2011 All-DFAL football

The 2011 All-Diablo Foothill Athletic League football team, as selected by the league’s coaches. We got this in the paper last week, but I forgot to post on the blog.

First Team
QB — Brett Stephens (Campolindo) Jr.; RB — Taylor Poyadue (Alhambra) Jr., Jake Villa (Las Lomas) Sr.; TE — Vince Graziano (Camp) Sr.; WR — Griffin Piatt (Camp) Sr., Karl Thorton (Camp) Sr., Jack Pietrykowski (Miramonte) Sr.; UTL — Ross Anderson (Miramonte) Sr.; C — Phil Rowley (Acalanes) Sr.; OL — Derrick Stom (LL) Jr., Stevie Rossi (Alh) Sr., Mitch Frentescu (LL) Sr., Aleksei VonDisterlo (Alh) Sr., Clint Jackman (Dublin) Sr.; P — Paul Nork (Aca) Sr.; K — Mitchell Howard (LL) Jr., Cookie Antezana (Camp) Jr.

Second Team
QB — Ross Anderson (Mira) Sr.; RB — Reiner Ebarle (Camp) Sr., Xavier Vaesau (Dougherty Valley) Sr.; TE — Brayton Milner (LL) Jr.; WR — Ardell Romez (LL) Sr., Artis Jones (Dub) Sr.; UTL — Major Stelly (Dub) Sr.; C — P.J. Everts (Dub) Sr.; OL — Danny Fox (Camp) Sr., Tyler Golub (Dub) Sr., C.J. Toohey (Camp) Jr., Kevin Camporeale (Aca) Jr.; P — Cory Thurman (Dub) Jr.

Honorable Mention
QB — Ed Achzieger (Dub) Sr.; RB — Carson Gardner (Aca) Sr.; WR — Robbie Ow (LL) Jr., Jabari Davis (Dub) Sr.; UTL — Mitchell Wilson (Alh) Sr., Micah Solit (Mira) Sr., Marshall Deutz (Mira) Jr.; C — Geordan Rogers (DV) Sr.; OL — Beau Davis (Mira) Sr., Jordan Boeder (Mira) Sr., Michael Brady (Aca) Sr., Sean Smith (Dub) Sr.

First Team
DL — Miotch Frentescu (LL) Sr., Derrick Stom (LL) Jr., Jaime Vega (Camp) Sr., Alex Cappa (Dub) Jr.; LB — Spencer Henderson (Aca) Sr., Vince Graziano (Camp) Sr., Zach Tucker (Dub) Sr., Justin Green (Alh) Sr., Adam Wood (LL) Jr.; DB — Griffin Piatt (Camp) Sr., Dan Fadelli (Camp) Sr., Karl Thornton (Camp) Sr., Jake Villa (LL) Sr.

Second Team
DL — Luke Carrillo (Mira) Sr., Nate MacDonald (Camp) Sr., Spencer Hollie (Dub) Jr., Stevie Rossi (Alh) Sr.; LB — Troy Ruckman (DV) Sr., Gabe Samaniego (Camp) Sr., Kelly McGonigle (Mira) Sr., Korey Lamberts (Alh) Sr.; DB — Artis Jones (Dub) Sr., Jabari Davis (Dub) Sr., Miles Honens (Mira) Sr., Kevin Booze (Mira) Sr.

Honorable Mention
DL — Micah Spalding (Mira) Jr., Gabe Newman (Aca) Jr., Buster Souza (Aca) So., Miguel Lara (Alh) Jr.; LB — Austin Larkin (DV) Jr., Jimmy Rojas (Dub) Sr., Joey Roticci (Mira) Sr., Nick Abramson (LL) Jr., Dennis Barber (Dub) Jr.; DB — J.J. Ewing (Camp) Jr., Kyle Hill (LL) Jr.

Jimmy Durkin

Jimmy Durkin is a sports writer for the Bay Area News Group.

  • FB Guru

    Congrat’s, but how come the DFAL doesn’t do POY for off and def?

  • redandblue2

    It likely would have been Griffin Piatt for both.

  • FB Guru

    He has had an awesome year.

  • Nfl

    FB guru 48 unanswered! What happen to miramonte offense only 14 pts? Ross is gone who is up next at qb for the mats?

