Live blog today: Marin Catholic vs. Campolindo in Div. III title game, 7 p.m.

Jon Becker

  • Old Former Meddling Coach.

    Well done to Campolindo! Played a great game. And Well done to Marin Catholic for a Great season! Keep ya Heads Up Wildcats!! You played Great! And Just for to nite, Wildcat Pride!

  • Prep Fan

    Awesome job by Campo tonight! Congratualtions on an undefeated season and good luck in next week’s state bowl game. Just a great game that came right down to the final play and too bad one team had to lose. Great season by MC as well.

  • OSU Dad

    Congratulations to one of the classiest coaches in the Bay Area, Coach Macy! Congratulations Campo…well deserved and overdue…very happy for you guys!

  • Voice of Reason

    Congrats to Campolindo on winning a section title on the same field 25 years after their last section title!

    Great run of defeating 3 Catholic schools, and likely surpassing a 4th (undefeated Salesian) for the State Bowl Bid.

    Good luck in Carson.

  • cougcougcoug

    Brett Stephens has accepted a scholarship to UCLA for baseball

  • Voice of reason must have something against the Catholics- continues to bring it up- did ya have an outer body experience at Moreau?

  • Voice of Reason

    12 years of parochial school education and I still go to church!

    With the exception of DLS though, I don’t have an issue with the smaller private schools competing with the publics in NCS.

    I just think its a great accomplishment what Campolindo did against those 3 highly decorated, historically outstanding, private shool football programs.

  • lonewolf

    DLS gets Westlake…Campo gets Washington Union