2011 All-BFL football

The 2011 All-Bay Football League team, as selected by the league’s coaches.

Co-Most Valuable Offensive Players
RB Logan Lisle (Berean Christian) Sr.
RB Marcial Malic (Salesian) Sr.

Co-Most Valuable Defensive Players
LB Zach Parella (Valley Christian) Sr.
DB Marcial Malic (Salesian) Jr.

Lineman of the Year
OL/DL Freddie Tagaloa (Sal) Sr.

First team

QB — Garrett Anderson (Berean Christian) Jr., Nick Boyett (Sal) Sr.; Alex Wozniak (VC) Sr.; RB — Luke Miner (BC) Sr.; Brian Freeman (CSD) Jr.; Anthony Grant (VC) Sr.; Michael Page (Sal) Jr.; WR — Tyler Charrette (BC) Sr.; Conrad Baer (CSD) Sr.; Steven La (CSD) Sr.; Edward Bailey (Emery) Sr., Jerry Martin (E) Sr.; Travis Earby (Sal) Sr.; TE — Joey Marchini (Sal) Sr.; C — Adam Brissey (VC) Sr.; OL — Ofa Santos (Sal) Sr., Andrew Aqua (VC) Sr.; Nate Frias (Sal) Sr., Chris Boyett (Sal) Sr., Juan Salcedo (St. Elizabeth) Sr., Daniel Keefe (BC) Sr., Shawn Benvante (CSD) Sr., Tim Curry (Sal) Sr.; UTL — Frank Stephens (SE) Sr.

Second team

RB — Avi Maldonado (SE) Sr., Howard Wikle (VC) Jr.; WR — Tyrone Morgan (Sal) So.; OL — Josh Kinkela (BC) Sr., Max Ness (VC) Sr., Jordan Kray (CSD) Sr., Kevin Wnek (CSD) Sr., Antonio Duran (E) Jr., Baron Brown (E) Fr., Darrell Thomas (E) So., Tristan Castle (Sal) So.

Honorable mention

QB — Aaron Nicholson (SE) Jr.; OL — Cody Stewart (CSD) Sr.

First team

DL — Luke Miner (BC) Sr.; Shawn Benvante (CSD) Sr.; Ofa Santos (Sal) Sr.; Nate Frias (Sal) Sr., Tim Curry (Sal) Sr.; Chris Boyett (Sal) Sr., Juan Salcedo (SE) Sr.; LB — Ricky Arias (BC) Sr., Johnny Morales (CSD) So., Joey Marchini (Sal) Sr.; Royce Raffanelli (Sal) Sr.; Dell Lyles (Sal) So., Brian Freeman (CSD) Jr., Jerry Martin (E) Sr.; DB — Sam Ludden (VC) Sr. Travis Earby (Sal) Sr., Michael Page (Sal) Jr.; S — Edward Bailey (E) Sr.

Second team

DL — Ethan Anderson (BC) So., Zepsi Prader (CSD) Sr., Patrick Hall (E) Sr., Darrell Thomas (E) So., Tristan Castle (Sal) So.; LB — Trevor Thomas (Sal) Sr.,; Baron Brown (E) Sr., Cole Temple (BC) So.; DB — Trevor Donahu (Sal) Sr., Erinco Harmount (CSD) Jr., Tyron Morgan (Sal) So., Jawian Harrison (Sal) So., Eeron Grant (VC) Sr.; FS — Josh Lopez (BC) Sr.

Honorable mention

DL — Connor Cabral (BC) Jr., Paul Padilla (CSD) Jr., Darius Powell (SE) Jr.; LB — Clayton Temple (BC) Sr., Vince Volpatti (VC) So.; S — Theman Taylor (VC) So.

Jimmy Durkin

Jimmy Durkin is a sports writer for the Bay Area News Group.

  • SalesianDad

    Malic is probably one of the top players in the Bay this year, but gets overshadowed because Salesian’s schedule is so weak he never gets the chance to play a full game. Salesian is constantly blowing out their apponent, so he is usually sitting the 2nd half. He’s only played about 4 full games and those were all their toughest games. Inderkum, Mack, and Kennedy. All of which were stellar performances. Anyway, congratulations to all the Salesian players and coaches on a perfect regular season.

  • Dublin FB Fan

    I agree, Malic is one of the Top FB players I have seen the last 2 years. I wish people would stop talking about the BFL as a league and its schedule. NCS finals possibly 3 years in a row. They are obviously beating the better teams in the playoffs right? There are some quality players in this league and 4 very solid teams. I went to both VC/Salesian games, hoping to see a dog fight.(No disrepect to BC, but I heard LL was not 100%, so I figured Salesian would win easily) What I witnessed is Salesian playing its best players the entire game on Off/Def/SpecTeams, which is typical for highschool football, while VC played arguably their 4 best Athletes on one side of the ball (Offense) and did not use them. Even the playoff game VC had it’s 2 best players watching from the sideline on defense, while Malic ran like an MVP. I am glad I only paid 9 dollars, because I would have asked the VC coaches for my money back! I hope Salesian wins NCS and I would love to see them play against the top team from SoCal in state. But oh well!

