Boys Soccer: Big games upcoming, Rankings, Standings, Stats

Looking for some soccer games to keep you company over the break?

If you’re anything like me, you’re looking for some soccer over the Christmas break to keep you company. I’m keeping busy with a lot of FIFA 12 (Chicharito up top and Cristiano Ronaldo on the wing) and following my favorite Premiere League team (how does Everton draw with Sunderland?!?) but there are also some good games for some East Bay teams until the action picks up after the New Year.
I for one am going to see YV v. Pitt on Wednesday, and College Park also plays Newark Memorial on that day. Dublin v. Northgate is also in the central valley while Arroyo and American play on the 880 corridor.
Richmond is at the Bellarmine Tournament on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday against some very good competition. There is also some EBAL action as San Ramon Valley and Foothill play a makeup match on Thursday.
Acalanes and College Park kick off the New Year as the action starts to heat up on Jan. 2 and gets rolling again on Jan. 3.


With a win over De La Salle, Clayton Valley knocked the Spartans down to No. 8, while fellow DVAL school Ygnacio Valley jumps into the top five, with the Eagles just one spot below. Campolindo benefits by moving up as well.
Amador Valley moves up to No. 12 after its win over College Park while Pittsburg is back in the top 15 after rolling off six straight wins.

1. California (9-0-2)
2. Richmond (5-0-0)
3. Acalanes (5-0-3)
4. San Ramon Valley (4-2-2)
5. Ygnacio Valley (7-2-1)
6. Clayton Valley (5-2-2)
7. Campolindo (10-1-1)
8. De La Salle (3-2-1)
9. Granada (8-1-2)
10. Newark Memorial (8-3-0)
11. Monte Vista (4-0-5)
12. Amador Valley (6-3-0)
13. College Park (6-1-3)
14. Dougherty Valley (5-3-3)
15. Pittsburg (6-3-1)

Others considered: Dublin (7-2-0), Hayward (5-2-1), Bishop O’Dowd (4-0-4), Concord (6-0-1), Logan (6-3-3), Alhambra (5-4-1), Pinole Valley (3-3-0), Miramonte (3-3-2), Oakland Tech (1-1-0), San Leandro (3-4-0).


Team W-L (overall, league) PTS
Pinole Valley (3-3-0, 2-0-0) 6
Berkeley (5-5-1, 1-1-0) 3
El Cerrito (4-2-2, 1-0-0) 3
Hercules (1-4-1, 1-1-0) 3
Richmond (5-0-0, 1-0-0) 3
Alameda (5-6-0, 0-2-0) 0
De Anza (0-2-0, 0-2-0) 0

Team W-L (overall, league) PTS
Encinal (1-1-0, 1-0-0) 3
Albany (2-3-4, 0-0-2) 2
Kennedy (1-6-2, 0-0-2) 2
Piedmont (2-3-2, 0-0-2) 2
St. Mary’s (0-0-4, 0-0-2) 2
Salesian (0-3-0, 0-1-0) 0
St. Joseph Notre Dame (1-2-0, 0-0-0) 0
St. Patrick-St. Vincent (0-1-0, 0-0-0) 0
Swett (0-2-0, 0-0-0) 0

Team W-L (overall, league) PTS
Antioch (4-5-1, 0-0-0) 0
Deer Valley (0-4-2, 0-0-0) 0
Freedom (1-2-3, 0-0-0) 0
Heritage (1-1-2, 0-0-0) 0
Liberty (0-3-0, 0-0-0) 0
Pittsburg (6-3-1, 0-0-0) 0

Team W-L (overall, league) PTS
Acalanes (5-0-3, 3-0-1) 10
Campolindo (10-1-1, 2-0-1) 7
Miramonte (3-3-2, 1-0-2) 5
Alhambra (5-4-1, 1-2-1) 4
Dougherty Valley (5-3-3, 1-1-1) 4
Dublin (7-2-0, 1-2-0) 3
Las Lomas (3-4-4, 0-4-0) 0

