Boys Soccer: Updated Playoff Picture, Live Blog, Rankings, Standings, Stats

The playoff picture is becoming more clear as the contenders are rising to the top. Now we’ll take a look.

Division I

Locks: California, Clayton Valley, De La Salle, Logan, Monte Vista, Mt. Eden, Newark Memorial, Richmond, San Ramon Valley.

Pretty Much In: Berkeley, College Park, Granada, Pittsburg.

Safely Inside the Bubble: Amador Valley, Dougherty Valley.

On the Bubble: Alameda, American, Antioch, Deer Valley, Freedom, San Leandro.

By my count 13 teams are pretty much a lock to get in, assuming things don’t fall apart for those teams. Amador and Dougherty control their destinies. With their schedules and the good wins they’ve had, as long as they finish above .500 in one of the categories, they’ll be in for sure.
This leaves six teams to fight it out for that last spot, and right now, American at 5-1-0 in league play is in good shape to be a surprise playoff team and Freedom at 2-1-1 in league play is in decent shape.
Based on the remaining schedule, and the teams they’ve played this year, I feel like Alameda has a good chance to finish above .500 and get in over other teams that may qualify.
Don’t count out Deer Valley. They have played a great schedule, and if they can get above .500 in league, I think they get in.

Division II

Locks: Acalanes, Albany, Bishop O’Dowd, Campolindo, Concord, Dublin, Hayward, St. Mary’s, Ygnacio Valley.

Pretty Much In: Kennedy-Richmond, Pinole Valley.

Safely Inside the Bubble: None.

On the Bubble: El Cerrito, Miramonte, Tennyson,

The top nine teams are in, and should be the top nine seeds. Sorting them out seeing wise will be the only thing left to do.
Kennedy of Richmond is making a nice run in BSAL play and should get in, and at 4-2-1 in league and 5-3-2 against Division II teams, Pinole Valley is looking very good. And I wouldn’t want to play this team in the playoffs. El Cerrito, Miramonte and Tennyson are all floating around .500 in one way or the other. With only about 11 teams looking to be safely in, it looks like any team finishing above .500 should get in.

Live Blog

I’m planning on a live blog at noon on Thursday. I’d love to hear thoughts on this and see how many people would like to participate.


De La Salle regains the top spot after eight straight wins, which includes five straight shutouts. Give it up for the Spartans defense. Ygnacio Valley moves up to No. 2, the highest ranking in school history.
After the top two, the debate can ensue. How far to drop Richmond after a very brutal loss? Monte Vista beat San Ramon Valley, who beat the Oilers, shortly after the Oilers handled the Mustangs. I think settling those three at No. 3, 4 and 5 makes sense.
Newark Memorial keeps winning, and slowly crawling up the rankings. The Cougars should continue earning a high seed in the NCS playoffs. California drops to No. 10, and we’ll see if the Grizzlies can get healthy and bounce back before the playoffs.
Concord, the only unbeaten team remaining, jumps up to No. 11 while Albany and Berkeley both return to the top 15 for the first time since early on in the season.

1. De La Salle (12-3-1)
2. Ygnacio Valley (13-2-2)
3. Richmond (14-3-0)
4. Monte Vista (10-1-6)
5. San Ramon Valley (10-4-3)
6. Acalanes (10-1-4)
7. Newark Memorial (15-3-1)
8. Campolindo (14-2-2)
9. Clayton Valley (11-4-3)
10. California (12-3-2)
11. Concord (9-0-4)
12. Hayward (10-3-2)
13. Albany (6-3-5)
14. Logan (9-3-5)
15. Berkeley (9-6-2)

Others considered: Dougherty Valley (7-5-4), Pittsburg (9-6-2), Dublin (10-5-1), Granada (8-5-4), Bishop O’Dowd (6-1-7), Mt. Eden (10-5-2), College Park (9-6-4), Amador Valley (9-8-1), Alhambra (6-6-3), St. Mary’s (5-0-5)


