Boys Soccer: League Favorites, Rankings, Standings, Stats

Everybody is about to jump into league play and the races will heat up immediately. Let’s see who the favorite is in each league.


I have to say that Richmond is the runaway favorite in this league. Not only are they the ACCAL favorite, but the Oilers are a legit NCS contender. Pinole Valley always seems to play Richmond tough, so watch out for the Spartans as the dark horse in this league. Berkeley may be young and learning, but don’t ever count them out. I think it will be a fight each time these three play each other, and El Cerrito could be a sleeper team based on some earlier results.


After hearing the Ko Douglas is back along with a few key players, I have to say Albany should be a big favorite in the BSAL. St. Mary’s appears to be the closest competitor, and as a sleeper, I am thinking Kennedy is a team that is going to get better and going to give teams a hard time.


Pittsburg is the team to beat here. The Pirates are fast and athletic, and can frustrate teams by possessing the ball. Antioch is a serious challenger, and as a dark horse, I am going to say don’t look past Heritage. I think this is a playoff year for the Patriots.


It’s certainly going to be a dogfight in the DFAL this year. The two favorites have to be Acalanes and Campolindo, but Dublin and Dougherty Valley are a pair of teams that are serious contenders. All four should be taken seriously. Miramonte, based on some early season results, could be a sleeper, as could be Alhambra. Heck, even Las Lomas can jump up and get a team. The Knights might be out of the running after a slow start, but they can give teams trouble. Every other team should be considered a threat to win the league, with Campolindo and Acalanes just a notch above everyone right now.


This league certainly has come competitive balance with Ygnacio Valley jumping into the spotlight, joining Clayton Valley as a top team in the East Bay. Concord is also much improved, and College Park is a ranked team that could be a Division I playoff threat. YV and Clayton are the favorites, with the slight edge to YV after their first matchup, but College Park is right there and Concord is a dark horse.


I have to say Cal is the favorite, but being the favorite in a tough league doesn’t mean a whole lot. I think six teams have a legit chance to win this league. The serious threats to Cal, at least early on, appear to be San Ramon Valley and De La Salle, but Monte Vista, Amador Valley and Granada are right there. This league will be very interesting and will be a battle night in and night out.


With San Leandro becoming much improved, this league got a whole lot interesting as the Pirates join Hayward and Bishop O’Dowd as favorites in the league. I would have to say Hayward is the team to beat this year, with BOD and San Leandro right there in the thick of things. I’m considering San Lorenzo the sleeper team to watch out for, and Mt. Eden is a team nobody should sleep on.


It’s a two-horse race all the way between Newark Memorial and Logan. The edge goes to Newark based on the early season, but these teams play twice and it should be a battle each time with the league title at stake.


Oakland Tech is the team to beat in the OAL, with perhaps Skyline as a challenger.


Not many changes this week, with the action being limited. However, it picks back up starting today and there will be plenty of great matches and plenty of moving up and down in the rankings.
Had to move De La Salle up for a very good showing in San Diego, and I couldn’t hit Amador Valley and College Park too hard for close defeats.

1. California (9-0-2)
2. Richmond (7-2-0)
3. Acalanes (5-0-3)
4. San Ramon Valley (4-2-2)
5. Ygnacio Valley (8-2-1)
6. Clayton Valley (5-2-2)
7. De La Salle (6-3-1)
8. Campolindo (10-1-1)
9. Granada (8-1-2)
10. Newark Memorial (10-3-0)
11. Monte Vista (4-0-5)
12. Dougherty Valley (5-3-3)
13. Amador Valley (7-4-0)
14. College Park (6-2-3)
15. Dublin (8-2-0)

Others considered: Hayward (5-2-1), Pittsburg (6-4-1), Bishop O’Dowd (4-0-4), Concord (6-0-1), Logan (6-3-3), Alhambra (5-4-1), Pinole Valley (3-3-0), Miramonte (3-3-2), San Leandro (3-4-0), San Lorenzo (2-2-2)


