programs. In any given year, 2 or 3 of those programs will do well. As a result, any team playing in DFAL will have between 1-3 tough in-league games and the other games are pretty tough as well. This year it was stronger than usual with four good teams (OK, three good teams plus Dublin – make it 3 1/2 good teams). I don’t think DFAL teams as a whole play particularly tough pre-league schedules, but it balances out due to a tougher league schedule. If you are a “homer” for Cardinal Newman, Marin Catholic, Bishop O’Dowd or Novato, you have a right to comment on tough out of league schedules because these are the four D3 teams that played tough out of league schedules AND played in leagues that provided some level of competition AND came out with a solid records. If your anyone else complaining about tough pre-league games or putting down some other league, you just sound like a blow-hard.

  • Voice of Reason

    Nice catch Oh Boy. I did not research D-IV or D-V leagues since their leagues, including the vaunted BFL, are nowhere near the strength of any of the other east bay leagues; so my point is still valid. Still, you are right and we must give the BFL their due.

    By the way, if this forum was subject to fact checking nearly all the posts would be redacted!

  • nfl

    miraman your top 3 teams are good how good will definitley find out this weekend. miraman i hope you guys dont get swept wouldnt look good for your league. patrick those dfal titles are 2a eastbay nothing since they combined eastbay & redwood if they didnt combined encinal would be the champs 3 years running!

  • dudleydawson

    lol schram stepped down there was no shanangans like alameda high where steve rocklin staff threw him under the bus & had a worse season than the year before! lol why would your new coach wanna play in the b league? if he gets lucky and wins it all they are is the 7th best team cause he wanted no part of the other 6 teams in the a league!

  • FB Guru


    I think the DFAL has quite a bit more than 15 NCS titles since Foothill was in the DFAL when they were in their heyday and Alhambra, but your point has been made. Miramonte won an NCS title in 2006, but they played an additional bowl game between EBAY and RE were Novato killed them. So Novato got two NCS first place banners and Miramonte got an NCS first place and an NCS second banner in the same year. NCS did the same thing in 1983-1985, checkout the 1983 bracket. Alot of the same players, Mira, Enc, MC, CN, Eureka, and DLS (the only time DLS was one and done and at the hands of Mira – now we know why Silvergreen is rooting for the Jets, still smarting from that one).


  • Prep Fan

    The EBAL has only 3 teams remaining not 4, DLS, MV & SRV. BVAL Expert, I don’t know where you came up with Cal being a “smart team”. That sounds like some Chalk Talk doublespeak. Cal is a very physical team that works hard and has some smart players and coaches, but they also have some outstanding athletes. They played Freedom tough and almost pulled off the win, not just through smarts but through tough physical play. If anything, they lost due to some not so smart actions.

  • Prep Fan

    FB Guru, Are you sure Foothill was in the DFAL in their heyday? I don’t recall that. I know Alhambra has been a long time DFAL-FAL member but I think Foothill’s titles came as a member of the EBAL.

    It depends what you are talking about when referencing NCS titles. Starting in 2006, the East Bay region winner was not considered the NCS champ, as they no longer split up the East Bay-Redwood areas and there has been just 1 champion.

  • FB Guru

    Prep Fan,

    Call Gil Lemmon at NCS, he can verify that Miramonte (2006) and Las Lomas (2007) were awarded NCS First Place banners for 2AEB. They are on display at the schools, along with 2nd place 2A banners.

  • Prep Fan

    I don’t need to call Gil. Novato won the overall NCS championship both years per the website, as well as being the Redwood regional winner. The Mats & LL made it to the championship game and were EB regional winners.


  • lol

    the BSAL is pretty weak though. Encinal only started getting to playoffs after they moved out of ACCAL… I don’t think they could beat Berkeley, Pinole, etc. year after year

    but with realignment everyone will have to put up or shut up.

  • armstrongJets

    The NCS Div III must be pretty weak as well since the Jets are 10-2 in the last 3 years. Dela crushes the EBAL every year so following your logic the EBAL is weak as well. Just like Encinal, Dela shows their prowess in the playoff.

