Live blog today: De La Salle vs. San Ramon Valley in Div. I title game, 3:30 p.m.

Jon Becker

  • If DLS practiced all year round, I believe someone would have exposed it, this is the era of cell phones, cameras and the Internet. As in, nowhere to hide. THey lift weights year round and obviously football is their life, but i dont see how any more repetitions of the basic offense (veer) would make any difference. It comes down to who the players are lacing up the cleats.

  • Prep Fan

    Doesn’t every team condition year round? I know all the EBAL teams do.

  • junior

    1.5 MM??? that is funny stuff. You post that with a straight face too. Oh the haters have no conscience.

  • pirate football


    be in denial all you want to i am fully aware of those bylaws, dont mean everybody goes by them, and dls isnt the only team doing it. say what u will like i said i personally know dls players former players and coaches, the thing is im not making it as a complaint i think they should remove lots of these rules and bylaws, california is behind becuz of it

  • amgen@

    So’funny//you could be taking the posts from 15 years ago andthey ain’t chnging….DLS is the best…dig it! …Norcal quit hating..be proud.they somehting specail and there aint no cheating — DLS are good guys

  • S1lverngreen

    I am not going to engage you in an argument, cause there is no argument. You would not understand the context of my post. I was ridiculing an earlier poster’s credibility based on some dumb a$$ statements they made probably a few weeks ago if not months ago. Who is in denial?? Denial about what?? Drop it Pirate, There is nothing to discuss here. I am glad you know coaches and players. I do too, very personally too as I have a son that plays for DLS.

    At Prep, you are correct many of the EBAL teams and some of the BVAL teams condition year round. I think the level of play, speed of the game and injury prevention requires a year round conditioning regimen.

  • Voice of Reason

    Junior, you should know I wouldn’t post anything without facts to back it up. The population of Contra Costa County in 2010 is approximately 1,050,000 with De La Salle right smack in the middle of the county. I challenge you to tell me just one city in the county that has not sent a student athlete to the school. Further, the Alameda County cities of Pleasanton, Livermore & Dublin and the Solano County cities of Vallejo & Benicia have all sent student athletes to DLS for a total reach of 1,280,000. Finally, I originally added Berkeley & Oakland (504,000 additional people), but I think you get the picture. Even you, Junior, can verify these numbers on the internet.

    I’m no hater, I attend a few DLS sporting events each year and will actively root for them to defeat Westlake next Saturday. And yes, I typed this all with a straight face.

  • junior

    88% of DLS is from Catholic schools math wizard-debunks your “fact”.

    Another disconnect by the public school apologists- DLS is most renown for its offensive line play… by 210 LB lineman. Do SRV, MV, CAL, Las Lomas, Concord, Dublin, etc, have a lack of 210 LB, somewhat athletic, tough kids on campus? Or do they all attend DLS? How exactly do parents of 155 LB 7th graders figure out their kid will make an outstanding OT or C in 4 years at DLS?

    Let us applaud Coach Macy for dreaming the impossible and tearing down the “structural advantage” wall that is impossible to overcome in D1. Can someone please help coach Kessler.

  • Bigeasy

    Junior the reason that only one program has taken advantage of this (which I disagree with) is because football is a big enough deal where kids will make the sacrifice to commute a long distance to play for a winning program. Your elite women’s soccer player is probably just going to go to there local high school because high school soccer is not as big of a deal. Also football is one of the few sports that does not have club teams to play for in the offseason. In some sport club is a bigger deal then high school. Secondly football is the biggest team sport around so a students know they need to be at a good school in order to win. Any individual sport athlete is not going to go to dls because it does not matter how good the program is. Finally football is a sport that requires the extreme amounts of depth. This advantage is more prevalent in football because dls has second and third string guys that would be starting at any other high school. It was seen this year at running back. They were down to there fourth stringer and he was still serviceable. Even at the large ebal publics they don’t have a fourth string and if u get down that far they are putting in a guy that has never carried the ball before. But really this argument is pointless because dls supporters will never admit to an advantage.

