2011 All-East Bay football team

Here’s the 2011 All-East Bay team, as selected by the staff of the Bay Area News Group.

Player of the Year: Olito Thompson, Concord


Offensive Player of the Year: Zach Kline, San Ramon Valley

Defensive Player of the Year: Michael Barton, De La Salle

Coach of the Year: Kevin Macy, Campolindo

First team offense

QB: Zach Kline, San Ramon Valley
RB: Damariay Drew, Livermore
RB: Warren Miles Long, James Logan
WR: Darrell Daniels, Freedom
WR: Dan Scritchfield, Monte Vista
WR: Griffin Piatt, Campolindo
OL: Freddie Tagaloa, Salesian
OL: Luc Hamilton, De La Salle
OL: Justin Walker, De La Salle
OL: Armando Montalvo, Concord
OL: Jake Simonich, San Ramon Valley
K: Sam Boyden, Berkeley

First team defense

DL: Trent Mahler, Concord
DL: Austin Hooper, De La Salle
DL: T.J. Daniel, Bishop O’Dowd
DL: Mitch Frentescu, Las Lomas
LB: Michael Barton, De La Salle
LB: Hardy Nickerson Jr., Bishop O’Dowd
LB: Vince Graziano, Campolindo
LB: D’hari Curtis-Webster, Pittsburg
DB: Griffin Piatt, Campolindo
DB: Bo Banks, Encinal
DB: Josh Jenkins, De La Salle
DB: Karl Thornton, Campolindo
UTL: Anthony Williams, De La Salle

Second team offense 

QB: Jeff Lockie, Monte Vista
RB: Marcial Malic, Salesian
RB: Jon Trodder, Encinal
WR: Terrance Barnes, Pittsburg
WR: Kenneth Walker, Kennedy-Richmond
TE: T.J. Daniel, Bishop O’Dowd
OL: Tim Curry, Salesian
OL: Matt Fisher, San Ramon Valley
OL: Anthony Fotu, San Leandro
OL: Will Fernando, De La Salle
OL: Anthony Vivieros, Castro Valley
K: Eddie Juarez, Clayton Valley

Second team defense

DL: Chris Olinger, De La Salle
DL: Griffin Gates, Foothill
DL: Jaime Vega, Campolindo
DL: Siosifa Fotu, San Leandro
LB: Michael Hutchings, De La Salle
LB: D.J. Moffitt, De La Salle
LB: Sione Moli, Fremont
LB: Osana Futi, Newark Memorial
DB: Marcellus Pippins, El Cerrito
DB: Raeshawn Lee, Irvington
DB: Michael Tagliaferri, San Ramon Valley
DB: Daivon Ballard, College Park
UTL: Ross Anderson, Miramonte

Third team offense

QB: Bart Houston, De La Salle
QB: Brett Stephens, Campolindo
RB: Rudolpho James, Berkeley
RB: Fe’ao Vunipola, Pittsburg
WR: Dominic Gomes, Bishop O’Dowd
WR: Jalen Harvey, El Cerrito
OL: Nick Callendar, St. Mary’s
OL: Dajon Ford, McClymonds
OL: James Morales, Concord
OL: Tory Ramirez, Antioch
OL: Justin Taylor, Foothill
K: Leron Fonseca, Hercules

Third team defense

DL: Willie Thompson, Concord
DL: Marlon Butler, Berkeley
DL: Javonte Brooks-Brown, Pittsburg
DL: Jesse Leapaga, James Logan
LB: Jacob Kearney, Granada
LB: Spencer Henderson, Acalanes
LB: Logan Lisle, Berean Christian
LB: Zach Parella, Valley Christian
DB: Dan Fadelli, Campolindo
DB: Jordan Sheppard, Freedom
DB: Raeshawn Martin, Tennyson
DB: Terrance Young, Concord
UTL: Armani Washington, Cal

Bay Area News Group Blog Editor

  • EBAL FAN #2

    I won’t split hairs with you all, like asking what month he turns 17 (maybe next week for all I know and don’t care but it does make a difference), don’t think it is necessary to hold kids back but it makes no sense to push them “forward”. I stand behind my statement.

    He has another full year to get bigger, stronger and smarter. Good for him. Like I said I’ve heard nothing but good things about his character.

  • Jake

    I would say it is say to say that most high school football players are 17 years old during their senior season, and some turning 18 during the season. Anyway you look at it, it is very unusual for a player to turn 19 during his senior season. In fact, CIF prohibit players from participating in high school sports if they turn 19 BEFORE the season begins. A player may turn 19 during the season, which is the case here.

