Final 2011 East Bay football poll

Team Record Points Last week
1. De La Salle (6) 13-1 90 1
2. Campolindo 14-1 84 6
3. San Ramon Valley 10-4 78 3
4. Encinal 11-2 65 4
t5. James Logan 10-1 63 2
t5. Salesian 13-0 63 7
7. Pittsburg 9-4 57 8
8. Freedom 10-2 46 9
t9. Concord 10-4 39 NR
t9. Monte Vista 8-5 39 15
11. California 7-4 29 5
12. Bishop O’Dowd 9-3 22 13
13. Berkeley 7-4 13 11
14. Dublin 8-5 10 NR
15. Miramonte 10-2 9 10

Also receiving votes: McClymonds (10-2, 6 points), Las Lomas (9-3, 4), El Cerrito (7-3-1, 2), College Park (7-5, 1). The East Bay Football Poll is voted on by the prep sports staff of Bay Area News Group-East Bay.

Jimmy Durkin

Jimmy Durkin is a sports writer for the Bay Area News Group.

  • Rickybobby

    Encinal playing Alameda is like fighting your little brother. You do enough to make him rethink his actions, but you dont put him in the hospital.

  • Salesian is the Best

    Salesian should have been ranked # 1. They were the only team to be undefeated. Everyone was to scared to play Salesian in Football. DLS basketball declined to play us in Hoops.

  • Prep Fan

    Put Salesian in the EBAL next year and see if they come in 3rd place. No chance. They are an excellent D4 team, but there are no D4 teams to play in the EBAL or BVAL. They have done a great job with the schedule they play.

    If they want to play in a state bowl or test themselves against better competition, they should move up to D3 and play some tougher teams in the preseason. Like maybe 3 or 4 of the other teams in the top 15. Scheduling teams like Middletown, Swett & Kennedy of Richmond is not going to help the perception of that team. Their league schedule is bad enough, but Inderkum was really the only tough opponent they played this year until the D4 playoffs.

  • ManDown

    Salesian Is The Best, You’re a clown! Salesian isn’t that great and everyone knows it. If they were the “number 1” as you think your coach would compete against better teams instead of playing deaf kids every year. Get lost clown and good luck in the new ACCAL!

  • epcthree

    Man Down…

    No need to comment on Salesian being ranked number 1; that’s just silly – but “Instead of playing deaf kids every year”

    Really? This is where you felt the need to take it? Not cool at all.

  • Campo could play Pitt or Freedom close. They had a hard time with the Frenso team secondary(4 picks) and overall team speed- the Frenso team did not look that good on offense except for the running back. Campo had a great year beating MC and CN, but let’s be real, they are not a top state team.

  • Salesian is the Best

    In the past, we beat DLS 3 times and one point no one wanted to play the “Super Chiefs”. We recently played Monteverde (Florida)in hoops and barely lost. Salesian is the TOP team in CA in basketball and football. Remember, most of DLS speed is from “Salesian Area” Michael B. and etc. We would be playing our classmates from elementary school.(Alameda v. Encinal)

  • EBfootball

    what’s the new ACCAL/BSAL looking like?

  • Prep Fan

    Now a private school is lamenting the loss of local “Salesian Area” kids to DLS? Salesian had a great team this year, but let’s leave it at that. Their basketball team is excellent this year and one of the better teams in NorCal, but I wouldn’t bet against DLS if they played.

  • Salesian is the Best

    Prep Fan,

    Take the same number of student/athlete from DLS v. Salesian in Football and Basketball. Salesian would beat DLS easily. This small school can play anyone in the country. DLS has 1,000 boys and Salesian total enrollment boys & girls (520).

  • pragmatic

    Face it. Salesian football plays a soft schedule and until they play “equivalents”, will always be considered third rate. Why not play the same schedule as DLS? Then you can spout your geyser.

  • Prep Fan

    I may agree with you there, especially if they had another 500 boys to choose from in basketball, but that doesn’t make Salesian the #1 football team in the East Bay. Even with 1000 more boys to choose from I’d still take DLS in football though. Too many really good football coaches there and with their tradition they will continue to draw “Salesian Area” kids to Winton Drive.

  • epcthree

    Salesian is best…

    You may not realize it, but you are embarrassing yourself and more importantly your school. Supporting your team is great and even a certain amount of blind support is acceptable but at this point you are going beyond the pale.

    First of all, the school size argument is specious. Salesian is a D4 school because of their size. No one expects them to compete with larger schools, that’s why they are classified as D4. And while their success at that level is to be commended, the idea of Salesian competing with De La Salle in football is a pipe dream.

    And to say that “In the past, we beat DLS 3 times” is more than a little disingenuous; those games took place prior to 1984. Up until 2007, California HS was undefeated against De La Salle. I guess if you really want to brag, let people know that Salesian is the last team to shut out DLS back in 1979. But none of that really means anything when talking about today’s schools.

    So bottom line, support your team with pride and heart. But also do so with class and a certain level of intelligence. To do any less only makes you and your team look bad in the long run.