Team W-L (overall, league) PTS
College Park (6-1-3, 2-0-0) 6
Ygnacio Valley (7-2-1, 2-0-0) 6
Clayton Valley (5-2-2, 1-1-0) 3
Concord (6-0-1, 1-0-0) 3
Berean Chr. (3-5-0, 0-2-0) 0
Mt. Diablo (0-2-1, 0-1-0) 0
Northgate (3-5-3, 0-2-0) 0

Team W-L (overall, league) PTS
Granada (8-1-2, 2-0-0) 6
California (9-0-2, 1-0-1) 4
De La Salle (3-2-1, 1-0-1) 4
Monte Vista (4-0-5, 0-0-2) 2
Livermore (2-6-1, 0-1-1) 1
San Ramon Valley (4-2-2, 0-0-1) 1
Amador Valley (6-3-0, 0-2-0) 0
Foothill (4-4-2, 0-1-0) 0

Team W-L (overall, league) PTS
Hayward (5-2-1, 3-0-1) 10
San Leandro (3-4-0, 3-0-0) 9
Bishop O’Dowd (4-0-4, 2-0-2) 8
Castro Valley (1-9-1, 1-2-1) 4
Moreau Catholic (2-3-2, 1-2-1) 4
Mt. Eden (5-4-2, 1-2-1) 4
Arroyo (0-4-2, 0-2-2) 2
San Lorenzo (1-2-2, 0-0-2) 2
Tennyson (0-3-0, 0-3-0) 0

Team W-L (overall, league) PTS
Logan (6-3-3, 2-0-0) 6
Newark Memorial (8-3-0, 2-0-0) 6
American (1-6-1, 1-1-0) 3
Irvington (1-7-2, 0-0-1) 1
Mission San Jose (0-12-1, 0-1-1) 1
Kennedy (0-5-2, 0-2-0) 0
Washington (1-6-0, 0-1-0) 0

Team W-L (overall, league) PTS
Oakland Tech (1-1-0, 0-0-0) 0
Castlemont (0-0-0, 0-0-0) 0
Fremont (0-0-0, 0-0-0) 0
Oakland (0-0-0, 0-0-0) 0
Skyline (0-0-0, 0-0-0) 0

Stat Leaders

Name School Goals
Lopez, Pitt 12
Ayala, YV 12
Sandoval, Newark 11
Hartland, Dublin 10
Alejandro, Alhambra 9
Mendoza, Richmond 9
Grixti, Cal 8
Parisi, Dougherty 7
Romero, Pinole 7
Montes, Richmond 7

Name School Assists
S. Palano, Campo 9
Montes, Richmond 8
Marshall, Dublin 7
Mendoza, Richmond 7
Ayala, YV 7
Ledesma, Pitt 6
Damien, YV 6
Borges, Albany 5
Martinez, Clayton 5
Gomez, Hayward 5

Matt Smith

  • Lonewolf

    Kudos to CVHS taking on the Spartans. I will say the amount of players that have been away at club ball is slowing the jell time for De La Salle as with the exception of of or 2 rostered V players they have had heavy club commitments and are rotating players to give most some rest as the push starts for league play. Sparty will regroup as they are playing at the Nautical Cup in San Diego next few days. Outside of a flu bug Sparty so far has been lucky on the health side of things as compared to last season were major injuries dictated play.
    I hope CVHS stays healthy during the season as they will make an impact in play-offs. YV is good but they are relying on the performance of about 3 players again health or fatigue could be a factor as they make a run. EBAL will be a typical bar fight with the last man / best team standing.

  • cokito

    Lonewolf, what does the Nautical Cup schedule look like for DLS?

  • Lonewolf

    @ Cokito: Here is Link to Tournament..FYI it is now called “The Southern California Classic by Nike.”
    Sparty Plays Cathedral @ 7:30pm and St. John Bosco(LA)@ 2:45 pm Today…Very tough group.
    That Tournament if you look at at the different groups and class its the Who’s -Who of Southern Cal HS Soccer.


  • Lonewolf

    DLS 1 ST. John Bosco 0 Final
    Next Game at 7:30 pm vs Cathedral

  • cokito

    Thank you, Lonewolf. Very impressive indeed. Best of luck!

  • leaveit2me

    Why is Acalanes so high? Do they deserve to be above the Ygnacio’s, Campos, Amandors, or even the Claytons? Yes they haunt lost.. but have they been tested?