  • pirate football


    ur on point with that, dls people are so delusional, im not even complaining about what they do and how they can recruit.


    did i strike a nerve lil buddy, i really dont care bout when they practice and how much my complaint is with the cif, all those restrictions they have, when we play some out of state schools they are at an advantage in some ways, and when our kids they are at times behind especially at the lineman pos

  • Prep Fan

    Just because people try to explain some of the many reasons why DLS has won 20 NCS titles in a row doesn’t make them haters. It is only normal to question how they have done it. To say it is only due to hard work and coaching is not looking at the full picture, but that is certainly a huge part of it. Then you can take it further and look at why they are able to attract such good coaching or how they are able to get the kids to work so hard. Every school has different characteristics that make it unique. Bigeasy and Voice of Reason have stated what they observe to be other reasons which contribute to the DLS greatness. That doesn’t make them haters. Sometimes the DLS faithful just need to sit back and enjoy their success rather than trying to fight any comment which might suggest they have an advantage over any other school.

    Congrats on yet another great job this season Spartans and good luck vs. Westlake next week.

  • S1lverngreen

    Hmmm ok, whatever, Pirate.

  • chalktalk

    Here is my 2 cents
    You are not just playing DLS ur also playing their mystique!!!
    A FEW MONTHS back i was arguing with a coach that played against dls some years back. HE seem 2 be amazed at all their championship banners. He tried 2 explain 2 me how the mystique of the school gave them a psychological advantage. well coach no BANNER HAS EVER HIT ME- NO BANNER HAS EVER KNOCKED ME UNCONSCIOUS NO BANNER HAS EVER CAUGHT A PASS OR THROWN A PASS… BANNERS DONT KICK BALLS OR FIELD PUNTS but if this is the mentality of bay area coaches it maybe 20 more years of DLS complete dominance!!!

  • epcthree

    to #58 – Your numbers are incorrect…

    From the DLS School Website:

    Being Catholic is NOT a requirement to attend DLS and approximately 18% of the student population is non-Catholic.

    Of the 264 students who currently make up the graduating class of 2013, 152 (57.58%) were from Catholic elementary schools. 71 (25.89%) students came from Public elementary schools and the remaining 41 (15.53%) attended independent non-catholic elementary schools.

  • junior

    Most DLS fans have zero problem with stating DLS has advantages. You get push back when “unfair” is put in front of advantage or it is stated that DLS’s advantages cannot be overcome when the evidence is the opposite.

    If you are going to advise the DLS crowd to sit back and enjoy- extend the same advise to the anti-DLS group.

    Ultimately, this is ALL about winning-not about advantages. No other program wins as much as DLS football, therefore they do not receive the back handed comments. The day DLS Football wins less, most of these comments will go away.

  • Gdog

    VOR #35. Technically I am wrong, they are eligible you are correct. My point is under the current set-up with D1 team playing in the DI Division will never get an invite. Lets use Cal as an example last year if we had this in NCS. If DLS & Cal did not play in the regular season but there was an Open and DI division where whould Cal have been placed? In the Open and would have had to play DLS. My point was by playing “down” you will not get invited to a State Bowl Game. They can win a Section Title, if that is their desire, playing weak competition but will not gain a SBG berth. So IMO you are wrong in that it doesn’t really allow for two DI teams to be selected for SBG as you stated in your post about the CCS system. It does allow for two DI teams to win Section Titles.

  • epcthree

    To all the DLS “Supporters” here…

    The one thing that I can say is that I would imagine that Coach Lad would have quite a few words for all of you regarding your comments on this thread.

    With his teams he promotes proving yourself on the field. He doesn’t promote smack-talk and quite frankly would be ashamed at the tone and unsportsmanlike attitude that many of you display on this thread.

    Even during the game this weekend when the a DLS player made a good play and got up and thumped his chest and spiked the ball and got the unsportsmanlike conduct penalty, the camera panned over the Coach Lad and showed him to have a less than pleased look on his face (and it wasn’t because he was upset with the official).

    DLS is supposed to represent class and integrity and brotherhood. I submit to you that very few of the posts here qualify in maintaining these goals.

  • NO thoughts on the State games? Anybody know about he teams that DLS, Bell, & Campo are facing??

  • Bigeasy

    Isn’t an advantage inherently unfair?

