NCS Division I championship to air on CSNBA

Got the official release today that the North Coast Section Division I title game between De La Salle and San Ramon Valley will air live on Comcast SportsNet Bay Area at 3:30 p.m. on Saturday.

Good crew in the booth too, with Roxy Bernstein and Mike Pawlawski up top being assisted by Dapper Dan Dibley on the sideline. It will re-air Monday, Dec. 12 at 4:30 p.m. on CSN California and then Tuesday, Dec. 13 at 3 p.m. on CSNBA. It will also be available On Demand.

Ben Enos

  • s1lverngreen

    The irony of Mike P calling a game with two futures Cal bears on each side of the ball…

  • mvalfan

    i heard Del Oro wants to move up to D2 for the state game even though they won the D3 section in sjs. does anyone know if they would be able to do that? i thought you couldnt move around ie mac last year. their only loss is to westlake and the are in maxpreps national top 25 could they steal a bid from windsor or vacaville?

  • sarpar

    They are a DII team. SJS DII+DIII playoff brackets both qualify for DII SBG.

  • Prep Fan

    MVALfan, Del Oro does not have a choice. They are forced to go D2 for the bowl selections even though they played D3 in SJS this year, just like Mack was forced to go D2 last year. Same with Salesian this year, as they played D4 in NCS and would have to go D3 for a bowl appearance. It is set out prior to the season. Unfortunately, the various sections have their own ideas how to organize their playoffs, and they do not always match up with the divisions the bowl committee is using.

  • sarpar

    Also SJS’s representative apparently called Vacaville after their win over Folsom to basically tell them the only chance Vacaville has at a SBG is if SRV beats DLS.

  • Prep Fan

    “So you’re telling me there’s a chance”


  • mvalfan

    so with del oro up, and assuming srv loses to de la, and it came down to windsor and del oro who would get it

  • Prep Fan

    Windsor has done everything they could this year, but their schedule just doesn’t measure up to Del Oro’s schedule. Del Oro would be a lock and there probably wouldn’t be much discussion.

  • hsfootball

    any news on the holiday bowl selections and venue???

  • sarpar

    The fact that Del Oro would probably get the open, should DLS lose, tells you all you need to know about Windsor’s chances. If DO got the Open, Vacaville would probably be next in line for DII. Although DO+Vacaville both have a loss, they played much tougher schedules.

  • San Ramon fan

    I (and many others) would like to know who made the brilliant decision to let a private school like delasalle into our public BVAL league?
    The private schools with their high paid coaching staffs and the ability to recruit athletes from all around, essentially paying them since they attend with no tuition
    (or drastically reduced) in many cases.
    How is this a level playing field?
    Why are they not in a league of similar private schools that are all around the Bay Area?

  • concrete17

    San Ramon Fan……please step away from the keyboard, put your hands on your head and take a deep breath.
    Obviously this is your first time to this board before you reinvent the wheel for the brazilianth time…check the archives even in the last 30 days let alone the last 20 years and you will find a wealth of answers beyond anything you ever imagined. You might want to start with which league you are discussing, EBAL perhaps?

  • KSee

    San Ramon Fan..The NCS broke up the CAL (all catholic teams) back in 1986. DLS was in the CAL and was against the breakup of this league. NCS’s postion was that the teams had to play in the same geographical area (everyone knew this wasn’t the reason as the catholic schools in the CAL paid for the transporation not the state!). The reality was DLS was getting a lot of positive press so the NCS threw them in to a league with schools that had larger populations then DLS (and Carondelet). With that said, its the intangibles that DLS brings that most will never fully understand and thus the frustration as most cannot comprehend the success. That is not intended as a boastful or demeaning statement..simply a fact.

  • Prep Fan

    So you’re saying the NCS broke up the old CAL in 1986 in an attempt to lessen the positive press that DLS had been getting? Now I have heard it all.

  • The BVAL wanted DLS. After awhile, they put a rule in for another BVAL team to win the league and thus advance to playoffs, with DeLa advancing as long as they won 5 games. The EBAL wanted DLS. Now that they can’t beat them in football, the parents and bloggers of football want them out. The other sports teams don’t want them out, since DLS and Carondelet bring more excellent competition to the league and they are not dominating in the other sports. So have another EBAL football champ like the BVAL did, and move DLS to the playoffs if they get 5 wins.
    This still won’t solve the NCS playoff dominance. So give someone else the NCS crown and move DLS to the Northern California playoff instead. The WCAL and SJS teams will like that, the new NCS champ without DLS doesn’t get to go to this game, let them petition for a DIV 3 or 4 state bowl instead, they could petition down before the season starts, if their population of school is too large, split the school and start a charter to get under the enrollment rule. Now the other NCS div 1 teams can be happy and go to state.
    They will ultimately get spanked at state in the lower bowls by other structural Catholic powers, St. Bonny, Serra Gardena, John Bosco, etc.