East Bay Boys Soccer Notes: WSC Preview, Rankings

The Winter Classic starts today. Who are the teams to beat?

Gold Bracket

Favorite: California

The Grizzlies have still not lost a match since the Division I NCS finals of the 2009-2010 season, so how can we go away from the defending EBAL and WSC champs? Palo Alto returns, and gave Cal a match last year, so look for a possible finals rematch there.
Newark Memorial and Logan, both ranked in the top 15, should be serious challengers as well, while Granada looks like it could be a solid side. The dark horse is Amador Valley. The Dons have a lot of talented youth and the only question is will they be very good right away, or will it take a little time.

Silver Bracket

Favorite: Acalanes

It’s hard to go away from a team that is ranked third in the entire East Bay and returns almost every starter. The Dons will not allow many goals, which is perfect tournaments such as this. I expect Acalanes in the finals.
Campolindo and Albany will provide the biggest challenges for Acalanes and I think it wouldn’t be a big a surprise if two of these three teams make the finals.
Alhambra, Dougherty Valley and Ygnacio Valley are all very talented teams. Alhambra is up and coming and the latter Valley’s are both on the verge of being very special programs. It wouldn’t surprise me to see any of these teams make a championship game run.
Antioch, usually a strong physical Division I team, could pose a challenge and reach the finals in this bracket.


Not to much change early on. Richmond climbs a couple of spots, while Albany drops to No. 12 after a loss to El Cerrito. Albany may have been missing some key guys, and in my opinion will still be a major threat and a possible top five team by season’s end.

1. De La Salle (0-0-0)
2. San Ramon Valley (0-0-0)
3. Acalanes (0-0-0)
4. Clayton Valley (0-0-0)
5. Richmond (1-0-0)
6. California (2-0-1)
7. Dublin (2-0-0)
8. Campolindo (0-0-0)
9. Newark Memorial (3-1-0)
10. Mt. Eden (2-0-1)
11. Livermore (1-0-0)
12. Albany (0-1-0)
13. Berkeley (1-1-0)
14. Pittsburg (0-1-0)
15. Logan (1-0-2)

Others considered: Deer Valley (0-0-0), Bishop O’Dowd (0-0-0), Hayward (1-1-0), Ygnacio Valley (1-0-0), College Park (1-0-1), Pinole Valley (0-0-0), Granada (2-0-1), Dougherty Valley (1-0-2), San Lorenzo (0-1-1), Monte Vista (0-0-1).

Matt Smith

  • bsalsoccer

    Yeah, Albany was missing its 3 best players who play for Santa Clara Sporting 93B (best team in CA, #4 in nation) The addition of Borges, Ahmadi, and Alvarez will have dramatic changes on the squad

  • DFAL#1

    Hey Matt is there a link to the website for the tournament?

  • Matt Smith
  • DFAL#1

    You’re the man!

  • BSAL Coach

    Just a small heads up about the BSAL changes:

    Albany’s prior coach has stepped down this year. From his mouth they lost their two top players from Santa Clara Sporting, including Gabriel Borges.

    Kennedy’s prior coach has stepped down. and they have lost a lot of Seniors.

    Encinal’s new coach is very good and they may make a small run in the conference.

    St. Mary’s returns a lot of young players who are raw but quite good. Senior gk, cb, and forward are all out.

    Piedmont lost 3 of it’s back 4 but return a gk who posted 6 shutouts, one being a 2-0 win against Albany before the tourney. They are returning their entire front 5.

    Should be fun to see how this league goes. It’s between Albany, Piedmont and St. Mary’s for the top three again, I think St. Mary’s may take #1.

  • Rory

    You show us with a 1-0 record and we haven’t played a game yet…only a SCRIMMAGE with Campolindo.
    Rory Gentry

  • cokito

    Matt, who did Clayton Valley play?

  • Matt Smith

    For some reason, I thought I saw a 2-0 result for Clayton Valley against Antioch. I will remove it. Looking at the schedule now, I see it was YV.

    Thanks for the BSAL info, BSAL coach. That really helps and explains things. I will adjust my rankings accordingly going forward. I know Marques Dillard is coaching at Kennedy, so that should really help them.
    Sounds like Piedmont and St. Mary’s might be the top two teams.

