2011 All-MVAL football

The 2011 All-Mission Valley Athletic League football team, as selected by the league coaches.

Ron Johnson Defensive Player of the Year
Osana Futi (Newark Memorial)

Jim Randall Offensive Player of the Year
Warren Miles Long (James Logan)

First team
QB — Jeffrey Prothro (JL); RB — Hunter Rockwell (NM), Warren Miles Long (JL); WR — Ferdows Wahab (JL), Deshane Hines (American); TE — Jermaine Jones (JL); C — Haniteli Lousi (Washington); G — Richie Pangelinan (Irvington), David Permito (JL), Joden Ulep (A); T — Alex Matoto (NM), D.J. Kay (A); KR — Damond Beasley (JL), K — Anthony Pietrobono (NM); P — Chris Donoghue (Mission San Jose).

Second team
QB — Jesse Tate (NM); RB — Raeshawn Lee (I), Isaiah Cortez (Kennedy); WR — Atu Ohuafi (K), Andrew Llanos (W); TE — Raymond Gallegos (NM); C — EJ Siigayan (JL); G — Tyler Sousa (W), Shane Keenan (MSJ); T — Brandon McCuin (K), Maunco Gonzales (JL); KR — Raeshawn Lee (I), K — Geovani Mendoza (K); P — Andrew Scheller (K).

First team
DL — Alex Matoto (NM), Jesse Leapaga (JL), George McCloud (A); OLB — Warren Miles Long (JL), Joden Ulep (A); ILB — Osana Fuit (NM), Ryan Bua (JL); DB — Maurice Leggett (NM), Talat Aleem (JL), Deshane Hines (A), Raeshawn Lee (I).

Second team
DL — Jeremy Sanchez (I), DaMarcus Miles (JL), Paul Gill (W); OLB — Anthony Ziegler (NM), Dilon Butcher (W); ILB — Dylan Werth (I), David Kim (MSJ); DB — Terrance Jones (W), Colby Evans (A), Troy Wyche (NM), Ferdows Wahab (JL).

Honorable mention
C — Chris Archibald (NM); T — Wais Aqa (A), Elmer Hamidy (NM), Jacob Montes (W); QB — Ryan Barker (A), Chris Donoghue (MSJ); RB — Ariel Hercik (I), Dylan Werth (I), Damond Beasley (JL), Tyrell Lockett (A), David Kim (MSJ); WR — Malcolm Hale (K); DL — Chris Archibald (NM), Tevita Lolohea (K), Haniteli Lousi (W), Patrick Anderson (MSJ), OLB — Steve Stewart (I), Inoke Ngalo (K), Wais Aqa (A); ILB — Kamron Crooks (K), Jordan Fereira (W); DB — Eric Adiar (A), Joe Navarid (K); KR — Hunter Rockwell (NM); P — Jermaine Jones (JL), Brandon Sewell (W).

Jimmy Durkin

Jimmy Durkin is a sports writer for the Bay Area News Group.

  • mval observer

    congragulation to all mval teamers wish league had done alot better in playoffs. but theres alot of young talent this believe we should see improvement across the board next year.

  • Jimmy, I never saw the all EBAL women’s and men’s all-league waterpolo teams. Have they been selected yet? Can you post them?

  • Guest2

    Where are the ACCAL football All-league teams?

  • I’ve requested them Guest2, but have yet to receive them from the ACCAL. I can’t post them until I receive them.



  • thedude

    What year Warrior jacket?

  • Nfl

    warriorjacket whats it gonna take for berkeley to make a ncs final not win it but just make the finals? Talent is there why has berkeley never put it together? When was there last final appearance or when was the last time they won 2 games in ncs playoffs?

  • Warrior Jacket

    First, I stand corrected the full list of the All-ACCAL League selections are not on Max Preps just the Berkeley HS selctions. I cut and pasted the selections.

    All-league 2011 selectees as follows:

    1st Team Offense are…
    QB-Sir Devonta Stewart
    OL-Marlon Butler and Jose Maldonado
    RB-Rudolpho James
    WR/TE-Xavier Nelson
    Kicker-Sam Boyden
    Honorable Mention-(TE) Kamar Ferguson

    *League Offensive Player of the Year-Sir Devonta Stewart
    **Sir also won 2nd Team All-League (Utility/All-Purpose)

    1st Team Defense are…

    DL-Marlon Butler and Josh Eusterbrock
    LB-Marlon Walker and Michael Lazarus
    DB-Robert Johnson
    Punter- Sam Boyden
    *Honorable Mention-(DL) Zierre Robinson

    Secondly, Berkeley making it to to NCS finals hinges on a couple of things. The 1st thing is self improvement. This includes Admin support with facilities, academics etc.
    The next thing is football operations/coaching. To be a champion you have to prepare like a champion. It starts in the off season with conditioning and oranized practices. Coaching vastly needs to improve throughout the entire staff. Coaches need to work at their craft. Attend clinics to improve their football knowledge, improve practice efficiency and become better game time strategist.
    Another factor are the kids themselves. Since Carter years at Berkeley the winning reputation has improved with the program. Sims has also won, but the players have to have the mind set that they are practicing and playing to win a championship. The DLS kids feel that that way every year.

    Lastly, playoff seedings are a small factor. Since Carter’s first year, Berkeley has always had to face the 1st or 2nd seeded team in the first or second round. Gaining a favorable seed where they won’t have to see a DLS or a top rated MV/SRV untill the semis is a crap shoot. And even if they get to the semis they will have to beat one of the top rated teams on the other side of the tunnel. Granada last year was a prime example of how a favorable seed can get you to the semis.
    Berkeley has proven they can beat Pitt, Logan, CV and everyone else on their side of the Caldecott Tunnel with just talent and minimum coaching, but to reach the NCS final the factors I have stated have to happen.

    The question of how long has it been since B-High has advanced to the finals or even went deep in the football play-offs I not sure. I do know that they have not done so in the last 15 years. The last time B-High went to a State Championship was in the 1920’s where they played Long Beach Poly. Jacketfan is probably more versed in B-High football history than I am.

  • Berkeley has never beaten De La Salle. That means since the early they never went to the finals. Before that they really didn’t have NCS playoffs in the mid- seventies when BHS had their best team 1973 – with Rup Jones, Smith and a host of others. Mason, transfer from SM was the QB. Saw them- knew players on that team- outstanding- however, couldn’t hold a candle to ANY of the DLS playoff teams from the early eighties on. Might have stayed close to a couple of them by 21 pts. That’s it.

  • Martin Dunham

    Hello Jimmy,

    I was wondering from which years do you or the staff have the stats for MVAL football? Is it possible to obtain these please? My email is mjd36@att.net

    Any help is appreciated!
    Thank you,

  • James B. Hansen

    Do you have win/loss stats for former Logan football coach Neal Fromson? I believe in his 15 year coaching career at Logan he won 13 championship but nobody at Logan seems to know his overall coaching record. Can you help?