Team W-L (overall, league) PTS
Richmond (14-3-0, 7-0-0) 21
Berkeley (9-6-2, 4-2-1) 13
Pinole Valley (6-6-2, 4-2-1) 13
Alameda (8-8-0, 3-4-0) 9
Hercules (2-6-2, 2-3-1) 7
El Cerrito (5-6-6, 1-3-2) 5
De Anza (0-7-0, 0-7-0) 0

Team W-L (overall, league) PTS
St. Mary’s (5-0-5, 4-0-3) 15
Albany (6-3-5, 4-0-2) 14
Kennedy (4-8-3, 3-0-3) 12
Encinal (3-4-0, 3-3-0) 9
Salesian (2-6-1, 2-2-1) 7
St. Joseph Notre Dame (3-7-0, 2-4-0) 6
Piedmont (3-4-2, 1-1-2) 5
St. Patrick-St. Vincent (1-5-1, 1-4-1) 4
Swett (0-8-0, 0-6-0) 0

Team W-L (overall, league) PTS
Pittsburg (9-6-2, 3-0-1) 10
Freedom (3-5-5, 2-1-1) 7
Deer Valley (1-6-5, 1-1-2) 5
Antioch (6-7-2, 1-2-1) 4
Heritage (2-2-5, 0-1-3) 3
Liberty (1-6-2, 0-2-2) 2

Team W-L (overall, league) PTS
Acalanes (10-1-4, 6-0-1) 19
Campolindo (14-2-2, 4-1-2) 14
Dougherty Valley (7-5-4, 3-2-2) 11
Miramonte (4-6-4, 2-2-2) 8
Dublin (10-5-1, 2-4-1) 7
Alhambra (6-6-3, 1-3-3) 6
Las Lomas (4-6-5, 0-6-1) 1

Team W-L (overall, league) PTS
Ygnacio Valley (13-2-2, 6-0-1) 19
Concord (9-0-4, 4-0-3) 15
Clayton Valley (11-4-3, 4-2-1) 13
College Park (9-6-4, 3-3-1) 10
Mt. Diablo (2-5-1, 2-4-0) 6
Northgate (5-10-3, 2-5-0) 6
Berean Chr. (4-10-0, 0-7-0) 0

Team W-L (overall, league) PTS
De La Salle (12-3-1, 7-0-1) 22
Monte Vista (10-1-6, 5-0-3) 18
California (12-3-2, 4-3-1) 13
San Ramon Valley (10-4-3, 4-2-1) 13
Granada (8-5-4, 2-4-2) 8
Amador Valley (9-8-1, 2-5-1) 7
Foothill (5-8-3, 1-5-1) 4
Livermore (2-11-2, 0-6-2) 2

Team W-L (overall, league) PTS
Hayward (10-3-2, 8-1-1) 25
Mt. Eden (10-5-2, 6-3-1) 19
Bishop O’Dowd (6-1-7, 4-1-5) 17
San Leandro (4-7-1, 4-3-1) 13
Tennyson (4-3-1, 4-3-1) 13
Castro Valley (3-12-1, 3-5-1) 10
Moreau Catholic (3-6-3, 2-5-2) 8
San Lorenzo (3-6-3, 1-4-3) 6
Arroyo (0-10-3, 0-7-3) 3

Team W-L (overall, league) PTS
Newark Memorial (15-3-1, 6-0-1) 19
Logan (9-3-5, 5-0-2) 17
American (6-6-1, 5-1-0) 15
Mission San Jose (1-13-3, 1-2-3) 6
Irvington (2-11-2, 1-3-1) 4
Kennedy (1-9-2, 1-5-0) 3
Washington (1-10-1, 0-5-1) 1

Team W-L (overall, league) PTS
Skyline (1-1-0, 1-0-0) 3
Oakland Tech (1-2-0, 0-1-0) 0
Castlemont (0-0-0, 0-0-0) 0
Fremont (0-0-0, 0-0-0) 0
Oakland (0-0-0, 0-0-0) 0

