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Jon Becker

  • FB Guru


    Ankle weights!

  • Voice of Reason

    Congratulations Junior for winning today’s I don’t have a clue award.

    Don’t know what I was thinking trying to reason with a mental midget with a keyboard…….

  • junior

    tsk tsk, voice. hate to lose an argument, heh?

    let me know when you have that “structural advantage” thing worked out.

    FB Guru has a very good solution- that is what we need- some creativity.

  • redandblue2

    Hate to say it Junior, but your the one with egg on your face.

  • suckafree415

    encinal losing Tenorio will ruin that program….hope this isnt true, i love that playoff rivalry with Encinal and my MC Cats…..its amazing what he does with that small roster

  • S1lverngreen

    @ 105,
    I agree with you, Coach T leaving would hurt that program significantly.

  • junior

    Lets put the food away, stop making excuses, quit whining and get back to talking about HS athletics.

  • OSU

    Juinor, Silvergreen

    No one is challenging Lad and his staff or DLS dominance, just trying once to get you all to admit they have a huge advantage over the publics, last I checked a football is an odd shape, the ball bounces funny, turnovers happen and the better team loses. However when the talent level is so grossly out of whack then the loss never happens. Take your favorite college team, let them recruit accross the country and make every other college recruit from a 10 mile radius. I bet your college has a nice winning streak coming it’s way. Just admit it for once, that’s all were asking.

  • s1lverngreen

    Sure OSU…feel better now? can we move on now? i am sure if the Spartans win on Saturday the same tired a$$ statements (DLS has unfair advantage,recruits, no boundaries, wah! wah, wah!) will show up again…

  • junior

    As soon as you admit moreau,Bently and Miramonte water polo have the same advantage.

  • Just got the word on the HAAL next year:
    A: B-High, SL, CV, Encinal, Hayward, BOD
    B: Alameda, Arroyo, Tennyson, Piedmont, Mt. Eden, SLZ

    I believe that Encinal would play Alameda in the Non league & Serra. Pretty big step up in schedule for Encinal.

  • Prep Fan

    I must not be up on my water polo Junior. Is Bently a force in D5? I’m surprised they even had a team as it is a pretty small school, but they are in the Lamorinda corridor there where water polo is important. I’m not sure what water polo that has to do with DLS having good talent in football every year as opposed to the fluctuations that publics go through, but there must be some connection or you wouldn’t keep bringing it up like you do the SJS schools that have different demographics than the East Bay and the smaller private schools except for DLS.

  • OSU, Notre Dame recruits across the country with some high powered high school programs, they have not had the success they we used to since Lou Holtz left. Could coaching have something to do with that? You bet! The advantage DLS has over most publics is conditioning, tradition, coaching, motivation , smart players on the field and the classroom(that keeps you on the team folks) and Brotherhood. It isn’t a mystery, it just is very difficult to duplicate. It’s more of a college approach mentality to the game.

  • voice of reason- if you went to Moreau then act like it. You are banging on DLS supporters and alumni with some strong insulting sarcasism. If you know Edison, ask him. He is going to tell you the same thing everyone else close to the program tells you.
    As for Mira water polo, your point well made, however Mira swimming recruited for years. My neighbors had 2 daughters go to Mira from West County for swimming. Over half the Pinole Seals swim team went there, inter- district transfers. Mira brought in football players in the past also- Dorsey for one.
    Moreau had only success with Brangston at half years back. Look at their “recruiting area, Hayward, Castro Valley, San Lorenzo, San Leandro, Freemont, Irvington, Mission San Jose, East Oakland. Is that a large enough population geo area for ya? Moreau didn’t develop successful football because of a average program with average coaching. If other schools were plucking off Moreau’s talent pool, then other schools in the rich haven of Contra Costa County would be plucking off DLS talent pool also.

  • Prep Fan

    Moreau is a D4 school with less than 900 total students, and they play in the HAAL with D1 schools like San Leandro & Castro Valley that have roughly 3 times as many students. That is not exactly a recipe to build a football dynasty like DLS has done and continues to maintain. Sure, they could be much better than they have been, but the DLS situation being the only large private in a huge geographical area is just unique and comparing them to schools like Moreau just isn’t apples to apples.

  • lol

    Encinal has been feasting on the terrible BSAL for so long, let’s see how they do against some competition now!

  • OSU


    You missed the analogy or perhaps you just didn’t want to see it. Notre Dame does recruit across the country but so does everyone else. Very different than that DLS situation. Have Every other college draw only from a ten mile radius and let Notre Dame recruit anywhere, that coach at Notre Dame would sure get better fast, we would be amazed and all the Notre Dame fans would say it’s coaching!

