Final 2011 East Bay football poll

Team Record Points Last week
1. De La Salle (6) 13-1 90 1
2. Campolindo 14-1 84 6
3. San Ramon Valley 10-4 78 3
4. Encinal 11-2 65 4
t5. James Logan 10-1 63 2
t5. Salesian 13-0 63 7
7. Pittsburg 9-4 57 8
8. Freedom 10-2 46 9
t9. Concord 10-4 39 NR
t9. Monte Vista 8-5 39 15
11. California 7-4 29 5
12. Bishop O’Dowd 9-3 22 13
13. Berkeley 7-4 13 11
14. Dublin 8-5 10 NR
15. Miramonte 10-2 9 10

Also receiving votes: McClymonds (10-2, 6 points), Las Lomas (9-3, 4), El Cerrito (7-3-1, 2), College Park (7-5, 1). The East Bay Football Poll is voted on by the prep sports staff of Bay Area News Group-East Bay.

Jimmy Durkin

Jimmy Durkin is a sports writer for the Bay Area News Group.

  • Falcon Fan

    Kool aide is free here. Kessler is correct.

  • Junior

    Kessler has no huevos.

  • Voice of Reason

    #94 Big Joe – Kline grows his hair long for a reason. When he cuts his hair, it is goes towards making a wig to be given to cancer patients. One of the many non-football reasons he was selected Gatorade Player of the Year.

  • Voice, OK I apoligize. That’s a very nice gesture on the young man’s part.

  • Koolaid was free in Jonestown too- that doesn’t mean ya drink it. Who is falcon fan – a bvaler or Freedom?

  • to yo daddy- never heard from you all year- STA took another loss lost 2 finished out of the top 20 nationally- if they played again a much closer game- 3rd nationally isn’t too bad- if you do your himework son, there has not been another eastbay team in the last 50 years who has been ranked that high nationally- De La has been ranked nationally at least a dozen times- USA Today- remember- na- your too young and dumb.

  • Yo Daddy

    DLS Lost plain and simple!!

  • renegades10

    We lost to STA, so what? DLS’ goal every year is to win a state title. Mission accomplished. The kids went out as winners. They improved immensely from the first game of the season and people stepped up as leaders. All part of the big picture there. The mythical national championships are only icing on the cake if the team wins it, but are not the ultimate goal.

  • Prep Fan

    Don’t read anything into it R10. DLS had another great season. Everyone knows they are a great program and tops in the state again this year. By the same token, I wish people would get off Kessler’s case and the comments he made about SRV not being on the same playing field as DLS. It’s certainly not the first time that topic has come up. Many people have gome back & forth on that in the past on here (and many many threads have been filled with it) and although DLS backers don’t like to hear it, ripping into Kessler isn’t going to change that sentiment and may just serve to perpetuate it or get people to root against them. Just enjoy the fruits of another fine season and ignore the comments from the Yo Daddy types.

    Congrats again to DLS on a 3rd consecutive state championship.

  • renegades10

    Prep, definitely not reading too much it into it, it’s the usual anti-DLS hate that appears on this board at the end of the year. Just wanted to lcarify for that poster that he was a little misguided about what DLS’ ultimate goals are.

    In regards to Kessler’s comments, you know I have always acknowledged the boundary advantage of DLS. Do I think some people play it up too much, yes. But it is there. However, I think his comments were pretty classless. I remember a lot of people harped on Bart for his comments after the first SRV game. Whether or not it’s true, Kessler should know better than to say that to the paper imo, especially as a coach and model for the young men on his team. As a head coach he’s only faced DLS four times over three seasons. What about the longtime coaches who you never hear say anything remotely close to that? They might all be thinking it, but by saying it out loud they are admitting that they are going into the game thinking they have no chance to win. Coach B would never say something like that to the Grizz and he’s been a part of the DLS program as a player. Just my opinion on the matter.

  • renegades10

    Continuing with that thought about Cal, the reason why they will always scare me as a local opponent for DLS is the never quit attitude that was highlighted in their first meeting last year. DLS played a superb first half of football. And Cal didn’t quit. Most teams would have just gone, “here we go again”, and resigned themselves to the fact that it was over. But Cal took DLS’ best shot and then came back out and dished one of their own. That’s the attitude a coach needs to have and demonstrate to his players.

  • junior

    R10 is right- how can a player believe he can defeat DLS if the head guy does not? I’ll bet Billecci and Sweeney dont talk like that.

    The Kessler thing will die as soon as posters stop bringing it up (see #101). It is our duty to set the record straight on the haters.

  • Paydirt

    I do not recall seeing SRV quit in a football game this year, including the “game of the year” win at “never quit” CAL. Someone is connecting dots that do not exist.

    Cheers to a great 2012!

  • renegades10

    Paydirt, not saying SRV did quit, but it’s hard to follow a coach who clearly doesn’t believe his team can win no matter who the opponent is. If a coach is saying what Kessler did, you have to wonder what must be going through the mind of his players.

  • RedandBlue2

    Coach Kessler was way out of bounds to make the statement he made; perhaps it was in the heat of the moment. Nevertheless, 20 consecutive NCS D1 championships can certainly make you feel that way.