  • Matt Smith

    I’ve seen Acalanes and was very impressed. Hence the high ranking.

  • San Ramon Fan

    SRVHS beat Mitty 2-0 in a scrimmage yesterday. the boys looked it good. with the late start because of club, it has taken them a little longer to find their roles. their foothill game was moved to 1/28 but they scrimmage Serra on Saturday.

  • 11v11

    I will be at Pitt # 15 vs YV # 5 game.
    According to the stats the top two goal scorers are facing each other. This should make for an interesting game also knowing that both teams have been on a winning streak.

    “Over the Hill Battle”

    My prediction is a 2-2 tie.

  • Lonewolf

    DLS drops game with Cathedral. Cathedral hit fast with 2 goals in first half. Top teams at So Cal Classic are San Pasquale, Cathedral, San Clemente & La Costa.
    Spartans are playing Kofa in Semifinal today to make final of consolation round on Thursday.

  • Lonewolf

    Spartans are up 1-0 at half this am vs Kofa.
    that’s a tough deal late pm game that finished at 9:30pm then a early 8:30 game.

  • Lonewolf

    FYI Kofa HS is out of Yuma Arizona

  • Matt Smith

    Thanks for the updates, Lonewolf!!

  • Lonewolf

    DLS 2 Kofa 1 Final / Sparty plays in consolation final tomorrow at 12:00 vs TBA

  • Matt Smith

    Richmond won 5-3 today in its first game.

  • Matt Smith

    YV 4, Pitt 0.

  • Matt Smith

    Richmond falls to Loyola 3-0 after beating Gilroy 5-3 at Bellarmine.

  • Tack

    Dublin 1 – 0 Northgate

    Solid game by Dublin as they prove they can win even when Hartland is hindered by illness. Ball movement returned back to the days of the championship team, however, 2-3 critical chances inside the box were missed; had that been Acalanes/Campo, those shots might have determined the result. Overall it was a good showing before DFAL play resumes.

    Side note: Northgate statistically doesn’t seem like a challenge, but against Campo and Dublin they only lost 0-1 respectively. They appear to play either up or down to their opponents level.

  • Lonewolf

    Sparty plays Chula Vista for 3rd place Thursday at 12.
    Chula Vista has a hot or a very cold offense depending on who shows. Sparty should win and take 3rd.

    Semi Final 1. San Clemente vs Warren 10am Thurs.
    Semi Final 2. Cathedral vs San Pasqual 12pm Thurs.
    Championship is Friday winners of 1 & 2

  • Amador Valley 1 – 0 Freedom
    Another physical game on the road with excellant defense on both sides.
    EBAL will be very interesting this year.

  • Shinguard

    Right now I think you are seeing the largest influx of club players coming into HS soccer. Players that have been at the club level since U9 Not house league but fully club trained by professional coaches and game
    savvy players. They are bringing in a new level of skill sets across the board. I think if would be great to see a HS State Championship.

  • Lonewolf

    Spartans take a 3rd place finish with a solid win over Chula Vista 3 – 1 at the Southern Cal Classic.

  • EBALdad

    That would mean DLS took 5th place with the four semi-finalists taking 1through 4.

  • soccerman

    or DLS taking 9th they, did not qualify for the top 8 positions. they were in the group playing for 9th through 12th. Too bad they didn’t represent the ebal too well. I’m sure they will bounce back.

  • Prep Fan

    DLS won the consolation bracket consisting of teams that did not make it to the final 8 positions. Kind of like the NIT portion of the tourney. So I guess 9th place is appropriate. I disagree that they didn’t represent the EBAL well as they had a good showing against premier competition, but I’m sure they would have rather made it to the quarterfinals or better yet won the whole tourney. http://www.socalhsclassic.com/OHS/index.cfm?do=page.home&pageId=34

  • bambam

    The way I see it is

    DLS went 3-1 against quality oponents. DLS went 1-3 down in So Cal two years ago and came back to Nor Cal only to lose one game to Granada the rest of the year. DLS represents having won 3 straight NCS Championships. Southern Cal soccer is by far better than No Cal soccer, so 3-1 isn’t as bad as your postings make it sound.

