Logan football granted “competitive anomaly” status

The James Logan High football team has been approved as a competitive anomaly and will play an independent football schedule for at least the next two seasons.
James Logan sought independent status to strengthen its schedule. With Moreau Catholic set to join the Mission Valley Athletic League next season, the Colts would’ve been limited to three nonleague games.
“Everyone knows that our league schedule is not that great,” Logan coach George Zuber said. “We found out that Moreau is joining our league and taking away one of our nonleague games. That’s taking away 25 percent of our good opponents.”
Other East Bay programs have competed as independents for periods of time over the years, including De La Salle football before the school joined the East Bay Athletic League, and the Berkeley girls basketball program. In Logan’s situation, the Colts agreed to allowed the MVAL to keep its automatic NCS playoff berth in order to expedite the approval process.
The move was approved by a 6-2 vote by the MVAL, according to North Coast Section Commissioner Gil Lemmon. It was sent out for ratification by the section’s Bay Shore Conference and by Wednesday had received enough approvals to make the move official, Lemmon said.
The criteria Logan met for being considered a competitive anomaly is based on its performance over the past five years, during which Logan has reached the NCS playoffs each season, achieved a dominant league record and won its league games by excessive margins.
The Colts are 28-1 in MVAL play over the past five seasons and in four of those seasons outscored their league opponents by more than 200 points. This past year, Logan outscored MVAL foes 311-32.
Logan will play the final four games of its MVAL schedule, which this fall will be against Washington, Newark Memorial, Irvington and Mission San Jose. The Colts will not be eligible for the league championship and also will forfeit some all-league nominations.
The Colts agreed to let the MVAL keep its automatic playoff berth, meaning Logan will need to qualify for the postseason as an at-large participant. That also means the Colts will not have home-field advantage if they were to play against a league champion in the playoffs.
“That’s what we were willing to do that to get this,” Zuber said. “We had to place our team goals in front of our individual goals.”
Logan has games scheduled next season against San Leandro, San Ramon Valley, Heritage and Berkeley and still is looking for two more games.

Jimmy Durkin

Jimmy Durkin is a sports writer for the Bay Area News Group.

  • Moreaufan2

    Very interesting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • can this set the tone for other teams to do the same?
    It happened at DeLaSalle awhile back. Would the ebal allow that or want that now? I think the ebal needs DeLa to get the reck for the rest of the league. Anyway, Spartans ended up avergaing 40 pts. per game allowing 7 per game. The extra NorCal playoff game will all but eliminate the want-ta-bes and pitt the 2 best.

  • time to step up everbody- see Salesian- it can be done.

  • MiraMan

    I think its good they didn’t stay in their undersized league and that they are looking for more appropriate competition.

    But it seems the natural solution would have been to consolidate Logan with San Leandro, Castro Valley, Berkeley and a few others (perhaps the other 2 weak D1’s or perhaps 2 of the stronger D2 teams) in the new Hayward area league. That way the significant D1 Bayshore teams would be in the same league and competing with one another.

    But this is better than them staying in MVAL and playing smaller teams including D4 Moreau!!

  • XxDaddioxX

    Now thats how you start gaining respect. put up or shut up time. keep the jamboree vids home.

  • Rouge Warrior

    Logan who? @Mira Man..you think with logic You would think NCS would also. Logan at best is an avg good team not anomaly status.

  • That’s very noble of Logan.
    Now mabey people can realize who DLS had to play stepping out of their area over the years-
    Hawaii, Ohio, Louissana, Florida, New Jersey
    SoCal- Bishop Amat, Mater Dei, Long Beach Poly, Canyon, Crenshaw, Centinnel, WestLake, Bakersfield, Buchannan, Clovis West, Clovis. Some of these teams on muliple occasions.
    That structural advantage B.S. is just that- no one complained about it when the Spartans played these jaurgonuts.

  • If SRV coach wants to complain, drop DeLa from the schedule, you’re still not going anywhere cus the Northern Cal game inserted next year. You still stay outside the window looking in roach.

  • Old meddlings and other Jet fans- what’s going on with the program- any truth on the rumor Coach T. leaving?
    If so, where?

  • Paydirt

    Kudos to the James Logan A.D. and head coach, as well as the NCS “suits” for getting this one right. Kudos all around, including programs that have stepped up to the plate and scheduled Logan.

    BTW, I am not sure about the peanut gallery comments, but SRV “accepted” a return match. Not sure about the ‘slur’ claimed, but you left your peanut shells on the floor, so get a broom and sweep up you mess!

