2011 All-ACCAL football

Here’s the long awaited ACCAL all-league team, as selected by the league coaches. My apologies for the delay. I received it on Friday, but have been too busy with the NCS championship games to type it up. Also, this is the list as it was sent to me. It did not include any MVPs. I’m waiting to hear back if there is an updated official list with any MVPs that were named and I’ll update this and get it in the paper once I receive that.

First team offense

QB — Sir-Devonta Stewart (Berkeley), Sr.; RB — Rudolpho James (Berk), Sr.; Andre Tyson (Pinole Valley), Sr.; WR — Jalen Harvey (El Cerrito), So.; Nehemiah Winston (PV), Sr.; Xavier Nelson (Berk), Jr.; K — Sam Boyden (Berk), Jr.; OL — Marlon Butler (Berk), Sr.; Jose Maldonado (Berk), Sr.; Johnny McDermott (EC), Sr.; Sam Roberson (PV), Sr.; Rhys Morgan (Alameda), Jr.; UTL — Antonio Manibusan (Ala), Sr.; Danta Ward (De Anza), Sr.

First team defense

DL — Marlon Butler (Berk), Sr.; Jamarrio Harris (EC), Sr.; Deonte Reynolds (PV), Jr.; Josh Easterbroch (Berk), Sr.; LB — Marlon Walker (Berk), So.; Michael Lazarus (Berk), So.; Lawrence Davis (EC), Sr.; Derick Calhoun (EC), So.; DB — Robert Johnson (Berk), Sr.; Marcellus Pippins (EC), Jr.; Keobi Rubin (PV), Sr.; Marquis Davenport (Hercules), Jr.; P — Sam Boyden (Berk), Jr.

Second team offense

QB — Jorden Webster (EC), Sr.; RB — Nico Murillo (Herc), Sr.; Marshon Ardoin (EC), Jr.; WR — Zac Alfers (Ala), Sr.; George Mann (DA), Sr.; Isaiah Brown (Berk), Sr.; K — Leron Fonseca (Herc), So; OL — Ryan Van-Eckhardt (EC), Sr.; Brandon Romeo (PV), Sr.; Olisa Chibueze (Ala), Jr.; Jalen Bradhsaw (Herc), Sr.; Giovanni Tashini (Herc), Sr.; UTL — Marcellus Pippins (EC), Jr.; Sir-Devonta Stewart (Berk), Sr.

Second team defense

DL — Chaquil Contee (EC), Sr.; Giovanni Tansini (Herc), Sr.; Weston Tolbert (Ala), Jr.; Luis Bernal (Richmond), Sr.; LB — Frank Muzio (Ala), Sr.; Steve Evans (DA), Sr.; EJ Hope (PV), Jr.; Josh Jackson (Herc), So; DB — Sulaiman Hameed (Ala), So.; Adarius Pickett (EC), So; Rome Watson (DA), So;; P — Loren Fonseca (Herc), So.

Honorable mention offense

QB — Steve Evans (DA), Sr.; TE — Kamar Fergason (Berk), Sr.; OL — John Connors (PV), Sr.; UTL — Tre’von Clay (Rich), Jr.

Honorable mention defense

DL — Zierre Robinson (Berk), So.; Soloman Clark (Herc), So.; LB — Bryson Singleton (EC), Jr.; P — Dominie Poal (PV), Jr.

Jimmy Durkin

Jimmy Durkin is a sports writer for the Bay Area News Group.

  • MiraMan

    Jeez, if I just read the first team selection, I’d have thought the league only had three teams. I don’t know the players but with a 7-3 season I’d have thought that Hercules would get better than this.

  • N-ya

    You forgot to print offense & defense mvp’s. Offense MVP is Rudolpho James (Berk.) Defense MVP Marcellus Pippins (EC).

  • The list I was sent did not include any MVPs, so that’s why none are listed. It’s also the reason this hasn’t run in the paper yet. I’m waiting to hear back from the ACCAL. I’ll update the post when they send me that and then it’ll get in the paper. But I know so many people have been asking for this so I wanted to at least post what the commissioner sent me.

  • Warrior Jacket

    MVP was Sir Devonte Stewart

  • Comments 2 and 4 are exactly why I have to wait until the commissioner sends it to me.

  • A fan

    You got it right this time. Jalen Harvey, El Cerrito is a top notch athlete and look forward to him playing at his best in the next two years.

  • brandonbeard

    MVP for defense was Mr. Pippins

  • N-ya

    Thank you Mr Durkin for your response.

  • guest2

    Thank you!


    Warrior Jacket. Your two faced. You should just go find a OAL team to hang around. B high doesn’t want you around.

  • Warrior Jacket

    OAKLANDSown,what the heck are you talking about? Since I’ve started blogging I have madeit no secret that I am a fan of both BHS and MACK programs, hence the name WARRIOR JACKET. For the record I am a MACK alum and I coached there with Carter for five years. My son played at BHS and I volunteered many hours at BHS during his 4 year span. Since I have put in much work at both programs I don’t think you have the authority to tell me anything about who and where I make comments about!


