Boys Soccer Notes: College Players, Rankings, Standings, Stats

We’ve got some local kids doing well in the college ranks. Let’s give them some love this week.

Former Albany High standout Mason Zupan continued his dream of playing soccer, doing so at Fort Lewis College in Durango, CO and on Dec. 3 in Pensacola FL the Skyhawks beat Lynn 3-2 to win the NCAA Men’s Division II National Championship. It was the school’s third soccer title and the team finished 24-1.
Zupan, as a redshirt freshman, played seven regular season matches, as the defender scored a goal, and he played in the NCAA Tournament against Metro State.
Chabot College also had a number of local kids recognized recently as Salvador Barroyo of Moreau Catholic High and Jesus Leon from Tennyson High were selected First-Team All Coast Conference.
Carlos Gonzalez of San Lorenzo and Alan Mitchell from East Bay Arts High in Hayward were second team and Leon, former Newark Memorial standout Junior Navarro and Alejandro Gonzalez from Mt. Eden were All-American nominees.


No change to the top six. Despite Clayton’s very close and hard to swallow loss against SRV, nobody stepped up to knock them out of the top five. Monte Vista and Amador Valley join the top 15, and very deservedly so. Both look like legit contenders. The EBAL just keeps looking stronger.
College Park jumps up two spots, as this team continues to look impressive and Ygnacio Valley debuts in the top 15 as does Bishop O’Dowd.

1. De La Salle (1-0-0)
2. California (8-0-1)
3. San Ramon Valley (4-0-1)
4. Richmond (3-0-0)
5. Clayton Valley (1-1-2)
6. Campolindo (5-0-1)
7. Acalanes (3-0-3)
8. Dougherty Valley (5-2-2)
9. Granada (6-1-1)
10. Monte Vista (4-0-3)
11. Newark Memorial (6-3-0)
12. Amador Valley (5-1-0)
13. College Park (4-0-3)
14. Ygnacio Valley (4-2-1)
15. Bishop O’Dowd (2-0-2)

Others Considered: Berkeley (4-2-1), Alhambra (5-2-0), Dublin (5-2-0), Las Lomas (3-2-2), Albany (2-2-2), Concord (4-0-0), Pittsburg (1-3-1), Hayward (2-2-0), Logan (3-3-3), Miramonte (3-3-0)


Team W-L (overall, league) PTS
Berkeley (4-2-1, 1-0-0) 3
El Cerrito (4-1-1, 1-0-0) 3
Pinole Valley (2-2-0, 1-0-0) 3
Richmond (3-0-0, 1-0-0) 3
Alameda (3-2-0, 0-1-0) 0
De Anza (0-2-0, 0-2-0) 0
Hercules (0-3-1, 0-1-0) 0

Team W-L (overall, league) PTS
Albany (2-2-2, 0-0-0) 0
Encinal (0-1-0, 0-0-0) 0
Kennedy (1-5-0, 0-0-0) 0
Piedmont (2-3-0, 0-0-0) 0
Salesian (0-1-0, 0-0-0) 0
St. Joseph Notre Dame (1-2-0, 0-0-0) 0
St. Mary’s (0-0-2, 0-0-0) 0
St. Patrick-St. Vincent (0-0-0, 0-0-0) 0
Swett (0-1-0, 0-0-0) 0

Team W-L (overall, league) PTS
Antioch (4-4-1, 0-0-0) 0
Deer Valley (0-3-1, 0-0-0) 0
Freedom (2-1-1, 0-0-0) 0
Heritage (0-1-2, 0-0-0) 0
Liberty (0-3-0, 0-0-0) 0
Pittsburg (1-3-1, 0-0-0) 0

Team W-L (overall, league) PTS
Acalanes (3-0-3, 1-0-1) 4
Campolindo (5-0-1, 1-0-1) 4
Alhambra (5-2-0, 1-1-0) 3
Dougherty Valley (5-2-2, 1-0-0) 3
Miramonte (3-3-0, 1-0-0) 3
Dublin (5-2-0, 0-2-0) 0
Las Lomas (3-2-2, 0-2-0) 0

Team W-L (overall, league) PTS
Berean Chr. (0-4-0, 0-0-0) 0
Clayton Valley (1-1-2, 0-0-0) 0
College Park (4-0-3, 0-0-0) 0
Concord (4-0-0, 0-0-0) 0
Mt. Diablo (0-1-1, 0-0-0) 0
Northgate (3-2-2, 0-0-0) 0
Ygnacio Valley (4-2-1, 0-0-0) 0