  • Good move had to be done. 10-0 record means nothing when they’re not getting it done in the play-offs. They have to play better teams to get better, compete, & become an elite d1 team. Nothing wrong with being 8-2 even 7-3 if they’re playing good comp. This league has brang Logan down & given their kids a false sense of security. Maybe over confident. 6 tough games against top d1 schools then 4 games to get healthy at the end sounds like a pretty good formula.

    I don’t like the no home field thing though. Fix that NCS. Every team in that league has bowed down except 2 I’m sure 2 of the teams they’re playing. They beat them they should get league champ advantages. Other 6 teams cannot complain they don’t have to play them.

  • DLS should do the same why not. Play the top 5 teams from the EBAL. Give the other 2 a break & play out of section the 1st 5 games. 3 non-leagues I don’t think is enough at this point.

  • Panther4

    Well done Logan!
    Big Joe, nice way to take a cheap shot on a blog that has absolutely nothing to do with you, De La or SRV. Real classy champ

  • Dons/2011

    Subject: Mac vs Minico football story Idaho !!

    Here you go Curtis. This ran last night on the news.


  • Hoodboy

    Good move by Logan. Stepping up the competition and playing good teams is always fun. De La should really be in the WCAL but I know y’all spoke about that already tho. The NCS D-1 championship game is a sleeper cuz we all know who’s gonna win. It’s not even the main event anymore.

  • Panther 4 – it’s called a crack back block and yes I am really classy and also a champ. Did you ever win any football championships when and if you played?

  • Panther4

    Ah I see, hit a guy when he isn’t looking then thump your chest as the crowd oooohs and ahhhhs, a receiver’s dream. Still don’t know what that comment has to do with Logan going independent? In response to SRV’s coaches comments from the NCS game that happened 2 months ago…He just said what everyone else is thinking and afraid to say. Unless of course you are one of the brainwashed DLS minions who believe getting kids from everywhere isn’t an advantage. Tired arguement I know, but factual anyhow. Houston, Cal high neighborhood, Hooper, Cal high neighborhood…That is only two players who happen to be very good not going to their home school and instead playing for DLS. Having them not go to Cal and instead go to DLS doesn’t give them an advantage over Cal? Taking away the great coaching and the system and the blah blah blah. How can this not be considered an advantage? I can’t wait to hear your response, as classy as it’s going to be:) Take away Tom Brady from the Patriots and put him on the Ravens. Patriots still win right because Bellicek is a great coach and its all about coaching in football right?

  • Panther4

    Oh yeah, did play ball…No championships as a player.

  • If DLS went back to independent football….there is a good chance that they would have to do a lot of traveling as almost all the teams in California would not want to schedule the spartans…..DLS is capable of knocking off Junior college teams…As for Logan…they have a large student body to draw from and yet when playoff time rolls around to get knocked off in the first round….The program needs to be stepped up as there is talent at James Logan and it is not being used.

  • junior

    Have EBAL football teams really given up as Panther4 proclaims? I doubt the real men (Sweeney, Billeci, Haubner) have given up.

  • panther4

    Noone said anything about giving up, just stating that DLS has “an” advantage. Real men admit the truth. Junior what is your response to post 17? Or are you going to avoid it like everyone else and insult me?

  • panther4

    Let’s simplify things here…Team A is playing against team B. Team A is allowed to take the best players from team B and put them on their team. Does team A have an advantage? I don’t know, you tell me…Or just avoid it and call me soft again

  • junior

    I didnt call you soft- but if the shoe fits…

    DLS does have advantages… so does Cal, SRV, MV, etc.- will you admit those schools have advantages?

    Funny, the league with the most DISADVANTAGES is the OAL and yet we never hear them making excuses… must be some real men over the hill.

    Since you like word problems: Team A has a school full of 180-220 LB lineman and Team B has a school full of 180-220 LB lineman… which school has the advantage?

  • Panther4
    You’re outnumbered. Sorry, it is what it is. Who did you play for? We’ll analize the program.

  • DeLa supporters don’t avoid the comments like your post 17.
    Beleive what you like.
    You are outside looking in. We have all the cards, like it or not.
    Flatory will get you nowhere.
    Bye the way, DLS has won many games over the years without passing QB’s, just one of the best atheletes on the field. The coaching fits the player into the system.
    Regards- one of the DLS minions.

  • good sucker punch- Big Joe! Get the blog going. Too much soccer.

