Logan football granted “competitive anomaly” status

The James Logan High football team has been approved as a competitive anomaly and will play an independent football schedule for at least the next two seasons.
James Logan sought independent status to strengthen its schedule. With Moreau Catholic set to join the Mission Valley Athletic League next season, the Colts would’ve been limited to three nonleague games.
“Everyone knows that our league schedule is not that great,” Logan coach George Zuber said. “We found out that Moreau is joining our league and taking away one of our nonleague games. That’s taking away 25 percent of our good opponents.”
Other East Bay programs have competed as independents for periods of time over the years, including De La Salle football before the school joined the East Bay Athletic League, and the Berkeley girls basketball program. In Logan’s situation, the Colts agreed to allowed the MVAL to keep its automatic NCS playoff berth in order to expedite the approval process.
The move was approved by a 6-2 vote by the MVAL, according to North Coast Section Commissioner Gil Lemmon. It was sent out for ratification by the section’s Bay Shore Conference and by Wednesday had received enough approvals to make the move official, Lemmon said.
The criteria Logan met for being considered a competitive anomaly is based on its performance over the past five years, during which Logan has reached the NCS playoffs each season, achieved a dominant league record and won its league games by excessive margins.
The Colts are 28-1 in MVAL play over the past five seasons and in four of those seasons outscored their league opponents by more than 200 points. This past year, Logan outscored MVAL foes 311-32.
Logan will play the final four games of its MVAL schedule, which this fall will be against Washington, Newark Memorial, Irvington and Mission San Jose. The Colts will not be eligible for the league championship and also will forfeit some all-league nominations.
The Colts agreed to let the MVAL keep its automatic playoff berth, meaning Logan will need to qualify for the postseason as an at-large participant. That also means the Colts will not have home-field advantage if they were to play against a league champion in the playoffs.
“That’s what we were willing to do that to get this,” Zuber said. “We had to place our team goals in front of our individual goals.”
Logan has games scheduled next season against San Leandro, San Ramon Valley, Heritage and Berkeley and still is looking for two more games.

Jimmy Durkin

Jimmy Durkin is a sports writer for the Bay Area News Group.

  • Oh boy

    ^^^Did he really just compare a HIGH SCHOOL FOOTBALL team to PROFESSIONAL organiations? Wow….

    DLS fans turn neutral observers and admirers against them every chance they get with their arrogance.

  • Gee- I got a reaction from a hater. The point is that DLS was the only Bay Area team, HS, College or Pros that went all the way. The facts speak for themselves. That’s why you are an O Boy.

  • UC Rancher

    Subpar, why do u feel the need 2 jump in grown folks business? Nobody asked 4 u 2 cents. What do u have against Logan? Did u happen one of the teams we used 2 constantly beat your team? A little jealous of the first class facilities we provide are student athletes? U need 2 stop your constant hate of the program, it’s not a good look on u. Also, u need 2 make better use of your time & stop wasting it on the computer. I happen 2 know u post on other message boards. One last thing, before u post what your actually name is , I know it’s Sarpar. Just providing a little nickname for u. Just a touch of sarcasm.

  • Bill Walsh and John Madden both commented in the past that the DLS football program was one of the most organized and successful programs of ANYONE that they had ever seen.

  • MiraMan

    UC Rancher,

    You’re talking like a real dick. Talking bad about Moreau?? Damn, they’re D4 with about 1000 students!! I sure hope Logan could beat them! The “severe beatdowns” Logan has been delivering has been against schools about 1/3 to 1/2 their size. Once Logan goes up against the Big Boys they fold like a rusty lawn chair. Facts are facts. The irony is that Logan’s coach and AD get it! They’re out looking for bigger dogs to fight so Logan can play at the level they should be at. I applaud what they’re doing and don’t understand why you are defensive about what is obvious to everyone else.

  • sarpar

    MiraMan don’t worry about UC Rancher. He spent all last season hyping Logan, saying they would be in the championship game, and that if not he’d log on and eat “crow.” Then as soon as they lost to SRV he was whining about how people were trash talking Logan. He’s a child, nothing more.

  • sarpar

    Either way it sounds like this came just in time for Logan. I’m glad to hear they’re stepping up their competition and hope they have a great season this year.

  • UC Rancher

    @Sarpar, who was the first one 2 come in here on the blog & give respect & props when Logan lost 2 SRV? Me. Who was the first one 2 pile on them like a little immature brat when they lost? U. Like a said before you utter disdain for Logan 4 no apparent reason. I was responding 2 Moreau fan ripping the program when this blog was them stepping up competition when others like u were the ones cryn like little babies about their schedule.@Mira Man, n case you’re don’t know I’m a die hard went comes 2 Logan football. Yeah I come off as a dick, but I bleed red & black. Anything critical about Logan better be factual, or else I’m not afraid 2 express my opposition.