Team W-L (overall, league) PTS
Pinole Valley (3-3-0, 2-0-0) 6
Berkeley (5-5-1, 1-1-0) 3
El Cerrito (4-2-2, 1-0-0) 3
Hercules (1-4-1, 1-1-0) 3
Richmond (7-2-0, 1-0-0) 3
Alameda (5-6-0, 0-2-0) 0
De Anza (0-2-0, 0-2-0) 0

Team W-L (overall, league) PTS
Encinal (1-1-0, 1-0-0) 3
Albany (2-3-4, 0-0-2) 2
Kennedy (1-6-2, 0-0-2) 2
Piedmont (2-3-2, 0-0-2) 2
St. Mary’s (1-0-4, 0-0-2) 2
Salesian (0-3-0, 0-1-0) 0
St. Joseph Notre Dame (1-2-0, 0-0-0) 0
St. Patrick-St. Vincent (0-1-0, 0-0-0) 0
Swett (0-2-0, 0-0-0) 0

Team W-L (overall, league) PTS
Antioch (4-5-1, 0-0-0) 0
Deer Valley (0-4-2, 0-0-0) 0
Freedom (1-3-3, 0-0-0) 0
Heritage (2-1-2, 0-0-0) 0
Liberty (0-4-0, 0-0-0) 0
Pittsburg (6-4-1, 0-0-0) 0

Team W-L (overall, league) PTS
Acalanes (5-0-3, 3-0-1) 10
Campolindo (10-1-1, 2-0-1) 7
Miramonte (3-3-2, 1-0-2) 5
Alhambra (5-4-1, 1-2-1) 4
Dougherty Valley (5-3-3, 1-1-1) 4
Dublin (8-2-0, 1-2-0) 3
Las Lomas (3-4-4, 0-4-0) 0

Team W-L (overall, league) PTS
College Park (6-2-3, 2-0-0) 6
Ygnacio Valley (8-2-1, 2-0-0) 6
Clayton Valley (5-2-2, 1-1-0) 3
Concord (6-0-1, 1-0-0) 3
Berean Chr. (3-5-0, 0-2-0) 0
Mt. Diablo (0-2-1, 0-1-0) 0
Northgate (3-6-3, 0-2-0) 0

Team W-L (overall, league) PTS
Granada (8-1-2, 2-0-0) 6
California (9-0-2, 1-0-1) 4
De La Salle (6-3-1, 1-0-1) 4
Monte Vista (4-0-5, 0-0-2) 2
Livermore (2-6-1, 0-1-1) 1
San Ramon Valley (4-2-2, 0-0-1) 1
Amador Valley (7-4-0, 0-2-0) 0
Foothill (4-4-2, 0-1-0) 0

Team W-L (overall, league) PTS
Hayward (5-2-1, 3-0-1) 10
San Leandro (3-4-0, 3-0-0) 9
Bishop O’Dowd (4-0-4, 2-0-2) 8
Castro Valley (1-9-1, 1-2-1) 4
Moreau Catholic (2-3-2, 1-2-1) 4
Mt. Eden (5-4-2, 1-2-1) 4
Arroyo (0-5-2, 0-2-2) 2
San Lorenzo (2-2-2, 0-0-2) 2
Tennyson (0-3-0, 0-3-0) 0

Team W-L (overall, league) PTS
Logan (6-3-3, 2-0-0) 6
Newark Memorial (10-3-0, 2-0-0) 6
American (2-6-1, 1-1-0) 3
Irvington (1-8-2, 0-0-1) 1
Mission San Jose (0-12-1, 0-1-1) 1
Kennedy (0-5-2, 0-2-0) 0
Washington (1-6-0, 0-1-0) 0

Team W-L (overall, league) PTS
Oakland Tech (1-1-0, 0-0-0) 0
Castlemont (0-0-0, 0-0-0) 0
Fremont (0-0-0, 0-0-0) 0
Oakland (0-0-0, 0-0-0) 0
Skyline (0-1-0, 0-0-0) 0

Stat Leaders

Name School Goals
Sandoval, Newark 16
Mendoza, Richmond 15
Ayala, YV 15
Lopez, Pitt 12
Hartland, Dublin 10
Alejandro, Alhambra 9
Nguyen, American 9
Montes, Richmond 9
Grixti, Cal 8
Parisi, Dougherty 7
Castillo, Dublin 7
Romero, Pinole 7