    As much as I admire what Coach Eidson & Ladouceur have created, how should the rest of the D1 programs in NCS feel about their chances in representing their community at a State Bowl Game?

    I went down to Carson to watch Campolindo play and we stayed in the same hotel as many of the De La Salle families. As you can imagine, all the Campo dads at the bar were still pinching themselves they were even here. It was a special year and my son will remember that weekend the rest of his life.

    For the DLS dads, it was more like business as usual. 6 straight appearances with no end in sight. Don’t get me wrong, all the DLS dads were great – bought many rounds for us Campo dads! It just struck me as how different the feeling was for us to be there, knowing it may never happen again.

    Renegades10, I am glad to hear at least you acknowledge “the boundary advantage” De La Salle enjoys. Many of your brethren can’t even make that concession.

    I know quite a few football families in Danville, many resigned to the fact they will never get a chance to travel to Carson to see their team play for a State Championship. They very much look forward to their games with De La Salle, knowing what a victory over their program would mean. None of their kids are quitters. But they all acknowledged, to a man, they felt the same way Coach Kessler felt; they just wished Kessler hadn’t voiced it publicly.

    For the record, I know a few current De La Salle football families as well. They do represent their school with pride and class and no one is a bigger fan than I am when they play any out of the area teams.

    Finally, there are some truly wonderful coaches in the EBAL and Division 1 in general. Coach Bergman at Monte Vista is one of the best, in my opinion. As good as his teams have been over the years, they still suffer through the cycle of good years and bad years, as all public schools do. As good as he is, and I have no doubt he is as passionate about teaching football to his kids as Coach Ladouceur is, I just don’t think he will ever have the horses De La Salle does, year in and year out, to get to a State Bowl Game. Though you will never hear Coach Bergman say what Coach Kessler said, I can’t help but wonder if he doesn’t feel the same way privately. More to the point, I wonder if Monte Vista, San Ramon Valley, or any other EBAL school will ever experience what Campolindo and the Moraga community did down in Carson a few weeks ago.

  • jd

    Just Glad Washington-Union ended the fairytale so we dont have to hear how that school was picked last in its conference but a good season never the less

  • cornfed

    I’ve watched Salesian the last four years. Yep, they’ve dominated NCS D4. Having said that, any one of the 6-15 ranked East Bay teams would beat Salesian.

  • Prep Fan

    Great post #115 red&blue! And what a great experience for you this year.

  • Campo can join the ebal, drop DLS, make them independent. Campo finishes behind SRV and Monte Vista even during the cinderalla story book year.
    The ebal QB’s carve the campo defense, the only thing is the ebal has no defense, so it’s going to be a high scoring gaem. As far as DeLa mand Campo go, that game is 56-00, no problem.

  • DRob16

    A couple things:

    I was reading up on St Thomas Aquinas and saw they lost 3 games! That area must be a crazy tough football area.

    Both Vitale and Tautalatasi from DLS have very close family ties to Encinal. Too bad The Jets didn’t have those two on campus! They did great with who they had this year….but WOW, that would be great to have those two.

    Salesian had a great year, but I don’t think they could have lasted with Encinal. The Jets have played a bunch of schools with big lines and they didn’t have that many issues.

    Finally, I haven’t seen much HS football out of the area, but how does everybody think Encinal would have faired the last 3 years if they went to DII? I know they wouldn’t, because Tenorio yearly looks for higher challenges, not for easier routes, but I was just wondering?

  • Corn Doggy

    Salesian will BEAT everyone in CA including DLS.

  • so i went to laney passing league tourney and SL looks really good but the problem is can they beat Encinal, BOD they cant beat BOD OD is too good and encinal just to fast to strong encinal will have the line this year they still got #77 aaron v’ee and #50 alex penrose but 1 thing wrong with encinal they got no quarter back i saw them at the passing league tourney its just there quarterback but i think encinal can suprise the whole bay area this year. GO Pirates

  • so i went to laney passing league tourney and SL looks really good but the problem is can they beat Encinal, BOD they cant beat BOD OD is too good and encinal just to fast to strong encinal will have the line like last year they still got #77 aaron v’ee and #50 #58 #76 but 1 thing wrong with encinal they got no quarter back i saw them at the passing league tourney its just there quarterback but i think encinal can suprise the whole bay area this year. SL is going to be good but 1 question is stevie ready to play quarterback this year?

  • Like DRob16 said – if encinal had vitale and tautalatasi o man encinal woulda been #2 in the bay area i rpomice you that .

  • Pitt Grunt

    @ Dumptruck,

    Woulda coulda shoulda…..If Pittsburg had all Pittsburg kids, this coming season they would have Dante Mayes, Darrel Daniels, and Michael Hutchinson to name just a few.

    Who cares. You play with the kids you have, not the kids you wished you had.

  • Vitale is from Fairfield- don’t think it made sense to go to Encinal regardless of family ties. I believe Tat is also from the North Bay. DeLa has had numerous kids from the North Bay over the years- straight shot to Concord the back way. CHS also gets North Bay kids.

  • Look Encinal don’t need vitale he’s leaving next year anyways and Encinal should be Happy they got a Tautalatasi on there team .