  • DLS sucks


    The truth hurts. Go back to DLS and harp. DLS is not the National Champs. Flat out got beat by Bosco twice and STA. DLS got Nationally embarrassed on TV. Stop picking on Salesian’s and win some games next year. Your the biggest LOSER.

  • JustMaybe

    @Pride Baller, you sound crazy. First, you don’t know if you’re far superior than Alameda. Second, to say that since Alameda came within 4 points, then you would beat Encinal is an even crazier assumption. Salesian has won back to back DIVISION 4 TITLES!! That should be celebrated. They dominated the BFL AGAIN. With Curry, Santos, Tagaloa, it still took you a long time to score to against Valley Christian.

  • epcthree


    Speaking of showing no class and making yourself look bad…

  • renegades10

    If any two areas should be lamenting the loss of kids to DLS it would Pitt/Antioch and Danville. Yes there have been some studs from Richmond such as the late Terrance Kelly and a few others but not as many as those two areas have lost.

  • junior

    How can a kid be considered property of the public school system when they go to a private elementary school? The excuses just keep rolling in.

  • Prep Fan

    Junior, he was referring to the loss of “Salesian Area” kids to DLS, two private schools. That had nothing to do with public schools. That’s the first time I have seen that one. No one is saying that kids are the property of public schools but you, as that is the second time you have brought that up. Maybe you saw somthing on another blog somewhere but this was about “Salesian Area” kids.

  • Patrick

    Newman beat De La Salle back in the seventies! Do I get to jump in and say we’re better? We actually played De La Salle close in the Ladouceur era twice as well. Haha. Salesian, as a fan of a similar school (private, Catholic, 650 students) might I recommend the formula that works for unarguably the two BEST DIV programs in the Bay Area, Cardinal Newman and Marin Catholic: Play up to DIII like we do. You get better competition, more respect, and if you win out, 2 out of 3 times, a state bowl ticket. Also, schedule upper echelon talent like SJS DII winner Vacaville (Marin Catholic), NCS DII runner-up Concord (Cardinal Newman), CCS DII Winner Saint Ignatius (Marin Catholic), or CCS DIII Winner Palma (Cardinal Newman). Win those games and you have quite a lot of respect. I think for you guys a preseason schedule of Sacred Heart-Cathedral, Windsor, and Christian Brothers would give you enough challenge. Anyways, follow this and success can be yours. Cardinal Newman has only been to state twice and won 11 NCS championships. I think we know a thing or two about having success as a small Catholic school. You’ll never win an argument that you’re better than De La Salle in the Ladouceur era, but being damn good in your own right is something to be proud of.

  • junior

    prep-my response was to Ren10’s comment not salesians. and yes, I know Ren10 is a DLS guy.

  • renegades10

    junior, not saying they are the “property” of those schools, but that had they gone the public route they would have gone to those schools. and it was in response to the salesian guys response that they have lost all these players to DLS.

  • The Bottom Line

    Salesian Football and Basketball(Girls and Boys) Rules!!!

  • Prep Fan

    There are at least 2 very good DLS players from San Ramon on this year’s team, Houston & Hooper. While we are proud of their accomplishments, as they have played youth sports in our area and are friends with our kids, we don’t feel they are the property of the local public schools. Sure it would be nice to have both of them on the football team, just as it would be nice to have some of the basketball or baseball athletes who have chosen to specialize in a different sport, but we do just fine with the kids in our local area who want to play football here.

  • SportFAN

    I disappointed!!! A LOST is a LOST… Mack schedule may not of being “strong,” but not being worthy of a ranking? Why even give them votes? Also Mack played with a roster of predominantly underclassmen(5 freshman, 6 sophomores). If really sad for the kids @ Mack that there is teams with 3,4,5 losses ranked ahead of them. I guess we know how Boise feels? I really disappointed!!!

  • junior

    Houston played youth sports in livermore (cyo) and pleasanton (pjfl). He did not reside in san ramon until hs

  • Prep Fan

    Despite having lived in other cities from Livermore to Dublin, he is still friends with some of the public school kids in San Ramon. He also played some little league in addition to cyo and pjfl. But we don’t think he is the property of any one city and has the ability to go to the school of his choice, just as he isn’t the property of Cal-Berkeley or Stanford just because he lives out here, and can decide to go to Wisconsin if that is the best fit for him. To each his own.

  • Prep Fan

    How can DLS score 23 points and win? I’m confused, thought it was girl’s basketball, until I remembered DLS is all boys….

  • renegades10

    supposedly hawaii has not shot clock for high school basketball…

  • Falcon Fan

    East Bay Allstars 12-9 over Sac. Great job players and coaches! Drew from Livermore is a Stud. He can play any position he wants!

  • Merry Christmas to the DLSers bloggers and everyone else too. Houston , Teo and Vitale sure had a lot of firepower down the streach. If there good little boys Santa’s going to give them some touchdowns!

  • affirmative Yo Mama!

