East Bay Boys Basketball poll — 1/17

Here’s our latest poll. Deer Valley climbs to No. 5, which seems a bit odd given their loss yesterday. But with Mack losing twice, they dropped a couple spots and that allowed the Wolverines and Campolindo to move up. Skyline deservedly breaks into the poll after earning two top-10 wins last week.

Team Record Points Last week
1. Salesian (6) 15-2 90 1
2. De La Salle 13-2 84 2
3. Newark Memorial 11-4 78 3
4. Bishop O’Dowd 11-4 72 4
5. Deer Valley 11-6 59 6
6. Campolindo 14-2 56 9
7. McClymonds 9-9 54 5
8. San Leandro 13-3 50 10
9. Monte Vista 11-5 40 8
10. Castro Valley 11-4 37 7
11. Freedom 12-4 36 11
12. St. Joseph Notre Dame 13-3 26 12
13. Liberty 14-3 20 13
14. Dublin 12-5 13 15
15. Skyline 11-6 4 NR

Also receiving votes: College Park (10-6, 2 points), Amador Valley (10-6, 1), Heritage (12-5, 1). The East Bay Prep Boys Basketball Poll is voted on by the prep sports staff of Bay Area News Group-East Bay. Records are as of Monday.

Jimmy Durkin

Jimmy Durkin is a sports writer for the Bay Area News Group.

  • Hot Shot

    Wow….is the level of play down this year? Is Campolindo really the 6th best team or are they getting some love because of their football team. DFAL play is weaker than in the past this year. How about the EBAL? How can Monte Vista knock off DLS and be ranked so low? Was it fluke?

  • Moreaufan2

    We need to look at some of the shedules! Campo cannot beat Castro valley

  • there were football teams campo couldn’t beat, but still ranked # 2.

  • Campo BB don’t beat Mack, Skyline, CV, St. Joe’s or MV.

  • GHN

    We need to look alot of these schedules just looking over castro valleys schedule they have not beaten anyone either and the haal is very very weak this year also i dont think Mack should be rated that high and i think St Joes proved they should be at least top eight

  • redandblue2


    Campo has already defeated Monte Vista this season in hoops; so much for your argument. For the rest of the uninformed, Campo has had one of the best programs in the east bay the past 10 years or so. Ask Bishop O’Dowd about Campo hoops.

    Big Dog, you showed your complete and utter ignorance during the football season and now here you are again coming back for more. Instead of applauding and recognizing what teams like Campo have accomplished in both football and basketball, your weak attempts at knocking them down is just plain pathetic.

    Here’s some words of wisdom, enjoy the games and throw in a compliment or two about a team that has surprised you by what they have accomplished. You just might appear more enlightened.

  • redandblue2

    Regarding the merits of the 2011-2012 Campo team, we’ll see how good they are next Monday when they travel to Dublin to play a much taller and more physical team. Doubtful Campo has the talent to get by Bishop O’Dowd this season in D3, but they will compete.

  • GHN

    check maxpreps strength of schedule some of these teams ranked 10-15 are a joke how can you put some of these teams so high when they have beat nobody it is a complete joke who is ranking these teams, The SOS should be a major factor in the rankings and it means nothing, this is what happens when NCS allows everybody to get into the playoffs it is called CUPCAKE CITY play nobody get a good record and get into the playoffs ….. Please go back to the old school where only eight teams from each division get in the playoffs Right now it is a joke terrible teams getting in for doing nothing

  • Tri-City Dude

    GHN, these are just high school kids who mostly play for fun. Many of them will never play organized basketball after high school again, so I do not have a problem with some average team making the playoffs regardless of strength of schedule. I know many kids would love the chance to get at least one opportunity to be able to experience the playoffs, but unfortunately many kids never get that chance. As a parent, you just want to see you child get a chance to succeed.

  • moreaufan2

    I hear what ur saying REDANDBLUE2 but the fact is you only mentioned one team, what other teams have they beat this year where one would say, oh those are some good wins! I am not knocking them just wondering!

  • redandblue2


    I was merely replying to BigDog & YoMama who can’t seem to deal with the facts and, seem to be the types to who love to knock a successful program they know nothing about. Perhaps its jealousy.

    Regarding “good wins,” the Liberty & Monte Vista games plus their league games are what they have on their resume’. Again, this week will tell how good they are, playing both Miramonte & at Dublin.

    Finally, I’m not the one who has them ranked 6th in the East Bay (CC Times), 9th in the Bay Area (Prep Feed) & 12th in the Bay Area (SF Chronicle); those who know much better than I and who do this for a living have.