    Jet Pride!!!

  • Division III North
    1. (2) Marin Catholic (Kentfield) 11-0
    2. (1) Cardinal Newman (Santa Rosa) 10-0-1
    3. (3) Escalon 12-0
    4. (5) Palma (Salinas) 9-1-1
    5. (6) Encinal (Alameda) 10-1
    6. (7) Salesian (Richmond) 10-0
    7. (8) Carmel 11-0
    8. (9) Campolindo (Moraga) 11-0
    9. (NR) Valley Christian (San Jose) 6-5
    10. (10) Hilmar 10-2
    Drops: Previous No. 4 Colfax.
    Others to watch: Bishop O’Dowd (Oakland) 9-2, Christopher (Gilroy) 10-1*, Highlands (North Highlands) 10-2, Liberty Ranch (Galt) 9-3, Miramonte (Orinda) 10-1, Orland 10-1, St. Helena 11-0, St. Ignatius (San Francisco) 4-6-1, Sutter 10-1; Valley Christian (San Jose) 5-5.
    Teams that lost (no longer eligible for CIF bowl): Aptos 9-2, Colfax 11-1.
    Outlook: Yes, we did change it at the top because Marin Catholic’s unbeaten record has been strengthened with Vacaville beating St. Mary’s of Stockton. Vacaville’s only loss is to the Wildcats and that win over St. Mary’s also helps Marin Catholic if it comes down to the Wildcats and Escalon for the CIF Division III state bowl berth. Colfax getting beat by Liberty Ranch of Galt also prevents Escalon from getting the chance to play and beat a 13-0 team in its section final. Still, the Cougars can’t feel sorry for themselves because they could get beat this week at home by Central Catholic of Modesto. Escalon rolled when the two played a year ago and while coach Mark Louriero’s team seems to be even better it also could be that Central Catholic is a lot better. Cardinal Newman falling to second also is not really that significant because the Cards are in the same North Coast Section D3 playoff bracket as Marin Catholic. If they win that title, their case to go to a bowl game is just as strong whether they are No. 1 or No. 2 this week. We just had to pick the next team from Northern California to go into the overall state top 25 and Marin Catholic had the better case between the two.

  • Prep Fan

    I don’t think Encinal and DLS are quite on the same level. How many NCS championships in a row have the Jets won? a 10-2 record in NCS over 3 years would be a catastrophe for DLS. DLS is at least in the strongest league around. I’m not saying Encinal hasn’t had some very good teams lately, but best not to try to compare them to DLS. I don’t see DLS people saying we are “just like Encinal”.

  • Old Bird

    Livermore, Granada and Foothill left the EBAL for four years, Foothill won 2 of their 4 NCS titles while in that league. They could have possibly won one more but Sweeney petitioned up to the D1 playoffs the last year and they lost to San Leandro in the D1 semi’s when they had Dennis Dixon at QB and were very good.

    The old league was called the TCAL(tri county athletic league) not the DFAL. The league had Dublin, Miramonte, Alhambra, Campo, Las Lomas, Foothill, Livermore and Granada.

  • armstrongJets

    I think you miss the point. I think lol’s point was that the BSAL is weak that why Encinal has it success. So take the league record out and compare their NCS record, which was my point. I would think any other team in the EBAL would love that record, not to pick on the EBAL but for comparison it was appropriate.

    As for Dela, different division, different level, good program and has been very successful for a long time but I don’t see St. Thomas Aquinas (Fort Lauderdale, FL) saying we are just like Dela.

    So back to DIII

    Jet Pride!!!

  • Prep Fan

    Good knowledge Old Bird. Do you happen to know what years those were?

  • Old Bird

    I think it was , 98, 99, 2000 and 2001. Foothill won NCS in 99 and 2000 and petitioned up in 2001

  • renegades10

    Foothill was in the EBAL in 2001. Had to have been earlier.