Team W-L (overall, league) PTS
Amador Valley (5-1-0, 0-0-0) 0
California (8-0-1, 0-0-0) 0
De La Salle (1-0-0, 0-0-0) 0
Foothill (3-2-2, 0-0-0) 0
Granada (6-1-1, 0-0-0) 0
Livermore (2-5-0, 0-0-0) 0
Monte Vista (4-0-3, 0-0-0) 0
San Ramon Valley (4-0-1, 0-0-0) 0

Team W-L (overall, league) PTS
Moreau Catholic (1-1-2, 0-0-1) 1
Mt. Eden (4-2-2, 0-0-1) 1
Arroyo (0-2-0, 0-0-0) 0
Bishop O’Dowd (2-0-2, 0-0-0) 0
Castro Valley (0-7-0, 0-0-0) 0
Hayward (2-2-0, 0-0-0) 0
San Leandro (0-4-0, 0-0-0) 0
San Lorenzo (1-2-1, 0-0-0) 0
Tennyson (0-0-0, 0-0-0) 0

Team W-L (overall, league) PTS
American (0-5-1, 0-0-0) 0
Irvington (1-6-0, 0-0-0) 0
Kennedy (0-3-2, 0-0-0) 0
Logan (3-3-3, 0-0-0) 0
Mission San Jose (0-9-0, 0-0-0) 0
Newark Memorial (6-3-0, 0-0-0) 0
Washington (1-3-0, 0-0-0) 0

Team W-L (overall, league) PTS
Oakland Tech (1-1-0, 0-0-0) 0
Castlemont (0-0-0, 0-0-0) 0
Fremont (0-0-0, 0-0-0) 0
Oakland (0-0-0, 0-0-0) 0
Skyline (0-0-0, 0-0-0) 0

Stat Leaders

Name School Goals
Alejandro, Alhambra 8
Grixti, Cal 8
Mendoza, Richmond 8
Ayala, YV 8
Parisi, Dougherty 7
Hartland, Dublin 7
Sandoval, Newark 7
Nodhal, Cal 6
Greenberg, MV 6
Romero, Pinole 6

Name School Assists
Mendoza, Richmond 6
Ayala, YV 6
Borges, Albany 5
Marshall, Dublin 5
Montes, Richmond 5
Townsend, Cal 4
Lomas, Campo 4
Moreno, EC 4
Ellis, Liv 4
Sbrana, MV 4
Sandoval, Newark 4
Dougherty, Newark 4
Damien, YV 4

Matt Smith

  • TeamSamba

    Hi Matt great job on this wonderful blog you’re keeping. I’m just wondering who do you think will come out on top in the HAAL? The competition in there isn’t the same this year as it has been in the past. Also, Elias from Mt.Eden is a very solid player, how does he stack up with the rest of the East Bay in talent?

  • Nojan Kazerouni

    Mat could you please remove my comment on the 15th please. It wasn’t me making the comment. Thank you.

  • Matt Smith

    Nojan, I removed it.

    To answer TeamSamba’s question…

    I think Elias is one of the more talented players I’ve seen this year. I think he stacks up very well with all of the top talent. Incredible with the ball, and his touch is almost perfect every time, whether it be when he is exploding away from a defender or when he is controlling a ball in the air.
    I think Hayward is the team to beat, in my humble opinion. Though San Leandro has something cooking as well. In the end, I expect about four or five teams to be in the running. Hayward, Bishop O’Dowd, Mt. Eden and San Leandro and then I am expecting a surprise team as well.

  • Matt Smith

    Richmond beat Bullard 4-0. Very impressed by Richmond.

  • EBALDad

    Matt, what in particular was impressive?
    speed, skill (usually their strong suits) size? (usually not their advantage), strong goalkeeping?
    Quick restarts?
    EBAL will be seeing alot of Richmond here soon.
    I know others have commended Richmond for scheduling tough EBAL opponents, but don’t forget it takes two to tango. Those EBAL teams have to say yes to yet another tough foe as well!

  • Matt Smith

    The precision passing was impressive. They moved the ball with great ease and the through balls and the crosses were usually very dangerous.
    They are very fast, very technically skilled and seemed to have found some very able keepers. Definitely a team to keep an eye on as a legit contender this year.

  • byrdman

    O Dowd 1-0 over Castro Valley. 1 goal allowed in first six games. Got to give the defense their props.

  • The Sweeper


    It was good to see you east of the tunnel again.

