East Bay Boys Basketball poll — 1/4

Sorry for the delay in getting this posted, but here is our first boys basketball poll of the year.

Team Record Points Last year
1. De La Salle (6) 9-1 90 2
2. Salesian 9-2 84 1
3. Bishop O’Dowd 6-4 78 4
4. Newark Memorial 7-4 71 9
5. McClymonds 7-6 56 14
t6.Deer Valley 9-4 55 15
t6. San Leandro 10-1 55 NR
8. Castro Valley 7-3 46 3
9. Campolindo 8-2 42 NR
10. Freedom 9-3 35 NR
11. Acalanes 11-3 27 NR
12. Monte Vista 7-4 18 NR
13. Liberty 11-3 17 NR
14. St. Joseph Notre Dame 9-3 14 5
15. Heritage 11-2 11 NR

Also receiving votes: Berkeley (3-5, 7 points), Miramonte (8-3, 7), Amador Valley (8-4, 6), Las Lomas (8-4, 1). The East Bay Prep Boys Basketball Poll is voted on by the prep sports staff of Bay Area News Group-East Bay. Records are as of Monday.

Jimmy Durkin

Jimmy Durkin is a sports writer for the Bay Area News Group.

  • renegades10

    A little surprised to see DLS above Salesian

  • GHN

    I have seen some of these teams and if that is our top 15 how nor cal high school basketball is fallen Yes some of these teams are worthy and very good but others are very average at best and have beaten nobody and now are ranked East Bay basketball is the worst is has been in twenty years

  • Prep Fan

    That would be a good game that I would love to see. But based on Allocco’s history of success and the returnees from last year’s NorCal champs, it would be hard to put anyone ahead of DLS. http://www.frankallocco.com/

  • Salesian is the Best

    Salesian should be ranked # 1.

  • Oh boy

    I have to see DLS at the MLK Classic Jan 16th. Ican’t believe they are East Bay #1

  • Gdog

    DLS and Salesian are both shooting for State Titles and could couldn’t care less who is #1 on Jan 4th. That being said this is voted on by the 6 writers who do get to see most of the teams play and it was unanimous, surprisingly. Would agree that overall the top 15 are down but not at the top. There are 5 solid possible State Finalists in the group w/DLS, Newark, BOD, Salesian & St Joes. Area also lost a lot of top players in Artis, Ashley, Andoh, Baral so that contributes to the overall pool being down. The Mitty vs DLS match-up of Bay Area #2 vs #3 should be a good one at Haas. Salesian is #1 in the SF Chronicle Poll which supposedly covers the entire Bay Area.


    Salesian can beat DLS right NOW. The SF Chronicle are unbiased. We know that Salesian can beat DLA in FOOTBALL AND BASKETBALL.

  • Dons/2011

    Upset of the year St Pat will upset Salesian this year with the to player in the Bay Area Jalen Canty !!!

    u heard it here 1st !!!

  • Dons/2011

    Upset of the year St Pat will upset Salesian this year with the top player in the Bay Area Jalen Canty !!!

    u heard it here 1st !!!

  • Salesian had a tough time beating CSD over the years.
    They play in the weakest conferance in the Bay. Although they have a very good program over the years they would have a tough time against WCAL and DLS teams.
    This year’s score against DeLa would have been 70-00, with Freddie and friends flat on his ass on lineplay. The DeLa lines just too quick and coordinated.

  • Salesian fool, Salesian football with Javid Best got handled 2 years in a row against SPSV, of course SPSV was on their 21 game win streak. SPSV ran DeLaSalle offense and had DeLaSalle ex-coaches and players running the program. The 1st game the Pride was handled and humilated in Vallejo, Bruins scored 47 pts, the 2nd game for NCS championship following year, beat Best in the 2nd half and won handily.
    What do you thing would happen if they played Papa Bear in Concord? The 2nd and 3rd stringers would play a half game and Pride still couldn’t score- prediction
    65-00, easying off the gas, son.

  • Salesian is the Best

    SALESIAN NOW RANKED # 1. DLS falls to MV.

  • Prep Fan

    That is a shocker – MV beats DLS 41-40. MV should move up a few spots next week, and Salesian will move up to #1 as noted above.

  • Salesian is the Best

    @ Dons/2011 Varsity Boys Basketball
    Salesian 74 Wins St. Patrick – St. Vincent High School 24

    Biggest Loser

  • Just finished talking to Salesian grad from ’64 and ’65.
    Salesian in football was playing CSD, San Rafael Military Academy, John Sweet, Albany, Liberty Terra Nova and Livermore in the olden days. Later and in
    the ’70’s they stepped up to play SMCHS and a few OAL teams. They also played Emery, CSD, Pacifica, old Watonville and other small losing programs.
    Now they are still playing small programs and they need to step up. The excuse in the old days they only had 350 boys, big deal with all that talent Stan Brown back of the decade in the ’60’s they should have played a more challenging non-league schedule. Salesian coaches have ALWAYS played a light schedule getting ready for league, dating back to Peters ans Shag. Nightingale is no different.
    Great program, but realize who they have played, could they beat bigger schools, yes of course, but don’t rant how great they are unless they step up.

  • @yo mama

    Salesian can beat DLS right now in basketball and football.

  • No, Salesian can beat CSD, St. Liz, John Sweet, BSAL teams as I mentioned. This is a football comment, not basketball. The only thing you can beat is , well you know.

  • Salesian is the Best

    @yo mama

    You are full of !@##. Salesian will win games while DLS will lose to Mitty. You know that they lost to the Bells–over missed FG’s. You must have watch Stanford Football Bowl Game. Face it DLS sucks!!!

  • StevieK

    are you trying to compare DLS footbal to Saleians?! LOL

  • Salesian- you have critics!

  • dudleydawson

    why dont dela and salesian play each other in hoop? football would be a joke. play marin catholic in football there the real d4 champs they just choose not to play in that shitty brackett! i doubt your a.d would play them. does anyone know who they will play in non league this fall?

  • @yo mama

    De La Salle too scared to play Salesian,s in Hoops. We already beat DLS and nothing to prove. Just ask Coach Lad how many times he got beat before he so called earned 150 games streak. DLS is a Joke 1,000 sorry @#%&.

  • Lad lost to Shag in the old days on a couple of occasions- in the old CAL. We’re not in the old CAL anymore- Salesian plays no where near the level of competition that the CAL provided. They choose to play in the smallest league out there other than some D% or 8 man football.
    Salesian, not saying the Pride, er Chietans aren’t good, they are!
    Again, not a basketball comment, this is about football.
    The point is the Chiefs need to step up in oppenants if they want higher and state playoff consideration.
    Bye the way, get your Richmond getto mouth out of the gutter, the highway to state football is on I680, always has, always will.
    You can suit up Nightingale also and drag out the alumni, including Javid(whom I know and followed and supported, the Chiefs would be embrassed against DeLa in football. Did ya play for them, when- I’ll let ya know how they did and if ya played- I doubt it. Get back down on 23rd and Nickol Park selling hot-dogs out of a cart.

  • YoMama, you slapped the punk out of his mind on that one!