Stat Leaders

Name School Goals
Ayala, YV 22
Mendoza, Richmond 21
Sandoval, Newark 19
Montes, Richmond 18
Lopez, Pitt 15
Nguyen, American 13
Alejandro, Alhambra 12
Grixti, Cal 12
Espinoza, St. Mary 12
DeBack, Acalanes 11
Alvarez, Albany 11
Castillo, Hayward 11
Aguila, Richmond 11

Name School Assists
Montes, Richmond 22
Damien, YV 15
Ayala, Richmond 12
Borges, Albany 11
S. Palano, Campo 10
Mendoza, Richmond 10
Gomez, Hayward 9
Dougherty, Newark 9
Maguire, Acalanes 8
Gomez, Clayton 8
Martinez, Clayton 8
Altamarino, Concord 8

Matt Smith

  • goal223

    The Dls game vs Richmond was a hard fought game. When I arrived Dls just conceded its first it seemed to me the goalie could have played a part in the first 2 because even though potent shots they were to the goalies hands which he did not deflect enough. But he did have some game highlight saves none the less the score does not really reflect what happened. Dls was the faster stronger team but Richmond was much more a team touching and playing well smarter. Second half was Richmond’s but after having it 3-2 almost the whole last 15 minutes Dls cemented their victory with a late compensation time goal it was more a 3-2 loss than a 4-2 run over victory. I expect a very good Ncs with a lot of teams with variety in play styles key players and a lot of exiting nail biting moments.

  • futbolbay#1


    Good game today at Aceiteros Stadium. I saw the same thng we have all seen from DLS. DISCIPLINE!!!!!!
    They are hard workimg boys that no matter what is ahead of them they keep working hard and stick to the plan. They never leave there gaps and stay tacticlly connected. It is very hard to find another team that does this better than DLS. Hats off to Derrick and his boys.

    I believe Richmond tried something new from their normal play and it did not work. They have the best possession coming out of the back just as Rene loves to teach. They lacked size against DLS and this was obvious on the 3rd and 4th goals. Richmond has great attacking mids with montes and #19.

    I still believe DLS will be the top seed in NCS and and with this loss maybe Richmond probably gets #3 since SRV beat them. I am still going with Richmond to go deep in the playoffs. They have another playoff style game vs Pitt next weekend with similar styles, this should be another great game.

    Sweeper nice saying hi to you maybe next week we can interact.

    Buenas Noches, Matt!!!

  • futbolbay#1


    Does this clear up the top 6 in Ncs for D1 for you now?

    Buenas Noches for sure now…

  • Throw-in

    O’DOWD 1 Pinole 1

  • Vaporking

    Who do you think the top 6 D1 seeded teams will be?

  • The Sweeper

    Excellent match today in Richmond. This was a good measure for two quality teams preparing to wrap up league play and gain position in the playoff seedings.

    DLS, with three quality wins in the past five days, has taken the clear lead for the D1 #1 seed.

    The Oilers, while missing two key contributors, now understand their challenge as they have wrapped up the first phase of their EBAL test with a 2-2 record.

    Three key points were confirmed today: 1) DLS can in fact defend Richmond’s ball control style, 2) Richmond will have to adjust their defensive rotation against bigger teams, and 3) DLS can actually give up 2 goals in one match (though I must add that each Richmond goal was actually quite extraordinary, much like their goal against SRV, which says these shots were no fluke and danger always lurks).

    Depending on the D1 seedings, either SRV or DLS will possibly have to beat the Oilers a second time to reach or win the D1 final, unless MV beats them to the punch. No small task.

    Lastly, I enjoyed the halftime banter with Matt and Miss Idaho, and seeing Futbolbay#1 and the fanaticos (see #228). I have sat among them at several matches, but now my secret is out.

    See you at the pitch!

  • Matt Smith

    I think the top seven are pretty established in Division I.
    It will be, as of right now…

    DLS, SRV, Richmond, MV, Cal, Clayton, Newark.