Name School Assists
Montes, Richmond 14
S. Palano, Campo 9
Marshall, Dublin 7
Mendoza, Richmond 7
Ayala, YV 7
Damien, YV 7
Dougherty, Newark 6
Ledesma, Pitt 6
Six tied with 5

Matt Smith

  • tony paige

    Watched Cal vs Amador last night and witnessed an excellent that unfortunately should have ended 2-2.Ref blew call and awarded Cal corner kick that lead to Cals 3rd goal.In my opinion #20 on Cal was best player.On the AV side the best players were #13 Dane Shaffar and soph Tyler Pangia who has scored 2 goals in last 2 games.Defense was solid for AV until final 6 minutes.#15 on AV missed few clearing shots that resulted in Cal goals.He seemed to be a bit tired even though his game was good except for last 6 min

  • San Ramon Fan

    SRV looked pretty good against Livermore last night. Livermore will struggle this year badly in EBAL. SRV needs to find a way to score. Can’t seem to buy a goal. Missed at least 4 on 1 on 1’s last night, two open goals and hit the post twice. They seem to control possession in every game (except the 1st half of the Cal game) but they cannot finish. Strange since two of their and EBAL’s best players (Chaussy and Roth) play up front.

  • DFAL#1

    Those Dublin and DV scores were alittle lopsided ya? You think Dublin will actually PLAY the first 10-20 minutes of the game? DV is going to score 5 goals tonight and not give up 1?

  • Tack

    Well as everyone here knows, I always will favor Dublin. But I just have a feeling on my predictions; would you have believed someone predicting a 4-2 DV win over Campo? I sure wouldn’t have. But in my honest opinion, DV should run away versus Alhambra. I see Alhambra finishing 6th in DFAL because, even with a strong midfielder, they lack defense and a keeper. It’s all just personal opinion though!

    And Sweeper, I sure hope you were able to make it out tonight!

  • The Sweeper

    0-0 at the half Dublin @ Campo

  • DVAL Partner

    Acalanes 2 Miramonte 0 half time

  • The Sweeper

    Campo scores 1st from 30+ yards out, keeper off the line. 23 left.

  • The Sweeper

    Campo wins 1-0.

  • Tack

    Great game by Campo, with an amazing goal from 30+ as Sweeper already mentioned. Finally this season Dublin loses a game that they can be proud of; Miramonte, DV, and even the tie against Alhambra all were let downs and would have been wins had Dublin played like they did tonight. I’ll leave it to Sweeper for a more detailed synopsis if he wishes.

  • The Sweeper

    Hey Tack,

    It was an OK match, but there were way too many fouls that spoiled the flow of play. The calls were legit, but Campo kept fouling at a 3:1 rate, not my cup of tea. Take away half of the fouls (players discretion) and the game flow would have been much better.

    The Gaels seem to be improving, and that trend needs to continue as the season grinds toward the playoffs, but injuries need to be addressed now, not later. I also recommend a mix of more diagonal passes between the American football 30s.

    BTW, I give the ref crew a B+ as opposed to the Campo MADs that claim the refs (and I) were watching a different match…go figure.

    Cheers and see you at the pitch!

  • The Sweeper

    If I did not make my point clear, and for the record, the officiating at Dublin v. Campo match was quite good with my only gripes being:

    1) The no-card call on the H1 1-on-1 contact with the visiting keeper (yellow minimum, must protect keepers, but often ignored these days).

    2) Ignoring the visiting coaches repeated requests to start the second half on time while the home team waited in a field shed for five extra minutes. Bad form by the hosts. A yellow to the Campo coach was quite warranted.

    3) The no-call 50:50 handball in the box with 17 to play (the AR waivered on flagging it and the Campo fans went “whew”).

    Overall a solid B+ for a tough match to call. If I were a coach, I would want this crew down the stretch and in the playoffs.

    Cheers and see you at the pitch!

  • Shinguard

    Dough Boys 1 Alhambra 0
    Alhambra tightened up the D.

