McClymonds wins second straight Silver Bowl

McClymonds High beat Skyline 33-19 today to win its second straight Silver Bowl and seventh overall. Harold Halcomb III rushed for 161 yards and two touchdowns and the Warriors had two fumbles returned for touchdowns in the fourth quarter to pull away later. More to come later at www.insidebayarea.com/high-school-sports and I’ll also be posting a video later.

Jimmy Durkin

Jimmy Durkin is a sports writer for the Bay Area News Group.

  • pirate football

    tigers den
    what would coach barnes have to gain by so called snitchin on fremont, not saying that either coach did or did not “snitch” write up fremont, but fact is most coaches dont write up other coaches its usually the school admin that does it, in some cases coaches have but i really dont think thats the case here, even if they did well guess what, maybe fremont should take care biz the correct way, i hear many diff things that goes on but dont really know if all of the things are true or not, when people keep saying things of many violations then something must b true, if everything was in order with paperwork and grades and etc then there is nothing to snitch on, so even if both of those coaches did so called snitch, then it mustve been some violation to report, lets be real high school sports is about the student athlete, hence student 1st, so we as adults and coaches should b teaching these kids whats right and wrong. bottom line fremont needs to get they stuff right, stop blaming everybody but the coaching staff and admin.

  • thedude

    Wow! Post#43 said it all. In a nutshell! Look at the G.P.A overall for his team. Not to many coaches, or parents are even speaking on grades.

  • PeterParker

    Funny how nobody mentions the NL players at all the other shcools. Fremont is no saint for having knowingly or not used players that should have not played, but isn’t it the commissioner’s office responsible for letting the coaches know if a player in the roster submitted is NL? I hear Skyline played multiple players who are “not on track to graduate” as did Mack and Tech. Someone needs to scrap the OAL and have them join the NCS.

  • pirate football

    thats lots of hearsay, not saying its true or not but its lots of hearsay. was told by tech coaches of how they lost kids due to the rule of being on sched to graduate, so not sure if they had any nl kids but cant say that didnt 100% sure, but tend to believe a staff that hasnt been known to do that, as far as fremont i would tend to believe that they have had violations due to them having to forfiet games, if it wasnt true then they wouldnt have been forfieted, its not the 1st time i heard of violations the season they won the silver bowl a source who is close in the program and a fremont guy/alum told me they had players playing that was either not clear not student of the school or any oal linked school, hell they best player that year his age was in question, and lots of people know what the truth is, so all these fremont parent and supports are so upset, u should direct ur anger toward the people that were in violation, being the kids coaches and admin. if ur cheating u should get caught and punished we should b teach the kids that there are rules and regulation in life.

  • Warrior Jacket

    Although I feel for the other kids on Fremont’s team, there is an obvious problem with Fremont’s football program. Since Denard has left the helm as a the head coach, Fremont has had eligilbility problems every year. Even the year they won it with Concrete and Co. the team was crap until fall grades came out. Look, I do not support coaches ratting out other coaches (Hearsay). When I coached with Carter in the 90’s he made it clear that was something he did not do or tolerate his staff doing. We had enough problems with our own team let alone to be involved with someone elses team, but the writing is on the wall, some changes have to be made at Fremont HS. The pattern of ineligilbity, paper work tardiness and blatant disregard of the practice and camp participation rules have to stop.


    Everybody keeps making excuses for the OAL, the bottom line the league is weak and for Coach Mac to keep bragging about his record and his Silver Bowl championship is a joke. Also for him to come on a blog and hate against Pittsburg and put up a $500 bet is even more crazy, this man has a ego out of control and to come on a blog and call me MF’s and making bets against kids shows what kind of coach he is and what kind of league he comes from. I don’t know how things are done in the OAL but the coaches in the EBAL or BVAL don’t make bets on kids and insult each other calling them MF’s and puppydogs. We respect each other because we play respectful football on this side of the freeway. Go Pirates

  • Warrior Jacket

    Being a former player and coach in the OAL, I am an OAL supporter. The OAL is a special League because of its demographic make up. Many of the issues of crime, homelessness, unstable family households, academic challeges and many other negative influences the coaches and kids have to deal with living in Oakland are what make the success stories of winning the city championship so special. Not only is football the challenge but the outside factors getting to that championship are factors that had to be overcome.
    As a native Oaklander I can care less what some people think about the OAL Championship, its our and we own it. The community is extremely proud of it. Oakland teams over the years have proven we can play with the “Big Boys”, Ex.Fardella & Beam’s Skyline teams, Carter’s MACK teams and last years MACK 12-0 team. There have been down years but so what! Our athletes are productive on the next level in spite of the harsh challeges of life. If you don’t like it, don’t watch. We the OAL supporters don’t care either way.

  • Warrior Jacket

    I do not support the trivial insults or betting.

  • Oh boy

    I cosign Warrior Jacket 100%. You’re right on with post #57.

    If you don’t live in Oakland or appreciate the life challenges and scarce resources some of these athletes, coaches, parents and schools are facing, just keep your mouth shut and go on about your business. That means you WOLFMAN. OAL does not care about your dfal, bval, ebal or mval leagues. It’s not just about football. It’s about the young men showing up everyday, working hard, and staying in school. We’re proud of them win lose or draw and they are proud to compete for silver bowls because of the players and teams that came before them.