  • cokito

    Kudos to Kitamba Douglas for his work at Albany for the last few years.
    He consistently produced high quality teams, and mentored his players on the field and in the classroom. This is a thankless, life-consuming and grossly underpaid job; Ko did it with class, with intelligence and with great purpose.

  • Matt Smith

    I will miss Ko. If anyone knows who the new Albany coach is and how I can reach them, I would appreciate it. You can email me info at mhsmith78@gmail.com.

  • cokito

    I think it is Benjy Toczynski.

  • DFAL#1

    Albany 3 Livermore 1
    Campolindo 4 Irvington 0
    Miramonte 3 piedmont 1
    Las lomas 2 northgate 0

  • Tack

    Dublin 3 – 0 Hayward

    0-0 at halftime but the second half found Dublin’s defense holding its own while Hayward started to slow down. Hayward played great and should be a favorite to win their league due to fast forwards and dynamic mids. However the defense needs a little fixing but then again it is early on; I’m sure they’ll come around by the start of league.

  • natural righty

    Granada 2 James Logan 0.

    Logan was outplayed and outshot.

  • natural righty

    Saw the Livermore game against Albany. Livermore stinks.
    They wish they had all of those academy players back. They will finish dead last in EBAL.

  • Bench Warmer

    Cal 3 Newark 0.

    Cal pressed all night and Newark did not really put any offensive threats together. First night Cal had all of its players back from club. Newark has a couple of very solid players and their defense was tough in the first half. After the first goal though early in the second half they had a tough time.

  • soccer fan

    Cal 3 Newark 0

    Was a very one sided game Newark only really had 1 maybe 2 decent chances the entire game.Cal looked very good with all of their players returning from club.

  • Soccer2014

    I have a question about the Winter Classic tournament. In the Gold Division, there are 4 teams in Group A and 4 teams in Group B. I would have thought the 4 Group A teams would play each other and the 4 Group B teams would play each other, and then the winners of the two groups would play in the finals. On Tuesday and Thursday the games are like that, with Group A teams playing against Group A teams and Group B teams playing against Group B teams, but on Monday night Group A teams played against Group B teams. Does anyone know why this is?

  • AnyGivenDay

    Matt, it was Antioch who beat YV on November 22nd in Antioch, but looks like you have the result the other way around.

  • Matt Smith

    Thanks for the info on Antioch against YV. Not sure what the heck is wrong with me, but I’ll figure it out sooner or later. That’s gonna change the rankings next week. Apologies to Antioch.

  • Matt Smith

    Soccer2014, good point on the WSC. Not sure how the format works, but what you said makes sense.

  • El Pata

    re: WSC Brackets

    Looks like it was done to allow the EBAL teams in the gold groups to avoid each other. At just a glance anyhow.

  • Shinguard

    Keep an eye on Alhambra some good talent and good coaching. They will be a factor in league play.

  • DFAL#1

    Livermore v Campo tonight. Who do you have?

  • AnyGivenDay

    Haven’t seen either team yet, but gotta go with Campo at this time.

  • Matt Smith

    I’d have to say Campo.

  • DFAL#1

    They need to max point against Livermore to keep the lead in that group. They may end up playing acalanes alittle earlier than expected…

  • Soccer lover

    Granada ahead 4-2 against Newark. With the win over Logan last night should seem Granada should sure be ranked Matt.

  • Soccer lover

    Granada 5. Newark 2

  • Look out for Amador Valley.
    Tied Acalanes 1-1 in scrimmage.
    Beat American 7-0 in scrimmage.
    Beat San Leandro 2-0 with 10 players (red card)
    Beat Palo Alto 5-0.
    14 Seniors
    4 Sophmores.
    They are big and fast

  • natural righty

    Livermore spanked again 3-0 by Campo.

    Granada wins 5-2 over NM

  • DFAL#1

    Is that an Acalanes v Campo match-up I smell for saturday???

  • AnyGivenDay

    It does like Acalanes vs Campo in Silver final.

    Saw Antioch lose to Alhambra 2-0. The last goal came in final two minutes with Antioch down a player due to a red card, but doesn’t look like Antioch will have enough to get it done against Acalanes on Thursday.