  • Shinguard

    Sparty is on the road this week >Tues @ Livermore 6pm
    Thurs @ Foothill 6pm

  • The Sweeper

    Richmond 2, MV 0, after 18 min. Steady N to S wind favors the south goal.

  • Tintin

    Did anyone watch Northgate and LL last night?

  • The Sweeper

    Questionable foul call leads to PK and 3-0 lead for the Oilers.

  • The Sweeper

    Oilers up 3-0 at the half. MV missed a legit shot in the final minute, but they get the wind in H2. Oilers coach all over the team for losing its focus in the final 10 min.

  • The Sweeper

    Richmond up 4-0, 23 left.

  • The Sweeper

    SRV 1-0 after 15. Cross volley kick.

  • Tack

    SRV up 1-0 with 24 left in 1st half. Cross from right to left and then volley finish

  • The Sweeper

    Richmond won 4-0.

  • The Sweeper

    Dons tie it 1-1 at SRV. Bad clear, nice shot up top.

  • Shinguard

    MV gave-up 2nd half give Richmond credit for keeping it going till end.

  • The Sweeper

    Pinball game breaks out and SRV scores, Wolves 2-1, 6 left in H1.

  • Tack

    2-1 at half. Getting a little disgusted at the little fouls and sly cheap shots Acalanes is performing.

  • The Sweeper

    SRV 3-1, 27 to go. Quick throw, cross and tap in.

  • Tack

    Sweeper where are you sitting?

  • The Sweeper

    Acalanes makes it 3-2, 8 to go.

  • The Sweeper

    SRV makes it 4-2, in the last minute. Final.

  • Vaporking

    Richmond looked very good today. MV was missing a few players and looked a unmotivated.

  • Vaporking

    Also refs were very poor I felt.

  • 11v11

    Yv takes down DV

    6 game homestand
    3 league games
    18 goals 0 against
    3 non league
    7 goals 0 against

  • Dfalfan

    What were your thoughts on the acalanes – SRV game sweeper? Who do you think the key players were for both sides?

  • I managed to make it out to Danville to shoot the Acalanes-SRV game today I think I got a fair number of good shots, daytime games are always so much easier.

    I have created a gallery for each team which are available on my site http://www.fjphotoguy.com. My standard line applies… if you are interested in purchasing photos it is a lot cheaper to buy the downloadable file and print them at Costco.

    Teams in the past have asked to purchase a disk of the game for the parents and use for slideshows at the year end banquet, shoot me an email at fjphotoguy@gmail.com if you are interested.

    Thanks for looking!

    Chris G. the FJ Photo Guy.

  • Trenton Matson

    Hey TinTIn,
    Las Lomas won 3-2 with all goals coming in the first half of the game

  • The Sweeper

    What a great day for watching quality soccer today.

    Tack, I missed your posting as I was on battery conserve after 3pm except when posting. I was in the non-parents section so I could hear my deaf self think. Seriously, I was camped out near the north 40 on the SRV side, talking to the FJ Photoguy.

    Dfalfan, I am generally not a name-names guy, but the SRV connecting passes inside the 40 were relentless: there were at least 20 touch-speed vertical ground passes that the defense had to play running backwards. That is a lot, and the Dons generally withstood these attacks except for 3 key scoring combos. This was on the order of what Richmond did today: diagonal and crossing in the middle of the field and then touch and go again and again and again.

    SRV appeared to have the advantage of 48 hours rest from their prior match, while Acalanes played Friday night and their energy came in spurts.

    Richmond and SRV seem to be progressing their offenses quite well, but both have challenges with clearing balls on defense (first to ball, not cleared beyond the 30). Richmond at SRV on the 21st will be interesting as the Wolves will have just played Cal (0-0 last match) and the Oilers will have just played DeAnza (12-0 last match).

    In the DFAL, it is tighter at the top than in the EBAL. I saw DV beat Campo and Dublin at home, and Campo win a tight match with Dublin last night. Unless DV matches their home wins, I see it as Acalanes and Campo battling for 1st, and DV and Dublin battling with Mira for 3, 4 and 5.