  • Prep Fan

    Every family makes choices that are best for them, academically, socially, and even athletically. The Stephens family already had a pretty great athlete with his older brother Tommy who I think QB’d for Campo for 3 years and may be playing college baseball right now if I remember correctly. I understand there is a 3rd one on the way up as well who might even be better then the 2 older brothers. Anyway, that family seems to be doing just fine without worrying about their boys falling behind others their age or trying to gain an athletic edge.

  • EBAL FAN #2

    It is exciting that within 2 years there could be 6 EBAL QB’s starting at BCS Colleges.

    Joe Southwick- San Ramon Valley (Boise State) RS Soph who was second string this season behind Kellen Moore, passed at 75% completion rate in limited playing time. Projected starter next year.

    Brett Nottingham- Monte Vista (Stanford), RS Frosh played little in backup to Andrew Luck but completed 62% of his passes. Expected to compete in Spring Practice for the starting role next year.

    Sean Mannion- Foothill (Oregon State) started as red-shirt freshman this year, completing 64% of passes and 3300 yards. OSU needs an offensive line to produce some run yards to help Mannion who had a great season.

    Zack Kline- San Ramon Valley (Cal) will likely redshirt next season while Tedford lets Zach Maynard lead the team for his senior year. Kline is a better thrower than Maynard today. Needs to work on his speed especially if his offensive line plays like they did against Texas the other night. Kline has potential to be a three-year starter.

    Bart Houston- De La Salle (Wisconsin) Heads to Wisconsin where there is no quality backup to senior Russell Wilson on the Badger roster. Could compete immediately, the pro-style, play action offense is perfectly suited for him. Great offensive line play is hallmark of the Badger program.

    Jeff Lockie- Monte Vista (Oregon) Probably has toughest path to starting QB slot of all those listed. Oregon has a lot of traffic at the QB spot. Darren Thomas will be a senior next year and backup Bryan Bennett is a sophomore. Lockie also has competition in his own recruiting class as highly touted Jake Rodriquez of Rocklin is also going to be a Duck next year.

    You never know category; he wasn’t here for very long but Nick Montana(DLS) and Oaks Christian grad is 2nd team for the Washington Huskies.

    Great group of QB’s, should be exciting the next couple of years.

  • Voice of Reason


    You just might be the biggest idiot of 2011; and that, my friend, is saying something. Calling a student/athlete’s parents “stupid” for “poor planning” is absurd. I have no idea how old Stephens is but his apparent age is more in line with his classmates than Houston who allegedly turned 19 in December of his senior year in high school.

    This reminds me of a ’60 minutes’ segment many years ago that exposed the practice in the state of Texas where families routinely held their sons back a year so they could have an athletic advantage over their competitors in the sport of football.

    Hey EBALFAN#2, are the Cowboys or Texans your favorite team?

  • Panther4

    @55 there is at least one other dls kid who was not only held back after 8th grade, but also went from public to private for the 2nd 8th grade year so he would have an easier time getting in.

    @11 prep fan, come on man. Armani is a great player and should have been placed higher, but you just can’t bring up plays that were called back due to penalties and expect anyone to take you seriously. I have seen you use this as a basis for your arguements before and it simply discredits your posts. You know how many big plays get called back each year? Usually when a play is called back it is the penalized block or hold that sprung the guy. Regardless, you cannot use this to try and argue a guys ability. Sorry , man I respect most of what you say but this stay just can’t be used

  • Prep Fan

    Panther, I didn’t have his other stats handy, but the reason I brought up those two 88 yard returns is that Cal lost both of those games by less than a TD and it did not appear that either one sprung him, if they were even legit. They were fantastic runs, but Armani also had many, many fantastic plays that did go for TDs and big gains that won games, and it was almost 2 more that he would have ended up with. I can think of a handful of them right off the top off my head. I agree that penalties go against every team and I was not trying to make any excuses, just that watching the guy this season was pretty incredible. The penalties certainly weren’t on him. And I really wasn’t trying to argue, just pointing out that he had a great season. OK, I’ll try not to bring it up again :). There is certainly nothing wrong with getting named to the 3rd team.

  • Voice of Reason


    If what you say is true, would Houston be ineligible to play basketball and/or baseball for De La. Salle?

  • there’s so many atheletes playing at 19 in socal for years. Frank Lombardi won the state 100 in 9.6 in 1932 as a 19 yr old , was penalized 1 yd for a false start on the first gun. Get over the Houston crap. He’s got, count ’em, three state title rings, 3 NCS champ rings, that’s 6 rings- any of you fools ever wear a championship ring? De La ‘s look good- gold and green emeralds, fools.