  • s1lverngreen

    You are right. Time to move on and talk about football. Always appreciate your well thought out posts and reasonable thoughts.

    Thanks for trying to get the thread back on track here…I’ll give you my amateur thoughts on Westlake, based on the game that I watched against Oaks this past Friday:

    I think DLS will have the advantage in the LOS, as Westlake appeared very big (very slow) in their front five. Line play i think will favor the Spartans.

    The QB for Westlake can run, I would expect he will be doing a lot of this against the Spartans. These types of QBs tend to give the Spartans trouble. I think the Spartans will need to spy him with one of their 3 LBS. My thought is that it will be Hutch or Barton. The RB for Westlake seemed solid, however, I did not think he was anywhere near as good as Drew from Livermore or # 5 from Freedom. They should be able to contain him rather well.

    Against Oaks, they gave up 42 points, not sure if you do that against the Spartans you stay in the game. The Spartan offense seems much stronger than the Oaks that I saw with a sophomore QB that threw I think 5 picks?

    Lastly, it looks like the forecast will remain dry. this should benefit the speedsters from the south! (-:

    Looking forward to some updates from the Campo faithful…best of luck this weekend and bring one home for the North!

  • redandblue2

    Will the last person in Moraga turn out the light? Reports are Campolindo brought 3,500 to 4,000 people to the Coliseum Saturday evening to witness an NCS Championship on the 25th anniversary of their last NCS Championship in 1986, also at the Coliseum. By the way, De La Salle also won their 3rd consecutive championship that year; who knew that Coach Lad was just getting started and this would be just the beginning of their incredible reign.

    Campolindo is the underdog this Saturday (against Washington-Union) for the 3rd consecutive week and you get the feeling Coach Macy rather likes it this way. Once the families of Cardinal Newman & Marin Catholic cancel their long held reservations at the Marriot in Torrance (true statement!) Campo parents will then be able to make plans for a weekend in LA to watch this improbable, made for TV story, continue for one final week.

    By now, no one is buying Coach Macy’s ‘aw shucks’, ‘I don’t know how we are doing it,’ ‘just happy to be here schtick anymore.’ Truth is, this is just the culmination of 16 years of Coach Macy bringing the culture of football back to Moraga. Campolindo may have even had better teams than this current one; the Graziano led teams of 2003-2004 come to mind.

    But this year’s team has been the perfect storm of QB Stephens benfitting from the lumps he took as a sophomore splitting time as the QB in 2010; nearly a full year of great health and few injuries; the right player for every position, knowing full well this team has no depth; a schedule that allowed this team to slowly build confidence in their offensive & defensive lines; a tough road win in game 3 against a very difficult El Cerrito team who led that game 13-0 in the first half, thus allowing the team and Coach Macy to feel that they just might have something special beginning to form – that “learning how to win” feeling.

    We’ll soon find out this weekend if Campolindo can cap off a season for the ages this Saturday. I know one thing, Coach Macy will have them ready to play.

  • theduke44

    I think coach lad said it best “The public’s perception of what we do or what we stand for is drastically different than what actually takes place. I can imagine that this is probably true for many organizations. This is especially true for our football team. People are constantly writing the local papers questioning the integrity of our program. It’s upsetting in so much that it questions the integrity of school officials and coaches sworn to uphold the ideals of our founder St. La Salle. What’s worse, it completely nullifies the hard work, sheer grit and determination of our student athletes at De La Salle”. Lest not forget that DLS is run by the christian brothers and their goal is to give an education to kids, not to win sports games. Maybe you should look up what St. La Salle did for kids and his philosophy about education.
    Coach Lad has never recruited a player, if you think he has or does there would be plenty of people with proof that he did. I went to a public school for middle school and then went on to DLS, and was shocked to learn when I was a freshman that the majority of the kids that were playing sports at DLS were not as athletic as the kids I went to middle school with, with of course a few exceptions. But when i was a Junior I could tell that all the athletes at DLS were on a different level then any other school. I stopped playing sports after my sophomore year and when I went out at night I would see a lot of SRV and MVHS football players in my grade that i went to middle school with out at movies, sporting events, etc. The only time I saw a DLS basketball or football players out at these places was my senior year, a couple weeks after their season ended. At DLS you have to give up everything to play a sport, I wasn’t willing to do that, but always respected the kids that did because they gave up their personal lives to be great at their passion. DLS athletes learn quickly that being coachable is the most important thing, and if you don’t want to listen to the coaches they will have no problem cutting you from their program, no matter who you are. The coachable kids would always become better then the none coachable kids 100% of the time anyways.