  • The Sweeper

    Hey Acalanes fans,

    Enjoyed seeing your fine squad today, and look forward to seeing the next match with Campo. That said, if you did not take time to visit The FJPhotoguy’s website, trust me (like you would do that), visit the site in post #134 to see what Chris has to offer. While Chris is a Cal Grizzlie dad (BOOOO!, not that I care), often when writing my ‘witticisms’ and ‘stupidisms, I refer to the web site to recall points of the match that are vividly captured. Win, lose or draw, Chris does a great job capturing the action for all of us fans.

    And Chris is almost living up to his agreement to not capture images of The Sweeper in his photos. 2 of 240 something photos is an improvement.

    Cheers, and see you at the pitch!

  • The Sweeper

    Hey #123 Shinguard,

    What led you to comment that (sic) “MV gave up 2nd half…”?

    I saw the entire match and did not see MV give up at all in the 1st or 2nd half. The MV coach did not see eye-to-eye with the officials, BUT the MV squad did not give up. Otherwise the 3-0 halftime score would have ballooned to 5, 6, or 7 to 0. Your assertion is also a backhanded insult to the Oilers.

    Please provide facts that support your assertion, or keep unsupported comments off this post.

  • Ebsoccermom

    Thanks for pointing that out Sweeper-I didn’t know what shinguard was talking about either. MV held the Oilers to one goal in the second half. The mustangs hung in there against a very good team with some pretty ridiculous calls- 7 yellow cards? Really? Richmond should go far in NCS and deservedly so.

  • soccer fan

    Cv takes down pitt in the last minutes of the game 1-0 ,great game overall

  • mudhen

    Uh, Sweeper,
    The only supportable assertions around here are scores, fouls by team, shots on goal and the like. ALL other comments are personal observations and thus subject to interpretation.
    Just my observation (assertion).


  • Lonewolf

    Richmond was winning the ball. MV was back on its heals and was out played a good portion of the game. Final score says it all. Richmond gave 80 min of 110% pure work. Give this team some credit. That’s All.

  • The Sweeper


    Not sure what your point is. Nobody disputes the Oilers dominant possession game and closing on 4 of probably 12+ quality opportunities. All credit is given, BUT the coach did appropriately chastise the team for slacking the last 10 minutes of the first half. The coach was spot on and not over the top on this issue.

    Hey Cokito, am I wrong on this one? The Oilers were ‘on game’ Saturday, but had their slower moments at the end of the 1st half, AND MV did not quit at any time during the match, as others have posited on this blog. If I am wrong on this, please call me out as I respect your opinion and judgement.

    BTW Oiler students (and recent alumni?), I was sitting with you top left of the booth (old guy, old A’s hat), enjoying the banter and hearing the hella this and hella that comments, and the recollections about how big the MV players were in past years. You guys were off the charts fun and funny, and great fans to sit with. I did miss out on the tamales because I had to hit the road to SRV, but I will hang with you guys anytime.

    Cheers, and see you at the pitch!

  • cokito

    Hi Sweeper,

    Totally agree with you.

    I think the oilers played well enough on Saturday, though I could see indications
    of some tiredness, most likely due to them playing 7 games in 10 days, including
    the Bellarmine Tourney, and especially, as you pointed out, those last 10 minutes
    of the first half.

    I did not see MV give up, and actually, in all these years, I do not remember seeing
    one MV team give up.

    I am glad you got to sit with some of our fans. Some of them are a lot of fun to be around, and given the rich soccer history between the two schools, this must have been an interesting afternoon indeed.

    I would like to salute the presence at the game of many RHS ‘College is Real’ program mentors from the Danville community. Those guys have been doing so many good things for the RHS students. Check out http://www.collegeisreal.com for more information. Interestingly enough, this wonderful program was started after a soccer game between Richmond and MV, played at Richmond HS many years ago.

  • Shinguard

    OK give up was a bit harsh, but they were not in sync and the Oilers pushed hard for 80 as lonewolf says.

  • Lionel Messi

    SRV mopped up the pitch with Amador Valley 4-0 on 1/10. AV as I see it has 2 main problems: they don’t have anyone who can finish, and they play ugly long-ball soccer.

  • Tintin

    Acalanes beat LL 4-1 yesterday. LL held Acalanes in first half but pretty much watched the second half.