    I’m going to call you warrior from now on. You don’t deserve the jacket. You speak on the B high coaching staff like they don’t know they are doing. Everyone including players knows all the negative things you’ve said about the program in the past two years. Your a negative presence to the program, and we’re better off without you.

  • Warrior Jacket

    What can I say the truth hurts. I have said nothing that was not obvious. Believe me of I wanted to expose personal team business or be malacious I could, but I don’t or ever will. Improvements need to be made, period! If you want to call me WARRIOR so be it. Sound like you know me personally, if so, feel free to speak your peace when you see me. I will be more than happy to discuss it with you. But you probaly won’t,having heart is hard for some people!

  • Warrior Jacket

    And how are you a true BHS fan with the name Oaklandsown? Explain yourself!

  • Just Asking

    Hello Mr. Durkin… First, I would like to say Great Job you’re doing…I’m A Fan of your articles… Second, I just wanted to ask were you getting an UPDATED LIST of the “All League” players as well. I noticed some players names missing that made the list… Thanks

    Just Asking

  • gauchoman

    OAKLANDSown, and warrior jacket. berkeley high school sucks, its all about the el cerrito gauchos

  • lol

    It’s all about the Alameda Hor– I can’t say it. 30+ years without a playoff victory…

  • pirate football


    C’ MON MAN didnt b high smack yall put that donut in ur mouth that they put on yall, shut the ____ up when grown folks is talkin

  • pirate football

    lol u got the biz too, wont yall get in the A league next year and then talk yall not even go win the b league yall got smashed by b high too hold yall lost to hercules wow smh

  • Warrior Jacket

    Gauchoman, Berkeley has blown EC out in football every year since 2008. Stop tripping!

  • pirate football

    warrior jacket
    what did u say that was not true bout the b high program, all u just wrote was that sir devonta stewart is league mvp, trying to figure out why berkeleys own is so mad at u, b high had a pretty good season adams suspension for the playoff game hurt them, then the injuries to key plays hurt them, really the inj to the actual starting qb hurt them also but those kids played hard all year, going to b a good A league next season with b high BOD my SL pirates cv and encinal

  • Warrior Jacket

    Pirate Football, I didn’t say anything other than Sir was the league MVP. Oaklandsown must be talking about post I have made in the past.its cool, every one has an opinion.

  • gauchoman

    berkeley is a bunch of soft ass p*****s, they got 5000 kids at they school, and they gone try to beat dem here gauchos who only have1500 kids at dey school. EC almost beat campo, we way rawer den you nurds.

  • gauchoman

    O and marshon ardoin was way rwer den rudolpho james dis year. He had 300 more yards den him now. He should of been 1st team all league, he was da rawset in da whole league. f**k wrong play boy

  • pirate football


    u must a kid on the team, mc beat b high they are a div 4 team that plays div 3, so it sounds like alot of excuses. b high beat the breaks off of ec stop crying and b so happy yall will b in a weak league now, and b high james may not have have more total yards than the ec back especially due to he missed most of they non league games but in league he killed everybody including ec lets get real, gaucho kid this is for grown folks son

  • Spartan83

    What teams are going where next season??? I know the ACCAL will no longer be the same due to it being disbanded.

  • I heard for football
    B league: Hercules, Richmond, Albany, Deanza, Swett, JFK Richmond,

    A League: Salesian, Pinole Valley, El Cerrito, SPSV, Valley CHristian, Berian CHristian, St. Mary’s

  • Spartan83

    Perkins, if this is correct … The new “A” league would look better than the current ACCAL line up. I can live without DeAnza and Richmond. Valley and Berian Christian would be upgrades over them. Salesian for Berkeley … I like that too. St. Mary could be equal to Alameda. I will miss Hercules, since my friends kids have and will be playing for them.

    Hercules, would probably like their league. Looks like a sure thing for them to win the “B” league side. I’m guessing there would be some playoff between both sides for league champs …

  • Be interesting to finally see Salesian play the best teams in its immediate area.

  • Oh boy

    I see Pinole as the large school bully in this ACCAL/BSAL “A” league.

    El Cerrito team speed gets them the 2 spot but EC needs more discipline.

    Salesian graduates alot of talent but still leads the privates in 3rd place.

    Berean and SPSV are good but inconsistent.

    VC and St Mary’s had a competitive playoff game this year but will struggle to get out of the cellar.

  • Spartan83

    One problem for Pinole … they’re gonna need to schedule some non-league games vs some larger (D1,D2) schools to look good for the playoffs with all of the D4 schools in this league.

  • 617lemon

    I cant believe that b league with hercules & those richmond schools thats gotta be the worst. Why are these b leagues recieving automatic berths to the playoffs? Are there gonna be cross matches or will montgomery continue his joke of a non league schedule?

  • guest2

    Can someone make the ACCAL commissioner send in the complete list? This is ridiculous!

  • Spartan83

    If Montromery doesn’t schedule a harder non league schedule … Hercules will never get any respect. 7 wins last season vs teams with a combined record of 10-55, that is a joke!