Live chat on California state prep football championships today at noon

Discuss this weekend’s California state high school football matchups during a live chat with Ben Enos and Jimmy Durkin Monday at noon.

They’ll break down the Open Division championship between De La Salle High and Westlake Village as well as undefeated Campolindo’s Div. III title game against Fresno’s Washington-Union. They’ll also touch on Bellarmine Prep’s Div. I championship appearance against Santa Margarita.

Live chat: State prep football playoffs, Monday at noon

Jon Becker

  • The regional gams will be nice next year but that would mean that a Campo & DLS could play 16 total games?? If thats true then a true state play-offs is 4-6 years away. CAlpreps has a formula to do it in 15 games with a 9 game reg season schedule. A matter of tiem now.

  • Fbfab

    The regional playoff is a mistake in my opinion. I love high school football as much as everyone else but the idea of these kids playing 16 games is ridiculous. Collegiate teams don’t play this much and have a 3 week break before their bowl game. The regional game is a money grab and in reality is built to benefit a small number of schools. Every year you could argue that there should be this team or that team. True enough it is exciting to play in it, but equally as true is the fact that teams that don’t get invited are still great teams and special to their programs as section champs. People forget who these games are played for. The kids

  • Prep Fan

    The regional games only involve a small number of teams, so the vast majority will still be playing much less than 16 games in a season. If a school felt the regional was too much or didn’t want to go to the playofs they could always decide not to go (every year there are teams that opt not to go to NCS). Again, we are only talking about 10 teams in the state that will be making the final state bowl game and many of those would have gotten a bye in the playoffs, like DLS has the past couple of seasons. Most of the teams that make it that far have committed so much time and energy to prepare for it that they wouldn’t dream of being anywhere else but playing more football. I like the idea of a state playoff but don’t want to cut every team’s season shorter by a game just so 10 teams can play one last game.

  • Fbfab

    Yeah but the unstated fact of the regional games is that to accommodate the teams playing in it, the season is pushed up a week. This effects scheduling and may have an adverse reaction for teams that already have a tough time getting kids eligible before week one as it is. The cif and ncs have slowly added more and more games. And for what? To crown a “true” state champ? I am in no way saying that the teams who play and win are not worthy but it will always be subjective. The central section is now just getting its first representative. Something that is for the benefit of a few should not dictate for an entire state. Look at teams like concord and encinal. Great teams with low numbers. At some point that catches up. Adding more and more games is not about what is best for the kids it’s to line pockets

  • I assume that if there’s a formula to play 15 game state play-offs with a 9 game reg season that it could be done in 16 games with a 10 game reg season.

  • Prep Fan

    But then all of the teams that do not make the playoffs will only get to play 9 games. That is not right. I would rather see the NCS go with only 12 teams in the playoffs for each division, and keep the 10 game regular season.

    That way, the top 4 teams in each division would get a bye the first week, and let’s face it a team that is not seeded in the top 4 (Uh oh, I forgot about the NCS committee ineptness) does not stand much of a chance to make it to a state bowl regional playoff. So 10 regular season games, up to 3 NCS playoff games for the top 2 teams in each division, a regional playoff for DLS and maybe 1 or 2 others, and a state final. 15 total games for DLS and maybe 1 other team.

  • Prep Fan

    Oh I see you said trying to keep a 10 game regular season there Perkin. My scenario kees the total to 15 for just a couple of teams. If they ever decide to have a true state playoff it would mean just 1 more game, or 16 total, for just 1 or 2 teams in the entire section. The vast majority of teams would play 10 or 11, with some at 12 & 13, and only the best of the best (section winners) would ever exceed 13.

  • MiraMan

    I’m down on the extra regional playoff and really don’t like the full-blown playoff that is clearly the path that’s being taken. Let’s look at the problems:
    1. Long season turns some kids into pro athletes; that’s not what HS athletics is about.
    2. Another thing that no one mentions is that the long season CRAPS ON OTHER SPORTS!! Wrestlers and basketball players have to start late and jepardize their seasons and commitments to their teams. I guarantee football teams would scream bloody murder if there was a summer sport that encroached on the football season and kept good football players out – AND THEN KEPT EXTENDING THEIR SEASON. In the long run it could backfire as athletes have to choose football vs winter sports; as the season lengthens, some may choose to foregoe football altogether.
    3. Shortening the regular season favors the elite teams over the weaker teams. I would much prefer a 10 game regular season and shorter playoff system; minimized the elitism of the system.
    4. A shorter regular season will shorten the non-league schedule.

    Some say “All states including Florida and Texas do it so we should too.” For my part, I don’t care what other states do. And I would mention that football is huge in those states vs CA relative to other sports (which is a good thing). For smaller states a state championship makes sense. For larger states I think sectional champions make more sense. If folks want to throw a state bowl game on top as icing on the cake, fine.

    I actually think a longer schedule and/or shortened regular season would make football less viable and less popular in CA.

  • Oh boy

    A longer football season is NOT wehat is needed right now. All the great 3 sport athletes have disappeared because FB/hoops players are missing tourneys. Bball/Baseball players are missing 1/2 a season.

    Let’s keep a 10 game football schedule as it is our real national sport. Make playoffs mean something again by bringing it back to 8 squads. Has a 9-16 seed ever won anyway? Have 3 section playoff rounds (no byes), 1 regional championship and State Championship. 15 games maximum.

  • Miramonte 09 made a pretty good case for having 16 seeds. Its gonna happen if there are going to be teams playing a total of 16 games next year which would happen in SJS & NCS then a true state play-offs is inevitable. SInce this game started they have expanded it & made improvements. Every coach in the state wants it especially San Diego & the Central Section who are always gonna be on the outside looking in. They’ll have the regional games, teams are still gonna be on the outside looking in Like Windsor who I think wouldn’t have made a regional game this year & were 14-0.

  • Also they’re starting the season earlier not making it longer it wouldn’t change the dates of the bowls games from this year.


    Oh Boy is right

  • Down at Brennan’s today for my 58th birthday- inresting- guys playing with stan murphy at bhs in ’68 and guys with butch tom cousey at harry ells in’62. guys at el errito with the greens in the ’60’s- conversation it’s all about DeLA TODAY- they recon the ability and facts- push the NCS button- deteat the south.

  • takin’ the dayliner to LA, cvatch the game, south thru the dessret to the Big Easy for Xmas.

  • Prep Fan

    Happy birthday BigJoe. Tip one more back for me, and good luck to the Spartans Saturday.

  • 16 games for high school is way out of line. leave italone. the system is getting way to complicated.

  • concrete17

    YoMama wrote……
    December 15th, 2011 at 7:05 pm
    “…takin’ the dayliner to LA, cvatch the game, south thru the dessret to the Big Easy for Xmas….”

    YoMa Got room for a stowaway ?

  • S1lverngreen

    Happy Birthday Big Joe! I am rolling first thing Saturday, picked up my tickets today! Again, congratulations to ALL the teams that made it to the big dance! Looking forward to the North whipping some of that Southern @$$!!!!! Be safe everyone!


    is there going to be live blogs during the SBG series?