  • UC Rancher

    Totally agree with Logan Alum. Football is not much of a emphasis like most schools. Logan is one of the most diverse schools not only in the area but probably the entire state. So the talent pool is not as big as what it appears 2 be especially with cut backs with our programs. U have to pay a hefty fee just 2 play football. If some of u critics would see that maybe u would understand what the coach & the A.D. have 2 work with when it comes 2 running the program.

  • MoreauFan2

    UC Rancher, they should have been so please dont start trying to talk crap, moreau has turned it around big time, just cause my username say moreaufan doesnt mean I only like them. And Logan has 5,00 students, they shud beat a school with only an enrollment of 800! So what i am suppose to oh so respect them because they win the MVAL every year, please, win in the post saeason, its easy for them to win their weak non league and league games, but they aint did anything in post season. and so what if we would have gotten a bet down who cares, what wud it mean for u guys, yay we beat a D4 team, get out of hear, please, oh u got me shakin in my pants. i am so glad we dont have to play the great all mighty Logan!!!! hahahaha, Rancher you get some nerve bro! Our coach at moreau has turned that program around

  • MoreauFan2

    Amd why dont you guys play any team from San jose, bellermine, or across the water teams like serra, if you really all that! And u guys cant even beat berkeley! So u got balls to talk mess about a d4 team and feel good about urself? U whack bro!

  • UC Rancher

    Moreau fan u ain’t gotta worry about Logan. Just don’t start mouthing off when your team is a bottom feeder. I understand u want 2 make a statement by taking a shot at the big dogs. But in order 2 do that it’s going 2 take baby steps. But good luck in the MVAL.

  • UC Rancher

    You’re the point Moreau fan. Win some games then talk some crap. Yeah I know it’s been awhile since we last won a game in the playoffs, but the point is 2 get there. You’re program has not been good of late, so there’s alot of work 4 u 2 do. Worry about ya self, b4 u worry about Logan.

  • moreaufan2

    Okay, But when did Logan win a meaningful playoff game bruh? U sound crazy taking shots at a little small school, get real, yeah i can say what I want,which is I would like to see the biggest school in northern cali win some games in the postseason and play farther than round one! thats all I am saying, ur right we havent won a playoff game and baby steps is fine, but i know one thing I would rather do that then be super arrogant d1 school that cant really win with the true big boys, do that then u will have my respect! And lets not talk about how bad u guys are in boy basketball!!! i could go on and on and on!!!!! And we have been good as of late! we went 6-3-1, and 6-4 last two years, not bad for a little d 4 aschool with no athletes right!!! Just know that ur Logans boys have to prove themsleves, and if they do, then they get my props, by the way, logan is a nice school!! Good luck going independent! And trust me we wont be a bottom feeder! we will compete like evryone else!

  • UC Rancher

    @moreau fan…..”yawn”

  • MoreauFan2

    That’s what I be sayin about you! Great!

  • UC Rancher

    I don’t want your respect. I could care less about Moreau. I came on this blog 2 talk about how good it was the Logan was stepping up, & u being new 2 things wanna come n here a take cheap shots when your team itself is not all that great. Also, why u bringing boys basketball? Way off topic. Your reachin Moreau fan.

  • moreaufan2

    Who said u had my respect? stop being so sensitive! Not taking cheap shots, but the way they made it sound was as if we forced their hand to go independent and thats not the case, they made it sound in the article that since we joined the league we made it worse,a dn thats not cool to me because they are a big school and could have went independent a long time ago,but to make it sond like our kids cant compete is not cool and it cud have been worded differently. And if u cud care less about moreau then why did u comment in the first place? I think alot of these coaches these days coach for the wrong reasons, its all about ego, and thats what I felt was coming from Logan in this article. U guys are expected to win u have 5,000 students, and thats all good, but to take a shot at a small school and its kids is not the way to say why ur moving out of a league! So I dont reepect the way the made their comments in the article, cuz really the MVAL is not a pwer house league! So the move could have been made long ago! And as far a reaching goes, My point is clear, just because ur considered a big dog means nothing u have to prove it, and that comes from hard work, no matter what level or division the team is on! A tem like Salesian, plays in a whack league, but they always find teams in non league to play that are playoff teams for the most part, now they are getting out of that league but u never hear them try to talk down another team as a reason for it!

  • UC Rancher

    Read the article again Moreau fan. U are the one being sensitive. Facts are facts & numbers don’t lie. They dominated league play for the past three years. The MVAL has been down for awhile now. Logan is try 2 make themselves by competing against better teams which they don’t have presently in the MVAL. U took zubers comments as a slap in the face when he was just telling the truth. You’re the only one who took offense 2 it when everybody else agree with his statements & actions.