  • soccerman

    ok, I know that was a jab. I just wanted to get a few people fired up. 3-1 is very respectable, they did beat one of the top 8 qualifiers in group play. Bottom line is they are probably getting more scouts there, then any teams up here. Good to hear from Bambam, but what happened two years ago has nothing to do with this years team (new coach, different players). In what way is southern cal soccer by far better than Nor cal? Just curious?

  • Lonewolf

    The tournament has 4 separate and distinct brackets.
    Each with its own Championship. DLS was in the primary West Showcase Group which has the top ranked D1 teams selected for that particular group. The other groups are a mix of D 1, 2, 3 schools..all very good.

  • dval1


    Have you seen YV play before…?

  • Shinguard

    EBAL reminds me of EPL soccer. 3-4 teams at the top all capable of taking the #1 spot. But 1 team always seems to have that MUFC drive to the finish and those are the boy’s of February..the Spartans

  • Lonewolf

    @ Bambam..well said. I smell spartan haters.

  • 11v11

    I’ve also seen YV play DVAL1… what about it?

  • dval1

    Obviously you haven’t if you say that they depend on 3 players. Aguilar and Calixto are the center mids and are a lot better then anyone DLS has.

    You should go out and watch them play, They actually play soccer and not the ugly long throw in style.

  • Lonewolf

    I have seen them play more than 1 time..the team as whole is not bad but it still comes down to heavy reliance on 3 very good players. I stand by what I said. PS not a YV hater..love creative style. But you also have to give teams credit that play any style well..a win is a win so long as the game is played with respect.
    Free Kicks, corners, throw-ins are all aspects of the game and some teams utilize those aspects better than others because they are executed well on a consistent basis.

  • futbol101

    Yv will meet a great match in College Park.
    No one has been talking about CP. They may have lost a few days ago, but are ready for this so called YV.

    Falcons are ready. Many players know those YV players and how they play.

  • Lonewolf

    CP and YV should be a good game. CP needs to get in better shape. YV should prevail so long as backs take it to CP.
    Whats going on at Alhambra??

  • 11v11


    We did, have had , and will always talk about the way one team plays to another. Live with it. All teams have to adjust to others. Plain and simple. Score more and win ….. Got it.


    So true about the different styles of play and plays involved in this game. May that whom scores the most wins.

    On a side note… I see on the schedule that YV has one or two open slots to play any team. I have asked about what happen to the YV – DLS match they’ve always had for years????

    I found out that YV coaches contacted DLS , but they were declined by DLS.

    Spots are open ???? Why not ????

    Would YV play any of these teams ?
    Can any of those play YV ?

    1. California (9-0-2)
    2. Richmond (5-0-0)
    3. Acalanes (5-0-3)
    4. San Ramon Valley (4-2-2)

    7. Campolindo (10-1-1)
    8. De La Salle (3-2-1)
    9. Granada (8-1-2)
    10. Newark Memorial (8-3-0)

  • Cleatsup

    Good game Tuesday SRV at DLS

  • futbol101

    What time for DLS vs SRV

  • soccerman

    I say SRV 1, DLS 0.

  • soccerman

    AV 1, MV 1
    CAL 2, GR 0
    FH 2, LIV 0

  • 11v11

    Soccerman —

    Are those actual scores or predictions?

  • Cleatsup

    SRV vs DLS @6pm @ DLS 1-3-2012 HAPPY NEW YEAR

  • soccerman

    predictions for 1-3-12 (ebal)#40,#41

  • soccerman

    I never did see results of FH @ SRV. Anyone know what happened?

  • marking back

    5 goal week for Joel Sandoval of Newark. Hat trick last night and 2 in the win over College Park.

  • cokito

    11v11 (#37),

    Looks like Richmond’s schedule is full (24 games/2 scrimmages) for this year.
    I’ll pass the suggestion on for the years to come. It is rare for D1 teams to play D2
    teams, because it is often not as helpful to be considered and seeded for playoffs as playing D1 teams. The same is true, of course, for D2 teams playing D1 teams.

    Happy new year to all!

  • soccerfan

    Yv is taking it all.