  • EbayFutbolFan

    I was deeply moved by the pregame ceremony at the Richmond vs DLS friendly to honor the memory of Richmond High alumni and futballer Edwin Martinez, the innocent victim of a senseless drive by shooting.

    Both teams respectfully stood together as circle of brothers in the midfield, prayers were said, and each player released a single white balloon which floated up into the cloudless Richmond sky and over Aceiteros Stadium. It was sad, inspiring, and a reminder that these young athletes, while adversaries that day on the pitch, ultimately are brothers united in their love and dedication to the beautiful game.

    The Richmond fans are amazing. They filled the stadium with their numbers and they filled the air with their cheers and chants. Their love of the game was palpable. It was futbol as it is experienced in Latin America and Europe. It was fun. They never gave up or let up.

    And one more thing about the Richmond fans. Thanks for being so welcoming and friendly. I personally had great interactions walking in and out – rather unique in my HS and club experience. It was a happy/sad and memorable event. And the soccer was pretty darn good too.

  • Shinguard

    Richmond was all class yesterday > Well said EbayFutbolFan.
    Spartans are the Cracker Jack -Everyone’s Hero Edition the surprise is whats inside team of the EBAL. Mikey G. with two goals yesterday, calm tactical coaching and intense passionate play by ALL of the players. Konstantino in goal was unshaken by the Blazing Lazer shot by Montes (Just an Awesome shot from 25+)
    All in All it was a great afternoon of classic soccer atmosphere and a great display by both teams of the Beautiful Game.

  • Shinguard

    EbayFutbol and Rouge touched on this in past post the coaching at DLS. I would say that the transition on this team is complete. The mind meld & acceptance has come to fruition, and yes the big task of NCS is just around the corner, but Coach Derricke Brown’s signature is now on the team. His staff of coaches from frosh, JV and V are an outstanding bunch. That deep passion and intensity is signature of Spartan Athletics but it takes the coaches and players to fully embrace that spirit and pass it on. Hopefully when Coach of the year is considered Coach Brown & Staff would be on top of the list.

  • EbayFutbolFan

    Video from the Richmond vs DLS friendly


  • SoccerFan11

    Great video EbayFutbolFan! Do you have the highlights to the game as well? We would all love to see them.

  • dfalfan

    thanks EbayFutbolFan!

  • Shinguard

    Well Done..and also Thank you

  • NCS..Scout

    This Wednesday .. Acalanes v Alhambra … It’s going to be a great game, last time it ended 2-1 to Acalanes.but Alhambra winning 4 Consecutive matches, are on a role , if they can beat Acalanes the we will know they are a legit team and also a NCS contender.

    Matt, what are your thoughts on this game and also maybe your prediction on the score line ?

  • NCS..Scout

    ^^^ Correction 3 consecutive, my apologizes

  • DLS Defender

    #308: Very well said…Thank you…

  • Soccerdval

    College Park is now a D2 school this year they lost students, so now they are D2.

  • rankinscubs

    CP is still D1

  • Soccerdval

    I heard from a player on the team that there D2 this year..

  • rankinscubs

    Here’s the list of school in each divisin from NCS: http://www.cifncs.org/sports/soccer/files/12SocW9-12.pdf

  • rankinscubs

    Oops – rushed typing!Here’s how it should have read. Sorry.

    Here’s the list of schools in each division from NCS: http://www.cifncs.org/sports/soccer/files/12SocW9-12.pdf

  • Soccercrazy

    Great week around the east bay a lot of great games won and lost.

  • clubcoach1

    CP moved to div II for many of their sports, (baseball, basketball ect..) because div I for those sports is based on 2000 students or more. soccer is based on 1700 students, so CP will stay div I for soccer and have a tough time getting in to NCS as they will probably finish 4th in a league full of Div II teams.

  • Matt Smith

    Yep, CP is still Division I for soccer.

    NCS Scout, I feel like Alhambra is playing very well right now. I think they will pressure a lot, and find a way to come away with a draw.