  • nfl

    moreau’s done what? good luck to logan its time for ncs to get rid of league titles deciding home field games in ncs. there’s some bad leagues being formed this year.

  • moreaufan2

    NFL, Moreau hasnt done anything, we just samll school trying to get better, but that dont mean i cant comment on what someone says and i could care less who it is! Just giving the sensitive dude a hard time! I made a comment and he took offense to it! M whole thing is this could have happened long ago, but all of a sudden u say its because of moreau, well too my knowledge he could have made his case when all this was going down!

    And UC Rancher you are right, I feel his comments could have been said differently, so thats what it is! i dont disagree with them leaving but it could have happened a long time ago, so now that u do it u have to mention Moreau the way he did, just didnt agree, just move on and go from there! its the biggest school in northern Cali right, they should have been working to do this is my point!

  • norcalfball

    i find it funny everyone comes on here and rips this league and that league…if you are not in the BVAL or EBAL you have no room to talk as a D1 competitor. All leagues are inferior to those two. The only other good league right now in terms of football is the DFAL, but they are very top heavy. Campo had a once in a lifetime season but were coming off a very down year and dublin had their best year in a long long time. So last year very good for a D2/D3 combo league, but i wouldn’t call them an elite league by any means either.

  • MoreauFan


    Don’t fret over the quote. I’m not surprised whatsoever with his comments. In many people’s eyes we’re the lowest of the low and we won’t be able to pull ourselves out of it. We know we can and will, let everyone else talk and discuss. We’ll keep getting better, let it show on the field, and maybe one day (if we’re as competitive as Logan in football), it could come back to bit ’em. But right now, it’s simple material that will be posted on the window in the coaches office for the whole team to see every day.

    However, if you look at his quote, he does have a point. Right now, Logan is by far the best team in the MVAL and they only get 4 games to prove their seeding in NCS. So adding us, it takes away one of the non-league games that they could play a big time opponent. Now, I’ll admit, I don’t really understand why they’re doing this. Improving the seeding is only that great, but in DI, you will run into DLS at some point, and you always become an “also ran”. I wouldn’t be surprised if they look into joining CCS or maybe realize the difficulty of scheduling an independent schedule and move back into the MVAL.

    Either way, there are far more interesting/exciting things to worry about in the Moreau Catholic football program than a quote from a coach in the middle of January. The construction of the new facilities will help us make a jump to the next level, the movement into a new league, where we should be instantly competitive, and our boys are grinding it out in the weight room getting better every day are much more exciting topics to discuss.

    Ride the Wave!

  • moreaufan2

    I feel you, but I just enjoy making these cats get all excited and talkin! But definitely our kids and coaches will abttle hard and prepare our ids to compete no matter what league we’re in!

  • dj falong

    @ all bloggers. I posted the logan JAMBOREE/season video not to show any dominance but to show the development of one player. Over the years we have had the opportunity to watch a runningback / outside linebacker grow.I wanted positive comments on LONG’s progress. The post was not to invoke negative comments filled with hate. I understand the one and done concept and believe me the srv.loss left a bad taste in mouth.I love to see all players grow and become top atheletes.Moreaufan2 pls. stop you know who we are and as someone stated earlier its probably a good think that your team wont have to contend with this group.Also logan played three well coached teams in the non division part of their schedule and physically beat those teams. If all key players remain on the field and are sent out on varying pass / run routes they should place higher than one and done good luck to all and see yins next year.

  • Prep Fan

    DJ, I’m sure people were just having some fun with that jamboree video that was posted. While it was just a glorified practice session, it was against 3 top tier teams and Logan did play well that day against all 3 squads. At the time it was posted, the season was well under way, so I can see how it looked like a desparation ploy to show that they had played well aganst some good teams, since the regular season was a walk over.

    Logan should be a force next season, and Long is expected to be a big part again. I wish them luck in 2012 unless they face the Grizz. Seeing that your screen name has “long” in it, are you related to him or just a Logan booster.

  • dj falong

    prep fan , I can tell you have an extreme amount of class which is appreciated.I will admit the video came out at the wrong time.Thanx for clarification.Your team should have went beyond what it did. If all the other bloggers would conform and realize the south and the south west has an enormous amount of parent support. I am trying to do that for our kids we can compete with the best of them. If you check the scores of all american games the west won majority, our kids are awesome!!.If WEEE represent our area and push our Atheletes to the next level schools like Cal, Stanford and so on wont have to leave the area to recruit.My Handle has long in it because i have been dj falong.It was nice to meet you after the logan srv defeat.Good luck next year you deserve it. P.S Lets advertise our kids. @ the semper fi we had three and still not on the radar. these organizations are predominately East coast. Lets push our kids and flood the recruiting sites with info. The three or four that stood out needed help what about those key players. NCS lets goooo !!!