    In one bracket, Alhambra and Dougherty Valley should finish second and third in there group with final standings dependent on Thursday’s results. On the other side, it looks like Albany vs Las Lomas winner will take second with a slight chance of reaching the championship.

  • Matt Smith

    Granada has my respect and probably will crack the top 15 at the end of the week.

  • DFAL#1

    It looks like at least 3 of the 4 teams that will be either in the consoles or the finals will come from the DFAL league. They remain to be that top league. Any arguments?

  • Matt Smith

    The DFAl is certainly one of the top two leagues, without an argument. The argument for the DFAL and the EBAL as the top league in the East Bay is a very intriguing one and it is one I plan on diving into as things unfold this season.
    Right now, though, the DFAL looks stronger than it has been since I’ve been doing this.

  • AnyGivenDay

    Alhambra looked better than expected last night. Athletic, quick, very attack-minded as well. Might cause trouble for some teams in DFAL this year. Seems like a strong league.

  • Tack

    Dublin 4 – 0 Moreau

    Messy game, with the annual suggestion that Moreau needs to shell out the money for a turf field.

  • MoreauFan2

    Yeah Tack I believe we are in the process of trying to get that done asap. Hopefully in a couple years it will get done, it still needs to be financially approved but its coming!

  • Soccer925

    What about the tri-valley tournament? Any interesting matches?

  • Tack

    MoreauFan2 that’s great to hear! I saw a lot of potential tonight ruined by divits and mud so I can’t wait to see how they compete once they have a nice smooth surface.

  • Matt Smith

    Tri-Valley Challenge

    Thursday, Dec 1st
    At Monte Vista HS
    5:30 pm – San Ramon v. Castro Valley
    7:30 pm – Monte Vista v. Pittsburgh
    At Berkeley High
    4 pm – Deer Valley v. Clayton Valley
    6 pm – Berkeley v. College Park

    Saturday, Dec. 3rd (SAT Test Date)
    At San Ramon Valley HS
    1 pm – San Ramon v. College Park
    3 pm – Monte Vista v. Deer Valley
    At Berkeley High
    1 pm – Pittsburgh v. Clayton Valley
    3 pm – Berkeley v. Castro Valley

    Thursday, Dec 8th
    At San Ramon Valley HS
    4 pm – Monte Vista v. Clayton Valley
    6 pm – San Ramon v. Pittsburgh
    At Berkeley High
    4 pm – Castro Valley v. College Park
    6 pm – Berkeley v. Deer Valley

    Saturday, Dec. 10th
    At San Ramon Valley
    1:00pm – Pittsburgh v. Castro Valley
    3:00 pm – San Ramon v. Clayton Valley
    At Monte Vista
    12 noon – Deer Valley v. College Park
    2 pm – Berkeley v. Monte Vista

  • dfaldad

    Look at for Miramonte. They will be the dark horse in Dfal. Expect big things from them

  • DFAL#1

    Well the word just in:

    Campo vs Dougherty Valley in the finals
    Alhambra vs Las Lomas in the consolation

    No acalanes..? Hmm

  • PirateAlumni

    Pittsburg Vs Monte Vista ends with a 2-2 tie.
    Referee blew a penalty call in the late minutes favoring Pittsburg.

  • natural righty

    Granada 2 Palo Alto 0

  • Bench Warmer

    looks like Cal Granada final for Gold Div. My view is that Cal is the team to beat in looking at the scores across the table. Made the Cal/Logan game tonight. Not much of a game. Cal dominated early and often. 4-0 at half. Logan was pushing in the end but too little too late………4-1 final. Amador lost to NM. I am sure they will bounce back.

  • EbalDad

    Tri Valley Challenge Scores

    San Ramon 2- Castro Valley 0
    Pittsburgh 2 -Monte Vista 2

  • SoccerCheckValve

    I agree with Bench Warmer,I attended the Granada-Palo Alto game tonight. Granada’s squad plays with heart, the skill level lacks in comparison to what I witnessed Monday night….Cal vs. Newark. Could possibly be a lopsided game. I do agree Matt, Granada should probably crack the top 15….however will struggle against the top tier teams.

  • Aztecfan

    Tei-Valley Challange Scores

    Clayton Valley 1 – Deer Valley 1
    Berkeley 1 – College Park 1