  • concrete17

    G-r-o-a-n !?!
    No one is TAKING players(student-athletes) from anybody, anyplace. Turn “taking” 180 degrees and you get GIVING up and I am pretty sure that the other schools are not giving up or kicking out their student athletes to DLS. These players go on their own volition, for their own reasons with the underlying motivation being achievement of excellance. If this advantage theme, this athletic stud magnent was rock solid true then DLS should be NCS Champions in EVERY sport year in, year out.
    I will admit that having open admissions is an advantage but building a successful,ongoing program can create its own success. I can’t believe e.g that the San Ramon Valley School District with +6500 high school students or the Acalanes School District with +5700 high school students, both with intradistrict transfer policies, couldn’t build a successful, ongoing football program at one of the schools in each of those districts. It will be interesting to see if Campolinda can keep Macy and his coaching staff to build a lasting program. Mira and Campo have shown it can be done in Aquatics….great coaches, great facilities, great parental support. And I know for a fact that student athletes went to those schools because of their excellant aquatics reputation; both through intradistrict transfers and by establishing residencey between their 8th & 9th grade years. Build it and they will come.
    Finally I realize this thread is about Logan High’s independent status (sounds better than competitve anomaly) which I see as a good thing. Will be interesting to see how it works out when “playoffs” start this year.

  • Tri-City Dude

    So if Logan is not elgible for the league championship, does that mean that someone else in the MVAL can win the league? And if so, who would have the best chance? I would have to predict either American or Newark Memorial based on last year.

  • Prep Fan

    Outnumbered? Since BigJoe, YoMama and BigDog are the same person, it is more like one person sending more posts.

    I’m not sure what Logan leaving the MVAL has to do with DLS, but it sure got some discussion going about DLS. Logan needs to do this to be competitive in the playoffs. DLS is already dominating in the playoffs, so it is apples to oranges.

    Tri-City Dude, that is exactly what it means. Someone other than Logan will be the league champ.

  • panther4

    23-Yes, I will admit that EBAL schools have many advantages over schools over the hill. Better facilities, better coaching, better preparation, buy in from the kids and parents, etc. Take those advantages, then add to that being able to not only have all those things, but get to choose you comes to your school and have many top players from EBAL/BVAL neighborhoods and put them together. Now you have De La Salle. So not only do they get better, but the teams that lose the players get weaker. And your 2 schools of 180-220 lb LB Lineman matchup…I’ll take the one that gets to pull their players from all of the bay area, not just a few neighborhoods.
    27-I used the wrong term, I didn’t mean taking. They don’t take anything, you are right. They are getting players that would otherwise go to a local high school and play for them. I’ve never said here or anywhere that De La Salle didn’t earn every championship they have won. Lad has done special things over there and could go down as the best high school coach ever. I respect the program and all they have done. I’m just trying to get someone to admit that they have a competitive advantage over other schools. That is it. Not recruiting, not cheating, not anything other than, it’s tough to compete with a school that is basically an all star team year in and year out. Would the neighborhood teams not be better if all of their area players played for them. I think they would and noone would argue that. So if they would be better with those players on their team, aren’t they worse without them. Also, isn’t the team that is lucky enough to have those players going to be better because they have them. That to me is an advantage.

  • junior

    Of course, you assume ALL that get accepted to DLS are “all stars”- fault #1

    you assume that the football player he becomes while at DLS would be the same player at SRV- fault #2

    you assume only the DLS football program has this advantage as your proof is the consecutive sections titles won- fault #3

    you assume no boundries is THE key advantage- there are MANY schools with that “advantage” whom you ignore- fault #4

    Study the SJS football teams- learn it, love it, mimic it, live it.

  • Junior, it’s interesting that many kids not Catholic or not going to DLS play in their local CYO programs, play on traveling teams in many sports, swimming, waterpolo, lacross, basketball, baseball, soceer, pop warner, that take kids from all over- is that a structural advantage?

  • ExPlayer

    The program at DLS has outgrown even the EBAL, the league in the east bay most likely to field competition in football. So should they do what Logan has done? Yes.

    One thing is not being stated clearly. VERY GOOD TALENTED FOOTBALL PLAYERS FIND A WAY TO GO TO DLS TO PLAY FOOTBALL. If you are a very talented motivated kid that is driven (often aided by the parental factor) you are considering DLS. You may not be “recruited” but you want to go there to “play football”. Who wouldn’t? Once you get there, the best of the best “buy in” to a quality program and work hard, etc., etc.

    Do they really need to play Granada, Livermore, maybe even Foothill, Dougherty Valley (in future), Cal High, even Monte Vista or SRV every year? Once every 10 years (e.g., Cal high last year or clayton valley several years back), someone will make a game of it or even win. Who benefits from 7 or 8 56-7 or 48-0 wins every year? NO ONE.