  • The Campo 2003-2004 is no where near as good as this team. They won maybe the deepst D3 bracket in recent history. I think better then last year. They win state they do what no other D-3 could do. They would have to go down as the best d3 team in the Bay Area of the last 25 years. CN, Novato, Marin Catholic, all went to state & couldn’t get it done. Hard to compare the 2004 Campo team they didn’t even win NCS or go undefeated. The BOD 2011 teams was better then the BOD 2004 NCS championship team in my opinion.

  • Prep Fan

    I’m not sure who is questioning the integrity of DLS Duke. Most of what I have seen praises them for thier hard work and excellence, and many have stated that they have certain advantages not shared by most public schools. Having a lot of good athletes from a wide area does not mean they don’t have integrity.

    There is no question that the athletes at DLS work extremely hard, but you seem to be saying that kids from the public schools aren’t dedicated or don’t work hard, and that is being pretty narrow. If you live in Danville, then there is a much greater probablitiy of you seeing kids from MV or SRV than DLS kids. I’m pretty sure DLS has kids that go to the movies or sporting events too (seen them), but the DLS kids are spread out in a much larger geographical area than just Danville. Congrats to DLS for their well earned NCS championship and good luck vs. Westlake!

  • EBAL5

    Duke, Read your piece, very insightful especially from someone who has attended DLS however I still have issues and now new concerns” with your program. I try to deal with facts so when I read the word “Perception” it causes me concern. I mentioned in a previous post about my loss of respect for your program, As one who believes the written word is much more powerful than the spoken word, look no farther than this blog, DLS just won it’s 20’th, straight NCS championship, 20’th, history, never done before, yet how may of the posts above say congratulations 2? out of 74. Silence says a lot. Look at the Campolinda blog, yes only 8 but over 50% offering congratulations. My “Perception” People respect what they accomplished an even more importantly how they accomplished it. Picked to finish last too, do you think parents enrolled their sons into “Campo” to win a championship or scholarship? My perception “Hell No”. Do I think parents enroll their son’s into DLS to win a championship or scholarship, I think I answered that long ago.

    My concern about your programs, “Your Words” “At DLS you have to give up everything to play a sport” the only time you saw a DLS football or Basketball player in the community was a couple or weeks after their season ended. Your comments along with past comments from parents on this blog, 1) conditioning is year round, 2) I drive my son to practice at 6am, 3) We work harder push ourselves harder than all the rest 4) DLS athletes push themselves to the edge and then keep going 5) Losing is not accepted at DLS, Fact is (not my perception) “I believe it”. With that being said there was an excellent program on “ESPN” this past Saturday “Duke” called “The Marinovich Project” so many parallel’s with what you saw/experianced and “The Faithful/Supporter’s say occurs at “DLS”.


    EBAL5 can’t believe you attended DLS, did you graduate?

    Anyway, on to more important things.

    Westlake is a lot like the team DLS beat two years ago in the State Championship, Crenshaw of Los Angeles. Great player D’Anthony Thomas (who now is a star at Oregon and will be in the Rose Bowl this year)and team with a lot of speed and real big giant linemen (280 to 340 pounds)that will tire in the second half against the speed and conditioning of the 210 pound Spartan Offensive line. I expect a tight game at half and then Sparta breaks it open in third quareter. Houston and Barton get third straight Open Division State Championship. The equilibrium in the Universe will have been restored for at least another year until the whining begins from the Fairness Society of “everyone gets a trophy and gets an equal amount of cookies” crowd fills the blogs with their drivel. Maybe that is what you parents need to start teaching your kids, “life isn’t fair” and the only chance you have is to work extremely hard and maybe get a little bit of luck. And when DLS loses (and someday they will) those kids will go down in history as the “ones” who did it and won’t that be a great thing and a story to tell (Just like the 1991 Pittsburg Pirates, who still talk about it)to their kids. Amen.