  • Nfl

    Miraman cheap shot on banks during the p.a.t all you did was piss him off he kept his cool your tatics didnt work. Miraman who are you guys playing in non league? Miramonte ever gonna win ncs again?

  • Nfl

    Congrats to campo & coach macey great win saturday good luck this week! Stop the run make that qb beat you. Lets go eastbay!

  • DVAL Watcher

    Congrat’s ! Ross Anderson is an awful lot of fun to watch play. Love a QB with a set of wheels. Good Luck to Campo you guys have taken under dog to a new level. Las Lomas let Wood QB kids good. Concord train rolled in to the Creek and was just to much for the Knights Defense, gonna need to work on that. Ya need to get some speed . Just sayin 🙂

  • ManDown

    We are going to see how good Campo is this week against Cardinal Newman. CN defense is probably the best in the D-3 tourney and Campo has a pretty solid offense. This should be a good game if Campo can stop CN’s Rushing attack.

  • DRob16

    “Campo you guys have taken under dog to a new level”

    Underdog??? You do know they were the 3 seed, right? you do know they were 10-0 this year, right?

  • NFL,

    I saw the cheap shot you are referring to in the game where the kid hit Banks (who was holding on an extra point). I can tell you on good authority that it was just a kid doing something stupid. The kid that did it was a sub for an injured player – just didn’t know what he was doing or got excited or something. Miramonte coaches wouldn’t play dirty like that and parents wouldn’t stand for it if they did.

    In terms of Bo Banks, he seemed equally good in the Tam game, so I just think he’s that good!

    In terms of QB, we have a good backup and a good JV QB. We’ll have to see. I don’t think either will be a Ross Anderson, Drew Bennett or Ken Dorsey, but we will put a solid team on the field. Equally challenging are the large number of skill players that graduate.

    One last comment, POY:

    Offense- Bret Stephens, Campo
    Defense – Fredelli, Campo

  • Old Former Meddling Coach

    MiraMan, Glad that you can see it was not just hype. Didn’t see u at the 50 Yrd line though. Just kidding. I started walking when i saw the clock counting down. Miramonte is not bad team at all and Coach Schram is a Gentleman. No words for Jon Trodder? 🙂 Jet Pride!

  • OFMC,

    Encinal put it all together against Miramonte and looked great doing it. Banks’ talent is obvious as alot of what he does is in the open field (receiving, coverage, open field tackling). Trodder is a great back, but much of what he does is behind a great O-Line and great blocking. I just don’t know how good he would be without the support. He’d be very good, I just can’t tell how good.

    Miramonte had a great season with wins over alot of quality teams. Only losses to Encinal and Campo. And we did it with some serious holes in our game. Did you see the size of our linemen?? Our biggest lineman that played against Encinal is listed at 220, but probably wieghs 205-210 with pads on! Hell, your QB outweighed our bigget linebacker by 35 pounds! And limited running game to support Anderson. I’d have to say the coaches did a good job getting 10 wins with the material on hand and the kids certainly gave it all they had.

  • Old Former Meddling Coach

    Yes MiraMan I will agree with you on the quality of Play from the Matadors and the good season thea they had. On Banks… I had a chance to watch this young man come in when a freshman and he got better each year. Trodder also and keep in mind that most good backs run behind a good O-Line (exception Barry Sanders) Liked what i saw in Anderson but he needs to do speed training gotta get faster.Thanks for the word and as always.. Jet Pride!


    You do know they were picked by some really smart guys to come in last place in their league this year. RIGHT?? DA

  • ManDown

    Yes I agree that Banks is one of the best players in the bay area this year. I have seen him play just about every position for the Jets this year. He is what you call a big play maker.

  • VeeTee

    I’m an Encinal Grad and love reading about our Jets, but lets not turn every post into a Jet Pride showcase. Let the fans of the DFAL enjoy what these kids accomplished this year and congratulate them on making All League.

  • Old Former Meddling Coach.

    VeeTee, I couldn’t agree more. But..Jet Pride! 🙂

  • norcalfball

    who won the JV DFAL by the way..such a competitive league

  • redandblue2

    The Campolindo program is on an all time high right now. The freshman lost their first game of the season, way back on September 1. Since then, the Campo program has rattled off 32 wins in a row.

    To answer your question Norcalfball, the Campo JV went 10-0. The only league game that was close was the Dougherty Valley game @ 21-14. The average score this year was 35-10.