  • moreaufan2

    So I think this is a good move but at the same time before Logan gets to talking about how weak their league is they need to win in the playoffs! And its not like they were a game from the championship every year hilarious!! Just my thoughts!

  • MiraMan


    I saw the quote from the Logan coach and he is certainly no politician in his comments about the competition in MVAL and Moreau joining the league. But his comment wasn’t really intended to insult. In fact he is agreeing with your thought that until they play more top-tier D1 schools, they won’t win regularly in the D1 NCS bracket.

    Its great for Moreau that Logan is exiting. Now its a league that Moreau can compete in effectively. In the immediate future, I think Newark Memorial and Washington will dominate, but Moreau will stand a better chance against them than against Logan.

  • MVALFremont

    either American,Newark or Washington will win League next year. Kennedy and Moreau will be competitive and Irvington and Mission will be in the bottom two as I see things right now

  • moreaufan2

    MiraMan I agree with you, I just feel like it could have been said better. Our kids work hard, not the most athletic kids but they work hard and will compete with every team in the league I believe! Once again logan was puttin big numbers on pretty much every team in that league so we will see how it pans out! Honestly I think alot of teams will be surprised on what we have! As a proud parent i can say we will work hard

  • Scl alum

    Will deviate a bit from the Logan topic, but want to give significant props to Healdsburg football coach Tom Kirkpatrick, who announced this week that he is retiring from coaching after 30 years with the program. I think just about anyone who’s played for him, played or coached against him, etc. will agree that he has been a true class act, and that he is a truly unselfish leader. Want to wish him well, thank him for his dedication. GO HOUNDS!

  • Dj falong

    Does anyone feel that logans running backs will have big season this year.all the programs mentioned are losing a lot to graduation logan may place higher than yins think all key players are finally seniors with big game experience.

  • moreaufan2

    Who are Logans RB’s, What do they run there? Wing T?

  • Paydirt

    Hey Scl Alum #38,

    I enjoyed your comments about coach Kirkpatrick. Well said.

    Over the years I have seen a few Healdsburg games, and you confirmed what I saw: a true class act. All the best to coach Kirkpatrick.

  • Prep Fan

    @39 – Logan’s running backs have had big seasons the past 2 years, and now that they are seniors, there is no reason we should expect anything less then big years. They probably won’t have a better regular season than last year’s 10-0 and #2 NCS seeding though. Winning in the playoffs next season is how they will have to prove themselves, and the coach sounds like he is on the right track by giving them some tougher games to prepare for postseason.

  • UC Rancher

    This is great news 4 Logan. However, Coach Zuber is feeling the heat & knows this might be Logan’s last hurrah in getting into the NCS Championship game. With Long,QB(don’t want to misspell his name),Beasley, and Bua all seniors, he’s throwing all his chips in the pot. Even though I don’t like him that much, got 2 commend him 4 stepping up the challenge.

  • moreaufan2

    Well they better do something cuz losing in the first round of playoffs each year is not good at all, especially when you are super arrogant!

  • moreaufan2

    That team like a berkeley High should be comepeting for a state championship every year with the kids they are able to choose from, what like 5,000 kids right?

  • UC Rancher

    Moreau fan, when your team starts winning games come back & talk, until then keep your mouth shut. B4 Moreau left 4 the HAAL, they used 2 be Logan’s whipping boy in the MVAL!

  • UC Rancher

    Also, u call us arrogant, I’ll call u ignorant. Berkley has 3500 students while Logan has northern california’s largest enrollment at roughly 4200 students. U lucky Logan is not on your schedule. That would have been a severe beatdown.

  • sarpar

    Since 2001 Logan’s 3-11 in the playoffs, 2-8 against the EBAL. Just last year there were Logan supporters using Jamboree footage as proof of your teams dominance. How did that, and having NorCals largest enrollment, work out for you? One and done again, the Logan Special. Arrogant sounds about right.

  • Tough break for the Niners.
    Raiders, A’s, Giants, Warriors, Sharks, Cal, Stanford SJS, all gave it their all.
    De La reps the Bay again. A very strong indication that Bob Lad and his system continues to provide consistancy thru out the decades.

  • LoganAlum

    Love it. It’s put up or shut up time. Just wanted to chime in on the enrollment argument. People sayin Logan should win due to huge size are mistaken. Went there and dude, there aren’t many football types at our school. Mostly minorities from non-football backgrounds. I’m sure there are more potential football players at most if not all of ebal schools and most valley schools. Not an excuse, just sayin.