  • EBALFAN#2 if you beleive that DLS will win a Open title so easy(I think they probably will watched Del Oro can’t see them competing with DLS) can it be partly because football in Cali is really hasn’t been all that great recently or has DLS just caught up? Its been 3 years since DLS lost or really had to compete for a win. I thought So Cal was right there with NorCal 2-3 years ago with Centenial, Mission Viejo, Servite, ect. But it doesn’t seem like they are competing like they have been.

    IDK. I just don’t see DLS running through other states no knock on them. I would love to see a December DLS compete with Florida or Texas.


    @ Perkin #73
    I respect your opinion, but I disagree with your take on those 2004 Campo and BOD teams and the current ’11 BOD team.

    The 04 Campo team with Graziano was in my opinion a more talented team that played with all of their guys healthy. This Campo team not as talented but playing better as a group. Back ups doing a great job, especially at RB.

    The 2011 BOD team is FAR MORE talented in the skill positions than was the ’04 team. But the ’04 team played harder, was more fundamentally sound than the ’11 Dragons and embraced what “team” and discipline are all about. I attended quite a few games of both the ’04 and ’11 Dragons and I can tell you from being there that the ’04 BOD team was all about football and each other. The ’04 team did not get caught up in the antics that I observed from the ’11 BOD team. Taunting, pre game trash talking, unsportsmanlike behavior, disrespecting opponents, etc was not part of the football culture under the previous staff. The ’04 team came out, lined up, ran the ball, played great defense and did not subscribe to the antics of this years BOD team. The coaching staff in ’04 had great game plans each week, made appropriate half time adjustments and, win or lose (10-3 record, NCS champs), played hard every game that I saw.

    Just my take: the ’04 Dragons would crush the 2011 Dragons in the same manner that the ’04 Dragons took apart the ’04 Campo Cougars!

    Nonetheless, great job by Coach Macy and his staff and players this year and every year.

  • Antics aside better FB players on the bod ’11 & a better throwing attack. #20’s a stud on D. 04 had trouble with the pass & I can’t remeber if that was the year they were solid throwing? They weren’t for a lot of years with one of those years being the exception. Probably 04.


    I agree with some of your comments PERKIN; I wish DLS could play some of these big games late in the season, the team and coaches improve like no other school i have ever seen.

    Re: the out of state games I am glad that I’m hearing about a home/home with Mullen of Colorado. At least they are a shorter plane ride and only one time zone away. No excuse because DLS played all-around a poor game this year, but the 3,000 mile trips for a high school game is over the top. There are definitely regional matchups against good competition in Western United States.

    I am confident about this game with Westlake but it will be a tough battle. Ultimately I think the conditioning will win out. I believe you are right that this is a down year in the state; you don’t have a Black Mamba from Crenshaw, no Montana at Oaks (the Oaks QB this year is a sophomore, if he would have played even a pedestrian game WL goes bye-bye) or all the buzz you heard from Servite last year. It is actually strangely quiet regarding 2011 SBG; me thinks SOCAL knows that there are at least 4 high quality teams coming at them. I’m just rooting for all the NORCAL teams; should be a good party.



    My recollection is that the ’04 BOD squad did defend the pass very well. One DB had numerous ints that season. Can’t recall his name. Strength of the ’04 team was its running game and defense. Two backs (Louis Arnold and Jesse Brooks, I believe) EACH rushed for 1,800+ yards. QB did a great job of managing the offense; not a bunch of turn overs. Did throw for 10 or so TD’s that year. Defense did a great job of keeping Campos Grazziano in check while the offense really hammered the Campo D in the NCS title game.

    I agree that this years BOD team was more talented in the skill positions across the board than the ’04 squad. But the ’04 team was better coached, played as a “team”, no antics or nonsense, better conditioned and was better prepared week to week than the ’11 BOD squad. Coaching is huge come NCS time.

    Just my opinion: previous staff at BOD was far superior to current staff at preparing the team to compete come NCS time. Current staff does not appear to make adjustments, especially defensively, to keep the opponents in check. BOD better-coached, better prepared and better conditioned under previous staff. Just saying.