  • Prep Fan

    If Foothill won NCS in ’99 and 2000 they must have have also won their league and should have championship banners raised at the Falcon’s Nest that have the league name on them. I knew that MV moved to the BVAL for a short time, but did not know about Foothill, Granada & Livermore. Berkeley, Dublin and Castro Valley have also been members of the EBAL over the years.

  • Patrick

    When I came up with the numbers, I just looked at the chart of NCS champions on the NCS website and counted the number of DFAL teams. Whether Foothill was in the league or not, I couldn’t say, but it doesn’t really have any bearing with my particular point. I just wanted to point out that the a few of the teams that are currently in the DFAL are good teams with winning histories. I just didn’t find it fair for MiraMan, regardless of anyone’s prediction on Encinal-Miramonte, to have to defend the DFAL as a good D2-D3 league. Anyone who knows anything knows that it is. I think the realignment of East Bay leagues will equalize alot of the leagues though. Up North, I’m excited for the NBL realignment. All of the Redwood Empire’s best (minus Eureka) will be in that league (Cardinal Newman, Windsor, Rancho Cotate, Casa Grande, Montgomery, Ukiah, Maria Carrillo, and Santa Rosa). Seven of those eight made playoffs this year and five are still going. Now that will be a super league! Haha.

  • Patrick

    At least in the D2-D3 range. I don’t want to irritate any EBAL people. Relative to size, the NBL will be a great and competitive league.

  • dudleydawson

    lol when you guys gonna win a playoff game? your head coach didnt want no part of berkeley so get lost asked to be in the jv league. lol theyve beat some good teams in ncs & i believe the got a ring what you got? nothing go do your hornet jacks nerd!

  • dudleydawson

    lol 2007 record 9-3 was encinal record in accal. 1-1 in ncs so they have atleast 1 win in ncs playoffs when they were in accal how many playoff games did the hornets win ?

  • Old Bird

    You are right Renegades, was in the gym and looked at the banners, they won the TCAL in 96 and 97. All four of their NCS championships came while in the EBAL.

  • SuckaFree415


    7 of the 8 best of redwood empire in one league? Not true MC and Novato would need to be included for that statement to be true

  • Old Former Meddling Coach

    MiraMan!! Where ya at!!! Ya boys jumped out 14-0 and then Zip! Got 48 straight dropped on ya!! The Student Has Surpassed the Master! I usually don’t gloat like this but MiraMan U was talking big smack! Well ya boys got Whooped!! All Props to Miramonte for a good season and Much Respect to Coach Schram a real Gentleman. That being said…. MiraMan don’t hide now! And As always… Jet Pride is State Wide!

  • DRob16

    Man…. It started off scary with 14 Miramonte points, but coach Tenorio didn’t flinch and stayed with his gameplay. That guy can coach! He must have saw that Miramonte’s DL was really small and decided to just pound the hell out of the Mats! Banks went from CB/WR to S/RB…..genius! Well timed passes were vicious. Not sure if speed was that big tonight, at least on offense, but the D was swarming, especially little Ve’e! He is nice!

    Hey MiraMan, something tells me The Jets would do fine in the “tough” DVAL or DFAL, whatever league your in!!!!!!!

  • armstrongJets

    Next up Marin Catholic:

    More History repeating itself:

    California High School Football – Marin Catholic tipped by Encinal
    (December 4, 2010: Kentfield, CA 94904) The Marin Catholic Wildcats football team (Kentfield, CA), was tipped 20-15 in Saturday’s non-league challenge with the visiting Encinal Jets (Alameda, CA)

    ArmstrongJets Says:
    November 20th, 2011 at 10:55 am
    Looking for history to repeat itself:

    California High School Football – Encinal prevails Miramonte
    (December 4, 2009: Alameda, CA 94501) The crowd at Friday’s non-league contest between the Encinal Jets (Alameda, CA) and the visiting Miramonte Matadors (Orinda, CA), observed Encinal’s football squad defeat Miramonte by a count of 48-32.