2011 All-DVAL football

The 2011 All-Diablo Valley Athletic League football team, as selected by the league’s coaches.

Trent Mahler (Concord) Sr., Daivon Ballard (College Park) Sr.

First team

QB — Jordon Louis (CP) Sr.; RB — Olito Thompson (Con) Jr., Joe Protheroe (Clayton Valley) Jr.; WR — Jacob Smith (Con) Sr., Terrence Young (Con) Sr.; TE — Joe Pelletier (Northgate) Jr.; OL — Coleman Voelker (Ygnacio Valley) Sr., Justin Rogers (CV) So., Jude Hockel (N) Sr., Armando Montalvo (Con) Sr., James Morales (Con) Sr.; C — Dylan Lamb (CP) Sr.; UTL — Jeremya Robinson (Mt. Diablo) Sr.; K — Eddie Juarez (CV) Jr.

Second team
QB — Michael Protheroe (CV) So., Jamari Pope (YV) Jr.; RB — Ryan Hughes (CP) Sr., Anthony Barnett (YV) Jr.; WR — Blair Schmidt (N) Sr., Miles Wood (CP) Sr.; TE — Jaelen Collins (CP) Jr.; OL — Justin Wise (N) Sr., Ayrton Osorio (CP) Sr., Ethan Smith (CV) Sr., Jerry Jeffers (CP) Sr.; C — Keenan Mahler (Con) Jr.; UTL — Jesse Medrano (CV) Jr.; K — Tanner Utler (CP) Jr.

Honorable mention
RB — Fisi Tavake (N) Jr., Jomel Townsend (MD) Sr.; WR — Brandon Lee (N) Jr.; Keli’i Dominguez (CV) Sr., Nick Sloss (MD) Sr., Robert Foreman (YV) Jr., Victor Gurule (YV) Sr.; TE — Jaime McElrath (YV) Jr., Danny Lee (MD) Sr.; OL — Jose Hernandez (MD) Sr., Gabe Zurita-Haber (YV) Jr., Ricardo Verduzco (YV) Jr., Jack DeMers (CP) Jr., Saldy Santos (CV) Sr., Logan Bangert (CV) Jr.

First team

DL — Willy Thompson (Con) Sr., Kelepi Folau (YV) Sr., Ricky Moore (CP) Sr.; LB — Jesse Medrano (CV) Jr., Justin Wise (N) Sr., Uaisele Manoa (Con) Jr., James Morales (Con) Sr., Kasey Pipe (CP) Sr.; DB — Joe Protheroe (CV) Jr., Anthony Barnett (YV) Sr., Terrence Young (Con) Sr., Eric Carlson (N) Sr.; P — Armando Yvarra (MD) Sr.

Second team
DL — Dylan Lamb (CP) Sr., Keenan Mahler (Con) Jr., Joe Pelletier (N) Jr.; LB — Max Mayo (Con) Jr., Montreal Blakney (MD) Jr., Sean Hennessy (CP) Jr., Matt DeSilva (CP) Jr.; DB — Brodrick Villamor (CV) Sr., Daniel Golden (Con) Jr., Jordan Louis (CP) Sr., Jeremya Robinson (MD) Sr.

Honorable mention
DL — Ryan Hofer (N) Sr., Jaime McElrath (YV) Jr., Brandon Basker (CP) Sr., David Fabian (CP) Sr.; LB — David Davydov (YV) Sr., Garland Parker (YV) Sr., Charlie Blazer (CV) Sr., Rhys Hamilton (N) Sr.; DB — Dimitri Salido (CP) So., Eric Haynes (N) So., Danny Lee (MD) Sr., Cesar Luengas (CV) Jr.

Jimmy Durkin

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  • Paydirt

    Congratulations to the DVAL student-athletes recognized for their achievements this year on the gridiron. To those in the NCS playoffs, here’s to your health, best efforts and just rewards.

  • mike

    when will this b in the news paper ?


    Thanks Jimmy for the posting! DVAL web site exceeded visitors / crashed. A lot of the kids hadn’t seen the actual all league selections.

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    S. Ryan make sure you write about this article on Grantland :)