  • voice of reason, ebal fan # 2 has some facts down. Stats, history and a complete anaylsis of ebal QB’s.
    So he made a mistake on the parent thing. Big deal, he’s fully informed and a good blogger.

  • concrete17

    BANG blog Editor…..Nice visual presentation of Thompson, Kline and Barton. Good job, puts some meat with those potatoes…..now how about something with Coach Macy.

  • Jake

    Voice of reason, Basketball he could play-because the season began before the 19th birthday. Baseball and track would be no. I believe the rule was created beacause they don’t want 20 year olds competing against 15 year olds. Nothing against Houston, he is a great athelete and I hope he does great at Wisconson.

  • Jake

    Voice of reason, Check that, reviewing CIF rules states that “if a play reaches his 19th birthday by June 14th, that player would be ineligible to play the following school year. If the players 19th birthday falls on June 15th or after, the player would be eligiible the following season.” Therfore he would be eligiable for all sports this season.

  • Football fan

    Whatever happened to the linemen from Washington, Lousi?

  • Voice of Reason

    Thanks for the research, Jake. I, too, wish nothing but the best for Bart.

    Big Joe, it is precisely because EBAL#2 is a frequent contributor to these blogs that he should know better than to make the inane comments he made; no excuses.

  • I told you

    You mean to tell me that there is not one player selected from the OAL on the First Team???

  • Joe

    Well since the OAL was not exactly setting the world on fire this season, did they have anyone who deserved to be on the first team?

    Sione Moli was the league MVP and I can’t really see him knocking out anyone of those top three backers. I don’t think anyone from Mack really stood out. Fremont didn’t play a few games so that hurts them. And it seemed like Skyline was good at stacked positions.


    the inane comments about the parents I do regret, but the inane comparison between the Campo QB and Bart I cannot abide. Campo had a real great Cinderalla season and everybody thinks it was just a really swell story and all but one guy is a D1 QB and the other is a really good kid. Good luck to Campo next year, DLS will be in Carson next year, will you?

  • Voice of Reason


    I have no dog in the fight; don’t know who you are referring to regarding “DLS will be in Carson next year, will you?” This issue of Stephens being a better QB than Houston was brought up in post #34 by Miraman, who is clearly an advocate of Miramonte, a rival to Campolindo. He is entitled to his opinion as are you.

    While their is no argument Houston has enjoyed far more success than Stephens, the fact is many publications think Stephens is also a very good QB; hardly an inane comparison. Same can be said for Goff at Marin Catholic; both are among the top Junior QB’s in northern California.

    With his height & skill, Goff will certainly attract some D1 interest during the summer recruiting period. Stephens will as well though he has apparently given a verbal commitment to UCLA to play baseball so he will ultimately have to decide which sport he would like to pursue in college.

  • The Renegade

    Wow! So no mention of Malik Watson who lead the BVAL with 1912 yards passing compared to Bart Houston who had around 1450 yards? Consider the fact that Pitt is a run first team, head to head Pitt beat Monte Vista this year and Malik was 7 for 11 for 50 yards before going out with injury against Dela.

    Maybe you EBAL slanted people should check out Malik’s highlight film http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mFBb8xJZh9c.

  • Prep Fan

    maybe you Pitt people should make the semi finals oh wait you didn’t because it was ALL-EBAL, when Pitt has D-I talent then sure, but this year the EBAL was loaded pistols, cowboy!

  • Prep Fan

    Not my post. The Prep Fan who posted above is not the Prep Fan who normally posts on here. That is twice in the past week or so that someone has used my handle. And of course I know that Pitt did make the semi-finals, losing to DLS, and also beat MV from the EBAL in the preseason.

    Watson had a very good year, as did Farley of Cal and several others. But with 3 D1 QB signees, and Campo’s Stephens making it to the state finals, making one of the 3 teams in the QB spot was an especially tough task this year.

  • renegades10

    You do realize DLS is a run first team as well…

  • The Renegade

    “Renegades10” I do realize that DLS is a run first team. As I pointed out in my previous post. There is nearly a 500 yard difference between Huston and Watson… and they are both on run first teams.

  • The Renegade

    I am not sure who is the correct “Prep Fan” but it is quite obvious that post 71 is from a “hater”.

  • Pitt Grunt

    I know this is a bit early, but I am hearing rumors that Pitt has Cal High on next years schedule.

    @The Renegade,

    Any offers for Malik?

  • The Renegade

    @Pitt Grunt

    Malik has offers from Montana, Northern Arizona,Idaho and maybe Eastern Washington. He did get a greyshirt offer from Oregon State. Thank you for asking.