  • Prep Fan

    Hey Dublin FB Fan, how about that double OT 49-42 Dublin win over CP last week? That was one heck of a game. Tough one for CP to lose, but a great game to watch. I definitely got my $9 worth for that game. Good luck to the Gaels this week vs. Windsor.

  • See, the BFL isn’t so bad, probably better than the EBAL. After all, 139 of 151 players in the BFL made all league. Only 11 injured players and the back up punter from St. Liz did not make at least honorable mention.

    Seriously, the list strikes me as a bit of 10 year old soccer, everyone gets a participation trophy. There are obviously some errors there; I saw most of the Salesian games, Santos almost never played defense, Frias almost never, if ever, played offense. And three first team QB’s – really? And one of them isn’t the kid Lopez from CSD? It would be nice to know who really were the standouts instead of watering down the distinctions with so many players.

  • Dublin FB Fan

    Pride Baller.

    I agree. How many guys can actually be all league?
    Definnetly and insult. When I read the list I just shook my head.

    Not too many leagues close to the EBAL, but give credit where credit to due, there are some excellent coaches in that conference. (Players are not bad either!)

    Prep Fan. I went to the Dublin game right after I left Richmond. Man what a game! I got my moneys worth and I was so proud of the Dublin team. I feel bad for CP, but I am happy for Dublin. No that is what HS sports is all about!

    I cant make the drive to Windsor, but will be online if our friends have the live blog.

    I wish Dublin all the best and I hope they win!

  • Dublin FB Fan:

    thanks for visiting us down here in the low rent D-IV district. We don’t get many guests from DIII or above.

  • Dublin FB Fan

    Pride Baller. It’s a pleasure.
    I just happen to know most of the Dublin football players at VC and DHS from their peewee football days and I have been following them since they were all Freshman.

    I do follow all East Bay Divisions as its my dream to see as many EBay ballers get scholarships to play in college!

    I hope I am around to see the day when San Jose, Cal, Stanford and Fresno St are battling for players right here in the EBay.

  • Prep Fan

    Pride Baller, I don’t think the BFL quite had 159 all leaguers but it was close. They had 47 players make 1st team all league or one of the MVP awards. For a league of just 6 teams, that is almost 8 per team.

    As a comparison, the weak EBAL has 8 teams and just 25 1st team all leaguers or MVPs for an average of just over 3 per team.

    DFAL – 30 1st team spots for 7 teams or just over 4 per team.

    DVAL – 29 for 6 teams or almost 5 per team.

    MVAL – 28 for 7 teams or 4 per team.

    BVAL – 33 for 6 teams or 5.5 per team.

    HAAL – 32 for 8 teams or 4 per team.

    I’m not sure why there is no uniformity as to how all league teams are chosen, but it is clear that most of the good athletes are from the BFL 🙂 as they have more than twice as many all leaguers per team than the EBAL. It is not as bad as participation trophies for soccer, but all league clearly means different things in different leagues.

    Congrats to all the all league selections (1st, 2nd & HM) for all the leagues as all that hard work has not gone unnoticed.

  • guest2

    When will ACCAL all league be published?

  • Prep Fan

    I still haven’t seen the ACCAL, but I did see the OAL & BSAL and they both had just 24 first team spots or MVP awards. The OAL is 6 teams for an average of 4 per team, and the BSAL is 8 teams for an average of just 3 per team.

    Every league does this differently. Some have just one pick for each position, and others have up to 3 or 4 QBs or RBs. I understand that the RBs and QBs are some of the best athletes around, but when every starter makes all league it does tend to water down the awards.

  • thedude

    Lineman of the year is that a new award?

  • BFL Watcher

    With due respect for Salesian, a great team, does practically every one of their starters deserve first team O and D? Highly doubtful as there are definite holes on that team. Those are the numbers that skew the BFL all-league compared to other leagues and detract from the kids, both Salesian and others (there are other great athletes in the league outside of Salesian-shocking as that seems) that deserve the recognition.

  • sideliner

    Lineman of the Year is new.Im sure the league was looking for a way to recognize Freddie for his play over the last couple of years.
    You have to admit he has been a force.Other than when they lost last year to St Pats and he was across the line from Delgado(their matchup was a draw)he has pretty much owned his side.
    Either way he deserves an award! Congratulations to all of the All League players!

  • thedude

    Hey Jimmie still havent heard from the Commishhh on releasing the all ACCAL?

  • I just e-mailed him again to request it, but nope, still haven’t received it.