Live blog: East Bay prep football playoff updates tonight at 7

Jon Becker

  • CampoMan


    How ironic is that! While you, a young man, is out in Moraga trying to bang old women, me, a middle aged man, is in the city banging young women. Too each his own.

  • pirate football

    gentleman this is not a cheaters blog

  • s1lverngreen

    I was at the game Saturday, Pitt played very physical. Penalties kept B high in the game in the first half…got to clean those up. What gives with your 3rd string RB? Injuries to your 1 and 2 guys? I saw that MMC got very few carries, however, the few that he got he made the most out of…Looking forward to Friday. You bringing the band? Our band is good, but certainly not the likes of the Pitt band!

  • ATrueSav


    What would you anticipate as the VERY LATEST that any Pitt Fans could arrive @ DLS to secure a decent seat? Freedom’s side was JAM PACKED last week; somebody correct me if I’m wrong…but no other school in The B.V.A.L. travels in #’s like Pitt does. I’m afraid that some folks will be watching the game from the track…lol

    LOL…especially if the (traveling version) band comes!

  • Campoman, I’m not banging- I’m selling.

  • s1lverngreen

    I would get there no later than 6 PM if you want to sit between the 30-30. Visitor side bleachers are very small and Pitt travels well. You may consider getting there at 5:30 when the gates open…Also, encourage you to buy your ticket earlier. The DLS book store is open to the public and will be selling tickets up until Wed. You may want to call them first. We’ll see you on Friday!

  • Pitt Grunt

    Ditto on Kriart’s assertion of Galli’s class. You can tell a lot watching how head coaches interact after a game. And every game this season, win or lose, Galli is always embraced in a hug. Galli could have pursued more points against Antioch and Berkeley but choose not too.

    Both Vunipola and Cotton are banged up a bit. Both could have carried more of the load but Galli went with the third string back. Both played the entire game on D. Frankly, I was surprised because #25 (Lockett) has not played all season. However, he looked very good on Saturday. That 30 yard TD run was something. Maybe someone a little closer inside the program might have a better answer.

  • pirate football

    pitt grunt

    of course you guys wanted more points but its easier said then done, got to give the b high kids major props for playing so hard, they missed d adams at LB/RB big time, but the rb #25 was running very well very hard, but thats a good thing to have fresh legs in the playoffs. glad to see watson have a chance to throw the ball and he looked good.

  • renegades10

    I know he comes under criticism sometimes from the Pitt diehards, but can’t complain with what Galli does not only on but off the field with those kids. Not afraid to make the unpopular decisions when it comes to sitting players if they aren’t living up to expectations off the field. Some of the kids that have come out of that program recently are starting to make some major impacts at the next level. Always a pleasure to play Pitt, no complaining about advantages or disadvantages even though they have lost their fair share of players to DLS over the years. They just suit up and play, no chatter before or after.

  • S1lverngreen


  • Scl alum

    Anyone have predicton on Fortuna-Ferndale, part II this weekend up north?

  • BVAL Expert

    EBAL #2- you dont have the right to say that their out of league schedule was tough.. plus the playoff game with cal

  • Scl alum

    As a Healdsburg alum, I’m real excited for the ‘Hounds’ matchup with Salesian (I believe its the first time the two teams have met in FB). I have a lot of respect for the Pride, and hope for a great game. We’ll be heavy underdogs, but it still should be a fun afternoon for our guys. Go Hounds!

  • Prep Fan

    Calpreps only has Salesian favored by a TD Scl Alum, so it could be a real good game. As for Fortuna-Ferndale, Calpreps projects Fortuna 21-17. Most of next week’s games should be close, except for DLS and Windsor who are heavy favorites.


  • pirate football

    prep here u go again with the calpreps bs do u really think that crap is that accurate

  • Prep Fan

    Lighten up Frances. Just this week Calpreps had MV favored over SL, SRV favored over JL and Pitt favored over B-High, 3 teams that won on the road against higher seeded teams. So I do think it is much more accurate then the NCS seeding committee.

    Is Calpreps perfect? No, but it does have a lot of useful information for a lot of sports since it factors in such things as strength of schedule. It is actually pretty accurate a lot of the time, but certainly not always. I’m not sure why you have such a problem with it. I wasn’t slamming anyone, just giving Scl Alum some feedback regarding the two games he was discussing.

  • pirate football

    1st u dont want to start wit the calling me something other that what the moniker says believe u dont want to go that route, 2nd reason y i said something is cuz u always say calpreps this and that, are they paying to mention them on every post, if let me sign up for that could use the extra cash, lol im more of a on the field type of guy and like to go on the word of reliable people that have seen teams not some computer geeks and info they recieve and input n2 a system

  • S1lverngreen

    Freddie T to Cal! Wooo hoo!

  • Prep Fan

    Pirate, its all good. I wasn’t calling you a name, just throwing out a classic quote from the movie Stripes. I often refer to Calpreps as it is a nice website with a lot of good information. I’m on record as saying it is far from perfect, but it is a useful site if you know what you are looking at and its limitations. It shows at a glance at not only who teams have played, but has the scores and the ratings of each team. I agree there is no substitute for watching teams play in person, but when trying to compare teams from different leagues or areas, it can be helpful. Feel free to dismiss them altogether and never go to that site, but I like what they have to offer. To each his own.