East Bay’s Holiday Classic roster

Here is the East Bay roster for the Holiday Classic All Star game, scheduled for Dec. 23 at Monte Vista High at 7 p.m. I did a copy and paste on the rosters, so if you see any spelling errors that I didn’t correct, feel free to chime in. Also, there will be a halftime performance by Tora Woloshin, who appeared on the TV show The X Factor. (See link of her below the roster).

QB Eddie Heard McClymonds
QB Kevin Farley California
RB Rudolpho James Berkeley
RB Matt Smith Deer Valley
RB Damariay Drew Livermore
WR Kenneth Walker Kennedy
WR Chris Baca Moreau Catholic
WR Dan Scritchfield Monte Vista
WR Terrance Barnes Pittsburg
TE Sean Miller San Ramon Valley
CTR Joe Xavier Granada
CTR EJ Sinigayan James Logan
OL Justin Taylor Foothill
OL Siosifa Malolo Deer Valley
OL Alex Fifita Hayward
OL Tavita Taito Deer Valley
OL Leonard Walden Kennedy
OL Jake Simonich San Ramon Valley
OL Matt Fisher San Ramon Valley
OL Luc Hamilton De La Salle
DE Jermaine Jones James Logan
DE Haniteli Lousi Washington
DL Mitch Frentescu Las Lomas
DL Trent Mahler Concord
DL Kelepi Folau Ygnacio Valley
LB Eduardo Garcia Deer Valley
LB Ignacio Madrid Bishop O’Dowd
LB Andrew Ve’e Encinal
LB Fe’ao Vunipola Pittsburg
LB Logan Lisle Berean Christian
LB James Morales Concord
DB Josh Jenkins De La Salle
DB Jordan Sheppard Freedom
DB Mister Marshall-Cotton Pittsburg
DB Raysean Martin Tennyson
DB Armani Washington California
DB Dan Fadelli Campolindo
DB Lovell Samuels McClymonds
DB Marcial Malic Salesian
K Kyle Rainsford Liberty


Jimmy Durkin

Jimmy Durkin is a sports writer for the Bay Area News Group.

  • ManDown

    EastBayFan7, Troder is good but he’s not as good as the backs playing in this game. The only other Encinal player that should be playing in this game is Banks.

  • All Day

    Nick Callendar is playing in the Cal State game. North vs. South along with Kenny Wailker(JFK), Zack Kline(SRV), R. James (Berk.), Malik Watson (Pitt). M. Malic Salesian will also be playing for the North team. Impressive roster that they have put together.

  • s1lverngreen

    surprised to see Kline playing in this, as he is also playing in the Army all American game right? that is 18 games for a HS kid…seems like a lot, regardless, kids would play 25 games per season if we let them..

  • Oh boy


    That is the point. We shouldn’t let kids play 25 games a year. As adults, we have to say enough is enough. Go rest, concentrate on grades, spend time with friends, play hoops or soccer or wrestle. We’re burning these kids out when we need to protect them from themselves.

  • Prep Fan

    SRV “only” played 14 games this year, so the 2 all star games would put him at 16 rather than 18. But yeah even “just 16” is a lot.

  • Eastbayfan12

    Jimmy Durkin,

    What more can you tell us about the Cal State Bowl All Star game? Sounds like a number of guys from the East Bay will be there.

  • S1lverngreen

    Oh boy, can’t say I disagree with you….let’s hope all the boys that are playing in these additional games stay healthy..

  • Football Fan
  • chalktalk

    any player please answer this question

    what is the ideal coach

  • matty777

    So we got a call from several players that were selected to play in the state game. They wanted back in ours as promises were broken. We felt terrible that we couldnt find a spot for them .
    Come out to Monte vista 7pm this Friday night for some big time fun.

  • East Bay Fan

    I do have to hand it to the East Bay coaches for striving to make the game fun for the kids, as well as sharing playtime during the game.

    The only downside to the total noncompetitive environment is that the players are not able to challenge any of the coaches’ apparent preconceived notions as to who are the best players.

    Well…Until the game, at least.

  • s1lverngreen

    Hey Matty,
    The facebook page indicates that Josh Jenkins is the only DLS athlete playing, did Hamilton back out? Just curious…

  • ManO’War

    Got to go to this one too, awesome it’s here this time instead of Sacto.

  • matty777

    Game time tonight.. Monte Vista High school. kick off at 7pm..

  • East Bay Fan

    The running backs were not given the opportunity to compete for their positions, but rather they were told that they would share playtime by rotating each series. However, from day one Coach Bergman placed Drew on a pedalstal to the point it became uncomfortable as parents to watch. During the game, Bergman’s promise to rotate players was quickly discarded, and he gave Drew the lion’s share of playtime.

    But even in the face of that, Smith scored the only rushing TD, and the second TD was made during one of Smith’s two series granted him by Coach Bergman.

    I hope now Coach Bergman is man enough to admit that Smith did what his boy could not.