Live blog: De La Salle vs. Westlake for Open Division State title, Saturday, 8 p.m.

Jon Becker

  • Larry

    Git-R-Done Spartans. Cleaning my transmission today in bathtub. What is the big deal with your cable TV. Just give me a call..you just have to move and reconnect some cables. BEAT WESTLAKE

  • last week i eluded to the fact that bart houston was the best qb on the field last week and i took a lot of criticism. was not trying to bash other qb’s,however there’s no denial in houston not only being the best qb last nite but also the best qb from the north in all the games- in fact i put him right up there with santa margarita qb. let’s see, no interceptions, no fumbles, 155 yds. at half, ran the field and veer to perfection and bowled over several defenders all nite. some of these qb,s especially from the north looked like kids compared to bart, threw picks, bad decisions and overall not even in the same league as houston, count ’em, three state titles with bart at the helm, he’s very mature and will be very solid in college, his punting also on the mark.

  • Prep Fan

    Happy birthday Bart! What better way to celebrate your 19th birthday than leading your team to a 3rd consecutive state bowl victory. Good luck at Wisconsin next season. Congrats to the Spartans!

  • age appropriate

    Which brings up another point: So many of these kids are held back or start late, so you have 19-year-olds playing against 17-year-olds. Nothing against Houston — it’s done everywhere — but it makes it less impressive to say a kid played three years of varsity football when he was old enough to be an older junior his sophomore year.

  • Ebalfan#2

    It’s all pretty damn impressive. Three year starter for best high school program in the country over the last 20 years, starting QB three-time Open Division State Champion (a record that will NEVER be broken), career passing yards and completions record holder for De La Salle, 38-1 record as starting quarterback (another De La Salle record), beat Nottingham (twice), beat Mannion (twice), beat Kline (3 times). Yes, happy birthday and Merry Christmas Bart Houston.

  • any game stats yet? can’t find ’em. Vitale get a 100?Houston final stats?

  • S1lverngreen

    Yo Mama,
    Te’o 98 yrds…Pepe 89…

  • S1lverngreen

    Ebalfan # 2,
    Summed it up pretty well, congratulations Bart and all those 17 year D-1 Seniors!

  • silvergreen, total game stats? i know dela got 449 yds, breakdown of rushing, teo 98, vitale 89, how many rushing yds for houston and the backups?

  • age requirement is a real weak arguement. Take that to CIF their rules.

  • S1lverngreen

    FIRST DOWNS: De La Salle 22, Westlake 15
    TOTAL YARDS: De La Salle 449, Westlake 248
    FUMBLES/LOST: De La Salle 1/1, Westlake 1/1
    PENALTIES: De La Salle 5-36, Westlake 2-10
    TIME OF POSSESSION: De La Salle 27:47, Westlake 20:13
    SACKS: De La Salle 2/20, Westlake 0/0

    Per Max Preps Yo…

  • Junior

    Congrats to Campo and the Structurally Advantaged Spartans- you repped the east bay well.

    Yomama- did I see you walking the dog around the HDC in the third quarter?

  • I think yesterday pretty much wrapped up the season. Been a good one. I’ve never wanted to get involved with the whole private school arguement cause I think its real old. Watching the state game especially last year really puts it to bed. If there are any recruiting you have to beleive it happens down south especailly for the privates that are there year in & year out. DLS still totally dominated Servite & West Lake as bad or worse then any NorCal team. You gotta believe there’s something more then just recruiting. There are a lot of great coaches out there but nobody can say they do a better job then Ladoceur. Nobody.

  • Ebalfan#2

    Houston 180 yards passing

  • It’s not simple and that’s why other teams can’t copy it. Brotherhood, commitment cards, goals, year around workouts, solid basics called blocking and tackling, strong student atheletes, great coaching, great conditioning, play for one another, tradition. That’s a lot for a normal high school kid to digest. There’s only a hand full of programs in the nation that can do it every year.
    The best way I described it last nite to another fan whose son plays college ball, De La Salle’s program approaches it with a college style mentality- it’s fun but very serious, they pratice like they play, have a lot of depth and prepare very very well.

  • Vitalie was amazing down the strech. 13 tds in 4 playoff games, over 550 yds. rushing in the 4 games, very tough back. Good to see Teo pop almost 100 in his last game. Vitale and Teo should run track. Throw in Williams and of course Barton and De La got a 41.2 short relay state finalist, how about guys?

  • s1lverngreen

    Big Joe,
    I would expect Joe T to run this year…(some of it will depend on his healing of the knee, which I think is probably close to 100%) Williams runs hurdles, he should do well. We have some underclassmen from last year that will probably step up and fight for a spot on the 4×100 team..should be a good year for coach harvey and co in the spring. frankie will be running out of the hole, he is by far the most explosive, he too should be fully healthy. not sure if pepe runs track, it would certainly help him like it did with teron ward and tyler anderson..lastly, Egu is actually a pretty good sprinter, no where near his little brother, however, still fast enough to compete in NCS…look for him too.

  • I’m lookin’ for smoke.

  • Junior, yup that was me! A little hot tub with some Campo momma’s Sat. nite- had to ease the pain.

  • tom

    Westlake coach suggeseted he was surprised at use of veer. Real reason for lopsided outcome was that DLS had 4 LBs in place in the 1st QTR
    which could easily stop the overly simple WestCoast short
    crossing patterns by Tuttle/Moore. DEs Hooper/Olinger pressured
    Moore all night by torqueing the Westlake tackles into the HomeDepot
    Veer is same offense DLS has run for ~25 years since Lad started.
    Cannot possibly be surprised. Unlimited film available even before
    Ward and Maurice Drew years.
    Real story happened by DLS’s DE and LB play. Honestly, we
    should really appreciate the training/skill involved when we see
    a 225lb DTackle jacking a 305lb OTackle off his feet and forcing him
    back into the play. We should consider what is behind those images
    because that is what football is about. I really feel that the game
    I was at last week at Home Depot was won over a year before it
    was played.