    I would add that Richmond was quite impressive on the narrow DLS pitch. On their wide home turf the keep-away game gets even tougher, because with more room to work with it is easier to find space and get separation. 90% of their game is 1 or 2 touch give and go. And you better be alert when they get inside of 30 yards, they like to shoot early and often.

    See you at the pitch!

  • EBALDad

    SRV vs St. Francis ???
    Campolindo vs Clayton Valley ???

    scores updates observations anyone?

  • Matt Smith

    St. Francis beat SRV 1-0.
    Clayton beat Campo 2-0.

  • EBALDad

    One other question
    I find it curious that in the DLS Showcase that some schools play 2 games and others play only 1
    can someone shed a little light on how or why this came to be?

  • cokito


    Each school is limited in the number of games they can play, so some
    schools are able to play 2 games, while others can only play 1, depending
    on their commitments outside of the showcase (such as non-league games
    and tournaments.)

  • futbolfan

    Any details for the CV win over Campo?

  • Red Solo Cup

    DLS 1 Santa Margarita 0.
    7 minutes left.

  • ilovesoccer

    DLS 2, Santa Margarita 0 FINAL

  • The Sweeper

    There should be a fair amount of shifting in the rankings below #1 & #2. The Richmond matches in January with DLS, MV and SRV are gaining importance, and the CAL v. DLS matches will be can’t miss.

    See you at the pitch!

  • Futbol101

    I was at the DLS game last night, I saw nothing impressive from neither team. They both had the same style of play and it was boring for the first 60 minutes. DLS manages to win games by the flick and scramble method. What happen to the touch and dribble Brazilian, Dutch style of play. So few teams play like this anymore. I see the long ball in high school more and more each year.

    On another note, DLS pulled off a victory. It’s the goals you score that count.

  • cokito

    Nature vs. grace, Futbol101…

  • DVAL Partner

    Same here all DeLa does is play kick ball..Both teams did.You never saw them play the ball quick,instead they sent everyone in the box and just launched a ball in the box and tried to sneak a ball past the keeper.

  • futbolbay#1

    This has been the way the Ebal and Dfal have played for a long time. They have always played a defensive style looking to score on free kicks, corners, and the worst a long throw in. I have gone to watch these games because they are all close tight physical games which turn out to be grudge matches. It takes alot to play this way because you need the players to be very discplined, but at the end it does not teach them the real form to play futbol. But they get the result.

    On the other hand you will never see Richmond, YV, Pittsburg, Newark, Berkeley, and last yrs Livermore play this style of fubol. They will keep the ball on the ground and look to play possesion soccer as like some team called Barcelona. Its hard to play like this when you are playing teams that drop back and counter and look to just win on set pieces and not show a the fans and players a good time. I wish more teams played like this but this is high school and this is what makes it fun.

  • EBALDad

    Such an old worn out discussion. This REEKS of soccer snobber, or maybe just sour grapes.
    As many different cultures as there are that play football (soccer) you will get different styles.
    (see “how soccer explains the world”)
    Should there be height and weight limitations?
    Should there be rules against long throw-ins?
    Maybe a rule against too many touches. (stop that Messi!)
    You play with what you have and with what you are. The team that scores the most goals wins. It’s a simple game, so stop your whining about a style of play that you personally don’t appreciate.
    Appreciate that when different styles clash it is a fascinating struggle. This struggle is why football has been the World’s game.
    Like MANY things in life there is NO ONE ANSWER.
    SO, embrace diversity! Love and appreciate the game, in ALL it’s forms.

  • BP

    Thank you EBALDad, i was hoping someone would say what i was thinking. There are so many different parts of a soccer game, so just because one team is great at one part and poor at another doesn’t mean they deserve to win or lose. I always hear people reporting that some school “deserved to win”. Maybe their style and what they’re good at just isn’t a good matchup for the style they are playing against, simple as that. Barcelona wins because they have perfected their style but they ALSO know how to defend the other styles they encounter. In my humble opinion, I agree with EBALDad; get the ball in the goal no matter what it takes.

    Someone noted RHS, YV, Pitt, Newark, Berkeley will never play the direct style, but that is because they are better at the possession one they play. Now the reason you haven’t seen any of those schools win NCS or contend with the EBAL schools in a few years is that they haven’t figured out how to stop the other styles they encounter (notably the direct one). There are my two cents. I for one love watching Barcelona’s style, as well as the high school teams who are good at it, but I also sit on the edge of my seat at every DLS/SRV game too…

  • cokito


    I think it is a valid and interesting discussion, because precisely there is no definite answer.

