Jimmy Durkin

Jimmy Durkin is a sports writer for the Bay Area News Group.

  • hs school football

    Dj Falong where is that jamboree video @ I think I’m ready to watch it now hahaha reality set in and them boys got exposed . Lights were too bright . Better luck next yr. By the way did long or Beasley get 100 yds? I will answer that hell nooooo

  • Logan Alum

    Does it feel good to hit someone when there down Hs School Football? Logan was game, SRV was better. Hats off to them. 99 yds for Long, so your right, not 100 and 66 more from Beasley. The Logan running game was solid, and not the story of the game.

  • hs school football

    All I can say Logan alum is tell ur folks to stay humble on the blogs easier when u sneak up on people. Surprise attack.! I know it hurts.

  • sarpar

    Not sure it was Dj Falong that brought up the jamboree footage, but whoever it was deserves that comment. Maybe next time they’ll remember not to post preseason footage to show their teams dominance. I’ve said this whole season if Logan wanted respect, and to be the “elite program” some claimed them to be, it would have to be earned in the playoffs. SRV’s bad defense held Logan to 14 points. Better luck next year.

  • UC Rancher

    U guys r bunch a little children. Let me guess, u guys couldn’t make it n high school football. Either u warmed the bench or wasn’t good 2 make the team as a player so u had 2 be “stat” boy and hold the clipboard. I know u guys have a lot of time on your hands( unemployment & still live at ya mama’s house) so, u have nothing better 2 do but be on the computer all day live your dreams through high school football players cause u couldn’t make back n your hey day. U guys got all butt hurt when Logan supporters like myself would come on the blog get excited about the team. I bleed red & black and support my team no matter the success or disappointments. I’ll be doing the same come next season chumps.

  • Dj falong

    Hs football you got that one and I will advise you if I was coaching that game logan would.ve won. The rb,s did there job the coaches failed anddid not exploit srv weakness. You can have fun now but my kid is better than yours. Sounds like something you would say lol. Good luuck with the rest of your picks.

  • hs school football

    Wow I jus wanted u to know that u play in a weak league and as a team Logan was overrated . Hahaha will u be at the Pitt Dela game to watch a couple of real teams?? Probaley not. Good luck next yr. See u at the jamboree

  • th3ryza

    Not gonna make any excuses. But I will say this, I do hope Logan does put together a stronger non-league schedule now that the contracts they had with teams they played 2 years in a row should expire. Hopefully the entire MVAL gets stronger next year to get the playoff teams battle tested. 2 weeks off and having to face a talent like kline along with a team full of talent that boasts that they’re the current top team behind DLS in the EBAL. Logan obviously showed that they weren’t ready. I’m excited for next year as most of the playmakers on this team should be returning. Jones and Leapaga I believe are seniors. This is pretty much the same team that got ousted by Pitt in the playoffs last year, that will be returning next season.

  • hsfootball

    it seemed like the logan’s oline could not pick up the blitz. also, there was no passing game for logan. quick short passes would have probably worked. logan rb’s did exceptional, but i thought they would do better with srv’s not so strong run defense. i was expecting a big game from long. beasley did really well, even with less touches and yardage. logan’s secondary and pass defense was exposed. i’m sure they will compete next year. how competitive, is the question. heard the whole entire o-line and d-line are seniors? the mval league play did not get logan ready for the playoffs. good luck next year.

    at #8 – it was berkeley who took logan out of the playoffs in 2010. fyi.

  • UC Rancher

    On the d-line there’s only going be one returning starter. As for the O-line, there should b between 2 or 3 returning starters. Other than that, they basically have the same team back next year. Also, as I stated in a previously blog, they should bigger size wise next season. JV had about 6 lineman who were around 250 or bigger. So size should not be a problem when it comes to the trenches.

  • Prep Fan

    SRV was the #3 team in the EBAL this season behind DLS and MV. MV and SRV both finished the league season at 5-2 but MV beat SRV head to head, hence the #6 seed for MV and the #7 seed for SRV. That being said, I expect SRV to win this rematch on Saturday and make the trip to the Coliseum to face DLS in 2 weeks.

  • th3ryza

    #9/#11 Thanks for the corrections. I thought I saw it as a tie at least, since both teams have the same W/L within the league. Also because Cal did beat MV.

    As for the note about the linemen, I do believe that UC Rancher’s info is correct. Logan is notorious for having a small (I don’t know if I want to say undersized) offensive line. When I played as a junior in 2005-06, our Center was 5’8 180. our heaviest guy was 5’9 250. and our tallest guy was 6 flat, about 200.

    My senior year, our offensive line averaged around the weight of 220. With help to Blake Lebeau 6’5 260 coming up from JV. Everyone else was either 6 foot or under, 220 pounds or under, other than our 5’9 250 lineman returning. Rashad Evans’ line his senior year in 2007-08 was even smaller, their right guard was 5’6 ~180. And pretty much every other position than Lebeau’s got smaller. This year was similar, Jesse Leapaga was their best Dlineman, 5’9 260. If you watch a lot of Logan games in the past, the running game success often came off of guards and tackles pulling, and running around the corner, not through the trenches.

    As for pass defense, we don’t really get a good look until playoffs. And with ‘logan talent’, which is always speed; Most of our DBs were always under 6 foot and well under 200 pounds, some even 150 (rashad evans, dejon gomes, joshua neal, arturo raygoza, justin brooks, preston bradford, etc) and I believe it was the same case for this year. Logan often loses a lot of size when it comes to the passing game. One of the biggest reasons why Logan does dominate the MVAL quite often is because most of the time the defense is sprinting to the ball carrier. By the time playoffs come around, it’s a different story.

    Good luck to the rest of the teams in the playoffs. SRV/MV is going to be one hell of a game.

  • SRVfan

    Jimmy! Zach Kline is gatorade California player of the year. Thoughts?

  • Just saw the press release. Wow. He had a great year. No complaints on my part. Makes it a little strange now that he wasn’t the EBAL MVP, but I’m sure the fact that he was so good against Cal with Mark Tennis in the house didn’t hurt.

  • Prep Fan

    Kline was on fire that night all right. Anyone who saw some of those throws would have been duely impressed.

  • too bad

    … UC Rancher… Still think this yrs team was better than the 07- 08 team?

  • UC Rancher

    Yep. This year team ran into a buzzsaw n SRV.