    Not sure about Cal High being on the schedule.

  • Prep Fan

    That’s why I made sure to point out that wasn’t post. I respect the Pitt program and would love to see them play Cal next year. Hopefully at Cal, since it seems like every time they play it is at Pitt, even in scrimmages. has Pitt ever played at Cal High? If so, I can’t recall it, but Pitt is a nice place to watch a game anyway. I hope they get that game on the schedule, if not in 2012 then the next year.

  • s1lverngreen

    The Renegade, The original Prep fan would not make a statement like that..prep has always respectful of other programs on these blogs…i know one thing that fired him up last year and that was his boys getting a crappy seeding in NCS. Other that, prep is a very reasonable blogger around here…

  • Prep Fan

    Thanks S1lverngreen. It wasn’t so much that Cal got a crappy seeding, but that the seedings were so out of whack as to make a mockery out of the whole process. Freedom actually got screwed over worse than Cal as there was no way they should have been a #8 seed at 9-1. Had they been at #6 or #7, they may have gotten to the finals. They played Cal every bit as tough as SRV or MV did, and without their starting QB to boot. They didn’t match up as well as Cal did with DLS and got blasted, but we see DLS more often. And Pitt beat Freedom. Too bad Pitt lost to Berkeley the first time around or the seedings may have been a lot more reasonable and we may very well have seen a Pitt-Freedom rematch in the semis. Instead all roads on that side of the bracket went to Winton Dr.

  • The Renegade

    I got it about “Prep Fan”. My question is: Who is the imposter? Pitt did blow it by losing to Berkley and Deer Valley by 1 point in overtime in both games. They could have been 9-1. Oh well!

  • Pitt Grunt

    @The Renegade,

    Both games could have been won by converting last second FGs, The ability to make those kicks is less about coaching and more about that individual kid converting under pressure. And if anyone has been watching the bowls games, even the college kids fail to convert (i.e Stanford, Georgia).

    A couple of days ago, I mentioned that Pitt has Cal on next years schedule, along with Monte Vista, Granite Bay, Berkeley, and Clayton Valley. Pitt also has a new DC. Long time DC Jim Shipe is stepping down, and JV DC Charlie Ramirez will take over. Now if anyone has watched the Pitt JVs knows that Coach Ramirez is an intense, high energy, passionate coach that is a great motivator. Should make next years game against Freedom very interesting. Those who were at that game this past season and saw the end of the JV game know what I mean.

  • All games go thru Winton Drive.

  • Can’t wait to see what happens at Wisconsin next year. Starter gone, very talented- Houston will fit into that program very well- remember- he’s going to school as an engineer, not an astronut.

  • I guess he’ll have a 1 yr adavantage as an enginnering student.

  • The Renegade

    @Pitt Grunt,

    Coach Ramirez is outstanding! I think he will do very well in preparing Pitt’s D for all comers next including that school on Winton Drive.

  • BIG BO


    1. DLS
    2. CAMPO
    4. CAL
    5. PITT
    6. MV
    7. SRV
    9. FREEDOM
    10 . JAMES LOGAN

  • Dj falong

    Can anyone tell me if warren miles long is the only returning player on the first team coming back 2012

  • Dj falong

    At big bo. I dont believe your prediction for next year. You have not taken into account of graduation and ineligibles logan will be much higher or at the top. Warren miles long ran well against those teams. Now he is playing with kids his actual age they are in big trouble even with 8 in the box.

  • renegades10

    POY Olito Thompson returns and Austin Hooper on the first team defense does too

  • Campo should petition up and see if the returning QB can handle the Spartans- mabye they can squeeze a game in- if he’s better than Houston, it should be no problem- right? He only has to surpass a guy who won 3 state titles with his arm and legs, went 38-1 as a starter, full ride to Big 12 school and didn’t throw any interceptions in all 3 state title games. Coach Macy should make the call. Houston should have been 2nd team all EB, in fact beat MV and the SRV QB twice in which SRV and the QB took an old fashion behind the woodshed ass-whippin. I know, because Houston was 19 and already a man he must have moved up to the bar that night a bought a drink for one of those Campo Cougars. Nuff said gents.

  • FNL680

    R10- Freedom’s WR/S Darrell Daniels is the other First Teamer as a Junior. He is very, very good on both sides of the ball and will be in the discussion for 2011 POY.

  • Prep Fan

    No way DLS would schedule a D3 school. Not sure how a game like that would prove anything about stephens’ ability anyway.

    Olito & Daniels are the 2 top athletes coming back next year. FNL is right that Daniels is a beast on both sides of the ball.