    I believe the choice is between playing and winning. It is difficult to do both. The great Socrates played in what possibly were two of the best sides ever in any World Cup, and is remembered largely because of this; but the fact is that both sides were defeated (by inferior teams, in terms of their quality of play) and never won the World Cup. The coach from Brazil then, the great Tele Santana, made the choice to play, and gave us games so beautiful that when they were being played in 1982, civil war stopped for a few hours in Lebanon, so fighters from both sides could watch them. Yes those sides did not win, but maybe it is not all about winning, even in high school soccer, or should I say especially in high school soccer?

  • futbolbay#1


    I do appreciate both style and I am not against becasue its like cokito said its high school soccer. The diversity of styles of play and how they come about is wonderful. And you are right the cultures around the schools are what make this fun and gives the coaches the opportunity to show what the kids are about. Each coach does the best it can with what he or she has. This will always be a TRUE discussion and this is what makes Matt’s blog the best and I appreciate the comeback. And Cokito you are totally correct, well said!!!

  • EBALDad

    Cokito and Futbolbay#1,
    I appreciate and understand your comments and your tone.
    What I was responding to, were these comments quoted below.

    “They have always played a defensive style looking to score on free kicks, corners, and the worst a long throw in.”

    “but at the end it does not teach them the real form to play futbol.”

    “On the other hand you will never see Richmond, YV, Pittsburg, Newark, Berkeley, and last yrs Livermore play this style of fubol. They will keep the ball on the ground and look to play possesion soccer as like some team called Barcelona. Its hard to play like this when you are playing teams that drop back and counter and look to just win on set pieces and not show a the fans and players a good time.”

    These are NOT new sentiments but have frequently been expressed here. It is the condescending tone that I am tired of.

    As long as we can go forward with mutual respect, something that hopefully is being taught to all the young men out there playing the sport, High School AND Club, then we can hold our heads high.

  • futbolbay#1


    We are good and I understand your side.

  • TeamSamba

    I agree with EBALDad. Soccer is full of different styles of play. Yes some teams play kick ball and don’t play “beautiful” soccer but in the end they get the job done and win i.e. DLS with 3 NCS championships in a row. You may not love the way they play but their players are disciplined and skillfull enough to WIN. And in the end you know that’s what every team wants to do.

  • renegades10

    If I remember correctly, didn’t a lot of the posters praise DLS in 09 with the style of soccer they played? I thought I remember hearing that it was quote unquote some of the best soccer played in this area ever?

  • caravansoccer

    DLS Showcase was great this year. I must admit Richmond kids played incredible and left me stunned.I have to agree that there’s many styles of soccer and everyone is different…but they made me enjoy watching their game and some college coaches around me were impressed. What an amazing performance both offensively and defensively. They deserve to be followed. Can someone post their schedule…anybody?


  • cokito

    Yes, Renegades. I, for one, thought that team was beautiful to watch.

  • TheScrutinator

    Love the discussion here; it’s great to see the global argument of style vs. winning in a local context. I’d like to correct one point from above: Winning soccer matches isn’t about who scores the most goals – it’s about scoring one more than your opponent. Whether you choose a 1-0 strategy or a 6-5 strategy depends on what works best for the players you have. Ask any older Arsenal supporter whether they would choose the trophies of the “boring, boring” George Graham days or the near-misses of Arsene Wenger era. At the end of the day, it’s about trophies.

    I love to see the talented, creative kids around here. But I thought the balanced and organized strategy of Coach Volt’s time at DLS was the epitome of team soccer, and I’m hoping that continues.

  • futbol101

    To counter on styles of play…. Lets go back to 1978 and ” La maquina Naranja”. They posses the ball so beautifully with 1-2 touch and speed of play. They also combine that style with the long ball knowing that they were extremly tall, physical and fast. No one cant say that the Naranja wasn’t one of the best of that time.
    Even with the memories of those times with this team, Alemania, Argentina, Polonia and the Papi of futbol Brazil was trouble for teams like this.

    We may not like some styles but we have to play with or against them. The best we can do is prepare for those teams and score. Score more then your opponent if you dont want to lose, simple as that.
    How many times [ for those that have played the game ]have we scored a goal and it was the ugliest thing on earth. It counted just the same.

    Love this game and what it teaches us.
    Viva el futbol.

  • cokito
  • poppop

    great stuff

  • Mudhen

    Barcelona wins because they have the best ,most expensive players in the world. They could play ANY style they want to, from through ball to one touch. Period.