  • When we played OAL teams in the early seventies there were no problems that are mentioned on this blog. Castlemont, Oakland High and Fremont were large teams, very organized and boasted a wealth of talent. Also, the coaches were long term figureheads who stuck around for more than a few seasons. Many players were also track and baseball stars, interesting the OAL doesn’t represent in track anymore at a high level. I knwo the demographics have changed since back then, but how much of these rumors and allegations about transfers, grades, eligability, etc. are true?
    If they are then the CIF needs to step in and correct it immediately. The OAL and the coaches and AD’s need to get together with the CIF for guidance and help. Pointing fingers at one another, forfeiting games and using race and demographics don’t work. I believe an inner city school went all the way to the state finals several years back, however their organization and coaching was recognized whoever say them. This is what the OAL needs, some Southern California organization. The criteria for the players needs to be maintain your GPA. That’s where it starts. I am sure there are parents, teachers and organizations in Oakland that can lend a hand in tutoring, then the coaches need to use the accountability issue. Also, allowing all these school transfers on ultiple occasions for some players is not only not good for them but also the teams and schools. How can anyone maintain any academic consistancy transfering to 3 different schools? I might sound like some suburb homer, but improvement can’t happen unless all factions group together for one common goal, the student first, then the player.

  • pirate football

    warriorjacket and oh boy

    im behind u all the way, people not from oakland and richmond area dont understand what its like, its really rough these days for the kids. u guys are on point, yeah wj im not with the bet on kids either, not saying its right but when u throw insults dont b some mad when a person send them back, but lets try to keep it civil gents, lets be good examples for these kids

    yes the oal schools are way diff now from when u played, i believe some of the schools were even bigger, my parent and almost all of my fam went to castlemont and other oal schools, violence wasnt nowhere near what it is now, coaches were teachers and staff members at the school, even when i was in high school in the 90’s most if not all p.e. teachers were coaches of 1 and sometime more sports, thats has changed for lots of schools, not all oakland residents go to oal schools, some parents put thier kids in private [BOD st liz st joes etc] and some go to out of oakland public, really can kinda understand that, as far as track cant explain how and why recently the big drop off in track when 4 of 6 have an all weather track now, when i was in high school nobody in the oal had a trackk we had league meets at laney, and that wasnt much better b4 they resurfaced the track lol, maybe partly due to losing lots of good coaches to other leagues and coaching at the college level, zo carter, curtis taylor, d hampton, now recently jamal cooks, to name a few. year b4 last skyline had a good team but had some injured kids toward the end of the season 1 being 1 of the states top hurdlers in noah blue inj at the oakland section. but its way too much talent in the section but not lots of interest of GOOD track coaches, and track and baseball is good for football players in the offseason, but i can bet that money is a big issue on some things

  • The little Jimmies out in Moraga gots to go to Santa Rosa. Don’t tell them about 4th Street. In the day when we traveled to the Santa Rosa Relays we hung out and logged on 4th at the Motel 6. Lots of women walkin’ the street back then, made ya faST FOR THE NEXT MORNIN’ QUALIFYING. All to no avail though, whiteboy Joe DeDora had a FIELD DAY in the sprints and mile relay, took Sammy Burns and lots of East Bay stars. He had a 46.8 relay leg wearing blue pimp socks and gold addias. Sheeeeet!!!!!

  • The Moragans will be hanging out at the mall or Santa Rosa Ice Ring playing gameboy.


    Let’s get one thing straight Oh Boy and Pirate football I have no problem with the OAL as a whole it’s just coaches like Coach Mac give your league a bad image with show boating, cursing on blogs, making bets against kids and most of all bragging about his so called accomplishments. I’ve followed the OAL for years when they use to play the big dogs with Beam, Kieffer and Carter. This guy Coach Mac is a clown and o’yeah a Snitch also. So don’t talk bad about the NCS Teams if you haven’t played anybody yourself that’s all I’m saying. Go Pirates

  • pirate football

    just like warriorjacket was saying im not with the betting and etc, but it seems like all the pitt fans was upset last year when mack beat u guys and he was talking lots of trash talk, let b real had yall won that game it wouldve been the other way, now if i was a head coach not sure i would b on here or at least would let people know im the head coach at whatever school, i think it really rubbed lots of people that a head coach would b on a blog talk big trash talk, well to each is own, but for people that knows coach mac he is a big trash talker in person thats just him, but lots of coaches are confident and some even take it to trash talking, thats just how some people are and he does have a right to do so. i wont crucify him for being very confident maybe a lil over, and a trash talker cuz im not like that, but the bet i really dont think he was that serious but who knows. maybe ur pitt coach shouldve kept them on the schedule, would been better than what u ended up with castlemont

  • NailHouse

    Coach Mac won the silver Bowl far&square last year with thats said, This year was a different story, deep down inside he know’s mack won this SilverBowl without playing the only team capable of beating them in the OAL! Coach Mac, Big Llyod of castlemont, Coach JB of arroyo all came together and went to Johnny Loriago, Complaining about Fremonts head coach.. oh yeah, we cant forget about Mack’s other Coach “POO” he’s the biggest Rat of them all.. Anybody who knows anything about this OAL, knows Johnny Loriago’s been dirty for years, always in favor of Mack where he attended & Castlemont where he worked for multiple years.. The OAL is a corrupt league from the top down, in desprite need of new leadership..

  • brandonbeard

    Yeah I hear they just suspended the boy basketball coach at oakland high, but know opne really knows why! Crazy, these cats are off the hook! The OAL is terrible!

  • I told you

    Coach Mack why don’t you try schedule Campolindo next year.