  • Believe it or not I actually feel bad for Encinal and BOD. I mean, the new A League puts the D3 teams at a real disadvantage. I agree with realignment, but I think they overdid it with the good team/bad team thing. It would have made more sense to realign the Bayshore including MVAL more by size. Create a Bayshore D1 league by getting Logan out of their undersized league and in a league with Berkeley, SL, CV, Irv, Mission SJ. Then a couple of D2/D3 leagues with Newwark, Washington, BOD, Encinal, Pinole Valley in some configuration. Then a D3 league with Tennyson, El Cerrito, Hercules, Kennedy-Rich…then a small team league. Obviously, you’d have to fool around with it to get Salesian in a tough enough league and figure out what to do with some of the weak teams, but it would be better than what they’ve done.

  • concrete17

    Voice of Reason/Mira Man Part 1
    Many good points re: quality and tradition of Lamorinda aquatics. I can only speak from personal experience. It seems your point is that your concern is that because DLS has student-athletes from beyond the Concord area that gives them an unfair advantage or turned on its head an unfair disadvantage for “local” schools like Campo or Mira which draw from within a much smaller area.
    Maybe, but as late as a year ago the Acalanes Union School district was still allowing inter district transfers. Both my niece and nephew who live in the northern edge of the Las Lomas High School district attended school at Campo for both their 4 yrs (no crime in that, it was legal). For both of them the commute was almost 30 minutes from their front door via BART & bus to school. Both wanted to go to Campo because they swam with the Club swim team that practices at the pool located at the Campolindo campus. In no uncertain terms it was made clear that the kids who wanted to swim in Club relays would be the kids who also attended Campo or Miramonte.
    Granted, the Acalanes Union School district is not be as big an area as the area from where DLS draws from but a commute is a commute to go to a particular school not closest to your home…..not sure how you are defining local (maybe along the lines of being a little bit pregnant?)

  • concrete17

    Voice of Reason/Mira Man Part 2
    On a more personal level my son played Lamorinda WP from 7th-9th grade. Greatest coaches, incredible teammates and fine parents. (If you want to be your best you work & learn from the best) He also swam rec starting when he was 10 yrs. Again we can talk about local Lamorinda kids which the vast majority are. But beginning in the fall of his 8th grade year the question of where he would be attending high school was brought up by the some of the coaches of the Club team. He was attending Parochial school in Berkeley and we live in Oakland. Two of the other boys in his age group also lived in Oakland or Berkeley. Some of the coaches suggested it would be easier to train with the Club if our son was attending a high school closer to the team practices. (Definitely could see the logic in that) Several of the parents had suggestions on how to transfer out of the OUSD
    such as which classes were only available at Campo, Mira or even Acalanes. In the end he went to the same high school, DLS that two of his other cousins and one uncle attended. He now attends (and swims) at a Div-1 school on an academic scholarship.
    One of the other two boys did make the transfer into the Acalanes Union District.
    (Again no problem from my pov; I’m all for open districts) Great academics & good athletics ….a win-win situation,
    Please just don’t wrap yourself in this fair-unfair, local-nonlocal soapbox. Like most parents on this board (if you are a parent) you want the best for your kids….even if it requires great sacrifices.

  • S1lverngreen

    Nice posts concrete17…thank you.


    Different year, same tired arguments.

  • Concrete- good comments. Interesting that none of the publics recruit until the facts start pouring out.

  • Junior

    It is clear that the great leaders and coaches are able to build great programs. Almost all high schools have the opportunity to excell. The fact that so few high school programs can consistently excel demonstrates how difficult it is to do. Let’s applaud and try to emulate the few that can do it instead of simply explaining they must have cheated or have a “structural advantage”.

    Did it dawn you they are just better than the rest at what they do? It happens in business. Quit wasting time finding excuses as to why they are great. Instead do a better job of building your program as the great ones did.

  • O’Dowd should be fine they have 3 levels & over 100 kids in their program. They can be in a D-1 league. Hasyward I don’t know I heard they had 2 levels but are going back to 3 levels so I guess their numers are buiding.

  • #118 I absolutely agree withe your purposed leagues. Look at the great job the Valley conference has done with the DFAL, EBAL, DVAL, matching up schools per size. It seems like that makes too much sense for the POwers that be in the Bay Shore Conference. I still can’t beleive that after all this time they haven’t thought it would make enough sense to have Logan, B-High, San Leandro, CV ect. in the same league. JFK Fremont all by itself no other D3 schools in tis league for years.

  • Prep Fan

    Big Joe @123, are you insinuating that public schools recruit and private schools don’t? That’s an angle I hadn’t heard before. I know you didn’t mention private schools recruiting but I have seen enough posts on here from many different posters to know that no private school would ever recruit. They don’t need to, and I have been one to accept that. But I guess some public schools do as “the facts start pouring out”. Interesting.