  • To Salesian fans, De La Salle not afraid to play anybody. Win or loose, they will play a national schedule team. Salesian has never played a national team nor a highly state ranked team. Shag beat DLS in the early ’80’s- congrats- St. Mary’s beat Salesian 4 straight years from ’68-’71 for McManus trophy and CAL championships. Here’s the scoop- the best teams the other CAL schools have fielded would take an embrassing loss to the DLS streak teams and beyond- the WCAL powers bellarmine, serra, mitty, st. francis st.ignauis, etc. best years would also loose to the DLS teams- individual talent won’t factor in.
    One more thing, Salesian fans, the best Salesian team in the school’s history with Stan Brown in ’66 lost to SM 31-28- that team was 9-1. SM was 7-2 and tied bellarmine and riordan for the wcal championship. Stan’s team would have lost to DLS teams, including the others mentioned. How do I know, saw it, played it and it’s hard to admit that someone is better than you- but that’s the scoop- better coaching, blocking and tackling from DLS over the last 25 yrs.
    Sorry if you don’t agree- talk to coaches and former coaches, you’re running into a buzz-saw when you play the Spartans.

  • s1lverngreen

    I played against one of the Jackomeli bros from Salesians that kid was a beast..Shag knew how to coach some football that’s for sure..happy holidays ma fellow bloggers!

  • The Bottom Line

    DLS is overated. Houston, Te’O, Vitale all sucked!!! Houston would have been a backup to Zach. I’m glad all them DLA Suckers acknowledged Salesian is the Best Program in the USA.

  • Patrick

    Tough to claim being the best team in the country when you refuse to play even midlevel teams in your metropolitan area. Now we’re just being silly.

  • Prep Fan

    Some weird posts on here lately. Someone posted as me at 1:43 a.m. saying they thought DLS had a girls basketball team? I know Carondelet has a pretty good team and they scored 30 points in the 1st quarter the other night so there should be no confusing the two programs. DLS scoring 23 points or holding their opponents to 19 is par for the course and to be expected, whether or not there is a shot clock. If someone wants to use multiple sign ins for whatever reason, that is fine, but don’t get on here posing as another poster. The posts saying that DLS sucks or that Salesian is beter than DLS are just noise.

  • bottom line- or should I say bootom of the barrell.
    Vatilie 13 tds. in playoffs, Houston 3 state titles in a row, etc. etc. Your offensive lineman would have had to play defense at DeLa. too slow, can’t block in the veer.

  • Silvergreen- Giacomelli Bros. did you guys beat them?
    We beat all the teams they were on. Shag lost 2 CAL championships to us, he used to coach at SMCHS.

  • @ Patrick

    Patrick, your a joke and very silly! Salesian does have solid Programs. Your right DLS is not the best team in the country.

  • Zach who? Houston a backup? let’s see- 13 sacks in 2 meetings, several picks- looked like a normal HS QB in those 2 games- got stats against reserves- Salesian bottom line-sure you ever left Richmond to see a game?

  • Big Joke Joe

    @Big Joe, Houston would have been a bench warmer @ SRV. So those accomplishments are meaningless.

  • renegades10

    3 state titles aren’t meaningless.

  • SRV was destroyed by a combined score of 91-16 in 2 meetings.
    Houston was a major part of that, especially the first meeting- the best QB on the field.
    Kline another ebal gunslinger who never beat De La Salle.
    Kline’s height and weight will not help him in the Pac-12.
    He also needs to cut his hair- a typical Blackhawk pampered Momma’s boy- like you. The ex-ballplayers in the stands watching both games all agree- strong arm, that’s it, not a leader on the field- bye the way, weak ass offensive line for that passing system.

  • POY

    @ Big Dog, Joe and Joke–Who was POY? Houston or Zach Kline. Here’s a clue: Player of the Year! Kline is better QB than Bart whether or not he’s from San Ramon Area.

  • S1lverngreen

    No, we got worked, i went to Richmond High and we sucked…Played against one of the Farr brothers from Kennedy High, he went on to play UW and the NFL I believe..that was a long time ago yo mama!

  • on the 1st day of xmas DeLa gave to me a ebal title
    on the 2nd day of xmas DeLa gave to me a playoff win
    on the 3rd day of xmas DeLa gave to me Vatalie 178 yds
    on the 4th day of xmas DeLa gave to me 2nd playoff win
    on the 5th day of xmas DeLa gave to me Houston 3 tds
    on the 6th day of xmas DeLa gave to me NCS # 20 in row
    on the 7th day of xmas DeLa gave to me Vatalie’s 6 tds
    on the 8th day of xmas DeLa gave to me 6 straight games
    on the 9th day of Xmas DeLa gave to me 35-00 champions
    on the 10th day of xmas DeLa gave to me # 1 in state
    on the 11th day of xmas DeLa gave to me # 3 nationally
    on the 12th day of xmas DeLa gave to me a Spartan in a pear tree!

    Merry Christmas!

  • Yo Daddy

    On 1st Day Game got whupped by a STA.
    On the Last Day: Was Not the National Champs. So be quiet! Happy New Years!

  • renegades10

    nice jingle mama

  • Falcon Fan

    You guys are brainwashed dumb ass MFs